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Friday, April 17, 2020

Double fuck of a writer of conscience-2

Double fuck of a writer of conscience-2

Seeing naked smooth pussy, my mouth became watery, I put my lips and started licking her pussy. My friend opened the zip and put his cock in her mouth. A very good scene was going on.

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On asking me, Parveen told that Shad had made her pussy wet by molesting her on her motorcycle, so she went to the washroom and wiped her pussy and took off the panty and kept it in her purse.
Seeing the smooth pussy of Parveen, my mouth became watery and I immediately put my lips on her pussy and started licking her pussy with tongue.
Within a few seconds, Parveen started heating up and filling the room.

On seeing Parveen having fun, the cock of Shad also stood up and the brother came here and there after seeing us, and he opened the zip of pants and put his cock in Parveen's mouth.
A very good scene was going on. Parveen was pressing my head on her pussy, I was licking her tongue inside her pussy and Parveen was sucking cocks of shad.

Very soon Shad left his cream in Parveen's mouth. Parveen ate the cream of the cocks with great love and ate it and cleaned the licks of Shad's cocks too. Now Parveen asked me to lick the cocks.

I removed my cock without any delay, immediately gave it to Parveen's delicate, soft lips. Parveen also started sucking my cock humus without any delay and now bliss of joy started coming out of my mouth.

Shad meanwhile inserted his two fingers inside Parveen's wet pussy and began to fuck her pussy with her fingers. Now even Parveen was being shamelessly entertained and it seemed to me that she is very expert in sucking cocks.

Very soon, Parveen's pussy also left water and I left my water in her mouth.
Shad cleaned Parveen's pussy with a handkerchief and after drinking my water, Parveen cleaned it by licking the cocks.

Now all three of us were feeling a bit lighter.
Parveen smiled and said to both of us - it was okay that we once took out our water. Now when we go to the hotel and fuck it, we will not get the water out so soon and the fun will be more.

It was dark enough and we drove Parveen the entire Chambal garden well and later we ate something by going to a restaurant near the garden.
The cold had increased and the garden was closed, so the three of us thought to go back to the hotel.

On approaching the motorcycle, Parveen said- Shad, this time you drive the motorcycle and Imi will sit behind me.

Shad understood that this time Parveen wants to give Imran a chance of molestation. Shad silently took over the motorcycle and Parveen again became a sandwich and sat between us.
It was winter and there was very little traffic on the road, due to which we both got a chance to openly tease.
When the motorcycle was running a little distance, I put my hand in Parveen's waist and pulled it towards me.

Parveen looked at me smiling behind her neck and slipped back and sat in such a way that her butts started touching with my cock. With the touch of Parveen's ass, my cock started heating up again and I put my right hand inside Parveen's skirt.
Parveen is not wearing panties inside, because of this my fingers reached her smooth pussy directly and I started caressing her pussy.

Within a few seconds both Parveen and her pussy became hot, Parveen turned her neck towards me and while kissing her lips, I inserted two fingers into her pussy and started fucking her pussy, I removed my hand from her waist and put it on top. And started pressing her cunt over the bra itself.

Now Parveen gave up all her shame and started admiring herself on the motorcycle. Hearing his erotic voice, Shad's cock also stood up.

Shad told us - will you walk in the hotel or do sex or show your fuck show to everyone on the street?
I silently asked Shaad to walk slowly to the hotel and I kept on heating Parveen.
I asked Parveen softly - Darling, how do you feel?

Parveen smiled and said softly with sexual arousal - today his blue film is going to be a lot of fun in the hotel.
I also smiled and shook my head in agreement and continued to caress her boobs.

When we got close to the hotel, I stopped teasing Parveen and he also fixed his hair and clothes.
While getting off the motorcycle, Parveen said to me and Shad- You guys hurriedly took a shower and came to my room. I also take a shower and wait for you guys.

