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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Girlfriend's assfucking and lust of sister-in-law

Girlfriend's assfucking and lust of sister-in-law

When his girlfriend came out in her friend's room, she saw a sister-in-law in front. When I took my girlfriend again, I intended to kill her ass.

Friends, I am
seeing your friend Kunal once again seeing the sex of your sex story teacher in Khidmat, I have
attended the next part of virgin pussy Miley . This sex story is a story ahead of the previous story. You guys already knew about me in the last part.

As if you know how I took my classmate Aakanksha to Choda by taking her to a friend's room. I finally told you that when the two of us came out having sex, there was a married girl sitting in front of the front house, who was staring at us.

Well, we left from there, but there was a fear in our heart that why that sister-in-law was staring at us, did she know that we were fucking inside!

After some time I forgot that sister-in-law and I was able to enjoy sex with Akanksha. Now whenever we get a chance, I and Akanksha openly enjoyed sex. In between, we used to have sex by going to our friend's room.

Many times I also encountered that sister-in-law. And every time they look at me as if they know any of our secrets. But now I had stopped thinking more. Now I had only one plan to have fun and fuck.

One day I had to have sex with Aakanksha and the place was not able to be jugged because it was a school holiday and there was no chance of sex. Everyone at home was at home, so it was not possible to do chudai at home. Finally, we decided to go to the same friend's room. Stop there and have sex and will come.

I called the friend, then he told that he has changed the house.

When I asked- Where are you living now? Give him the key there.
He said yes to this.

Friend- Kunal, do one thing… You come to the first room, I have taken another room nearby. I am just going for duty, then I will give you the key.
I - ok I come in ten minutes.

I called Akanksha and told that the place has been razed. Let's go there in a while and will bang bang.

Akanksha also became happy after hearing this. I cut the call and went towards the friend's room. Ten minutes later I was standing in front of the friend's old room. I called the friend and told that I had come to get the key.

The friend told me to stay for two minutes. I started waiting for it.

Then the friend called and said that I am standing behind you. As soon as I turned back, all my sex addiction came down. Because the friend had taken the new room above the house of the woman who used to stare at us.

I understood that this place went by hand. I was still immersed in thoughts that only then the voice of a friend was heard.

'Where was Kunal lost!'

I was shocked and as soon as I looked there, by now she had also come out of the house and was staring at me. I turned my eyes and went upstairs to the friend's room. There I said hello to him and I took the key from him.

After some time my friend went to his office. I sat in the same room thinking whether to bring aspiration here or not. Then I decided that there is no benefit from taking the risk… somewhere this sister-in-law should not tell the whole locality about us. This will be very insulting.

I called Akanksha and refused her today as an excuse. I also told him sorry.

Then I stopped there for a while and started resting. After a while someone knocked on the door.

As soon as I opened the door, she was standing in front of me and she was still staring at me. Do not know why… My light would dry up on seeing it. My tongue was unable to move. Words could not come out of my mouth.

I was watching her standing like a pussy, then she came inside the room without saying anything and went straight into the kitchen made inside friend's room. From there, he took something in a box and started going back.

Then, on the way, I stopped at the door and went back and said - reduce the voices… My husband is at home today.
After saying this she smiled and went away with fast steps.

After he left, I thought that this scene had changed. I call the aspiration. Then thought that when it is refused now, then let us stay today.

I lit a cigarette and rested in that room for some time. Then got out to go back home. As soon as I locked the room and turned to get down, I saw that her husband was going out somewhere. Sister-in-law was also standing at her gate. I shivered.

Then her husband left and I too started coming down. Hearing the sound of my footsteps, the sister-in-law looked up at me and started smiling.

When I came down, sister-in-law started to say - why what happened… How are you going silently empty today… Did the party not give time?
Saying this, sister-in-law smiled again.

I- Wow, I was scared to see you so much that you should not tell everyone, so I refused it for today.
Sister-in-law, ohhhh, I have become depressed because of me… Come on, it does not matter today, if you do it again. The room is running a little bit.
I- hmm ..
sister -in- law will you have tea?

