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Dirty sex with older sister-1

Dirty sex with older sister-1

My elder sister was divorced. If I was not married, I was being deprived of sex. So I started looking at my sister with dirty eyes. One night I went to the sister's room.

Hello friends, my name is Ashu. Today I am telling you the dirty sex story with my elder sister. My sister's name is Nidhi. She is two years older than me.

This is about fourteen years ago, when I was 26 years old and she was 28 years old. Our mother had been dead for three years and father had retired. I served in a private company and she was a teacher in school. Her first marriage was broken up in six months because her in-laws were greedy and her husband was naive.

At that time, I started looking at new porn sites. First I used to see nude photos of Bollywood heroine, then I started reading sex story. Gradually, I started liking Incest Stories. In this, the story of sex between mother-son, brother-sister, father-daughter was written. I do not know when I read this kind of sex story, I started getting attracted towards my sister… I did not even realize it.

My sister's height is about 5 feet two inches and the body is a bit heavy. He is not very beautiful to look at, but his tits and ass are quite thick. His thighs were also very muscular. She mostly wore salwar suits openly.

Although the father had set up a broom in the house for work, but once in the evening, Nidhi used to ask for a broom, so that the house would be clean.

When she bent down to shoot the broom, she used to come out of her shirt with thick thick boobs. Then when she hit the tail, she used to lift her shirt slightly from behind, due to which her thick ass and middle crack started appearing from her salwar.

Seeing her thick ass and thick ass, my mind started to panic and I started looking at my sister with dirty eyes. Although I have often explained to myself that this is wrong, but I would forget everything in front of my youth and sister's body. My work lust slowly started moving towards my sister.

One night I could not stay and I went to my sister's room. She was sleeping on her bed without any sheets. I stared and stared at his chest going down. Then I got a little scared thinking about my sister and I also got a bit shy, but also enjoyed it. My cock had started to move. I started caressing my cock on top of the pajamas. I was having a lot of fun while watching my sister. That night I did not dare much and I came back to sleep.

The next night I went to her room again. Her Tits were getting up and down. Today I dared a little to get the cocks out of the pajamas and started licking them. In this way, he changed his face, so his shirt was slightly up and his thick ass was in front of me. Seeing this, I got very dirty. I was thinking that I will give him Chod here right now. I kicked my mouth well and gently wiped my Aloda with his shirt. After this I came to my room and slept. Once again in the night, thinking about my sister, I killed her.

In this way, this routine was made for about five nights. Day by day my stare was moving towards my sister. My mind kept thinking about doing dirty things with him.

One night we were all watching TV. Papa told me - get the apple out of everyone from the fridge.

I went and took out three apples. But I do not know what happened, I inserted my sister's apple in my pajamas and rubbed my cock on it. His whole apple became wet with my goods. While she was eating the apple, my goods clung to her spit and went into her mouth. I enjoyed seeing this.

Then one day we were having lunch on Sunday. Nidhi got a call while eating food and she got up and left. Dad was watching TV. I secretly took out my cock and licked it in the bowl of lentils. Then he took both her loaves and put them in pajamas and rubbed them on the cocks and clipped his loaves with his goods. She came and ate dal roti with great taste.

One day he asked me for water. I mixed a little urine in his glass. She was gutted and drank In this way, my courage and courage was increasing. Most of all, I started having fun doing such dirty work with him.

One night when I went to her room to see Muth, I saw today that her shirt was quite high. Her naked belly was visible. She was sleeping on her back. I dared to put her shirt up a little more so that I could see her boobs. But I could not make it higher because her tits were very big. Still her bra was seen from below and peeping into it.

A few moments I noticed his open body and started increasing his excitement. Then I opened the pulse of his salwar a little and lowered the salwar slightly. A glimpse of his blue color Kutchi was seen. After this, I took out my cock and closed my eyes and started licking it. Today I was enjoying the most. Today I rubbed my Alore with the pulse of her salwar and cleaned and came to my room and slept.

The next day, in the office toilet, I killed my sister's name twice. By rubbing his photo on my cock, I enjoyed hitting my mouth.

In the evening when I came home, my father went to the market and Nidhi was watching TV. I changed clothes.

Till then Nidhi made tea for me.
Suddenly, while drinking tea, she said to me - Ashu, at night, whatever you do, stop them. I have been watching for many days, you are not ashamed, I am your sister.

Hearing this from his mouth, my air got upset. Nothing was said to me.

She got up in anger and left. I was afraid that it might not tell the father.

