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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Fucked by taking girlfriend in bushes

Fucked by taking girlfriend in bushes

I liked a girl in a marriage, she was also fighting with me. Nothing much happened in marriage. I took her number and we started talking on the phone. after that …

Hello friends, My name is Ramesh and I am from Nainital district of Uttarakhand. I am a regular reader of intuition. After reading stories in Antivasana, I felt that I too should share my past with myself.

So for a long time, I wanted to share the incident that happened with me with you. But I was unable to share my story due to lack of time. So today I am going to take time out and tell my experiences in front of you. This is my first story, I apologize if there is an error.

Now I do not waste much of your time and come straight to my story.

The thing is about 8 years ago, I went to a relative's wedding.

There I met a girl who was a little smaller than the height and clear in color. Her name is Garima (changed name). She was also from the groom and we went to baraati together. In the meantime we fought our eyes many times and we got lost in each other.

Nothing much happened in this marriage and I took her number and we started talking on the phone. First, normal things started slowly and then they started talking sexy.

She used to talk to me as a live… live. Both of us were desperate to meet each other but for some reason were not able to meet the bus.
Many times she would ask me to come visit me.
But I was not able to meet him because he was far away from our village. Because I had to leave the house by making some excuse to go to meet him.

Finally, the day has also come when the above has got us meeting. I went to a jagran in his village. We had already talked, that is, I told him that I am coming.
So happily he said - then you will meet.

That day I left home at around 12:00 and left for there. Because there was no vehicle to go there due to the hilly terrain, I set out on foot.

I reached there late in the evening. There used to be a relative of mine there, where I stayed and ate food and I went to Jagran.

Going there, I started looking for him with my eyes. So she was also looking for me. As soon as we got our eyes, there was such a shock as to what to tell!
Things happened in our eyes and I went and sat down with him.

After going there, I sat there quietly because I had come to some other village, I feel a little scared too. You guys can understand.

After a while he started a conversation. She was also slowly speaking, saying that she had arrived properly, etc.
I could not get my eyes on him.

After a while, she came closer to me and started turning my hands in my thighs. I was feeling something strange and my land had become erect. I was feeling weird

Seeing this, she put her hand in my pocket in front of everyone and took out my purse and started looking at the photo of it and she had covered it with a sardine, but she was looking at it with a flashlight and everything was visible to the rest of the people. I was very afraid of what people would understand. Many people also knew me there.

And there were many friends of mine who kept telling me in gestures that everyone is watching a little carefully.

After all this, my condition started deteriorating due to fear. After that Jagran came to an end. And she could not even give my purse because all the people were watching her activity and doubting it.
So I was having problems. In the morning I had to carry some things, so all my money was in the purse.

Now that Jagran was over, all the people were going to their homes. I also went out with my friends to my relatives' house.
On the way, he got a call- Babu, what will you do? I have your purse with you.

I said- Come on, do not give me later when you go to school.
She then studied in 12th standard.

He said no, do one thing. You come here and take your purse.
His way and our way were very different.

But she was alone, so she said- you come and take your purse.
So I thought that no matter what, she will go to school and I will take it only later.

But my friends said that do not get such an opportunity again and again. You go and get your purse. And maybe some work can become yours!

At the behest of friends, I called him again and said to him - if you are coming then come, I will come and give the purse.
Now at the instigation of my friends, the devil inside me was awake. That is, my land was standing. And I'm gone. My friends were right there. So I asked him the way and left.

My friends said - We will wait for you, come soon.
I said - okay.

On the way from far away, I could see her coming back from her home because the way in the mountains are visible from far away. If someone has been in the mountains, then he can know this thing.

I also got down immediately because I had to come down and she was coming up. So we met in a drain.

He held my hand and said- Take your purse!
I took my purse and said to him - sit and talk for a while.
So she said - this is the common way, anyone can come here. How can you sit here, someone will misunderstand.

