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Father in law or neighbor should enjoy sex

Father in law or neighbor should enjoy sex

In my neighborhood, a sexy widow woman lived with her father-in-law. After the death of his father-in-law, we became good friends and were completely opened up. Father in law enjoy sex.

When I came to Lucknow after transfer from Banaras, the flat in front of the flat I rented was of Chaurasia ji. Around 75 years old Chaurasia ji was retired from Municipal Corporation, his wife had died 25 years ago. His widow in the family was his daughter-in-law Kiran, who was about 42 years old, had a sensual body like the heroines of South Indian films. Shubham was a grandson. There was a family of good and sociable people.

It was not even a month before I came here that the happiness of the Chaurasia family was eclipsed and Chaurasia uncle died in an accident.

After the death of Chaurasia ji, Kiran and Kiran were very open to each other while helping their family. Kiran's maternal uncle was also in Lucknow but in the name of maiden, Kiran's brother-in-law and his children were there, Kiran's parents were no longer in this world.

Kiran's brother sometimes used to come and sometimes took Shubham and left after two days.

There were hours of conversation between Kiran and me on mobile and chatting on WhatsApp, in which Nanvej jokes and porn videos were also shared.

One Friday morning Kiran told- Today my brother will come and take Shubham for two to three days. Here Shubham is bored alone, he will be happy if he plays with brother's children.

On this I said - Shubham is going for two to three days, so in these two three days, you play with me, my heart will also get better.
"Will you play with me?"
"whatever you like. The game is also according to your choice and the rules of the game as per your wish. "
"Then I will win."
"You have already won, because we have given our heart."
"So sure, the first match from 7pm today at your stadium."

"Do you eat nanvez?"
“As long as my husband was Nikhil, I used to eat. We never made Nanvej in our house, we used to go out and eat. "
“Ok, in the evening, we will order Nanvej from 'Shere Punjab'. You come by 7 o'clock. "

When I opened the door at 7 in the evening when the doorbell rang, the gleaming sari of silk and the fragrance of perfume, the ray wrapped in fragrance.
When Kiran came in, I closed the door.

Both of us had never touched each other till today. Today for the first time, I spread my arms and Kiran came in my arms. After being wrapped around for a long time, we came on the couch.

I brought a bottle of Pepsi and two glasses from the fridge. I had four pegs whiskey mixed in a Pepsi bottle. While watching the cricket match on TV, we emptied the Pepsi bottle. It was almost 9 o'clock, according to the likes of Kiran, I ordered food.

I asked Kiran- have you ever had a drink?
Kiran said- Never and Nikhil did not drink.
I said - ever hit a peg.
"No, I'm scared. If you get intoxicated somewhere? "
"nothing happens. There is no greater addiction than youthful intoxication. We are intoxicated in youth, what effect will Daru have on us? ”

Having said that, I brought a bottle of whiskey and a jug of water. Holding one peg in each hand and hitting the jam, Kiran said - Vijay Babu, what do you want to do after giving a drink?
"Nothing, sister-in-law." Just do as much as you can without drinking alcohol. "

Doorbell rang, food had arrived.

Both of us ate food, Kiran kept utensils in the kitchen, cleaned the table and we came to the bedroom.

When I removed the clip put on Kiran's hair, her hair got shattered, Kiran's face started to look like moon in the clouds.

I slowly separated the sari tied in a big way from Kiran's body, then removed her blouse and petticoat. Kiran was wearing a sex bomb wearing a black panty and bra.
Sasur Bahu Sex Story
Sasur Bahu Sex Story

Taking off my T-shirt and lower, I put Kiran on the bed and started kissing and folding her hands on her body.
On every kiss, Kiran sighed and sobbed.
I wanted to roast my corn on the side of Kiran completely.

Kiran's patience with the kisses happening on Kiran's neck, navel, waist and thighs finally broke, she opened her hook, removed her bra and put my face on her tits with both her hands.

