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Friday, April 17, 2020

Desi Girl Loved By Making Girlfriend-2

Desi Girl Loved By Making Girlfriend-2

She came in front of me wearing a red colored saree, she looked very beautiful in that sari. I picked her up on my lap and brought her to the mummy's room and lay on the bed.

Hello friends,
made the last part of my love heavy sex story by making a desi girl as a girlfriend and
I read how I got my love fund for the first time in a sugarcane field.

I did not get a chance to fuck Nidhi after Jyoti went back.

Nidhi had told this to her uncle's girl Pooja, who was studying in school at that time.

She would often come to the fields with respect to Puja and keep the Puja outside, inside I would fuck Nidhi in the field.

Days were passing like this. Meanwhile, I came to Prayagraj to prepare and Nidhi continued her graduation in the same college.

One day I finished the coaching class and came to the room.
That's when Pooja's call came. He told me - brother, you have forgotten me.
I said - No, my sister-in-law is such a lovely sister, I always remember you, you don't remember me.

Then Pooja said to me, brother-in-law, if my aunt is married, then my mother and father will go there, because of my exams I will not be able to go there. Father has asked Nidhi Didi to sleep with me at night. Nidhi Didi has asked you to call.

I asked Pooja - when will your father go?
So they are being spoken - you too come immediately.

I too got ready and hurried out towards the village, I knew it would be dark as I arrived.

After reaching the village side, I called Nidhi, then she said- You go to the house of worship. Take care that no one sees, I will feed everyone and come to sleep at night.
I was having dinner and talking with Pooja, waiting for Nidhi to come.

Nidhi came there at nine o'clock.
Pooja said- Brother-in-law, go to the mummy room with Didi.
Nidhi said- Wait a while, I come ready.

I asked Pooja - where did she go?
So he said that surprise for you.

She came in front of me wearing a red colored saree, she looked very beautiful in that sari.
I picked her up in her lap and brought her to Pooja's mother's room and lay on the bed.

The bed was covered with white sheets and the petals of marigold flowers made a heart and arrow mark, with rose petals in the middle of it written R and N.

As soon as I came near the door to close the door of the room, then Nidhi came from behind and hugged me.
I swung her from behind and filled her in my arms and started kissing her neck with both my hands while pressing her nipples on top of the sari.

Siskari started coming out of Nidhi's mouth. After pressing Nidhi's Tits for some time, I dropped the sari's pallu from Nidhi's shoulders.
After pressing Nidhi's nipple over the blouse, she opened her blouse's hook and removed her blouse.

I opened Nidhi's bra hook and removed it. Nidhi then covered her tits with both her hands. I started coming down on Nidhi's back, kissing with my lips. Kissing Nidhi's back, she also started bending her waist.

Holding Nidhi's waist with both hands, he sat behind her on his knees and took her hand forward and took out the sari from her shadow and opened her lanyard.
Her shadow moved down to her feet.

I also slid Nidhi's tights down and removed Saya and tights from her feet.

Nidhi's beautiful carved body was completely naked in front of me. I took Nidhi's waist in her hands and started kissing her pussy. He came kissing up to his ankles through his thighs alternately through his thighs.

Now I stood up and took Nidhi and filled her in my arms and started kissing her face. Nidhi's eyes closed in fun and she filled me tightly in her arms.

After kissing her face, I asked Nidhi to take off her clothes, then Nidhi opened the button of my shirt and removed it, after that she also took out my vest.

At my behest, he sat on his knees in front of me, he opened the hook of my pants and slid it down and removed me from my feet.

After this, Nidhi also removed my underwear, now my land was near the mouth of Nidhi in full state.

Nidhi took my land in her hands and lovingly pressed it back up her foreskin, which led to the exit of my land. When Nidhi flipped her tongue over the betel nut, my eyes closed in fun.

I was closing my eyes and rubbing her hair with my hands. And Nidhi was lovingly licking my testicles along with my lund.

After some time I held Nidhi's head in my hands. Nidhi understood my gesture and started sucking my lund in her mouth.
I was slowly banging Nidhi's mouth.

After sucking the fund for a while for a while, when my excitement increased, I removed the fund from the mouth of the fund.
Taking Nidhi's face in my hands, I started sucking her lips, Nidhi also started sucking her lips and supporting me.

After sucking lips for some time, both of us also sucked by putting tongues in each other's mouth.

