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Dirty fuck of sister-in-law and aunt of delhi

Dirty fuck of sister-in-law and aunt of delhi

This dirty story is about dirty sex with a sister-in-law. He also loved dirty sex. Read and enjoy how I got it and how I got that sister-in-law dirty!

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Friends, I am going to narrate a strange story, which has happened for the second time in my life. This is the case in those years in the last year, when I went to Delhi to visit my maternal uncle for winter vacations from my house. It was freezing at that time.

When I reached the station from home to go to Delhi, I found a man at the station. We both started talking among ourselves.

He started asking me where are you going?
I told him that I am going to Delhi with my maternal uncle. I also asked him where are you going?
So he also told that he too is going to Delhi.
His house was there.

I said- I am going to Delhi for the first time.
He laughed.

The train was late when we reached Delhi station. It was getting cold in winter and suddenly it started raining too. Due to that, the cold increased considerably. By now the darkness was too much. It must have been around 11:30 or 12:00 at night.

He said - brother, you have come to Delhi for the first time, there are many areas where it is not right to go in such a night. If you want, you can walk to my house.
At first I refused, but then he said that brother, there is no problem… You leave in the morning.
I said - okay.

I came to her house.

She had a sister-in-law who looked very beautiful. I agreed on that She was a very sensual sexy bhabhi of 32 years.
I said - Hello sister-in-law.

He also responded to my namaste. I sat on the couch. After that he arranged for food. After some time, we started eating food with some conversation. It was quite a night, so he said to sleep. Telling me to sleep on a bed, he then lay down on the other bed. I fell asleep deeply.

It was 9:00 when my eyes opened in the morning.

The man I met had gone to his office. I asked that sister-in-law, where did brother go?
So he told that he has gone to office.

I asked- Can you tell me how to reach this address?
Then he told me that this address is far away… It will take you a long time to reach there. You rest until then, I cook food and so on. After that you leave.

After saying this she went away with a slight smile.

I thought it might not be my misunderstanding. But she looked very nice. I started talking to him. We were too late to talk. It was half an hour.

Now both of us were quite open. She started telling you by not telling me.

Sister-in-law asked me - you don't have a girlfriend?
I said yes but not here. He has a house near my house.

I told her sister-in-law that I had a relationship with a girl next door for a long time, but now I did not.
Sister-in-law laughed - you must have missed her!
I said - sister-in-law, I miss you.

Sister-in-law said- you did nothing with her?
I said what is the meaning of not doing anything?
So he said - do not be… You all know what I am asking.
I said - good sex etc.
Sister-in-law said yes…

So I said - yes sister-in-law once did… but I like a little dirty sex… so she stopped liking me further sister-in-law
… tell the truth.
I said - yes I am telling the truth.
Sister-in-law smiled and said - Tell me about dirty sex, what do you do in it?
I told sister-in-law first thing is that I am very fond of women 30 to 40 years of age.
He said - do not end the matter just by saying fuck… tell the whole thing what do you do in sex?

Now things started happening freely.

I said - sister-in-law, if you say it, I will tell you everything.
Sister-in-law said - I can get that opportunity only when I understand what you do in sex.

I told him that I enjoy sniffing and licking the ass of women and it is very good to put a long tongue in the ass hole. I lick the ass of women for half an hour… and then after that I lick it for a long time,
she said - that's it!

I said - No sister-in-law… then I lick my tongue with my tongue after rubbing the entire body of women and I also lick women’s arms, smell it. Like dogs, I lick the legs of women as slaves. I love all this. Drinking women's juice is my favorite thing.
Sister-in-law Chudsey said in a voice - after that

Me- My penis size is a little more than 8 inches… It is also very thick. After matting, I spend an hour doing sex work.
Sister-in-law heard this and said to me - can you do all this with me?
I said - what with you… I will do with anyone. If you get a body like yours, then I will start fucking by putting cocks in the ass.

Sister-in-law slapped me with a love and said - you have more passion for doing dirty sex… and of being a dog… Today my husband is not even at home… Come on today, I will give you real fun as you want.
I said - okay you take me to your room… I will tell you again.

She took me to the room. She took off her sari petticoat and took off her panty and put it in my mouth.

Sister-in-law said- eat it first.
I licked her panty and cleaned it.

He said - Today I will make you kiss on my pussy… brother in law. Now you lick
I cracked on him.

Friends, I started sucking sister-in-law and kept sucking pussy for a long time. She collapsed and she said - now hut dog.
I moved

And then he put a lot of spit in my mouth and said- Drink.
I drank his spit.

Then sister-in-law said, “Go… lie down and I lie down on the bed.

She sat on my cock and started fucking. Fucked for about half an hour.

