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First fuck with girlfriend in the car

First fuck with girlfriend in the car

Hello friends, my name is Anik and I am a regular reader of the immigration. This is the first story written by me and it is a true incident of my life. I hope you will like my Indian sex story.

In short my introduction, I am 21 years old, 6 feet tall and my cocks are 6.5 inches.

This erotic story is from college days, then I had a new girlfriend. She knew me long ago and our talks were also done before this. Then we started falling in love with each other.

Ever since we said 'I love you' to each other, since then we used to be so busy in college that we could not meet each other. Both of us used to calm our mind by just talking on the phone… some chats were done on WhatsApp too. We had sex chat two or three times. After some time, both of us became very desperate to meet each other.

Then finally one day we got a plan to meet each other. That day, I took him in my car to roam. We drove around in the car for a long time and talked a lot to each other.

Then the mood of both of us started to form and I came to an isolated place. There we hugged each other in the car and started narrating our beats to each other. The figure of his body was about 28-28-32.

When he hugged me, his soft and soft grooves hit my chest. I felt like a jerk… as if I had run like a current. A couple of moments later I took out a rose flower from my mobile seat in front of my seat and extended it towards her. Today for the first time I gave her a rose flower, which she was very happy to see and she hugged me tightly.

She started telling me that how long I had been waiting for this rose flower. You listened to my heart today.

I kissed him and said - Is love expressed by only one rose flower? My love, I love the depths of my heart. I could not reach my heart's feelings with you, I am sorry for that.
He put his hands on my lips at that moment and said - darling… I love you very much… Do not say words like sorry. I have come today to rob you of everything. You make me yours

I was agitated by this and I understood that today it is talking about kissing me. I pulled him towards me and started kissing him wildly. She too fell in love with me in a serpent.

We were both seated in the front seats of the car. Due to which the gear handle was coming between us. He looked at me and started plaguing me with silent language.

I asked him to walk in the back seat of the car. She quickly became ready and both of us got down from the car the very next moment.

Now both of us sat in the back seat in the car and started talking about love with each other hand in hand. The atmosphere was hot, so slowly started kissing again. I extended my face towards him without any hesitation. Put my lips on her lips and I started sucking her lips while kissing. She also started supporting me.

But due to the lack of space in the car, we had to struggle a little. So we again spoke to the eyes and she understood what I wanted.

I grabbed her from her hips and placed her face on my thighs and made her sit on my thighs, so that she was absolutely attached to my chest. We kept kissing each other for 10-15 minutes like this. I held my hands on his neck, I was kissing him wildly. She felt as if she was shivering.

Then I removed her top and also opened the bra. Today, I saw his soft soft boobs for the first time. They were very good milk. Her nipples were dark brown.

Seeing her pussy, I broke on them and started sucking them alternately. His milk was giving me immense shame in my mouth. She was also holding my head and feeding me both of her milk alternately. During this, his erotic voices were provoking my Chudas immensely.

After some time, I started pressing one of her nipples with one hand and by opening the button of her jeans with the other hand, putting her hand in her underwear and started squeezing her ass. Sighs from his mouth While doing all this my cock became absolutely hard.

Then I put him on the seat and took off his jeans and panties and put them on the side. Now I slowly reached her pussy kissing her stomach. When I started turning my tongue on her pussy, her pussy was already very wet. I put my tongue in her pussy hole and started caressing her pussy with one hand.

He lifted one of his legs and straddled the front seat. His ass started trying to take my mouth in the pussy. From this I understood that his work is going to be complete. The same thing happened, she fell in my mouth shortly after.

She started panting fast and her head was tucked in her hand. After a while, his tingling ended and he became loose.

Now she woke up and she took off my clothes. I lay down and she came on my cock kissing my chest. He started moving his tongue on my cock and then slowly took my whole cock in his mouth.

I caught her hair vigorously and started to face her back and forth. After some time I fell in his mouth. The juice of my cock filled her mouth. She also did not let a drop of my cock juice spoil and she drank all my juice.

I wanted to get the cocks out of her mouth, but she did not let the cocks out.

He started sucking my cock again… This made my cock stand again. I told him as soon as the cocks were erected, darling, what is the intention now?

She smiled and lay down on the seat and started telling me - today you tear my pussy with your cock.

I told him to be patient and lick his pussy for some time. Then I lay down on her and put my cock on her pussy.

As soon as I tried to put the cock inside, then he said - it is very painful.
I said - there will be pain for some time, I will do it comfortably.

I started kissing him and I slowly inserted half cocks into his pussy. I realized that my cock was stuck somewhere. When I jerked, he screamed right away.

I stopped and started kissing her. With this she came to rest. Now I seduced her and hit a fast shot and inserted the whole cock in her pussy. She started to feel absolutely agitated and asked me to stop.
I stayed there for a while. Until his pain subsided… I did not push.

Then I started to push her slowly, then after a while she also started supporting me. After a while and in the same position, I asked him to become a mare.

She somehow became a bitch on the seat. I started fucking him from behind. I liked her butter ass so much, I slapped her on the ass and made her ass red. This made him enjoy it even more.

I grabbed her hair and started banging loudly. She was taking cocks in the pussy with fun. After some time, she collapsed again. After that in 5 minutes, I also fell in his pussy.

We dressed And talked about love for a while. She was very happy. Then she started saying that you had come inside me, should there be any mess.

I drove the car from there and took a contraceptive pill for him from a pharmacy and fed him.

After that we both ate ice cream and I took it down near her house.

This is the first time I had fuck a girl in a car .

After this, we could not meet again for a few months. Then after a few months, we had a breakup. What happened after that, I will never write that sex story again.
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