We went to our respective rooms and after about half an hour we took a bath and reached Parveen's room. Now I played the doorbell of Parveen's room.
It seems that Parveen was also seeing the path of both of us by taking bath and getting ready. He opened the door immediately.

It was dark in the room and as soon as we entered, he also closed the door immediately.
After closing the door, Parveen turned on the room light.

As soon as there was light in the room, our happiness did not remain. Parveen was wearing a Lemon Yellow color school-like skirt that was coming up to her thighs, and she was wearing a white blouse with Lamron Yellow Color embroidery on it. The blouse was just above Parveen's navel, due to which Parveen looked very sexy in the light of the room.
Dark red lipsticks were adding to Parveen's sexuality.

Seeing Parveen like this, the cock of both me and Shad immediately stood up.
"What are you looking at?" Parveen asked both of us with a wink.
“Sex is dripping from your limbs. “I responded to Parveen by rubbing the cocks on top of my lower.
"Then what is the delay, Darling?" Parveen responded with a smile and came to Shad and started caressing his cock from the lower.

Shad held Parveen tightly and began to kiss her lips, gripping her left arm. Parveen also started to kiss her with her lips, responding well. I also grabbed Parveen from behind and kissed her on the neck and started pressing her trunk mmm from the top of her blouse.

Parveen put one hand behind her and started caressing my cock by putting it in my lower. At the same time, she was also going to kiss Shad. Very soon, Parveen lowered the lower of both of us and sat on his knees and started caressing the cocks of both of us.

He started sucking Shad's cock in his mouth and kept caressing my cock. After some time he sucked my cock and started shaving the cocks of Shad. Once, he grabbed the cocks of both of us and licked the two of them together. Erotic voices started coming out of both of us. We both took off the rest of our clothes and both of us were completely naked in front of Parveen.
Parveen now started to dance in front of us and shook her waist and while dancing she threw off her blouse and skirt.
Parveen was now in front of both of us in the sexy bra panty set that we had bought for her and she was shamelessly banging in front of both of us like a sexy bar girl. Mera of sexual arousal and the patience of Shad's patience now broke and we both fell on Parveen.

In a few seconds we also separated the bra and panties from Parveen's body. Now the three of us were completely naked in the room. Parveen's smooth pussy was glowing in the light of the room. I immediately pushed Parveen on the bed and spread her legs and put my tongue on her pussy.

I started licking Parveen's pussy like a hungry animal. On seeing me, Shad also broke on Parveen and started sucking her lips well and suppressing Mmmm. Due to the hard work of both of us, Parveen's body started to hurt very quickly and her pussy left a lot of water. I licked all the water in Parveen's pussy and started sucking her thighs and pussy again by sucking.

Within a few minutes, Parveen became so hot that her mouth started screaming loudly and she said - no more torture my pussy. Fuck my pussy quickly.

Who can reject the invitation of a sexy woman's pussy, so I too did not delay. I lay down on the bed and asked Parveen to sit on top of me.

Parveen also understood my gesture and came in between my legs and started sitting on me and rubbing her clitoris with the lump of my cocks. With the touch of Parveen's clitoris, my cock began to swell even more. Parveen's mouth was shouting loudly.

Suddenly, Parveen, while pressing her hips down, inserted the supra of my cock into her pussy. Parveen's pussy was very wet and my penis had come out too much, so my whole cock easily got covered in her pussy.

Now, Parveen started fidgeting with vigorously while jumping on my cock. I also started having a lot of fun and I started grabbing both of Parveen's boobs from below. Due to arousal, Parveen's boobs had become very stiff and big and her pink nipples were also standing and adding beauty to Parveen's beauty. It seemed as if the goddess of work is sitting on my cock.

Seeing both of us fuck Shad came to Parveen and placed his cock in front of her mouth. Parveen took her cock in her mouth like a hungry bitch and started sucking it vigorously.

Now, the erotic voices of Mary, Shad and Parveen were echoing in the room.

