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Friday, April 17, 2020

Desi Girl Loved By Making Girlfriend-1

Desi Girl Loved By Making Girlfriend-1

Love happens only once in life. Today he is not in my life but I still love him only. Enjoy my sex story of my love with girlfriends.

Hello friends, I am Rajesh… You read and liked my previous story of
landlady sister-in-law
. Thank you.
Today I have come up with a new story in front of you. This is the story of my love.

People say that love can happen many times in life. But I think love happens only once in life.
Today he is not in my life but I still love him only.

It is about those days when I was in class XII.
A girl living in the house next to me, whose name was Nidhi, read.

Nidhi was a beautiful girl of normal stature. However, there were many more beautiful girls in the class. But there was a strange condition in my Nidhi's face, I used to like her inside.
But could never express his love to her.

Nidhi used to go to study with me. Often, she would talk to me on the way that the girl was in the circle, she was from the boy.
She often used to ask me too- If you also like someone, tell me?
Then I would deny him every time.

She would tell me - if you like someone, then say it; Can i talk to her
I would have refused it even then.

Sometimes she would tell me that if you like someone, then tell her. Otherwise, one day you will regret it.
And I used to smile every time.

I often used to think that at first they would say… but often the matter was left incomplete.

The month of February had started, that day was Propose Day.
On the way Nidhi said that today is Propose Day, whether to propose someone or not?
I said while cutting it, you tell me first.

Nidhi said- Yes, today I have to propose someone if he does not do me!
Then I told him - will you propose any boy in this way?
Nidhi said - I am very much on her gesture, but she does not understand what I say.
Then I said- let's maybe propose you today.

Neither she nor she left the class the whole time that day!
On the way home after being discharged in the evening, he asked - you were in class all day; Did not propose anyone?
So I said - you were also in class.
Then Nidhi said - I have thought that if he does not propose, then I will not do it too. I will not see how long You tell your
I said - I will propose her this evening, if she also likes me then she will definitely come home in the evening.

Came home that day and sat on the terrace in the evening waiting for it. Then another girl next to me came to the terrace and started talking to me.

I was thinking in my mind that this trouble came from where Go before the fund comes!
Suddenly Nidhi also came to the roof and immediately saw the girl and started leaving. I tried to stop him by giving him a voice. But he started descending the stairs saying 'come back later' quickly.

I pretended to the girl and said- Look, she had come to take the book but forgot. You wait here, I come now by giving it to him.
I went down fast and ran and held Nidhi's hand in the street and stopped her.

I told her - why did you come back?
Nidhi said- You were going to propose Neha today… So I came back.
I told Nidhi - crazy, I like him very little, I like you.

Call it a coincidence or a hurry… I got out of my mouth in a hurry that I like Nidhi.

Hearing this, Nidhi kept looking at me and said - now today I will make you stupid?
I told Nidhi - I really like you. Do you like me too
Nidhi said - only you will get an answer at ten o'clock in the night.
And she went to her house.

My time was not cutting that day. Somehow at ten in the night. I immediately called Nidhi.
At first he kept confusing me here and there but after some time he said yes.

From that day onwards, our love story started growing.

When she met alone in the evening the next day, I kissed her for the first time.
I still remember the feeling of the first one that was done to him.

Both of us used to meet often as both of our houses were nearby. Sometimes I used to kiss her lips on seeing the opportunity. Sometimes he used to get his boobs pressed. But we did not get a chance to move forward.

Used to talk many hours on the phone at night. I used to have phone sex with her almost every night on the phone.
Still unfulfilled at Milan's wish.

Even if Nidhi used to go to the fields with her mother, there was no opportunity to meet there either.

Similarly, the whole year passed. Her maternal uncle's girl had come to Nidhi's house. The school which was in the eleventh and was discharged due to the exams of the twelfth board, was to be followed by the board board exam.
Nidhi had told her about me.

While talking to Nidhi that night, I asked her to meet her, so she said- OK, tomorrow I will come with Jyoti (her maternal uncle's girl) on the field tomorrow to break peas. You come there.

