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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Girlfriend's hard alone sex

Girlfriend's hard alone sex

Friends, the story is a bit long .. but I hope you all like it. So friends, I do not waste much time of all of you but I come directly on my story today. Friends, this story is from three months ago. I have a girlfriend .. her name is Neha and her figure is 34-28-34. Guys, her boobs I find the most sexy .. Very round and big big. One day we were talking sexy on the phone at night and then we made a plan to meet someone for a night at the flat.

So she used to stay out of her house in connection with readiness and she used to live on rent .. But she had taken the key to one of her friend's flat to spend a night with me and I had already told her that I Had to drink and she used to drink with me too. Then she brought two beers and a vodka.

Then when I reached her flat .. Friends, she looked very sexy. He was wearing a red shirt and green jeans .. At first I smooched him with a loud. Then he and he sat on the bed. Then we drank beer and drank 2-2 shots of vodka and now both of us were in surur and I made him sit on my thigh and I grabbed his thigh and started caressing it slowly and then I showed him a bluefilm on the phone.

Then she took the phone from my hand and placed it on the side and took me to bed and started smooching me slowly .. Guys what a sexy smooch .. She was smooching me like crazy. Then I took both my hands on her waist and I was pressing her hips with one hand and I put my other hand inside her shirt and she was able to my body.

Then I also got excited. Then she started to get on my neck and kissed loudly, kept biting and she made bite marks on my body. Then I pushed him to the side and came on top of him and opened the button of his shirt and placed it on the side and then I started smooching and putting his mouth in his mouth, putting the tongue inside his mouth and turning it in the mouth. And I was able to get her boobs and the whole body and she kept moaning a little bit .. Ahhmmmm oops oosh. Then I bite on her neck and she screamed loudly .. IEEE not what are you doing, relax and then I kissed her on my chest.

Then I put my hands on her thin waist and unbuttoned her sexy red bra hook and took off her bra and threw it on the side and I went crazy looking at her boobs .. I love her boobs anyway and I have a boobs I held it in my hand and kept pressing it with love and I kissed the nipple of the other one with love first and then I was sucking the nipple with love and he was very loving in my hair. Hand was twisting and was moaning .. Ahh Uhhh Rahul Oh and loud Ahhh.

Then I took her entire boob in the mouth and started to thrust harder and she started pulling my hair harder and now her voice also intensified slowly .. Ohhhh IEEE and my sucking speed would be faster Has gone. Her boobs were very soft and big .. I felt like sucking them like I am sucking mango and then I pressed the other one like this, pulled and sucked hard and now I came on her stomach. And then I took out a chocolate from my bag and dropped it on her boobs and started sucking and licking her boobs slowly. Friends, she got very mad and was pressing my head very hard and her loud voice was coming out loud am aaaah and loud ahhh.

Then I kissed him with the same chocolate lips on his lips. So it was fun and kissing his lips seemed sweet enough. Then he took me down .. took off my shirt, vest and slowly kept moving my hand on my chest .. what a sexy feeling it was and then he started kissing and licking on my chest and kept pushing my chest out loud. Then she also continued to kiss my body with love and then started to loudly. I was having a lot of fun at that time and my cock was ready to tear jeans.

Then she came down slowly .. opened my belt and jeans button .. took off the jeans and after seeing the tent inside the underwear, she gave a sexy smile. Then she took off my jeans and kissed me lovingly on my thighs. Then she took off my underwear and grabbed my cock in her hand and said how big is my Kaila and she started playing with her and kept bringing her up and down ..

Then at first he kissed me with a love on the top of my cock. Then he slowly started sucking her like ice cream. Friends, I was in heaven at that time and I was going crazy with her sucking and kept playing with her hair. And she grabbed my cock and licked it like ice cream with great fun, licking it. Then she slowly started sucking my egg down .. She continued to suck them for two minutes and I told her please please suck my cock, so she put the cock in full mouth and started to thrust it hard. . Friends, she was sucking hard.

Then I fell completely and drank all my semen after sucking it and came to me and lay down tired. Then I got up and opened the button of her jeans and unbuttoned her jeans .. She was wearing a red colored panty and at first I did a kiss on top of the clothes. Then he did a lot of kisses on his thighs and legs And she started moaning ammmmmm uhhhh. Then I removed her panty and kissed her pussy lovingly and her pussy was smelling very sexy. Then I put my mouth on her pussy and I started sucking her hot raspberry pussy slowly and she was going crazy and saying .. Oh Rahul aaaaaa uhhhhhhhhhfhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Then I got excited and started licking and sucking fast .. He grabbed my head and kept pressing on his pussy with great force. Then I put one of my fingers in her pussy hole and kept rolling it all the way inside and she was saying ahhhhhhhhhh and oh uhhhhhhhhhhfhhhh Oh yes. Then he continued to finger even faster and he immediately left his pussy water and I drank all the water while fingering him .. Friends, it was delicious. Then I lay down with her and after about 10 minutes she started pressing her boobs and she also started to hold my cock up and down. Then started saying that I want your banana, please put it please. Then I did a kiss on her lips and it happened below .. First she turned it upside down. Then kissed her waist and kept kissing slowly and then came down.

Then I pressed one side of her hip and started to enable the other side .. She was also having fun. Then I was able to take the second side and then got up from the bed .. I held him in front and held his legs in his hand and slowly inserted his cock in her pussy and she started screaming that please put it a little slowly. It is very painful, please slowly push the cock in and out and inside. 

Then after some time she too became calm and started enjoying sex. Then I speeded up a little and then she kept making loud and loud sounds .. Ahhhhhh uhhhhhfhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Then after some time I pulled the cocks out of her pussy and came to the bed and asked her to come over me.

Then she came in my lap and I grabbed the cocks with one hand and placed her pussy on the mouth and I pushed the cocks slowly and put the whole cocks in .. So she kept jumping slowly on my cocks and I caught her boobs and she kept making sounds. Then after about ten minutes we both fell one after the other and I left all my hot lava in her pussy. Then I went to the washroom and turned on the geyser .. because I wanted to take a bath with her and I hugged her and lay down and after 15 minutes I picked her up in my lap. We were both naked and taken to the bathroom and we threw water on each other and then I started smooching it .. But after kissing friends, kissing on the lips is very different and friends again that night we Enjoyed the fuck once more fiercely.

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