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Facebook made fun

Facebook made fun

Enjoy reading in my real sex story, how I got married to an unmarried girl found on Facebook. She was older than me, but she was sexy number one.

My dear friends, my name is Hemant and I am from Delhi.

Today I am going to tell you my true sex story, how I got a girl I found on Facebook. This is my first sex story, if there is any mistake, then ignore it.

Once I messaged a girl from a Facebook group, her reply also came and we started talking.

She started talking to me openly for a few days. She was also from Delhi.

He did not put a photo in his profile, so one day I asked him to show me the photo.

He made a video call from Facebook's Messenger. As soon as I saw him in that video call, my mind started to fuck him at the same time.

She was older than me, but she was sexy number one. His height was 5 inches 2 inches, teat was 34 inches and ass size was 36 inches. She was completely white.

After this video call I became very friendly with him. Adult jokes were also being shared with him.

One day I drank whiskey. My mind was getting sexier. My mind was just imagining her fuck.

I opened Facebook on my mobile and saw that it was online.

I messaged her and asked her the direct question, have you ever had sex?
He first asked what has happened to you today… Why are you asking such a question?
I said - I was feeling mood today, so I asked.

He once sent an eye boggling smiley to me about my mood and wrote that yes I have had sex… but 3 years ago.

As soon as I heard this from his mouth, I sent him a clip of fuck… and wrote that whatever the first thing came to mind after seeing, ask openly.

He looked at the video and watching the pussy licking movie asked me directly - Have you ever had a chaati?
I asked - ask clearly not asking about licking pussy.
She also started to write a bold question and say yes, have you ever licked anyone's pussy?
I said - yes I have kissed. Have you chatted?
She did not bid- just have straight sex.

That day for a long time, both of us talked about open cock chat in this way and I shook my cock and took out water.

Although I asked her that you are finger in your pussy? To which he said do not ask… the bus is on fire.

Talk of that day started talking about open sex in both of us.

In this way, first of all, I got him a lot of fuck in the message itself. Here I would shake my cock and there I would finger her pussy.

One week passed while doing this. I convinced him to talk about the call. He said yes

After that we started having phone sex every day. We both enjoy it very much. I would flick myself by shaking cocks and finger into her pussy.

A few days later I asked him to make a video call. She also agreed. Before making the video call, it was decided that she would be completely naked in the video call. I will also show him by shaking cocks.

When the video call started, I got full cock by watching her blond blond and butts.

Seeing her 34 inch blond blond and brown hard nipple on it, I started thinking that just eat them in some way.

After this, both of us had started having sex on video calls. When she used to show her ass on the video, I used to enjoy it to an extent. Seeing her absolutely white butts and pink ass hole , I used to feel that by putting tongue in her ass, I would give her ass with her tongue. Seeing Sally's velvety ass really caught fire.

One day she had light hair on her pussy, as if cleaned some time ago. That day the matter of her pussy was different. I had such a lovely pussy Chode was very time.

When I told him that I really felt like licking you.
She said, don't worry, one day this desire will be fulfilled.

After a few days orgy on such a video call, we both made plans to meet.

She came to the metro station and I got her in the car and took her to the first restaurant. First got him lunch and then after talking for a while, I took him to the hotel.

As soon as I entered the hotel room, I caught her from behind and started kissing her on her neck. She went forward to the sliding bed and lay down on the bed.

I started cutting her suit on her waist, so she started to say 'Ah comfortably ..'

Licking, I came down and pulled her salwar down. He wore black panties. I put my tongue in her panty hole and started licking her ass.

She was also licking ass with full fun. Slowly raising her waist, she came to the position of bitch. Now I started licking her pussy and my nose was sitting on her ass hole.

She also started moving her waist in fun and started taking sexy Siskaris.

After some time he said that I have never sucked Aloda… Today is the mood.
Hearing this, I took off my clothes. By then she too was completely naked.

Then he made me sit and sat on his knees and filled my tool in the mouth. Now she was getting my cock sucked. I was holding her hair and was slowly fucking her mouth. She was able to take only half a cock in her mouth.

Then he took the cocks out of the mouth and said that please no longer stop me… Chod me quickly.
I too did not take time to ask - In which position will you fuck?
Make a bid and make her a mare.

I made him a mare and started rubbing cocks in the crack of his pussy. He also brought his hand back and got my cock placed on the pussy hole.
If the supra of cocks got set in the pussy, then he bid - started… Kill, hurt… tear my pussy today.
I grabbed his waist and hit him with a sharp blow. With this jerk, more than half of my penis was removed in her pussy.

When he was shocked completely, he screamed. If she happened forward, I held her waist tightly and gave her another blow.

Within two to three shakes, the entire cock landed in her wet pussy. He had taken cocks after a long time, so he was in pain… but I knew this was only a matter of time. I caught his waist and started fucking fast.

He also started screaming in 30-40 shakes - Ah… Ah… died… Please come out.

But I did not stop and after some time his moan turned into cool and sensual eyes - Aaaaah… and Chodo is enjoying.

Just then, the process of fucking has not stopped. His ouch ah was making me more excited and I was going to fuck her pussy.

Now I was going to die. She was also taking sexy siskaris after taking her ass behind and taking full cocks in her smooth pussy. By speeding up the speed, I kept his pussy full fast.

At every stroke, my testicles were hitting her pussy. After every 4-5 shakes, I started slapping her ass.

She used to do 'Ouch ..' as soon as she flirted and then took the whole cocks in the pussy after backing her ass.

She fell in ten minutes while fucking like this. I also fell with him by hitting sharp blows.

She vomited and lay down on the bed and I lay on her upside down. After few minutes I straightened it out. We both lay on each other's side and started kissing. I started sucking on her lips and biting with love. Both his hands were on my waist. I too grabbed his one hand and put it on my cock. She started talking to me while rubbing my cock.

She said - I am going to get married. Before marriage, I had to see all this.
I asked what else to do.
He said - I have sucked cocks, now I have to get myself tied up and taste cocks.
And he removed the ropes from my bag. She came with complete preparation.

Hearing his words, my cock was erect again. I tied her arms and legs and put cocks in her mouth.

She also started sucking cocks. She started moving her tongue on the top of my cock. Now I grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth. She could not stop me due to her hand tied. This time I put more than half the cocks in her mouth and started fucking her.

After every few shakes, I would remove the cocks from her mouth, then she would take a deep breath. As soon as I took a breath of him, I would put the cocks in his mouth again and again give ten to twelve shocks.

After doing this for some time, I started licking her cheeks. She started doing 'Aa Ouch ..' and was busy sucking my ass in her mouth.

Both of us kept enjoying in such cocks and aand chusai. Then her pussy became very wet and she said to fuck. I too, without taking time, lifted his tied legs and removed his cock in her pussy.

He did not suffer this time. I also started fucking him like this and later he started sucking and biting on his lips. She was also biting nails in my waist and was enjoying sex.

Then the heat increased and the shock increased and the fun increased. The whole room was buzzing with his siskar and pussy licks.
Chodte Chodte she fell like this. I also removed all my semen in her pussy.

After lying down for a while, I opened it. Then we both went to the bathroom and bathed together.

After that I dropped him at the metro station. After that, I fucking him 3 times. He also introduced one of his friends to me and I also fuck him. He will never write Chudai's story again.

Please give your opinion on my real sex story.

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