Kiran's tits were solid as stones and nipples were tanton tight. I started sucking with a teat in the mouth, and I was rubbing the other teat with such disgust as if orange juice was being extracted by pressing it with my hand.

Kiran's alcohol intoxication had subsided and now she was completely intoxicated. Kiran stretched out his hand, grabbed my LND and grabbed it in his fist.
She was completely attacked, she got up, took off my underwear and started sucking my LND. When she used to take LND in her mouth, she would take it to the throat.

Kiran's sucking swung like a pestle. Kiran slipped her panty down and came to 69 posture.

Freshly shaved, bloated like a bread, Kiran's pussy was smelling like flowers of Rajnigandha. I understood that after shaving her pussy, Kiran must have rubbed perfumed cream.
When I stuck my tongue on Kiran's pussy, Kiran went to sing.

Kiran arose and climbed on my thighs, she opened her pussy and sat on the lump of my LND.
She had set her pussy on Lund's betel nut so that as soon as Kiran was pressurized, my Lund got covered in Kiran's pussy.

While exiting a little bit twice, Kiran installed LND properly inside the pussy and started bouncing.

While planning to hunt Kiran for many days, I myself became a victim of Kiran today. Kiran was on the driving seat.

Lying with the LND in the pussy, the jumping rays stopped tired, so I said - now you come down.
When Kiran lay down on the bed, I put two pillows under her clits, which made Kiran's pussy face up in the sky. I went close to Kiran on my knees, spread her legs and spread my LND in her pussy.

As soon as the entire LND went to Kiran's pussy, she started sobbing saying Ummh… Ahhh… Hah… Jah… Vijay… Yay Yay Yay.

While putting my LND inside her pussy, I asked- Tell me one thing, Kiran, it has been ten years since dead, how did you cut so many years?

Kiran began to tell her to get her fuck done:

Vijay, in childhood, my father used to tell me that one should never lose courage in life, if one way is closed then God opens the other. Secondly, he used to explain that life is a game of cards, and in playing cards, good cards should be in everyone's hands, it is not possible. Your ability is that whatever leaves are in your hand, you play well with those leaves.

Two to three months passed after Nikhil's death, then after that my physical needs started bothering me, then I started to work with the finger but it was not good for him.

Babuji (my father-in-law) used to stay at home all day, so nothing could happen in the neighborhood. After thinking for a long time, when I did not understand anything, I thought why not try father-in-law. At that time, I was 32 years old and father in law was 65 years old.

There were two question marks on my plan to extinguish my pussy fire father-in-law. First, will the father-in-law agree to fuck me because of his father-in-law's relationship? And second, will the father-in-law of 65-year-old, who has been living the life of a widower for 15 years, have so much strength that he can wrestle my pussy?

I had to find the answer to both these questions and in the case of negative answers, I had to do positive as well because it was possible to fuck someone other than father-in-law only when I leave this house or get married again. Seeing the future of the son, I could not do both these things, so I started preparing Babuji for this work.

The next morning I went to Babuji with almonds soaked in the night and said- Babuji, you eat this, I am bringing milk.
My father-in-law said - is there anything special today?
I said, no Babuji, nothing is special today, now you have to eat it every day. You do not worry about your health, now I have to do it.

Father-in-law was very fond of sweet food, so now after dinner every night, I started giving a bowl of dry fruits to Babuji.

I stopped wearing panties and bras and started showing them my Tits and mutilating butts with some excuse for getting closer to father-in-law. I was not so heavy in those days.

Within 15-20 days, I had taken the father-in-law in the mirror, the father-in-law's eyes used to bear witness to this, but Babuji could not understand that I was doing this intentionally.