I said- Never mind, here, sitting in the bushes and talking comfortably.
So he said - okay.

And we both entered inside the bushes. Now my heart was beating very fast.

I made him sit near me and held him in my arms. I slowly started pressing her nipples. Her Tits were very tight from inside! I don't know, I was feeling this for the first time because I was pressing a girl's pussy for the first time.

There was a lump inside her cucumber, I asked her - why do you have lumps in your cunt?
He said - this is how it happens.

I was enjoying pressing her boobs as well as she was enjoying.

I said - is there no pain in pressing?
He said- not feeling good.
So I put my hands inside very well and started pressing her pussy.

After that I put his shirt up and put his hand inside, took out his Tits and started drinking. It was a lot of fun… I cannot tell. I had sucked a girl's pussy for the first time.

And I made her pussy sucked red. Then slowly I taught my hand on the side of her salwar and started caressing her pussy from above the salwar. I realized that there was a lot of hair on her pussy.

Slowly, I moved my hand slightly up and opened the pulse of her salwar and I felt her pussy by putting my hand inside.
The first time I put my hand on a girl's pussy, I was feeling very strange and my lund was rising from inside.

Now that too slowly started heating up and I held my hand and took it to my land. I was feeling very good as if I was in heaven.

I took off her salwar and started looking at her pussy. She was lying naked in front of me.

There was a lot of hair on her pussy as if I have told you guys and after that I started sucking on her pussy.

The fun of pussy chat was like driving him crazy.

Friends, you will think that I am doing sex with a girl for the first time. So where did I learn this? So nowadays you know that everything gets seen in a porn movie.

That's when I noticed that it is now too long my friends are waiting for me. My work may not be incomplete Anyway, there was too much light.
And I saw that a lot of people were going from the top. If we were in the bushes, no one could see us. Only my friends knew that I was here.

Now without delay, I straightened out my land and started rubbing it in her pussy, her pussy was completely wet, as soon as I tried to put the light inside, she screamed.

My penis is around 7 ″ so it was hurting a lot. She was also taking someone's land for the first time.

I thought, 'Man I don't know, it is very painful. I was going to put my lund in the pussy of a girl for the first time, so I thought to do it comfortably, somewhere a little bit is going.
Then he said- Never mind, you do it comfortably.

So I put the whole inside in one stroke. She screamed with utter pain. I put her lips on her lips and stopped her voice. Tears were coming out of his eyes and I saw blood coming out of his pussy as well.

After a while, his pain began to subside, so I slowly started to give mild shocks. And after a while, the whole began to take in. Now ah-like sounds were coming out of his mouth.

We were in the open because there was way upstairs, so I stopped his voice by putting his mouth on his mouth and started banging comfortably.

I kept fucking her pussy and simultaneously sucking her lips and pressing her nipples too. I was feeling very good. It seemed as if I am taking a trip to heaven.

After about 5 minutes of fucking her pussy left water. After about two minutes, my water too drained. I fell into her pussy only.

We stayed like that. I picked up the phone and saw the time when it was 7:30. There were many calls from my friends. I was not able to receive because my phone was in Vibration.

So my friends thought that I do not know where it went. And they started throwing stones from above.
As soon as the stones hit, my ass broke.
I said - I do not know anyone may have seen us! And we got caught.

I secretly called my friends and I said that someone is throwing stones here.
So he said - we are throwing stones. Friend how many times have you called, you do not pick up the call. So what would you do?
I said - OK, I'm coming, wait.

He cleaned his pussy with grass and both of us dressed quickly and left from there.

She could not even walk properly, her seal which was broken.

After that we went our own way.

Later he told that a lot of blood was coming out of his pussy. As soon as she went home, she took a bath and went fresh to school.

Now she is married. One is also a son and the other is about to have a child.

He first told me this thing. She still misses me a lot and calls me to meet her.

I do not understand whether I should visit him or not, please give your opinion.
And tell me how you felt about my first sex story by matching it.

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