I looked at him in astonishment, then before that I would say something, sister-in-law, come in… there is no one inside, go to drink tea. I do not like that you are eating and drinking without anything.

Sister-in-law went inside.
By now I too had managed. I did not even know in which emotion I went behind the law.

Bhabhi's house was decorated very well. In front of the gate was the drawing room, which housed the sofa and center table. There was a 43-inch LED on the front wall… in which the serial ‘Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi ..’ was running. On one side there was a shoe-rack in the corner, on which a photo was placed. This portrait was of the sister-in-law's wedding, in which the sister-in-law was really looking amazing.

I was just standing in the drawing room watching that the voice of her sister came from inside - how much sugar do you take?
I said in response - no more or less.

I sat on the couch keeping it there. After two minutes, sister-in-law brought tea. As soon as she bowed down to give me tea, my eye went to her tits inside her blouse, but I quickly removed my eyes from there. I did not know whether the sister-in-law saw all this or not.

I took tea, sister-in-law also took her tea and sat on the front sofa. After this we had a little talk. Until tea was over, our talk continued.

That day I came to know that her sister's name is Suman, she was also from Meerut district. He was married here 7 months ago. Here she used to live with her husband. The husband had a clothes shop in the nearby town. He used to go in the morning and lie late at night, all this information and some other things happened.

That day I came to know that sister-in-law was quite good in nature. Then I told the sister-in-law and came to her house.

A few days passed like this. I used to go to a friend now. I used to meet sister-in-law with this excuse, but all this was limited to the extent of Namaste and Hall Chal.

One day my friend told that a relative of his is married. He is going there for a week. He gave me the key to the room.
The next day he left.

I called Aakanksha and said - let's go to the room… come on.
On this he said - Kunal not today… will go tomorrow.
I also did not force more than that and after some time talking there and I hung up.

The next day, Akanksha and I reached the room at around 11 am and went straight upstairs. Then law was seen coming from the front. He had a bucket in his hand and his clothes were also slightly wet. Perhaps she had come upstairs to dry clothes. She looked at me and Aakanksha and smiled and went down.

Me and Akanksha came into the room and set the room latch. Akanksha was smiling from inside while sitting on the front bed. I also sat near him and took his hand in mine. Kiss on it Akanksha had closed her eyes.

Akanksha was still shy while having sex, as if she had sex with me for the first time. This was his style which made me crazy for him. I gently pushed the aspiration backwards and lay on the bed and came on top of it myself.

I lay like this for a while without moving. When there was no response from my side, Akanksha opened her eyes and looked at me and she and Sharma went on seeing me smiling. I also liked that more.

Now I put my lips directly on her lips, which Akanksha also welcomed and opened her lips. We both got lost in the union of lips. Sometimes I would suck her lips, sometimes I would suck my lips. Sometimes Akanksha's tongue was in my mouth, sometimes my tongue was in Akanksha's mouth.

After kissing for a while, I stood up and took off all my clothes. Then I put up the aspiration and removed all his clothes too.

Now both of us were naked. My cock was standing full and taking shocks, seeing that Akanksha was smiling slowly.

I came from behind Akanksha and filled her in my arms and put my lips on Akanksha's neck. At the same time, I started rubbing both the aspirations of my hands. Akanksha had become completely intoxicated by this time and was slowly taking alcoholic cigarettes. Slowly I rubbed the tit of desire, took my one hand down on the pussy and started caressing her pussy. Chudas-filled Akanksha was suffering in my arms in a way. Three blows were happening on him simultaneously.

Kiss on her neck, caressing the nipple with one hand… and caressing the third one. My cock was penetrated in the rift of the ass of aspiration. I swear I felt his hot ass heat on my cock apart.

In the meantime, the aspiration fell while doing 'Ahh ... oh uhhhh ..' and rolled into my arms.