Then after that I told sister-in-law, what else will you do?
He said- My biggest wish was… you complete it.
I said what?
He said - you have to put the whole tongue in my ass hole at once.
I said - okay.
He said - listen. … If I have not gone inside completely… then I will hit you a lot.
I said - do not worry, you have a lot of experience.
He said - okay.

She became a bitch and she spread her pussy with her hands and said - start walking, dog.

I started putting tongue in her ass. After that, with the help of his tongue, he began to lick the hole with fun and ass. For a long time I licked ass of sister-in-law.
He said- Good… now you lie down… I will come to your mouth and lick my pussy.

I lay down

I felt very good licking the law. Sister-in-law was happily doing them… I also felt very good.

He said - now you give your cock.
I showed my cock to sister-in-law, I was scared to see her and said - how did Father become so big.
I said- sister-in-law, it increases one and a half inches after one time fuck.

Then started watching with surprise.

Sister-in-law started sucking my poles in the mouth. He sucked cocks for a while. My goods went out in his mouth. He said while eating my rabri - I liked it very much… Now give me Chod.
I said - sister-in-law can drink something else?
He said- What… My wee wants to drink.
I said - no, that is not the case.
He said stubbornly - No, now you have to drink my wee.
I said - okay.

He knocked me down with a jerk and sat on me like he sits on the bathroom commode.

She said - the dog has to drink the whole wee… Do not spoil even a drop.

When I said yes, he started pissing. I drank all his urine.

After that he said - Now you quickly fuck me and chill… I am very thirsty.
I said - in law you become a bitch.

He spread his ass with his hands and I licked his ass for 2 minutes. After this, I applied mustard oil on my cock… and hit the flick with the cocks on the pussy. Half of my cock entered.

Sister-in-law screamed. He said - Do not put your dog whole… in one stroke.

I hit a big jerk and my whole cock entered the ass. Sister-in-law shouted in pain.

I pressed her face and continued to beat her ass for a long time. Sister-in-law started enjoying cocks in the ass.
She said - Slowly slow ass.
I said - Sister-in-law nothing happens slowly… let the lash hit.
She said yes.

I kept banging for a long time and fell after an hour.
Sister-in-law gasping and said - I liked it very much.

I decided to leave. So sister-in-law said - I will call you at this time, when no one will be at home.
I said - sister-in-law is fine.

We had been around three hours.

Sister-in-law told me - eat something. Then there is one more round. I am still thirsty.
I said - okay sister-in-law… I will give you all night Chod… if you have any in the house.
He said- My husband comes at 10:00 pm… Fuck you till 8:00 pm… After that, go away.
I said - okay.

We rested for a while and then ate food. Then the phone of the sister-in-law came, whose address was not known. After a while the phone was disconnected.

Sister-in-law said - you will stay till 8:00 pm!
I said yes.
So he said - tell me one thing!
I said - say yes.
Sister-in-law said- you have a friend more than the dirty sex you like… I like it… so call me that too?
I said - OK, never mind… what is his age?
He said- someone is 48 years old.
I said - I will enjoy it very much.

She said- She is very… She does not feel pity at all… She herself gets her fuck done for a long time.
I said - ok sister-in-law… never mind you call… I will satisfy him.
He said - you will calm him down… together you will do me too. We both like this dirty sex. Can you fuck both of them long enough?
I said - okay… I am ready.
He said- Wait… call me in a while.

He called and said - come and go to my house… that boy is here… he will make you satisfied.

After an hour that aunt came and I forgot her sister-in-law. It was looking so good, I felt like just going to start licking his body.

He said to sister-in-law, is this dog yours?
I said - sister, what did you tell it?
He laughed and said that you are my dog.
Aunty said - start moving.
Sister-in-law said - Come on my dog… You take off my clothes.
I said - okay.

I started to take off her clothes and her sister's body smelled so good. I was enjoying it very much. I put my mouth beside her and started licking her armpits.

He said - hey it looks like a very experienced dog… give it to me… I will keep it permanently at my house.
After this, sister-in-law said- first look at it… what does it do today.

I started having dirty sex with both of them. I started licking the ass of both the sisters, started sucking pussy. In this way I sucked them for a long time and made an ass mat.

Aunty said- now how big is your cock?
When I showed my cock, she was scared to see the cocks. He said - your cock is very big.

After that he asked for fuck, so I asked him to be a bitch. I applied oil on the cocks and put cocks in the ass directly.

For a long time I kept fucking her. An hour later I found the windfall. Aunty enjoyed it very much. I left at 8:00 and I came to my maternal uncle's house.

In this way, friends, I aunt and fuck sister-in-law. I will be bringing the next dirty xXx story soon.
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