After that, I kissed Nidhi's ears, neck, shoulders and kissed her arms with both her arms, elbows, wrists and fingers.

By now, Nidhi had become very intoxicated, she started to falter under sex. I took him on my lap and laid him on the bed.

I came near Nidhi's feet and started kissing her left toes. After kissing her fingers, kissing her ankles, through her knees, kissing her smooth blonde thighs, came near her pussy and did a kiss on her pussy.

I was surprised to see her pussy, she was very clean and she had a heart mark on mehndi in which the name of me and Nidhi was written.
A similar heart was formed between the nipples of both her nipples, in which we both had our names too.

I told Nidhi - it looks like preparations for the honeymoon were going on long back.
So she started smiling.

After this, kissing Nidhi's right toes, ankles, knees and thighs, did a kiss on her pussy.

By now, Nidhi had become completely foolish and said to me - please darling, now I am not tolerated, please fuck me soon!
I told Nidhi - the more you will torture my sweetheart, the more you will suffer for sex, the more you will enjoy it!

After that I spread Nidhi's legs and moved my mouth near her pussy and started sucking her pussy.

I put my tongue inside Nidhi's pussy and started sucking her pussy. Nidhi sighing, grabbed my head with both his hands and started pulling towards her pussy.

After some time Nidhi started saying - please darling. Fuck me… Can't stand now!
But I kept sucking her pussy.

After a while Nidhi's body started to swell and her pussy left the water.

After this Nidhi got some relief, she said to me - You are very wicked, torture and kill your life.
I looked at Nidhi's eyes and said, "Oh my dear, tell me, didn't you enjoy it?"
So Nidhi said - fun has come my life!

After this I started kissing Nidhi's belly and waist. When I swung my tongue around Nidhi's navel, she started climbing again.

Kissing her belly and waist, I came to Nidhi's Tits, Nidhi's nipples were completely tanned, I began to clasp her two nipples in the fingers of my two hands.

Now Nidhi again closed her eyes and started sighing in fun.

After mashing Nipple's nipples, I started sucking her left nipple in my mouth and pressing her right nipple with right hand.

After sucking the left nipple for some time, I started sucking her right nipple in the mouth and pressing the left one.

By now Nidhi had become Chudasi again.
I made a space between her legs and set my land on her pussy and pushed it. Nidhi also grabbed my fists and started pulling them towards me and my whole land got covered in her pussy.

Now I started banging Nidhi's pussy slowly. The faster I would push, the faster I would push from the bottom due to the spring mattress.

Nidhi had wrapped both her legs in my waist and held me tightly in her arms. From the top, I would push, due to the mattress from below, Nidhi used to push equally fast, in this way Nidhi's pussy fuck on that bed was having a different fun.

Today, while fucking Nidhi, it was realizing how much fun a girl enjoys in sex with Relax.

When my excitement increased enough, I stopped banging and started sucking Nidhi's lips.

After some time I made Nidhi a mare and came from behind and put her in her pussy and grabbed her waist and started fucking her.

After fucking Nidhi from behind, I took my land and lay down on the bed and asked Nidhi to come over me. Nidhi came on top of me and set my lund on her pussy and slowly started shaking me and started fucking me. I was also enjoying the chudai while pressing her tits from below.

Now I was not able to bear it, so I turned the fund down and turned and climbed on top of it and started banging it.

After fucking Nidhi for a while, my excitement reached its peak, the speed of my bumps increased considerably, Nidhi was also supporting me with sighs from below.
Shortly thereafter, the two of us almost ejaculated simultaneously.

In this way, the whole night I got Nidhi four times.
The next day, once in the afternoon and thrice at night, Nidhi fiercely fucking.

After that, he left the village in the darkness of dawn and reached Prayagraj.

After this, I came to the village only three to four times in the next five months, but I could not meet Nidhi with any fuck.

Nidhi also started to reduce calls and one day her message came = Now I love someone else, Sorry.

At first I could not believe it, I immediately returned to the village.
Then I came to know the truth, she was in love with another boy studying in her class for the last three months.
I tried hard to convince her but she did not listen, I just kept looking at my destiny.

Today it has been three years gone by him but even today I love him. Heart is still hopeful that one day she will come back.
Don't know if this wait will ever end or not.

I did not know that day that my meeting would be the last.

How did you like my love story?

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