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Didi fell in love with sister-in-law

Didi fell in love with sister-in-law

I used to stay with my sister for studies. In one program, I got married to sister-in-law of sister. She too recognized my view. what happened after that?

First of all my dear greetings to all the readers!

I have brought Vicky to you in front of that story from where my new life started!

I had come to my sister's house in Gwalior to study engineering, I had also enrolled in a good college.
Because of kinship, I was spending my life with a very simple nature.

Once, Didi's birthday was the birthday of Jethani's boy, which was my nephew. So a lot of work was also on me. There was a large crowd in the house.
Then I looked at a woman who must have been around 30 years old. The embossed body 34 ″ bulge and matte ass! Overall, it felt like I kept looking at him!

I got into my work after a while, all the work went on. People were eating food when I was asked to feed them.
So as I was feeding everyone, I also fed them.

When my sister introduced me, it came to know that her name was Reema and she seemed like a sister-in-law in the relationship.

Everyone went to their respective homes.

Just as the days passed. I too started going to his house for some work. It was getting crazy for that woman. But he did not know this. Maybe I didn't even know what had happened. But I just liked him a lot!

Don't know when we got closer to each other with time. Talking on the phone, giving each other time!
Finally, I dared to speak my heart to him one day and he also agreed.

But this time the sentence was quite serious from him. Talking to him had become a necessity of my life.

Then slowly we started talking about sex on the phone. She would tell me whenever she would fuck with her husband. Then I also started to convince him to fuck. So this effort also took a full month, then she came on the line of Chudai!

Then the day had come when we were going to be one. He too had realized that I am very serious for him!

Now we were yearning to be a couple. Then I told him that you should come as an excuse for the market, then we will go together.
But she was scared. He was repeating the same thing again and again that somewhere, to take a safe place, we should not get into any trouble.

We made sure to go at 11 o'clock on Wednesday. I also went out of the house with sister-in-law's bike, asking Didi to go to college and started waiting for her at the given address.

After some time she arrived. I just kept looking at him. She looked no less than an angel. I saw him and gave him a small smile. So she too laughed and came and sat behind me and I left with her!

I had a friend's hotel, I took him there.

At first, he feared that a blue film is made in hotels. And I worried more than that. First I scrutinized the entire room. When I was satisfied, I started sex .

I kept kissing him in my arms for about five minutes, licking him. She was also supporting me equally!

Then he asked me to relax a bit. So I lay down in her dock comfortably and she was turning her hand in my hair.
Then he took a promise from me, said- Today I am giving you everything. Please never betray me!
And speaking so, he put his velvet lips on my lips. And we were kissing each other wildly. I was also working to warm her by placing a hand on her chest!

Then when I took off his shirt, he was wearing a black bra below. And he had 34 ″ of his cocks in it but was in front of my eyes. You feel what that atmosphere must have been like for me.
I could not keep up with him and I had sucked my face in his cocks. She was also pressing me in her chest.

Within the next 2 minutes, I removed her and all my clothes. And she was being dragged over herself in shame. I had taken the pussy earlier too, but seeing it, I was feeling like Jannat.

When I started kissing him on his neck, the echo of his Siskariya was making the atmosphere of the room different.
She was speaking - please Vicky… not now!
And repeatedly trying to grab my cock and insert it in my pussy.

But I wanted to warm him up.

When I saw that the edge of Somaras was flowing from her pussy, I also saw the opportunity right. And I opened his legs and put my cock on the hole between the slices of her pussy and put it in slowly.
So he got a fast sigh. It was less of ah pain and ah of fun. Because she was already fucking so much.

Then he also took all my cocks from the bottom of my pussy in the depths of his pussy and started speaking to me fast and fast in my arms!

His pussy had become so wet that the sound of a shriek with my shaking was causing more excitement in me. I was lying on top of her sucking a nipple and was also erasing her pussy.

She was enjoying her sexual fulfillment with her eyes closed and my head was being pressed hard on her nipples.

During this fun game of fun, he once again said the same thing to me - please Vicky, don't cheat me.
So what did I promise to him - I will always keep his privacy, I will consider this as my responsibility.

With the strong shaking of pussy Chodan his legs were also moving. So I was having more fun.

Then I felt as if her pussy would break and squeeze my cock.
And with that, her pussy again bombarded Somaras and she once again got cold. He had won before me in this game of lust, reached the height of Kamanand.

Now it was my turn, so I hung her legs down by the bed and stood down and put my cock in her pussy and started to fuck her.
By now my life had fallen twice, so it did not look very good.

After fucking for 15 minutes continuously, I felt as if mine was going to happen, so I took out my cock and removed all the water on top of her pussy and started to kiss her with a sharp breath while lying on top of it.

My life was also very happy to see me enjoying and kissing me and speaking - my son was tired!

We lay together for a while. We were not talking. We were just enjoying the past.

After lying down for a while, we both got up together and took bath together in the bathroom. And wiped each other with a towel and dressed.

We came out of the bathroom and asked for food. And after eating, lying with each other for an hour and started talking about love!

Then we came out of the hotel. I left her near her house. Then came to her sister's house and talked to her on the phone and asked - how was the day today? How did you find it?
So he told- Vicky, today after so long, I have got such absolute happiness. So the whole body was hurting.
And bid - but you do badly! Shook the whole body and all the joints of the body.

I hung up the phone the next time asking him to relax!

How did you like the story of my love, which also includes sex? I will eagerly wait for your love.
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