One day I bought Viagra tablets and at night started grinding half the tablets in a kheer bowl. Almonds, dry fruits and my intoxicating effects created a storm in the father-in-law's body.
The fire was here and there as well.
Who would take the initiative to extinguish whose fire was just waiting for this

Then one day my brother came and invited him to his daughter's birthday.
I said - Babuji does not go anywhere and leaving Babuji alone is not right, so you take Shubham.
On this, the brother said- When Shubham alone has to go, give him three to four pairs of clothes, I will leave it back on Sunday.

As soon as Shubham left, I decided that tonight would be a night of doom. I see, how long does Babuji not take the initiative? The young deer should not hunt the lion in front, it cannot happen.
After having dinner Babuji started watching TV. It was a daily rule that after cooking and after feeding my father-in-law, I used to take a bath and then used to eat food, because I used to get sweaty while cooking.

Even today, after feeding the father-in-law, I put the utensils in the kitchen and went to take a bath.

I had a pink colored Georgette gown which I had not worn for many years due to it being flimsy. Today I removed the same gown and entered the bathroom. First of all, I shaved my pussy, shaved under arms and then took a bath, put a dio on the whole body and came out wearing a gown.

Standing in front of the dressing table, doing her hair grooming, light make-up and came to the lobby, flashed in front of Babuji, went to the kitchen, took out her food and started sitting on the dining table.

After eating, the entire tablet of Viagra was mixed by grinding it in the bowl of father-in-law's kheer. I was eating food that it was 10 o'clock. Babuji would turn off the TV at 10 o'clock and go to his room, the same thing happened today. When Babuji went, but with the eyes X-ray of my body.

After eating food, I took the kitchen, washed hands and looked at the clock, it was 11 o'clock. When I knocked on the door of father-in-law's room, Babuji said - Come, daughter-in-law.

I opened half the door of Babuji's room and asked from there- Babuji, my AC remote is not available, Shubham does not know where it is kept. Can you sleep in my room if you ask?

Babuji's eyes flashed, his tongue stuck in circles. Staggeringly said - yes yes son yes, come.
I closed the door and lay on the couch kept in the room.

"Come here daughter-in-law, here on the bed."
"No Babu, I'm fine here."
"Come on, son." Lie here comfortably. I move here Saying this, father-in-law became on the side of the bed.

I lay back on the other side of the bed, towards my father-in-law.
In front of me was the dressing table table, in the mirror of which I could see that my father-in-law's eyes were inspecting my body. While lying down, I dragged my gown to my knees as if it had moved carelessly.

I lay down with my eyes closed, but was watching everything in the mirror with twinkling eyes. My bum was clearly visible from Georgette's gown. Father-in-law's eyes were searching for the hole in my pussy hidden between those same fishes.

When the wall clock in Babuji's room rang at 12 o'clock, Babuji got up and opened the dressing table with almond oil (Babuji always applied almond oil on his head, so Babuji's hair was very thick) and picked up the dio.

Father-in-law always used to wear half-sleeved vest and white briefs at home. When Babuji was removing almond oil and dio from the dressing table, I saw with lukewarm eyes that his LND had made a tentacle tent.

My pussy was getting restless to take father-in-law's LND, but I was pretending to sleep indiscriminately.

Babuji put a bottle of Dio and oil on his side table and went to the bathroom. Coming out of the bathroom, Babuji took off his vest, seeing his broad chest and stumpy body in the mirror, ants started crawling in my body, I was not able to bear anymore, heart was trying to arrest Babuji and climb down.

Then father-in-law took off his briefs and sprayed Dio all over his body. The whole room was intoxicated due to the smell of musk.

Now Babuji took almond oil on his palm and started massaging his LND. I saw in the mirror, father-in-law's LND was much bigger and thicker than Nikhil's LND. Black Bhujang's father-in-law's oil started glowing by applying oil.

I was anxious to get Chudwane but still there was a fear in my heart that Babuji should masturbate while doing massage and go to sleep wearing briefs.
I was praying to God that this should not happen.

