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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Girl found in bus, fucked in hotel

Girl found in bus, fucked in hotel

I was going to Shimla by bus. A student girl met me on the bus. How did he befriend me? What did we do on the bus? How and where did we meet after that?

Hello my name is Kamal. I am from Himachal and am doing engineer job in Punjab. I am a regular reader of the immigration site. I have read thousands of sex stories here.

After much thought, I am writing my first sex story for this site, sorry if there is any mistake.

This is when I was working in Himachal. It was evening and I was traveling by the last bus. I was sitting on the seat at the end of that bus. My situation got worse due to the crooked roads of Himachal.

Just a short distance away, my butterfly climbed into the bus with her father. The two-seater, she sat there with her father. I was just watching him cursing my luck. In a while, my destiny was brightened. Because luck had something else approved.

His father got off the bus at the next bus stand and I sat there speaking to the conductor. But at that time I did not think anything like that would talk to him or anything else. After getting up from the last seat of the bus, my condition will be cured a bit, thinking that I was sitting there.

She was happy with her tune sitting on my side. She kept listening to the songs with earphones in her ears for some time.

Later, when she started sleeping, she would lean towards me again and again. Every time I turned it to her side. But brother is sleepy, he would lean towards me again.

Something like this happened. But I still had not melted. But how long will this happen… After all I am a human being, how much patience I would have. I put my shoulder forward and she fell asleep with her head on my shoulder.

After a while his sleep was broken - quote!
I said- Never mind, you sleep comfortably.
But she did not sleep again, but this too must have gone for a while.

The journey of the bus was long and it was night time, so after half an hour he started sleeping again. I put him on the shoulder again.

After some time, just stopped at the dhaba to eat food… So I picked him up to eat.
She looked at me and said- Yes, I am hungry, let's go.

I came down from the bus with him. We both had dinner together and came back and sat in the bus.

Now we have been talking for some time, then it is known that she is going to Shimla for her counseling. His father was also going along, but due to necessary work, he had to return.

Meanwhile, the bus started moving at its own pace. Now due to eating food, the winter started to get a bit more, so she started to chill. I gave my sheet to him and we were both in the same sheet. She lay down in my dock.

Then the bus lights went off and the cold increased. I put him in Jaffy and took him lightly in his hands. If the bus lights were off, there was no fear of seeing anyone.

When I took his hands in my hand, he did not object.

I started to feel the touch of his soft and soft hands till my heart. How long the hands remained in the hands, slowly I left the hand open to move. I kept it on her stomach, so she did not act. This increased my courage a bit, but I was also afraid.

I stopped thinking and started enjoying his touch. Ah… that soft belly… I still remember you today. Shortly after, my hand started going up through his stomach. Then he stopped my hand.
I was scared for a moment… but there was no opposition from his side, so I understood that the prisoner was also having fun. I raised my hand, so her stubborn bra did not let my hand reach the point. But I pressed both of her cotton balls from the top of the bra. Ah what a feeling. Even in that winter, summer was starting to enjoy.

After a few moments I thought of going to the cave below, but I could not reach that Janmati gate below.

Well… While doing so, both of us reached Shimla, there his uncle was coming to take him. Before the bus stand she gave me her number and she got off.

After that there was a talk on the phone, then there was no specific thing. She used to speak less on the phone… so we could not talk much. We were both connected to the message. Normal conversation continued in this too.

After some time, he got a call that his selection has been done in the college of Punjab. I congratulated him and asked him to come to meet me.

He told me that I will reach out and tell.

Then one day our meeting program was made. I came to meet him in his city and told him. He asked to come, so I started waiting for him.

After an hour when she came to see me… it was amazing. I just kept looking at him.

He told me that I have come to live with you and asked the college to go home.

I was stunned to hear that. When I asked her to stay with me in the hotel, she agreed.

I went to a luxurious hotel and he asked me for his ID proof.

When I saw his ID proof in the hotel, it was a real shock. She was only eighteen years and two months old.

Both of us came into the room after doing all the formalities. After sitting for a while, both of us talked here and there. I looked at him with love, so he gave me the green signal with silent eyes. I got up and went close to him and hugged him vigorously while standing.

