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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Dirty sex with older sister-2

Dirty sex with older sister-2

I put my hands in his salwar. With one hand I started caressing the sister's pussy and the other hand started rolling on her thick ass .. My sister got hot from my antics.

In the first part of this dirty sex story, in
Dirty Sex-1 with elder sister
, you read that my elder sister was seen in the mood to fuck me.
Now further:

Seeing her blushing, my courage got a little bit and I quickly put my fist on her pussy from above her salwar. Her sob came out and she started trying to get rid of it. I started squeezing her pussy very loudly.

She started to yearn and started abusing me - except the dog bastard, I… my brother in law, but if you disturb me, I will not fuck.

Now I put both my hands inside his salwar without wasting time. With one hand, I started caressing her pussy on the top of her Kutchi, squeezing and twisting the other hand on her thick ass. I rubbed her butts for a long time and pressed them too. My sister was warmed up by my antics and her shoes had become very wet. His juice was dripping from the pussy. Nidhi was also yearning for fear. She was refusing me, but her voice was no longer powerful.

I took out both hands. My fingers were on her fingers. I spit on them, then put the material of my cock and gave it to suck in her mouth. I did not take the fingers out of his mouth until he licked the whole suck.

I then asked him - Why did Nidhi enjoy it?
After saying this, I pulled her to my side and started sucking her lips. There was still a little mixed material in his lips. I licked it with my tongue and cleaned it.

Now she too was enjoying putting her tongue in my mouth. We were both putting our own spit in each other's mouth.

Then I stepped back and said to him - Chalid Nidhi now be naked.

He took off his shirt while blushing. Due to climbing, her legs were very big and the chicks became very tough and it seemed that her bra would come out after tearing.

After this, I asked her to remove the salwar, then she refused and put both her hands forward.

I insisted that he remove both his hands from there and jerk pulled the pulse of his salwar. She fell down.

Wow… My sister was looking tremendous witch goods in only Kutchi and Bra. He had a more beautiful and giddy body than I thought. Thinking that she is my elder sister, my cock had become uncontrollable.

She started trying to cover her pussy and pussy with her hands blushing.

Then I put Nidhi on the ground on the back and tied her hands on her head with a chair. Then I spread both his legs a little bit and tied them to different chair too.

She started saying - Ashu, what are you doing, my brother… if you want to have sex, do it… what is he doing?
I said- my sister, today we both are going to have wild sex.

She did not say anything… maybe she too had the desire to have sex like a jungle.

I removed my pajamas and vest and was completely naked. My Aloda was standing at ninety degrees in full vigor. I took my cock in his hand and came to him. I started caressing her fleshy thighs with my right leg, she started to crave for fun. Then slowly I put my foot on her Kutchi on top of her pussy and started rubbing her pussy with my foot.

'Uh ah uh haaa ... EEEEE ... oh maaaaah ah oh mother ..' His lustful giggles started coming out. While doing this, I was also beating the mouth together.

After mashing her pussy well, I moved my foot on her stomach and then started rubbing her big thick nipples.

She woke up mad, but was unable to do anything due to being tied up, just flirting. I kept mouthing her cunts tightly for a long time and she kept on paining and throbbing. Now I put my foot in his mouth and told him to suck it. She started sucking my leg. My mouth was still on and I was about to leave.

Then I sat down and dumped my stock on top of his mouth. She drank all the goods

My sister's pussy had left a lot of water and her water was flowing on her thighs. The land of his pussy had also become very wet.

Now I removed her bra. I lay on top of her and started pressing and sucking her boobs. Her nipple coffees had hardened and were aching. I took her nipples in my mouth and started sucking hard. His sobs were coming out. Kissing, I came downstairs and started licking his cock. Then I removed her Kutchi and started licking her pussy. Along with licking, I put two fingers in her pussy. She yearned.

Here I was rubbing her hands with one hand. I was enjoying her hard nipples. But Nidhi was making loud noises due to pain. I was afraid that no neighbor would come to hear its loud voice. I put her dirty Kutchie in her mouth… Its voice was suffocated.

Now I started licking her pussy vigorously. My tongue and fingers were going inside her pussy. Nidhi's nipples became more hardened by the hammer.

