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Friday, April 17, 2020

Double fuck of a writer of conscience-1

Double fuck of a writer of conscience-1

I befriended a friend of the author by mail. She told me that her sexuality is too much, she wants to fuck two boys together. So what did we do?

Hi friends, my name is Imran. I am 28 years old and have an athletic body. My cock is 7 inches long and well thick.
I run a restaurant in Kota Rajasthan. Many children studying in Kota come to my restaurant for dinner.

I am a regular reader of interpolation and I also contact mail from writers whose sex story I like.

One such married writer, Parveen (name changed), whose 2 stories were published last year, got introduced to me by mail and soon both of us opened up to each other to express our views.

Parveen loved videos of animal sex and I used to mail them such videos regularly.

One day Parveen mailed me and asked for my opinion. At that time, Parveen was excited to see a video of a girl being fuck by a dog.
They asked me - Imran, can I get the dog fuck if I want too?
In response, I told them - all these incidents happen abroad, such incidents do not happen in India.

Well, in this way, there was an open discussion and exchange of mail among us. We did not wish any further.

One day Parveen suddenly asked me a lot of information about me, like my deal doll, experience of sex and size of cocks. Parveen also asked me whether I really live in Kota or somewhere else?
I gave my restaurant address to Parveen in response.

On Parveen's advice, I also sent him a photo of his cock which he also liked. In return I also demanded Parveen's photo, so she said that she will send her photo after a while.
Then I asked her why she wanted so much information about me?
Parveen said without hesitation this time - I want to fuck you, but I want to fuck two boys together. If you have such a friend with strong cocks, then I can come to Kota for my fuck.

I could not believe that I could get such a proposal.

Soon after, Parveen sent his photo too. I saw that there is a picture of a girl with big mum and ass with nice full body. Friends, I like big ass girls very much. Seeing the photo of Parveen, my cock got erected, whose photo I again sent to Parveen.

Parveen asked me whether I had the experience of fucking a girl with a friend or not?
I told Parveen on this - a friend of mine is Shad. And we both have each other's girlfriends, but different. This will be our first time to fuck a girl by two boys together.

One question, however, was bothering me as to why Parveen has chosen me for this job, when she had a line of readers of Antwasana for Chodane.

After all, I asked Parveen that out of so many readers, why did he choose me only for his sex?

Then Parveen said to me - Imran, your behavior was very respectful with me. You never expressed my desire to fuck me. You kept sending me sex videos of my choice but you did not try to impress me. I am a married girl and if I have sex with someone it can be fatal to my married life. But having sex with two boys is my fantasy and I want someone to do it safely. I trusted you with your behavior, that's why I am asking you to carry out this work.

Listening to Parveen, my and my cocks were not happy. After all, I had a new experience that was going to happen. I gladly accepted Parveen's proposal.

Now Parveen asked me - Imran, you know, how do two girls get a girl together?
I immediately replied to him - yes, one cocks lives in the girl's mouth and the other in the pussy. Later one is pussy fucker and the other puts in ass.
Together I sent a video clip to Parveen in which a girl was fucking two boys by putting pussy and cocks in the ass.

Seeing the video, Parveen's happiness did not stop and she immediately mailed me - I too want to fuck you like this girl.
Parveen said that he had to go to Jaipur in the first week of February to attend a wedding. We planned that Parveen would come to Kota from Jaipur and stay in the hotel. Me and Shad will also stay at the same hotel and we will have fun with Parveen for two nights.

Parveen was to arrive in Kota after about 6 days.

In those days, we used to mingle with each other thinking about our fun day and night. I sent him the photo of his cock many times and Parveen sent a photo of her pussy and breasts to us.
I asked for Parveen's size which was 34C and bought a sexy little bra panty set for her and sent her photo to her.

Set Parveen also liked it very much. He replied to me by mail - Imi Darling, you are the one to clothe me with your hands.
In response to this I said to him - darling, you wear it yourself but I and Shaad together.

Parveen then asked me one day - Darling, what kind of clothes should I wear and come to see you?
I requested Parveen to come wearing a black saree which she gladly accepted.

We then also decided that after reaching Parveen Kota, it would be ready to take a bath in the hotel first and after that I would go for a little stroll with Shaad and a little molestation, so that we would be comfortable with us. Go
After that, come back to the hotel and enjoy the rest.

Parveen also liked the idea and happily agreed.