Then I took the aspiration on the bed and lifted the legs of the aspiration and placed it on my shoulder. I put the cocks on his pussy and slowly got inside.
As soon as the cocks entered, the aspiration came out of Akanksha's mouth - Ahhhhhh…

I started to put cocks in the same way, I started kissing Asparagus and slowly started to cocks out. Aakanksha was taking alcoholic sobs with closed eyes- Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Yah… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

After a few minutes of fucking, Akanksha again collapsed. He held me tightly in his arms. I lay on him for a while. Then when Akanksha's grip loosened, then I removed the cock from Akanksha's pussy and asked Akanksha to stand in doggy style.

Akanksha leaned forward on the bed. I put a lot of spit on my cock and rubbed it on the ass hole of the aspiration. As soon as Aakanksha realized what was going to happen and she turned back, I grabbed Aakanksha's waist and inserted the cocks into the ass.

It was only the supra of my cock that Aakanksha screamed - IEEE mother oops ooh oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh killed Uhjai…
Akanksha started flirting . She was trying her best to get rid of me. But my grip remained strong.

Constant efforts were being made to release aspirations. She was also crying. Tears were flowing from his eyes. I was feeling her pain well… not because she was crying… but because my cock was starting to ache due to the tightness of the ass. The veins of my cock had emerged… I felt as if the cocks were tied with a thick rope.

Akanksha was still sobbing and moaning and saying - Aii eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! … It is paining.

I also thought that if the fort is not burnt today, it will not be possible to touch the door from the front. Holding the same aspiration from above, I started applying a bit louder and started inserting the cocks even further, but the cocks were not going inside.

So I started talking with aspiration and after dividing his attention, I suddenly gave a sharp blow. Half of my cock entered Akanksha's ass.
Aspiration arose again - AIE EEEE Oops Oops Died UEE Ah mother died… Kunal is hurting a lot… Ohh EEE mother take out please.

But I did not listen to him and kept pushing myself. Akanksha was crying in every blow and was trying to leave.

After some time, the ass hole was opened slightly by applying such a bang, while the aspiration was still happening. Although he was not getting as much pain now. Now I was putting the whole cocks out and putting them in.

After some time fucking Chodne, I removed the cocks from the ass and put them in the pussy of aspiration in one stroke.
Aakanksha screamed again - IEEE mother oops oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh killed UEEE… Kunal comfortably.

I hit 10-12 fast and put out the cocks and started falling on Akanksha's stomach. After getting all the semen out of the cocks, I lay down with the aspiration.

We lay like this for a while. When I regained my consciousness, I stood up. Aspire had come to the toilet by then. She was walking a bit lame. As soon as he came to me, he gave a very strong slap on my cheek. I was shocked as soon as I got slapped. Then aspiration hit my chest and started crying.

What should I tell, friends, how much I fell in love at that time. I tightened my arms on aspiration and was sorry to kiss her head.

After a while, Akanksha calmed down… So we got dressed and opened the door of the room and started coming out.

I saw that Suman Bhabhi was standing in front of us watching. She was looking very strangely. We both stole eyes from him and came down and sat down on the bike and came home.

On the way, I also bought Akanksha a painkiller. Then Akanksha left her house and I came to my house.

Today my cock was in great pain. I went straight to the toilet and saw the paint removed, then the skin of the cocks was peeled. Sali was hurting due to eating rub in paint.

For the next one week, I stuck a cricket algaard inside the paint.

Aspiration periods started after that day, then 4-5 days had to be dry.

A week later, when my friend got a call for the key, I went to give him the key. When I was coming back down, I got sister-in-law.

Sister-in-law said directly - Kunal, what is the matter? You give a lot of pain… you give these pain only to specific people or anyone.
I - I did not understand anything sister-in-law!
Sister-in-law does not seem so silly… Kunal you must have understood.

After saying this she went inside smiling. Realizing what she meant, I smiled and came back home. I started seeing hope in my sister-in-law. I will write you next time how the story of Chudai was made with him.

Friends, I hope you liked my sex story. Do share your opinion and do not forget to email.

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