She stuck with me. If I kissed her, then she said - you don't know what to do.

After saying this, she blossomed. At this time, he was laughing and falling with his flower. Then he smoked my bottom lip like Emraan Hashmi in his lips. I shuddered straight away. Do not know which the current felt that I became a little drunk. I still remember that kiss of his. That was the memorial of my life. Hardly anyone else would have done that after that.

We both lost in each other. She was kissing me with great humor. It did not seem that the two of us are meeting for the first time today. I just felt that I was away from it when I was away.

For two to three minutes, we both clung like that. While kissing, they continued to drink each other's mouth juices.

Then I took off her top and as soon as I put her 32 inch mummies… the whole fingers of my hand were printed on the mums with those butter as if someone had left a strong impression on the wax. It was so beautiful and delicate that I just kept getting lost in it.

Slowly the fidgeting continued to grow and the clothes of both of us went on decreasing. Some two minutes later, both of us were born naturally. I saw his slightly sticky bur and started to feel lost in it. He covered his face with shame. He did not have any hair on his Muniya.

I gave him a chit and took his Muniya in my mouth. As soon as she got a touch of a man on her virgin bur, she started taking loud siskaris. I sucked his pussy while pulling it from his lips, then his sighs and groans started giving music to the atmosphere of the room.

After some two minutes she changed her position and now she is in 69. He took my five and a half inch cock in his hand and started shaking it hard.

Then he said in a loud voice, "Don't be late now, dar ... Put it in."

I too did not delay him in the position of Chudai and stuck his cocks in the wet stitches of his pussy. As soon as she touched the cock, she started to twitch and her ass started showing up to take cocks.

Without delay, I put the whole cocks in one go. What happened as if the cock entered the cock.

She screamed a lot harder - she killed… she died, mother… come out of it… hurry… them… otherwise I will die.

I understood that this girl is untouchable , her bur is inaugurated today, so I should have taken some precaution. But what could have happened now. My cock was completely poured into her pussy and I felt like my cock got stuck in some place. I kept lying down and waiting for the smooth scene coming out of her pussy. I started caressing and sucking her mummies, letting her breath come under control.

After some time she became silent and started soaking my cock. I felt that the cocks had started getting some place… so I immediately gave another blow.
She screamed again in the same way - please lotus, take it out… otherwise I will die.

But I did not take the cocks out of the pussy and started sucking her boobs.

After a minute, she started to hit the bottom. I also gave speed to my Rajdhani Express and the two of us started walking with each other.

Some ten minutes later, when I was going to be, I pulled out of the cocks and removed my semen on her stomach. She was lying under me taking long breaths. When I got my eye on her, she went to Sharma.

I asked him what happened?
So while punching me on the chest, he said, "You are a big blood… I killed him."
I said - my life is settled in you, now how can I take your life?

She smiled and looked at me with love. I turned to one side and started kissing him. She also started loving me.

Then she felt a little wet under herself, so she started asking me to go - Move, I have to go to the bathroom.

I left him and started watching him. She was naked and looked very intoxicated at this time. When she woke up, she could not get up from it.

He looked at me with a sarcasm, so I got up from the other side of the bed and came close to him and extended my hand to raise him. She swung in my arms. I lifted her into my lap.

His bloodstained pussy was complaining to me at this time. She wanted to look at her pussy… but I extended my lips and pressed her lips and did not let her look at the pussy.

She said - will not see me?
I said no… what will you do.

I took her to the bathroom and put the shower on her pussy and let the water fall on her pussy.

In a few moments, the water had cleared his battlefield of Haldighati and now I removed it and placed it on the commode.

When he Susu, he started burning very fast. But after a minute everything started to become normal.

When she came back from the bathroom, she saw that the entire sheet was red.

I said - now you are completely young.

She laughed and licked my neck like a bell. Once again we both started getting hot.

We had sex five times that night.

What he said to me while leaving the hotel, that thing still echoes in the ears.
She said- Whatever girl you will marry, she will regret it. You are so bloodthirsty.
I laughed and kissed her and took her pain pill from the medical store.

She went to her college.

After that we met again many times, but no sex. But now we are very good friends.
This was my first sex story, please ignore if there is any mistake.
Don't forget to mail me.

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