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Fuck my virgin sister

Fuck my virgin sister

The fun of my first fuck was found with the fuck of sister. My sister is absolutely delicious looking cracker but I didn't think of her sister's pussy. then one day …

Hello friends, my name is Roy Jain. I am from Indore. Today I will tell you how I enjoyed the first fuck of my life, that too with my real sister.

Let me first introduce. My sister's name is Ankita and she is 21 years old. I am 19 The size of my penis is 7 inches and I am very smart in appearance. I made my first girlfriend at school. From this you can understand what kind of person I am. But the fun of the first fuck started with the kissing of the sister.

My sister is absolutely delightful in appearance and the size of her mummies is 32 inches. The ass is bulging and its size is 34 inches. Seeing his slim waist, Kamadev should also prepare his tool to fuck him… Such a cracker is the material.

My father and I are both siblings in my house. Papaji does job in Gujarat. They come only 1 or 2 times a year. Mummy is a housewife. My sister is in the finals of college and I am in the first year.

As I told you that my sister is very beautiful in appearance, but till date she had never even looked at any boy, meaning she was a very simple girl. I too had never seen my sister with a wrong eye… I used to keep on looking at porn.

Once Papaji was coming home, the mother said - Let's go for a walk.
Papaji said - Yes, come on. But tomorrow we will have to walk. This time I have not got a long day off.

At that time, my first sem examinations were going on and the last paper was left. I couldn't even go. Didi also had exams… so she also refused to go. Thus, a plan was made for father and mother to go alone.

He started packing to leave and I booked the ticket for the next day. In the morning I went to leave the station by car and then came and slept. The next day I had my paper, so I had to stay awake all day and night to study. First I thought of sleeping in the morning.

I woke up around 9 in the morning. Didi had already risen. He made me tea.

There are 3 rooms in my house. One for me, one for me… and one for mother. Everyone's bathrooms are also different. Till now, I did not have any wrong feelings for Didi.

But when we sat down to have breakfast, we did not know what happened to Didi. She was fixing her lore repeatedly… and was watching me secretly. Then I was forced to think wrong about Didi for the first time. Perhaps her panties were not set properly, so she was setting them. That's why she went straight to the bathroom after having breakfast.

By now I had even imagined my sister in panties. In my mind, wrong thoughts were coming, but nothing happened. I started studying in my room and didi kitchen work and went to my room and started studying.

It was evening while studying, when I got out of my room… Didi was preparing for dinner. I also went to the kitchen and started helping him.

He asked - how are the studies going?
I said - great… and yours?
He said - Yes, I am also doing fine. There is only one paper left.
I said - yes I also have the last left.

I fell silent after saying this.

Didi said- Watch the movie tonight?
I said - tomorrow is paper for both.
So that quote- Hey the paper will be done and anyway, they have been studying for the paper for the whole year.
I said - okay… but which film will you watch?
That quote - Avenger and game.
I said - I have seen that 40 times.
She started to say what happened. … Look for me one more time.
I said - Okay.

Then both of us made food and after having dinner I went to my room and didi went to the kitchen to clean the utensils.

She came a few minutes later. The laptop was in her hand and she sat on my bed. Didi was wearing a blue color top and a black color kafri was cast. I was just studying in Bermuda… Above I was wearing a half t-shirt.

Didi came into the room and then we started putting an end game. I started getting bored in a while because I had seen him many times before.

I started looking at Didi, so Didi started telling me - Why is she not watching the movie, why is she watching me?
I said - I have seen many times… let's do something else.
She started saying - what?
I said - let's play Truth and Dare.
She said - Come on, okay.

I have a small bottle of Pepsi, huh… He brought it from the fridge.

I drank half and gave half the sister to drink.

Then I said - start now?

The quote - yes.

First I rotated the bottle, then it came and stayed with me.

Didi said- What does it say… Truth or Dare?
I said - Truth.
He immediately asked me - do you have a girlfriend or not?

I was torn. Till date, there was never such a thing between Didi and me, but today I do not know what mood Didi was in.
I also said- Yes, I have a girlfriend.

Since I have 3-4 jugaadas… but I told Didi about only one. Then she started saying that show her photo.
I said - one question at a time.
She started laughing.

I turned the bottle again. This time he stopped the bottle to go to Didi.

He too took the truth.
I also got excited by Didi's girlfriend's question. I also asked her - do you have a boyfriend?
He flatly refused. My sister is very simple, I already told you.

After this, the bottle was rotated again. Stopped by going to him again this time. He took the truth this time too. My courage was growing a little bit.

I asked this time that when you were having breakfast in the morning, why were you fixing the lore repeatedly?

I was looking at his face fearfully. He did not say anything for a while, but then he said - that my panty was not the right set, that's why.
I was surprised to hear panties from her mouth.

After that he said- Now finish… I am feeling sleepy.
I said - OK.

She slept in my room. I started studying I kept reading till 2 in the night… then came and slept next to Didi. Sister was lying flat and her 32 inch balls were moving up and down along with her breath. I kept looking at her mother for a long time, but I did not dare to touch them.

After going to the bathroom, I saw the porn on the mobile and shot and came and slept.

It was paper in the morning, so I got up early and didi had breakfast and both of us went to our respective colleges.

