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Girlfriend Ho Aisi

Girlfriend Ho Aisi

My girlfriend is a hot senior girl in my college. She is an open-minded very forward girl. How did he prepare my school friend to fuck me?

All of you gave a lot of encouragement to my story
College Senior Girl's Pussy Fucking
, so thank you heartily for all of you. However, many people have even mailed to know whether it is a real story or fiction.
Friends, sorry but do not match for just such a thing.

Let's start the story.

I live in Surat from Belong but due to my engineering studies, I am completing my studies in Godhra by taking room on rent near my college. Since I am from Gujarat; So in my sex story you will see a Gujarati glimpse. You will forgive me for this

I am 20 years old and my younger brother ie my cock is of average normal size which can satisfy any girl, sister-in-law.
This is my introduction, now let us come to the story.

This story coincides with my previous story 'Chudai Chudai of a senior college girl'.

My girlfriend is a hot senior girl in my college, her name is Nisha. She is an open-minded very forward girl.

I am often chatting with my school friend in front of Nisha and this is also known to Nisha. My school friend's name is Bhumi. She is not very hot in appearance but her body makes her beautiful. A little heavy like Vidya Balan; But his personality is quite attractive.

It is a matter of one day, when I was talking with Nisha that suddenly the message of the land came.
But until I open that message and read what is written; By then he had deleted that message.

But I am thankful for the application that is already installed on my phone - with the help of which I could read that message.
His message was something like this (The message was in Gujarati, so I translated it into Hindi.)

"The thirst of pussy is not quenched here and you talk of marriage."
I showed this message to Nisha and said that Bhoomi had done this message and deleted it before seeing it.

Then Nisha took my phone and said that Bhoomi must be talking to one of her best friends but because you are up in the chat, you must have sent this message to you.

And Nisha started messaging Bhumi and chatting with her from my phone.
After some 37 minutes of chat, Nisha returned my phone to me.

As soon as I opened the chat I was shocked. I saw that Bhoomi had sent four nudes, two of which were of boobs and two of pussy. She had curly short hair on her pussy.

When I read the chat, I came to know that Nisha has instigated her to fuck and because of this, Bhumi had become hot for sex. At the same time, Nisha had also convinced the land to fuck me.

Then the next day when I messaged the land, she was not talking normally but started talking and provoking me.
I have neither seen nor seen; Speak directly to him - If there is so much trouble, see me somewhere, hang out a night and have a lot of fun.

Land- It is difficult to get out of the house. But…
I – but… what?
Land- If you tell the place and time, I do something. I will come home with an excuse
I - clean the forest below; I like clean pussy only.
Bhoomi - Leave all that to me, I will see.

I booked a room in the hotel for 24 hours and messaged the address and date of the hotel to the land.

Then finally the time had come when we were to meet. I reached the hotel room and was looking towards the reception from the lobby to see when my pussy (land) would be seen.
Then his entry was done. It seemed like Vidya Balan was coming wearing Kurti.

The land completed its formality and started coming towards the lobby.

As soon as she came to me, I kept looking at her. My eyes were fixed on her boobs and maybe she had seen it too but did not allow it to be revealed. The matter of his figure is different.
36-30-37 This will be the size of his curvy figure. The land looks like a hot milf and its butts are puffed out.

We both came to our room floor by lift and opened our room and entered it.

As soon as she came inside the room, I welcomed her and gave me a chocolate with a red rose.

She turned Gulab on my face in filmy romantic style and brought her face to me.
I caught him without delay and put my lips on his juicy lips. She was also being kissed with great fun. In between, I was pressing her bum and also rubbing her boobs.

While kissing, I removed his kurti and jiggings. Now she was only in bra and panty. She looked even hotter in a black bra-panty.

I was kissing his neck at some time; Sometimes I used to get a little bite. Then she would have a slight sigh.

Meanwhile, she had taken off my shirt and was trying to unbutton the hook. I untied the hook and slid down the pants and removed it. Then I put his hand on my strong trunk cocks, then after getting the heat of his hand, my cock started jerking.

She started moving my cock. I had freed her 36's cocoa and was trying unsuccessfully to fill them in my mouth. When I used to press the nipple hard and bite the nipple, it would scream out of its mouth.

Going down slowly, I started teasing her navel and rubbing her pussy over her panties.

Her panties were a little wet. I removed the panty and started fingering her pussy. She was beginning to fill in erotic licks. I gently put my lips on her pussy and started moving her pimples with the tongue.

She had spread her legs, as well as pressing my head. I was also putting my tongue in her pussy.

Shortly he pressed me on the pussy and fell down with a loud voice. My face was drenched with the juice coming out of her pussy; Which I cleaned with her bra.

Again I was kissing her lips and neck. He grabbed my cock and started moving. I told to take the cocks in the mouth that she started kissing the cocks directly and filled them in the mouth. I was fucking her mouth that my juice was about to come out. I grabbed her hair and shook her and removed all the goods in her mouth.
He spit some and drank some.

In a short time he kissed me and shook my cock, stood kissing. I asked him to wear a condom and he put a condom.

Then I laid him on the bed. Then I spread her legs and applied cream on her pussy. After that, as soon as I turned my cock over her pussy, Siskaris started coming out of her mouth. She was now emitting an intoxicating and erotic voice like 'Ahhhh… Hmmm… Siss… ’.

When I set the cocks on the cocks and as soon as I pushed that half the cocks entered her pussy and her scream came out. I pulled the cocks out a bit and slowly started to cut the cocks out inside the pussy.

After pushing for a while, I hit a loud push and then abused him directly - do it slowly!
By now my whole cock was covered in her pussy.

Hearing the abuse from her mouth, I got more excited and I started to bang her pussy. At the same time, I also started pressing her nipples.
After a while I asked to come over me.

Then he sat on top of me and set the cocks on my pussy and started to shake his ass. So I pushed hard and she started crying - Ah hah… Chod me madar chod… and loud chod… I am thirsty for a long time.

I made him a mare and applied cream on her pussy from behind and started to attack at full speed. Meanwhile, she again collapsed and became loose. But I did not reduce my speed.
The whole room was buzzing with the sound of sarcasm and siskaris. I was still being pushed.
Now I was going to be too, I was hitting fast and I fell in the condom itself.

Then we both slept in a naked state. And then when we woke up, after waking up we both started kissing each other. At that time, his hands were buried in my hands. Its tight but soft mummies, like balloons, are filled with water; What to say

I made him a mare and came back and started kissing his pussy.

Water was seeping from his pussy. I was sucking her pussy with fun.

After sucking her pussy for ten minutes, I tied her to the wall and bent her down a bit and started to fuck her ass.
In a short time, she got tired and lay on the bed.

Then I started licking her pussy again and she fell down. Now I turned her upside down and climbed on top of her and started ass.

In a while she was ready and started to fuck me ass. After the fuck I removed all my goods in her ass. Then he cleaned me by sucking all my cocks.

After that we went to the restaurant for dinner. After having dinner we both went to the garden and were listening to each other's silence. Then we went to see the movie. In the theater there too, he sucked my cock out of the water and I removed the water from the finger in his pussy.

Now whenever she fights in her pussy, she gets her pussy and ass murdered by me. I also told Nisha about this and she also expressed great happiness.

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