After some time, I dared to go to him and promised to promise him that I will not do it again. Just don't tell my father.
He said - okay.

I also controlled myself. Thinking that doing this with your sister is wrong.
The talk is done.

It must have been about twenty days, Papa had to go to the out of station on someone's death. I and Nidhi were alone at night. Seeing him alone today, I was again stuttering, but was not daring.

I could not stay at around eleven o'clock at night and I pressed my cock on top of the pajamas and went towards his room. I again up his shirt. But today as soon as I put her shirt up, she grabbed my hand and pushed me hard.

That quote - brother-in-law Haramzade. … You have not desisted from your antics!
I started crying and said - Please forgive Nidhi. Please forgive me.
He then came to me and said- Ashu, where have you learned such dirty things? You are not ashamed to do this with your real sister.

That night he heard me a lot and abused me. But I was crying and apologizing again and again. Even then, there was a special thing that my cocks were getting tight after seeing my sister weeping. I was trying to hide my cock with my hands.

Nidhi saw all this. She angrily said - You will remain a dog… Haramzade… brother-in-law, go dead… go to the bathroom and lighten up.

He gave me a push… but at that time, I did not know where the courage came from and I said to him - Nidhi please help me. I am getting very nervous and my cock is not sitting. Can you kill me Please do not say no. Give as much abuse as you want… or tell father if you want.

She started crying and said - what are you saying… Ashu, I am your sister!
I said - Nidhi, I know, but my cock is not acceptable. It stands up looking at you again and again. Please kill my mouth… please kill my brother's mouth.

Seeing me crying like this, she became a bit soft. He said - okay but I will do it only once.

I quickly took my cock out of the pajamas and gave it to her hand. As soon as the cocks came in his hand, he became like a very stiff rod. Nidhi started moving my cock on the other side. I was having great fun getting my elder sister killed.

After a few moments I said to him- Nidhi, please take it in your mouth.

She started to refuse, but I made her sit on her knees and put cocks in her mouth.

I grabbed his head and put the cocks in his mouth. After inserting the cocks, I quickly started fucking my sister's mouth. She was flirting, but seeing her like this, she was making me more nervous and my attacks were getting faster.

For ten minutes, my sister's mouth was fucking. Now I was going to fall. I held her head tightly and dropped the entire item in her mouth. I had never discharged so much till today. The goods came out of his mouth and fell on his shirt and also on the salwar. Some goods fell to the ground below. I cleaned the goods lying on his shirt and salwar with my fingers and licked the same fingers and gave it to his mouth to clean. He did not say anything, just licked fingers.

A strange happiness was visible on her face, which she was trying to hide with fake anger on her face.

Then I asked Nidhi to clean the goods lying on the floor. She became very angry with my actions. She was not agreeing, but I grabbed her hair and put her face on the ground.

She could not agree, so I put one leg on her head and asked her to lick the goods. Then he took out the tongue and started licking my goods.

I enjoyed doing all this dirty work with him.

Nidhi now got up coughing from the ground. Some of my material was still affixed to her lips. She went straight towards the toilet to clean her mouth. After coming back, he slapped me on the face. They were killed to get him to do dirty things.

She said loudly - little dog, now you may have become lighter by fucking your sister's face or still not full of mind.

I called him thankyou and felt his throat. By sticking to it, my cock started getting tight again.

I said - I have become lighter, but my mind is not full yet. My cheek increased by kissing you. If you don't mind, I want to see you completely naked. I want to play with your naked body. I want to drink your milk with your mouths, want to lick your pussy and ass. I want to do dirty things with you.

She started looking at me.

I further said - tell me one thing, you did not enjoy sucking my brother's cock…

She got very hot after listening to me.

I said again - please tell me once, Nidhi… you enjoyed it or not, that is, taking your brother's cock in my mouth… I know that your husband was not able to cool your pussy fire and you would cry all night. was. Your father-in-law also used to watch you with dirty eyes. Once, she had also pressed your teat in private… and many times you saw her licking her uncooled bitch. Once when both of you were sleeping, then he came to your room with his cock in his hand and he laughed there. You also liked his actions to erase his courage. Don't tell fund

I told him dirty things without stopping. I was having a lot of fun talking to him about dirty sex.

She was very surprised to hear these things of mine and was also a little shy. This act of his had clearly told me that today my sister has agreed to fuck.

Now next time I will write to you in detail the story of my elder sister's fuck. Your mail will give me courage… Please do not forget to mail.

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