The next day in the afternoon I reached his fields. A reed was also sown near the peas in his field.

I secretly reached the pea field through reed fields. Mustard was also sown in it along with peas, which had become quite large.

While sitting there, I had broken a lot of peas myself.
Then Nidhi's call came that she was going to reach the fields.

I told Nidhi that I am in the field, you come in the middle of the field.

After some time Nidhi came there with Jyoti.

Jyoti said as soon as she came - Salutations brother!
So I said - be happy sister-in-law.
Then he said - We are happy, you are happy too, right?
I told him- if both of you have come to meet today, then I am happy!

After this I gave chocolate milk of dairy milk to eat.
Jyoti said to me - Go brother-in-law, please meet with sister in private. Till then I break the peas.
I pointed to the broken peas and said - you just have to pay attention that no one comes here. If someone comes to this side, then you call. I have already done your work. After that I came to the sugarcane field with funds. At one place there was some empty space, while I stopped Nidhi and sat on her knees and held her hand and said 'I love you'. In response, Nidhi also told me 'I love you'. After that I took Nidhi's face and kissed her forehead. Looking into Nidhi's eyes, I said to her - My darling, are you allowed to love me? So he said yes, sweetheart. After that I started sucking Nidhi's lips with my lips, she was also supporting me while sucking my lips. After sucking lips for some time, I put my tongue in her mouth, she started sucking my tongue. After that he put his tongue in my mouth and I sucked his tongue. I brought a pot with me, I laid it on the ground there and started taking off Tshirt of Nidhi, then Nidhi stopped me. That quote - If someone comes, it will be a problem. And lifted her T-shirt and bra and put it on her Titsi. I put Nidhi on top of the pot and took the nipple of her left nipple in my mouth and said - Below this is the heart of my life, which only beats for me. I was drinking Nidhi's left nipple and pressing her right nipple. After some time I started sucking her right nipple, and started rubbing the left nipple. Nidhi's breath was heavy, she told me - hurry to know. My excitement also increased, so I removed her leggings and panties and stripped her. I bent down and spread both his legs and looked at his bur, She came today to clean her hair. I took my mouth near her bur and kissed her and put my tongue in her bur and started sucking her. By now I had five to seven minutes with Nidhi, My excitement too increased. I slid my lower and underwear down and took my lund in my hands and asked Nidhi to suck it. During phone sex at night, I used to kiss her as well, so Nidhi got up and kneeled down in front of me and held my land in her hands. Finding the touch of his soft hands, my eyes closed automatically and Nidhi started sucking my lund in her mouth. After a while, I took the wand out of her mouth and spread her legs by lying on the fund. When I pushed my land on the burrow of Nidhi, my land slipped. I tried to put the lund three to four times in his bur, but each time he slipped. After that I said to Nidhi - darling, you help me. Then Nidhi grabbed my land and placed it on the hole of her bur and hinted to push me. When I made a push, I felt that my land had gone into a hot furnace ripping off something like it. Nidhi had closed her eyes, pain was clearly visible on her face. I told Nidhi - My son did not have much pain, right? So she looked at me and said - no, it is not much. After that I lay down on him and started banging Nidhi. This was my first fuck, so after about three to four minutes of fucking Nidhi, I ejaculated. Later, while fucking Nidhi slowly, my fuck time was also increased. After that Nidhi started wearing her clothes. I told him - you stop here, I come out looking. After that when I came out towards the field, there was a light on the shore, he told me - you have met Didi, but what have I got? I told Jyoti, whatever you ask ... If I can give it then I will definitely Then he said - remember it. Will demand when needed. I said - okay. After this, he gave a voice to Nidhi. After some time, Nidhi came out and I left from there saving. Jyoti lived in the village for about two months. And in those two months, sometimes in the afternoon or in the evening darkness, I fuck Nidhi several times. Friends, this is the first chudai story of my life. How did you like my love story with my girlfriend? you me This is the first sex story of my life. How did you like my sex story of my love with my girlfriend? you me This is the first sex story of my life. How did you like my sex story of my love with my girlfriend? you meYou can tell at

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