Finally, the day has come, which we all eagerly awaited.
It was getting very cold and Parveen was coming by 2:30 am train. I was waiting for Parveen at the station.

As the train came to a halt, my heart started beating. Parveen was in front of me in a smiling black sari and deep-necked sleeveless blouse from the train. Parveen's plump breasts seemed desperate to get out of the blouse because of the deep throat. My eyes were not moving away from her blouse.
"Where did Imi Darling get lost?" Hearing Parveen's voice broke my attention.
"What are you looking at?" Parveen asked me with a wink.

I blushed - oh give me a hug.
Parveen smiled and spoke to me and clung to me.

The touch of her soft soft breasts felt very intoxicating on my chest. My cock immediately stood in the pants.

I followed Parveen on my bike and took me towards the hotel. Parveen put her hand in my waist and the sensual touch of her thick breasts on my back was felt with each break.

On reaching the hotel, I gave him the set of bra and panty he had brought for Parveen.

I also called Shaad at the hotel by calling. The three of us drank tea together and after this Parveen asked me and Shad to wait at the reception and went to bathe herself.
I and our cocks were waiting to imagine Parveen at the wedding reception.

After about half an hour, Parveen got ready and came down to the reception. On seeing Parveen, both of us were left open.
Parveen wore a yellow check skirt which was just above her knees and she was wearing a white sleeveless top over it.

Parveen smiled and told me and Shad- Come on, take me for a trip to Kota.
And Parveen started to walk out of the hotel, blinking. We both chanted and followed him. I and Shaad both had a bad condition because of seeing Parveen's huge pussy moving inside the skirt because of it.

Shad slowly said to me - this is a good man, friend!
Parveen also listened to Shad and she laughed out loud.

In a few moments, we came out of the hotel, I asked Parveen - where do you intend to go?
Parveen said with a wink - where a light-hearted romance could be done with goods like mine.
And she giggled.

We started walking with my motorcycle, but Parveen sat behind me and sat beside her and sat back. Parveen's thick mummies were touching on my back, while the Aloda of Shad was standing by the touch of Parveen's heavy fists.

"How do you feel, sweetheart?" I asked Parveen driving a motorcycle.
"I am just starting to enjoy it." Parveen spoke softly in my ear and grabbed my waist with both his hands. Because sitting on the motorcycle, Parveen's skirt slipped slightly upwards, due to which Parveen's smooth thighs became slightly more exposed.

Shad also now sat with Parveen. He put one hand in Parveen's waist and put the other hand on Parveen's exposed thigh and started caressing it. Parveen started to get hot with the touch of shad and very little light came out of her mouth, and she started pressing her breasts on my back.

I was slowly riding a motorcycle and listening to Parveen's erotic treatment, my cock also became tanned in the pants. We were going towards Chambal Garden.

The activities of Shad were also increasing with Parveen, her hand slowly reached her panty through Parveen's thighs. Parveen was speaking with sexual arousal - Shad, you are very naughty, very much fun.

Gradually, his hospitality was also increasing. Now Parveen grabbed the cocks standing in my pants from behind and started caressing from above the pants. I forbade Parveen to do this because I thought my semen would be ejaculated in the pants.

But Shad left no stone unturned to provoke Parveen. He was also kissing her neck as he got a chance and was also caressing her pussy with one of his hands which he had put in her skirt.

After driving slowly for about half an hour, we reached Chambal Garden. It was a cold day and the sun was not yet full. There was no holiday, so there were very few people in the garden. Parveen's face looked salubrious.

I asked Parveen softly - I am enjoying it.
In response, Parveen nodded her head and walked into the washroom in the park.

Very soon, Parveen came out of the washroom and we started walking with her in the garden.
Those were cold days. It got dark very quickly and we were molesting Parveen on seeing the chance.
Seeing a lonely place in the park, we also pressed Parveen's mums and kissed her.

Parveen was also responding shamelessly to our tampering by heating up shamelessly. In a secluded corner, I put Parveen on a bench and told Shad that if anyone could come there, he should inform me and Parveen.

Now I sat on the ground under the bench near Parveen. My plan was that I would take Parveen's skirt and lick her pussy.

As soon as I lifted Parveen's skirt, I found that her smooth pussy was shining. Parveen was naked under the skirt and was not wearing panties.

Friends, how do you like my true sex story?
I will be eagerly waiting for your comments.

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