Shad grabs Parveen from behind his head and starts fucking him. The three of us were really enjoying it. After sucking cocks for a while, Parveen took Shad's cock out of his mouth and pointed it at him.
Understanding Parveen's gesture, Shad followed him to kill Parveen's ass.
Parveen continued to pounce on my cock and in a sarcastic voice said to Shad- Shad, first put honey in my cock and my ass, otherwise I will be very pained.
Admitting to Parveen, together, he smoothed his cock with full honey.

Now Shad put honey on his finger, first put one of his fingers in Parveen's ass and later put two fingers inside Parveen's ass.
Parveen started enjoying it because she started screaming very loudly due to sexual arousal.

Shad gestured me to stay 1 minute. Parveen came after himself with his hard cock. Shad leaned forward slightly to Parveen, which brought Parveen's thick breasts very close to my mouth and I filled her left breast in my mouth.

Then Shad placed his supara on Parveen's ass hole and pushed it vigorously.
"Oui Ammi…" a loud scream came out of Parveen's mouth when Shad's cock started penetrating his ass.

Not caring about Parveen's scream, Shad hit six more consecutive sixes and inserted his whole cock into Parveen's ass and after stopping all the cocks he stopped a little.
"Sweetheart, your pussy and ass have completely penetrated our two cocks." Shad said kissing Parveen's cheek.

Hearing this, Parveen said with a wink - then what is the matter late. Now quickly make my pussy Bhosda and ass cave of two Chod Chod.
Parveen's loving invitation to Chudai brought renewed vigor in both of us and Shaad grabbed Parveen's waist and I grabbed Parveen by the buttock and started sucking on the breast while sucking the breasts.

This was the first time for the three of us to do this kind of fucking. Both I and Shad were pitting Parveen's pussy and ass at a speed.

Parveen's siskaris were increasing and along with that the excitement of us and our fuck speed was also increasing. Parveen was not in any way under her control and she was also grumbling in the middle- Give me Chod! You tore mine! And tear it up! Crush mammo! Shad tear my ass!

Even on cold days, the three of us had become sweaty despite being naked. And after a brief fuck we both emptied our water into Parveen's ass and pussy. Both of us kept Parveen as sandwiches and kept our cocks in her pussy and ass.

Parveen's body was feeling that she had got complete satisfaction from both of us.

After a while when we removed our cocks from Parveen's pussy and ass, a lot of semen started coming out of both her holes. We both massaged Parveen's body with whatever semen was coming out. Parveen licked the little semen and his juice out of her pussy with her finger and gave me a little too with her finger to lick.

Later the three of us bathed together with hot water and I and Shad bathed Parveen by rubbing it.

After bathing, we got a lot of rest and the three of us sat down and talked. This was the first time of the three of us for the three-day chudai and the three of us had a lot of fun, especially Parveen.

After a while Parveen again desired sex and she wished that this time both of us would stand up and lift Parveen and give both her holes full of fun.

Without any delay, the three of us got naked again and after picking Parveen in her lap, this time Shad put his cock in her pussy and I put my cock in honey and put it in Parveen's ass.

This time the fuck was more fun and lasted for a long time.
When I and Shad were on the verge of leaving water, at Parveen's request, we both bathed Parveen with her semen and later massaged her body with her semen.

Chudai was so intoxicated that the three of us considered ourselves pornstars. Parveen was very happy due to opening of her pussy and ass and both of us were very happy with this new experience.

For the next two days and nights, we both kissed Parveen very often. Even at Parveen's request, both of us once took Viagra and smacked it.

After two nights of full fucking, Parveen's waist navel, body, thighs and pussy had become red due to being sucked day and night. Parveen's pussy and ass were both ripped off well by Dhundhar Chudai.

Parveen took leave of both of us with great pleasure and promised to come to Kota again soon when she got a chance and together, Parveen expressed her wish that this time Chudai, besides me and Shad, a third partner should also join Chudai. .

So friends, how did you like this true story of mine?
I will be eagerly waiting for your comments.

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