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Divorced sister-in-law fuck her fiercely

Divorced sister-in-law fuck her fiercely

Hello friends my name is Himanshu and I am from Bihar. Right now I am just 21 years old and I do my job in college as well. After coming from job I like to do photography and put my videos on Facebook and Tik Tok. I am a handsome guy with a fair complexion. By the way, I have a conversation with a lot of girls, but I have not yet made anyone my girlfriend because I do not believe in love at all. Even though I fall very rarely in the affair of girls, but I am a very sexy boy and sometimes I like reading sex stories here like you guys. After waiting a lot today, when I felt that all the people here are sharing their story, I thought that why should I also share my true story with all of you. So today I am going to tell you a unique story of mine which you will enjoy very much by listening to it, I promise to all of you.

So this is the story of 2 years ago when my life was very common. I used to go straight to work after college and then used to run facebook from there. Time was getting cut like this and I was not having any fun in life. One day when I was running Facebook and I came across a pornographic photo of a girl, in which it was written that I will give you my number in the comment. I noticed that many people were commenting and their numbers were being penned under that photo. At first I thought what kind of hypocrisy is this? I thought it was just a joke. Well, I had some new time pass, so I also put my number in that comment box.

This went on for a few days and then one day I got a message from a girl on Facebook and when I opened her profile, I found that she was a sister-in-law who also had a small child. At first I did not pay attention to it, but when I looked at the photos of that sister-in-law, I found that she looked very beautiful and hot. After seeing all this, now I am not going at all, so I also messaged them. When I asked her sister-in-law why they messaged me? Then they told me that they had seen a comment on my Facebook, in which I gave my number. It was not the girl whose post I commented on, but who it was, I did not even know. Well, that sister-in-law messaged me because she felt that I was quite alone. When I spoke to him, he told me his name was Anu.

On the other hand, I used to talk daily on Facebook, and within a few days our closeness had also started increasing. We both got so mixed with each other that we used to talk about sex with each other sometimes. I was slowly falling in love with her sister-in-law. In other words, sister-in-law had told me that she had also seen my pictures on Facebook and I liked her very much. She also told me that she works in a bank and she also has a very big house in Bihar. Anu had also told me that her husband left her only after two years of their marriage. After listening to all this, my mind started becoming more agitated. I liked Anu Bhabhi very much and I also wanted to fuck her very eagerly. Anu Bhabhi was a beautiful sister-in-law with a slim waist and fair complexion. His eyes were brown and eyes were short and brilliant. Looking at them, it seemed as if an angel had descended from the sky itself. Chatting on Facebook and talking on the phone, my patience was now breaking very much.

One day I went towards Jid to meet my sister-in-law, because her sister-in-law was becoming very desperate to meet me, so she called me to meet me on a highway a few days later. I was much happier as I was now getting very close to Anu. A few days later, according to Anu's saying, I was waiting for him on the highway to meet him. For some time I was standing on the highway waiting for my sister-in-law, then a luxury car stops in front of me. As soon as the car door opens, the sister-in-law looks like a beautiful bala wearing a black sari and glasses. On seeing Anu, my cock stood up at its top speed. Anu Bhabhi first saw me and praised my clothes and asked me to come inside the car. As soon as I sat inside the car, the sister-in-law put the car on the side of the highway and she started talking to me. While talking, my attention was going towards his boobes coming out of his blouse lightly.

While talking to her sister, I did not know when it was night. While talking at night, the sister-in-law took out a bottle of liquor from under her seat and made two jams and while raising a jam towards me, asked me to drink the jam. I forbade my sister-in-law that I was not an alcoholic father but on their insistence, both of us had drunk a lot of alcohol. Now both of us were very drunk. During this time, sister-in-law started turning my hand on my Zhang. Due to their touching, a long wide tent was tanned in my paint. I started getting excited very quickly so I caught the sister-in-law's neck and started kissing her lips. During this, sister-in-law was constantly kissing me. Anu Chudane had been feeling hungry for a long time as she had divorced from her husband. I was kissing Anu from the top of her blouse. I was going to kiss her upper limbs like a mad animal. In a while, my sister-in-law had also opened my shirt and I had also opened her blouse. Now sister-in-law was also in blouse only. Now we were going to kiss each other like an animal again.

After some time Anu gave me away saying that "Not here, this is not the right place to do anything" and just saying that Anu had told me to come to her house last night. It seemed to me that someone had stabbed me on my erect cocks, as Anu had come very close to waking up. Well now I was waiting for last night. The next day at night, I had reached Anu's house at the right time. Anu was standing in front of me in a night dress and she looked hot. His flamboyant body was clearly visible in the night dress and his ass and boobs were also very cute. Anu was fully prepared this time, she had already put her child to sleep in another room. I also came after eating Viagra pills and I too was determined that today I will make Anu's flesh come out after screaming. I entered the gate as soon as I entered and started kissing Anu. Anu kissing me one by one took off all my clothes and also removed my 7 inch tool from my underwear.

On seeing the thirsty face of Anu's lust, it seemed that she is very thirsty for someone's LND. He started sucking my cock by taking it down to his throat in one stroke. Anu was sucking my cock with great fun, which I was also very happy to see. For some time, my cock was like this and then I caught Anu and took her night dress and stripped her completely. I was desperate for a long time to chase Anu. First I lay Anu on the bed and then started sucking her boobs. Anu's boobs were very cool, I was enjoying it very much. After sucking her boobs, I started licking her vagina too. Anu's Oh Ah Amm came that the voices were increasing my excitement even more. Now I could not wait more. I immediately put a condom on my land and set my cock and removed my cock in Anu's cock at once.

During this, a loud scream came out of Anu's mouth. I was so excited that without worrying about pain, Anu was going to jerk her in a tremendous way. My excitement was not taking the name of diminishing and Anu's scream was being heard throughout the room. During this, a loud scream came out of Anu's mouth. I was so excited that without worrying about pain, Anu was going to jerk her in a tremendous way. My excitement was not taking the name of diminishing and Anu's scream was being heard throughout the room. I grabbed Anu and closed her mouth first and then with all her speed like a machine, she was fucking her and during this time Anu's chud had released water. Even after this, my passion was not diminishing, and even today no one had fuck in such a powerful way. I was going to Chu Chode in different positions. Throughout the night, we had Kaamaras out of Anu twice, towards Chudai twice. Since that day, I used to fuck Anu at her house every week.

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