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Desi bhabhi tenant

Desi bhabhi tenant

My name is Ajay and I live in a small district of Maharashtra. I am very fond of sports and gym. After finishing school, now I am going to start my college. As I am growing up, my sex desire is also increasing in great swing, and even if it is not so, it is a common thing to be young.

Today I am going to introduce you to a story related to one of my sex experiences which has just been spent with me. Where we live is a very moving place. Our house is a large three-story house, where we live. The floor above our house has been lying vacant for a long time because my father does not like to give home to unknown people.

Once a sister-in-law came to see us home, Papa immediately refused to give them a house. I was watching all this while passing by there. Then suddenly my attention went towards that sister-in-law. The sister-in-law was the owner of a smooth-bodied body and beautiful flexible body. Sister-in-law was more than me and her boobs looked very bulging. What to say about his eyes, once he sees, he gets injured on the spot.

I stayed with my father for a while and I explained to my father that our house has been empty for a long time, which we have not got any benefit till now. If they stay there, we will get some money and they will also get a house.

Sister-in-law's eyes were falling on me again and again, and in other words, I also came to know that her marriage has been completed for some 2 years. The very next day the sister-in-law shifts directly to the house on the floor above us. Sister-in-law also has a good identity with my mother, she often used to come down here to meet us. During this time, I used to touch sister-in-law again and again, I used to try her hand. Remembering them, looting in the bathroom every day was a common thing for me.

As soon as her husband left for work in the morning, I used to go to her house everyday. Between this we used to laugh a lot with each other. By now, the sister-in-law had understood what was going on in my mind and she seemed ready to talk to me every day.

Now I had a lot of calls for her. Like every day when I was sitting in the bathroom, I was determined to have sex with my sister in some way.

The very next day I go to her house to meet her sister-in-law and see that her sister-in-law is cooking. While cooking, my attention goes towards her chubby and bulging rhino. On seeing the sister-in-law my tool gets caught. Then I go straight to the emerging tool visible from my paint and take it in the chubby rhinoceros of the law from inside the paint.

Sister-in-law starts asking me questions and says - what are you doing Ajay

I tell sister-in-law, I am not waiting anymore, I have been waiting for this day for a long time, do not stop me anymore.

Having said this, I start kissing her sister's neck straight away and in a short time the sister-in-law's breath starts to intensify and now she too cannot stop herself from getting excited.

Sister-in-law is coming directly over my paint, she starts mashing the bulge of the tool with her hands. And in the meantime, I also open the back chain of the sister-in-law's shirt with my hands and start rubbing her bare bare back with my hard hands. After some time, sister-in-law takes off her shirt and throws it on the ground and just stands in front of me in a bra. Now I start kissing her lips from the top of her bra, kissing her lips. Due to my muscles, a boob comes out from their bra and after seeing this, I get more excited and start licking their nipples like a mango.

Gently, I had removed his salwar too and now the sister-in-law was only in red colored panties. I put my hands inside her sister's cunt without delay and inserted my fingers inside her cunt. I was able to see that the sister-in-law is having a lot of fun, the voices of ah-ah-ah were continuously coming out of her mouth, which was increasing my enthusiasm even more.

In no time, without waiting for anything else, I directly put the sister-in-law to sleep in the kitchen. Then pulled her bra out with her hands and threw it out, and I started sucking them vigorously while kneading both her boobs with my hands.

Slowly, kissing her body, she was moving downwards. I started leaning down and started licking her seed over her cunt. Due to which the sister-in-law has reached the peak of excitement and was not able to wait for the final action at all and was turning her hand against my head.

Sister-in-law told me - Ajay, I can't wait any longer, you put your tool in my cave right now, I have done exactly that and I am ready to take the condom of paan flavour in my tool and go straight ahead. Went

First of all, I rubbed her cunt from top to bottom and gently and gently inserted her tool into her cunt till the top. On entering a little from my thick tool, a loud sound of ah came from the sister-in-law's mouth. Then, in the next attempt, I straightened my tool in one stroke in the sister-in-law's cunt, after which she got up and started pushing me backwards, but I completely ignored it and loudly cried it out. I started jerking, after suffering a lot of pain, now they started feeling good too.

Now my attention was going directly towards their rhinoceros which was very flexible. But sister-in-law refused me to pay ass. Now I could not stop at all because I had been longing to feed these goons. I immediately made the sister-in-law a mare and gave my tool In one stroke, she removed half of her sister's ass. Sister-in-law now shouted ah-ah and pleaded to take the tool out, but I did not stop here, and in a second shock, I removed my tool into the sister-in-law's ass. By now tears had started coming in her eyes, but I handled them a little and mashed her boobies and slowly started pelting her rhinoceros. Now she too was enjoying it with me.

Sister-in-law was a tenant in our home for about two years and then she shifted to another city in a few days, but still we talk to each other on the phone everyday.

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