Then Babuji, holding a bottle of oil in his hand, came towards the dressing table and stood close to me. Now my eyes were completely closed and I was in deep sleep for the last hour and a half.
My ears and nose were working as my third eye.

Babuji lifted the gown up to my knees till my waist. Babuji was seeing my thighs, but due to lying on the side, father-in-law could not see my pussy.

The father-in-law, holding my arm, wanted to straighten me from the side, I became straight in my sleep and while straightening from the side, I kept my body loose and on straightening spread a leg so much that my pussy opened.

Now father-in-law came to bed, he slowly spread both my legs and came between my legs. One by one, I bent both my legs from my knees.

Babuji took oil on his palm and placed the vial on the floor and put oil on his LND. The father-in-law opened my pussy and kept his Lond supra.

My destination was just a step away but this distance was no longer tolerable, my pussy was badly wet. Father-in-law started rubbing LND's supra on my pussy, strengthened my heart, closed my eyes, I was sleeping soundly when only the father-in-law's LAND supara got into my pussy with the sound of tapp.

Ah… with the sound of my eyes were opened, sleepless sleepless Kiran woke up and said- What have you done, Babuji? What have you done?
I must not refuse and do not slide down, Babuji caught my waist tightly after listening to this fear and removed all my LND in my pussy.

I was on the seventh sky!

I did not expect from father-in-law that Babuji Nikhil would also get twenty-one. Still becoming innocent, I repeated my question- Babuji, what have you done? You are like my father.
"Yes daughter, I am like a father, that's why I am doing all this, I have not seen your loneliness."

"Babuji, you too have been living alone for 15 years."
"Just son, not now." Now we will support each other, fulfill each other's needs. "

Babu, if you get pleasure by doing this, then whenever you want, I am present.

Father in law removed my gown. By holding LND lying in my pussy, my father-in-law took me in his lap. I wrapped father-in-law's waist with my legs.
Holding my nipple in the shape of orange, Babuji said- Kiran, these oranges like you are my sucking, my sucking will become like melons in a year. And these are your thin legs, you have small butts, you will become fat by making you a mare.

At the time of my marriage, your mother-in-law was also thin like you and I liked women with heavy body, big butts and big boobs, so her body was full in three years of marriage. Then I had to go to office also, now I stay at home all day, there is no problem. Saying so, Babuji lay down and I climbed on him as if I was riding.

Babuji asked- Have you ever rode?
I said- Yes, I had gone to Kashmir once.

Babuji said while holding both my hands in his hand, understand that you have caught the rein, now run the horse.
I started shrieking on father-in-law's LND and told father-in-law, Babuji once rode a horse, today you drove Alore.

There was a lot of life in my body, I was filled with sweat while chanting on the Alore, but not stopped, I stopped when Babuji's LND left the atom in my pussy. That night Babuji fucking me twice.

The next day Babuji went to the market and came back and kept the bag of goods in the kitchen and said, giving me an envelope of khaki color - this is for you. I opened it and found an emergency contraceptive pill and a large pack of dotted condoms.

From then on till the death of father-in-law, father-in-law, fuck me fiercely. There is no corner of the house, where there is no choda.

Once, we were on the terrace of the building, it was getting dark, then suddenly it started raining.
The father-in-law made me a mare by resting my hands on the wall, lifted my sari petticoat, slid down my panty and lumped my pussy into the open roof in the raining water and said - every kind of experience should be done.

While listening to Kiran's talk, my LND's enthusiasm was also increasing and it was choking Kiran lightly.
Now when the time for my discharge came to a close, my LND swelled and tightened, after picking up the packet of condoms placed on the side of the bed, I took out a condom and climbed it on my LND and after stumbling my LND, I got red in the pussy of the ray. And started out at the speed of Shatabdi Express.

While discharging LND's supra was getting thick in and out while discharging, Kiran was repeating the same thing while sighing and sighing - just do victory, just do victory, just do victory!

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