Then I caught one of her nipples between the thumb and index finger of both my hands and twisted with great force. This led to a strong sigh of Nidhi, but due to being dirty in the mouth, there was not much sound.

Seeing my bitch sister suffering with sweet pain, I was getting very nervous. I squeezed her nipples very hard several times, took her pussy in the mouth, sucked her pussy, licked her pussy and put her pussy to the mouth. I had a lot of fun. My cock was leaving water on the water.

After doing all this for half an hour, both of us were tired.

Nidhi Bid- Ashu I have to go to the toilet, please open me.

I opened the fund. But as soon as she started going, I caught her. What is he doing… Let the toilet go.

I said - You are a bitch, I am a bitch. You will pee like a bitch.

I put his salwar pulse around his neck like a dog's leash. Now I asked him to walk like a bitch to the restroom on both arms and legs.

I started walking with his strap. In between, he slapped two or three on her pussy. She was enjoying it all.

When she reached the toilet, then bid - now leave the bastard.
I said - no you will take a leg like a bitch and urinate.

She started to refuse, so I pulled her strap and slapped her on the mouth - pee doing bitch bitch!

Surra Surra Surra She woke up laughing and started urinating. Seeing him, I also felt like urinating.

When Nidhi had urinated, I urinated on her entire naked body.
Now I put water on it and washed it and pulled the strap and came back to the room. Coming into the room, I asked her to climb on the bed like a bitch. She put her ass outward and sat like a bitch.

Now I told him to caress my pussy. She became a bitch and put her finger and started caressing her pussy. Now I opened her strap around her neck and tied it in her hair. After this, when I pulled the strap, his hair was pulled and he started to get very painful. I put her dirty juicy cucumber in her mouth again… so that the sound of screaming does not come too loud. Then I pulled her strap hard and tightened her belt and hit a belt. She died in pain. But she also started saying- Ah… brother-in-law, today again I beat the belt three and four times in a row. This made his ass red. She started speaking to leave.

I pulled her leash and said - the bitch bitch has tortured you… You came down today and you said… what else did you say that day the dog was doing shameful acts of shame by his sister. See, today I made you a bitch.

Having said this, I again tightened the belt and hit her pussy.

She was left staring.

I said - listen bitch… till I do not speak, you will keep caressing your pussy. She kept stroking her pussy for a long time and I kept hitting her belts in between. She became painless after yearning with pain. Even then his sexuality was not reduced and a lot of juice was flowing from his pussy.

Now I removed the cake from his mouth, so he got a little breath. Her pussy was quite wet.

I put my whipping Aloda on her pussy and put it in a scuffle. Because of her wet pussy, my cock went inside all at once. After fucking Chodne for a long time, I now lay her upright and hung her neck down from the bed. Then I put her and my stocked cocks on her mouth and started to lick inside. I put half my cock in his mouth. He could not breath and tears were coming from his eyes.

I started pressing her mouth.

The sound of gharup gharup gharup… started coming from his neck. I fucking her for ten minutes. I rubbed my cock on his mouth, in his eyes, on his nose, in his ears, on his neck and also on his hair and then gave him all the goods.

Now I made him a bitch again. She started saying- Please give me a pain and I am very pained… Please please please.

But the fire of lust had overcome me. I was looking at my sister only and only a fuck machine. My crying and Sisianne had increased my temper.

I now without wasting time, spit on my Alore and got into his ass. Her ass was still virgin, so she screamed out in pain. Then I started to ass hard while pulling her strap. In between, he slaps his belt and kicks the belt.

His sister was having great fun in fucking Chudai like a bitch. That pain kept screaming with mixed fun and I kept fucking him. For about twenty minutes I made her a bitch and killed her ass. Then I put all my goods in his mouth and asked him to drink. He drank my juice and licked the cocks and cleaned it.

Then we both went to sleep naked. At six o'clock in the morning my eyes opened, then I saw that Nidhi had risen. She was getting ready to go to school. I also started getting ready. Both of us were silent. I was very ashamed to remember the night and Aloda was getting tight due to the strike. Well, we had breakfast and went to our respective work.

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