Didi's college falls on the way to my college, so every day I leave her on my bike. Today the thing was different. Yesterday, we had a different conversation between us, so that I had started to look at the work about Didi. Today I was applying the brake again and again and Didi was also pressing her round balls on my back again and again.

We reached college just like this. While returning, I put a lot of break and enjoyed the sister's mother. Perhaps Didi also understood a little bit.

After this, we came home. Today both of us had finished all the papers, both were free. But I was feeling sleepy… because I slept late at night. I slept early.

While I was sleeping, the sound of someone shouting woke me up. When I heard that voice carefully, my sister was screaming. When I went and saw, my senses flew away. My sister had fallen from the stool in the kitchen and the gram flour box had fallen on her, which also hurt her head. He was not even being able to stand up to it. First I took him up in his lap and laid him on the bed. Then called the doctor. I was very nervous.

The doctor came and gave medicine. He started saying that there is no problem… just massage will be needed.

Saying this, he gave me an oil bottle and said that with this, give a massage to your sister's feet.
The doctor left.

That day I got the food from outside and fed it to the sister.

After that I started going, so he called me.
Then bid - nothing.

Maybe she wanted to tell me something, but she was shy.
I asked - say it!
He turned around and started saying - massage the feet with oil.

I also reacted like forgetting and brought a bottle of oil. I started massaging her paws. Anyway, she used to wear capri at home, so there was no problem in massaging.

Still I could see some trouble on his face. So I asked again - Tell me, Didi… what is wrong?
That quote - gram flour has gone inside my bra too… and in such a situation I cannot take it off myself.
I interrupted and said - Hey… I am your brother… what shame on me?
He said - okay.

First I made him sit and removed his top. Now my own real sister was only in bra in front of me. I was looking at him only.

He said angrily to me - what is he seeing?
I said sorry ... nothing!

Then I brought the towel and started to clean the gram flour and belly all over the place, but was not able to clean it properly because of the bra.

I told her - take off the bra too.
She said angrily - wants to see her sister naked.
I said - what is I… You do not like gram flour… So I am speaking… and you are telling me anger.

I also told a little anger, then she again spoke with love - Oh I am not saying that… but we are siblings, so how can I be naked in front of you.
I said - like I can be naked, so can you.

Saying this, I took off my T-shirt and threw it away.
Then she started saying - OK, okay.
I jumped with joy.

He then said - come and open it now.

I went into the speed and opened the hook of her bra and her 2 blond blond round boobs, which were lightly besan, came in front of my eyes.

Till today my cock has not come in such a boom, but seeing his sister's cunt, Sala was beating Qutub Minar today.

Then I took a towel and stood beside him and started cleaning her mummies.

In the process, he started hitting my cock in his hand. She started saying - what is this that is being felt in my hands again and again.

I said 'nothing ..', then she started saying - Show what?
I said - my cock is
She started saying - Show me.

I quickly shoved my paint down and my underwear also came off.

Seeing my cock, Didi said- so big. He is also beating this salute after seeing his own sister… You are not ashamed.
I said what to do… you are so sexy.

She was surprised to hear sexy from my mouth and started saying - Since when have I been feeling sexy to you?
I said - when you were fixing your lower.
She started saying - good kid.
I said- let sister drink just your milk once.
She started saying - will drink only milk or will do anything else.
I said - whatever you say.

I got up from the fire and started sucking sister's mums and didi started filling hot sighs 'Ah ah ah…'

This made me more excited. I was already naked, I removed Didi's capry in one stroke and then started looking at her orange panties.

She started saying - what are you seeing?
I said - I want to drink its juice.
Didi started saying - who stopped you?

I took off Didi's panty with fire. And penetrated his tongue into his unblemished bur.

Sister was still a virgin… so her pussy was sticking and blooming. After sucking a few minutes, I kissed him a little French. By now she too had come in full enthusiasm and was supporting me completely.

I removed my lips from her lips and applied her mummies and started playing with her pussy with one hand.
Cool voices were coming out of his mouth.

I told my sister while showing my cock that take it in the mouth.
He refused to suck cocks. I did not force too much.

After this, I brought cold cream, I applied it on my cock and also put a little bit on sister's pussy. Then put a pillow under his ass and started trying to insert his cock. My sister was slipping repeatedly because of my sister's tight seal pack.

Then I put the legs of didi on my shoulders and came in preparation for a meal.

Sister started saying - do slowly.
But with full force, I put my cock in the hole of his pussy and pushed it. In one stroke, more than half of my cocks got into her pussy and she screamed. Tears came from his eyes.

Perhaps his seal was broken. My cock was also very painful. I stayed for a while. Then Sister started moving her ass slowly, so I understood that now she is ready to fuck. Now the next shock can be given.

I once again got a blow with full force and this time my whole cock got caught in Didi's pussy.
This time she felt a little less pain but she was constantly screaming 'Ah ah ..'
I stopped.

After a while when Didi became normal, I started to push. She also got up and started getting ass. We both kept chudai for the whole ten minutes. Then in a while we both collapsed. I lay naked on the sister. Then after some time I slept under his arm.

So friends, how was the sex story with my sister… If you like people, then please mail me.

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