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Girl found in Lucknow

Girl found in Lucknow

A girl was sitting next to me in Lucknow's local bus. Due to repeated braking, my elbow used to hit his legs. what happened after that? How did I fuck her?

Hello friends, my name is Aarav. I am 24 years old I hail from a city in Uttar Pradesh and work as a gym trainer.

This is my first Indian sex story on conscience. This story is about 2 years ago. I went to Lucknow for some work. After landing at Charbagh station there, I caught a bus to the metropolis.

A girl was sitting next to me in the same bus. At first I did not pay much attention to it, but as soon as the bus started moving, it was braking again and again due to traffic. The game just happened here. Due to repeated braking, my elbows started touching her feet. I got a touch of her soft soft mumma right away, so I went deep inside.

Then I looked at that girl carefully, then her figure was very amazing. The size of the captive's 34 D size, the stomach was flat 30 inches and the raised bumps below the waist was also about 36.

I started getting juices in it. When the bus started moving slowly, I started talking to him. He called his name Ruby (changed). She used to live in the rental room near the Kesarbagh bus stand. Stayed in Lucknow and worked in an electronic company.

We talked for a long time and did not know that there was such a thing that we took each other's number.

That day, I came back to my city in the evening. Now we had started talking a lot on our phone slowly. She had no boyfriend for a year.

The next week I had to go to Lucknow again. I told her this thing, so she started speaking to stop with her one day. I also wanted the same, so I immediately said yes.

I left for Lucknow on Saturday morning and reached in about 3 hours. When I finished my work and called her at 5 in the evening, she was also about to leave her office. We both met in Hazratganj and then from there came straight to the room of Kesarbagh Ruby.

He had a one-room flat with kitchen and bathroom attached. Ruby kept the room neat and tidy.

I noticed that there was a single bed in his room. A cupboard and TV was installed in front of him. I sat on the bed and started watching TV. Ruby went to the bathroom and changed clothes.

Coming from the bathroom she made tea and brought in two cups and sat down with me. We both drank tea and started talking. My conversations with him were happening so closely, as if we both did not know when we were familiar with each other.

Similarly, it was 8 o'clock in the night while talking here and there. Then both of us made dinner together and started eating and relaxing. The next day it was Sunday, so no one in the office had tension.

In a single bed, both of us were sitting on the wall and talking. In a while, I lifted one hand towards Ruby and placed it in her shoulder, so that she has come completely towards me.

He also kept his head in my chest. His hands were getting into my stomach. Then I slowly started running my hand on his back.
He was wearing a T-shirt and lower. I was also in a t-shirt and shorts.

My cock in shorts was slowly becoming erect. I removed the hair spread on his face with one hand and did a kiss on the forehead. Which he too did not oppose, but stuck with me more.

Then I put one hand from the back into the T-shirt and started caressing it. Inside she wore a bra, which was stuck in my hands. I also cleared this way by opening his hook. The bra was still on her body, but now I was not having any problem with it. Gradually I also put her T-shirt up, so that now my hand was feeling on her hips.

Then I gently pressed a nipple, then a ruby ​​of ruby ​​came out. Then I slowly started to press both her nipples in turn. She was enjoying my hands taking cool voices.

I lifted her face up. His eyes had turned red. He closed his eyes as soon as I saw him.

I closed her trembling lips with my lips and started kissing. She was also probably waiting for this. He also supported me. We both started wrestling each other's tongues. While doing this, I separated her bra and T-shirt from her body. Now I started kissing him on the neck .. which increased his body temperature. Both of his pigeons below were free. Milky colored teats were lightly nipples raised like light brown raisins on it.

As soon as I saw her cracked nipples, I broke on them and started sucking them alternately. I pressed her pussy and sucked.

After this, I put one hand down in Ruby's panty, then her pussy was already succulent. I removed her lower and panty together. Moving downwards, I started kissing in her navel. As soon as she kissed in the navel, she started fidgeting. My eyes went on the chatter, then she had cleaned the pussy at the bottom, there was not a single hair left. Ruby's pussy was absolutely wet.

As soon as I rubbed her pussy with one hand, a big sigh of ruby ​​came out.

I used to kiss her, now I started kissing her thighs. While kissing on the feet, I suddenly filled her wet pussy in the mouth. She was not ready for this sudden attack. This caused her to scream lightly and she held my head tightly and pressed it on her pussy and started rubbing her head on the pussy. I was also licking Ruby's pussy with fun.

It must have been just a few moments that Ruby collapsed with a long sigh… and lay completely unconscious on the bed.

After a while she told me that till date none of her boyfriends had sucked her pussy.

I started doing that kiss again. Now Ruby herself went ahead and took off my shorts and underwear. My cock was already erected. She started kissing cocks and then slowly started sucking the top of my cock. Both of us got our eyesight and came into position with 69.

My cock was sucking her and I. That is when I grabbed the rash of her pussy and started caressing it with my tongue. This led to his sigh of 'ah…'. She was also sucking my cock very well, taking it up to the entire throat, due to which my tattoos were fit over her nose.

After a long kiss, Ruby fell and I also got ejaculated. Then we both straightened and I started sucking her lips. She was lying on a straight bed, I set my cock on her pussy and hit it gently with a push, so that the top of my cock fit directly into her wet pussy.

As soon as the top of the cocks penetrated, Ruby slipped upwards with 'Aahhhh ...'. I again downed him and while doing that again hit a forceful shot. This time my whole cock penetrated her pussy and my tattoos fought with her ass.

With the cool voice of 'Ahhh ..' Ruby started kissing me loudly. I intensified my blows and Ruby was also taking my ass and supporting me.

For a few minutes, I spanked him. His legs were raised in the air in exuberance of excitement and cool fuck.

When he looked at me, I understood. I pulled out the cocks and grabbed her nipple and gestured her to get up. She got up and stood in the position of the bitch on the side of the bed. I came down from the bed and pushed the cocks into the hole of his pussy.

Ruby's fun went out. Lund started being kabaddi. If I used to pull the cocks, the pussy would also be forward, then with a rhythm, the cocks would start going in together.

I held her pussy and played her pussy a lot. After that, she started asking to change the position again. I made him sit on my cock this time and filled his jumping pussy with my palms.

In this way we both had sex for a long time. I was surprised how I had sex for so long. But I got noticed and also proud of myself that this was the effect of my meditation .. which I was getting to know today.

I was fucking Ruby for the last 50 minutes. In the meantime she had fallen 4 times and my cock was still engaged in sex. Finally once again, Ruby became a mare, while rubbing my cock, it rained on her pussy. Ruby's hot pussy also got cold due to the squirting of semen.

We both kept lying down. That night, I rubbed Ruby 5 times and came back to my hometown the next morning.

Whenever I go to Lucknow now, I stay here with Ruby and pacify her pussy all night.

Friends, I hope you liked my Indian sex story. Don't forget to mail me. Thank you.

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