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Fucked friend's friend

Fucked friend's friend

Hello Friends, My name is Adnan and I am 32 years old. I am from Lucknow This sex story is from 10 years ago.

My friend Afzal used to work in the call center, where he befriended a girl named Arju Khan on the call. The girl was set on the phone with Afzal. Neither Afzal saw him nor Arju saw Afzal. In both of them, the friendship over the phone had increased so much that Arju started asking to meet Afzal. But there was no time and place to be set between them. Some of my Afzal brothers were also messy.

Then one day I got a call from Afzal that Arju has insisted and called me to meet me, but I am scared so you go with me.

I said yes because I was free at that time.

My friend Afzal was a young man of 28 years, but he looked like a uncle Uncle ji. This was the first time that he was going to meet a girl. For this reason he was very afraid. Although I too had never had sex till today, but I was very much ahead in talking to girls. I had become friends with many girls. It was a different matter that my conversation with a girl had never progressed further.

Well both of us were well prepared and reached there. The girl was supposed to meet in a mall. We both went together and stood at a place in the mall and started waiting for Arju.

Arju told Afzal that she is coming with one of her friends. As I told that neither Afzal knew her nor did she know Afzal. It was decided in both of them that by talking on the phone, they will recognize each other.

After some time we saw that two 18-19 year old girls came there and started looking around.

When Afzal called, the same people raised him.

Afzal became very nervous to see that these girls are very young. He felt ashamed to go in front of them, but I dragged him forcefully in front of those girls.
I told him - this is Afzal, who is Arju among you two?

Arju was a slim skinny girl. He felt Afzal too big and Uncle type.

She started telling me - no, it is not true that you are Afzal.
I showed him my ID card and told him my name.

Just here the story changed. Afzal found it insulting and went away. I took his number from Arju and talked to him for some time and took him away.

After this I searched for Afzal, but could not find him. When I called the phone, it was known that his mood was off, so he went to his house.

After this, what would I do by stopping there, so I too came to my house.

I had come to know that Arzoo fell on me. I got her a call and started talking like this. She was very sweet to talk to.

One week, talking on the phone with Arju, she had become my girlfriend and the two of us had reached sex.

One day in the evening he called me to his house. She lived in a very big bungalow. Later, I came to know that the bungalow belongs to an old woman, who is lying in bed waiting for her death. Arju's family stays in the back room of the same bungalow to take care of him.

A nurse used to stay in that bungalow to take care of that old lady and Arju also used to sleep in the bungalow at night.

Well .. When I reached there, Arju opened the gate and took me inside. She took me to a room. There she started showing me her painting.

Although I was interested in him, I sat him on my lap and started kissing him.

Arju was a very laundy girl. She was a bitter 19-year-old. She got hot in a while. I lied to her and asked her to look at her pussy, then she opened her pulse. Seeing her fine silky hairy pussy, I could not resist myself and put my tongue in her pussy.

Right now I was just licking Arju's pussy when that voice came. Somebody was calling him. He hid me in the bathroom and went to see. His mother had come there. She left for a while with her mother. I was very scared of all this. I thought to get out of here, otherwise it would be very beating if caught.

Arju came to me in a while, so I said - now there is danger here and 8 is also ringing. Now i am going

But Arju felt like fuck. He said stop here today.
I said - if something goes wrong?
He told me that I will hide you in the store room and come to you at night.

I was also a young lady and I was ready for sex too, so I agreed. I called my house and said that I will have to stay in the office tonight.

After this I hid in the store room. It was very difficult to spend time in the store room. She was talking to me by message. But it was very difficult to cut the time between 8 to 12. It was the month of February, so it started getting cold.

She came to me at twelve o'clock at night. I embraced her as soon as I arrived. The heat of his body was giving me great warmth. We both removed our clothes. I was kissing her and pressing her raw mums.

After some time I started sucking her mummies. She started caressing my cock. He liked my cock very much.

After kissing for a long time, it was now the turn to insert cocks, due to which she was nervous and was refusing even when she wanted.
I persuaded him - if there is pain, I will stop.

My cock was hard. He was sniggering to tear off any pussy.
When I took the first shot, then the cock slipped. I hit the shot again by setting the cocks in the bursts of saliva. The fucker slipped again. I could not understand where the mistake was happening. Actually, while taking cocks Arju used to shake his waist and every time I missed the target of my cock.

Finally, I put one leg of Arju on my shoulder and now the target, it could not survive. Cocks licked and entered inside. The seal of the pussy was broken. At this time I was looking like a fresh fowl. I had filled her lips with my lips, so she just kept on swearing.

I could not let him scream .. otherwise I would have lost my weight.

I paused for a while after getting full cocks and kept pressing on her cocks.

When she became a bit normal, I removed her mouth and started sucking her mums. She was crying lightly. I had noticed his groans. I knew that when the nath comes down for the first time, it hurts.

I started fucking him lightly and started silencing him. I was enjoying a lot of cock. After some time, she too started enjoying and she started gesturing while shaking ass. Now I started fucking him very hard.

Arju's pussy was fucking under my cock. The sound of Fut Fach was coming from Chut Chudai. Now Arju was also lifting his back shaking his ass.

After ten minutes I came to loss. When I fell, Arju tightened me by wrapping me with my legs. Both of us had a lot of fun. Both of us were sweating profusely in this pink winter. Her pussy was bleeding.

When she woke up after fucking, she was limping. He somehow cleaned himself by going to the bathroom. I lay there.

Came after some time and lay on my side. After that I went to the bathroom and came to wash the cocks. His cock was smeared on my cock. I brought him a bullet with me and started having fun with him.

She got hot again in a while. This time I asked her to suck cocks, so after doing a little nanukur she agreed to suck my cock. Actually she had a desire to suck cocks, but she was shy that I should not understand her as a rand sucking cock.

I could go cocks in his neck, till then he cured and licked the cocks. Then took her at 69 and enjoyed her pussy. Now she was ready to take cocks again. This time I made him sit on my cock and slowly made me lick the whole cock in his pussy. She was moaning in pain. After a few moments her pussy left the wet juices and started playing with cocks. This time, I was pressing his cunt in my mouth and putting a stop of cocks in his pussy.

She was excitedly picking up her ass and jumping on my cock. After some time she fell down and started to gasp while laying on my chest.

I took him in his lap while cocks and slowly took him down. Now the cock was up and the pussy was opened for fucking. I drilling her pussy with fun this time and in twenty minutes of fucking left my juice in her pussy.

That way I had him fuck twice that night. Got out at 4 in the morning.

Once the pussy gets addicted to cocks, then it gets the itching of cocks repeatedly. This is what happened .. Arju started meeting me again and again. Now I had started fucking him even during the day.

I fuck with Arju several times, in which something new happened every time. What will be the fun in his story, I will tell you next time.

How did you like my sex story , please tell me by mailing me.

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