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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Cousin Sister Sex Fun-2

Cousin Sister Sex Fun-2

I started feeling restless for having sex, after pressing Didi's Tits in the cinema hall… I used to think of sister's boobs, pussy. Was my sister also wanting sex?

Hi Friends, I have brought for you the second part of my sister's romance,

In the first part of the story
Cousin Sister Sex Ka Fun-1
, I told you how I had pressed Didi's teat in the movie hall.
After that, after coming home, I changed my mind for Didi. I was attracted to him. I had made up my mind to enjoy sister sex by heating sister.

One day I ate cannabis pill and there was nobody at home that day. I came home early from college and I asked Didi to teach dance. I wanted to get closer to Didi on the pretext of learning dance.

When Didi was teaching dance, my cock started touching her thighs. Sister was also pressing her nipples on my chest. After that I dared to kiss Didi's lips and we both got hot.

Taking it to the bed, I lifted the sister's shirt and started kissing her back. Sister started craving like a fish. Didi's bra was coming in the middle, so now I wanted to bare sister.

I unbuttoned her bra hook. Didi's soft white back became completely naked. I kissed sister's back. Didi started enjoying with the kiss of my hot lips. Meanwhile, I started pressing sister's ass. Didi also started getting drunk.

I tried to remove the sister's shirt but she was lying down because of her lying down. I picked them up and started removing the shirt from their neck. She was blushing A bra hung in a sister's pussy now fell down. His thick big tits got naked and emerged in front of my eyes.

Seeing the naked tit of Didi, I could not stay away and I filled both of her aunts in both my hands. I had thick thick balls of sister in my hand which were very soft. It seemed as if I had taken cotton balls in my hand.

Then I kissed Didi's lips. Sister kissing my lips, grabbed my head and started caressing my hair. My one hand had reached his pajamis in between the thighs of Didi.

With one hand I was caressing sister's boobs and with the other hand I was teasing sister's pussy. I was feeling the swollen pussy of sister on top of the clothes. Sister's pussy had started releasing water.

Then I started sucking sister's boobs. First one teat was filled in the mouth and then the second teat was rubbed by hand. Didi also started enjoying her chicks.

After sucking a nipple for five minutes, I filled my sister's second nipple in her mouth. My mouth was saliva on the first teat, so the nipple of the first teat was completely smooth.

I started drinking the second teat in the mouth and pressing the first teat in my hand and started mashing. Sister had become more hot now. Didi's hands were rubbing my back. In between, Didi was also trying to catch my cock but her hand could not reach my cock.

My cocks started hurting due to tension. I was having a lot of fun drinking succulent syrup. Didi was also making ahhh… Ohhh.

Now I kissed my sister's belly and kissed her navel. She started shaking her neck here and there in fun. I sucked her sister's navel and warmed them completely.

After that I removed Didi's pajamis. Sister's fair thighs became naked. I kissed Sister's thighs. There was a bit of wet stain on his panties. Kamaras was coming out of sister's pussy.

I licked the wet spots of her panties. I liked the scent of Kamaras coming out of Sister's pussy. Didi had not taken cocks in her pussy for a long time, so her pussy had become very hot and a lot of water was coming out of Didi's pussy.

Then I removed the sister's panties. After taking off his panty, I saw Didi's pussy. His pussy was not tight enough but still looked tight. There was also hair on the dark pussy.

Didi had not shaved her pussy for many days. Didi's pussy was seen pink from the middle. Seeing the pink pussy in the middle of the hair, the tension of my cock became more.

I started licking my sister's pussy very hard. I felt very good at licking her pussy juice. I started fucking her pussy with her tongue while thrusting her tongue in and out.

When she could not bear it, she immediately woke up and slammed me down on her bed. He removed my lower and filled my cock in his mouth without any moment's delay.

Sister started sucking my cock very hard and in fun my eyes started closing. She was sucking cocks so hard that I started being crazy. I could not bear it either.

He had a lot of knowledge of sucking cocks. I had never felt so much excitement and pleasure in my cock. Sometimes she was moving the tongue inside me on the top of my cock and sometimes she would start sucking the whole cock in her mouth by taking it down to her neck.

It seemed like he was thirsty for cocks for a long time. Since the end of her marriage, Didi probably did not get a chance to have sex like this. She was not able to enjoy sex since divorce.

In a while, Didi blew my senses and I fell in her mouth. Sister got trapped inside the goods coming out of my cock. I fell silent. But the sister's pussy was still on fire.

She said - you are upset, what about me now?
I said gasping - wait a while man, give me some time.
Then she lay down next to me. We were both lying bare.

Teasing sister's hips, I asked - did you enjoy this much with brother-in-law too?
That quote was the name of your brother's cock. He did not have the strength If his cock was so strong like your cock, today you would have become an uncle.

I said, then what would they stand for?
He used to speak but used to get piled up in two bumps. I tried hard to convince myself but I remained thirsty for three years. It was only after 6 months of marriage between the two of us that there was a ruckus, but due to the respect of the house, I kept the marriage pulled. But when it was not tolerated, they divorced again.

I asked sister's pussy, then why didn't you talk to me about it earlier?
She said- I was afraid of Tau ji and if Taiji had known, then you too would have had peace. I did not know that you have become a man. When I saw your cock stretched in the lower, then I also felt like fucking and I stepped forward.

I said - so you liked my cock so much?
She said- Yes, your cock is very cool. There was not even half of your brother-in-law. It is a lot of fun with your cock in your hand and in your mouth.
I said- Then take it once again.

Looking at me, Didi smiled and took my cock in her mouth. There was no tension in my cock yet. Sister started sucking my cock. I was also having fun and some strange tickles were also happening.

In a while, Didi sucked my cock again and made me stand up. Now I caught Didi's head and started pressing her mouth on the cocks.
Erotic sizzles were coming out of my mouth - ahhh… ohhh… didi and loud… yahh… hmm… ohhh… having fun. Suck Sister.

For five-seven minutes, I kissed my sister and then she started breathing.
She said- Just do it bastard, now pay some attention to my pussy too. It has not taken cocks for a long time.

I said - okay sister, then get ready.
I put Sister on the bed. Put a pillow under his ass and widened his legs and held it in his hands.
I put my cock on Sister's pussy and slowly started pushing inside.

As soon as the supra of cocks started entering into Didi's pussy, she started moaning.
I said what happened, is it hurting?
She said- Yes, after a long time, there is going to be cocks in the pussy, so there will be pain but you do not stop.

I also did not stop and I gave a blow in Didi's pussy and inserted half a cock into her pussy. Didi grabbed my shoulders and hugged me.

After putting them back on the bed, I pushed again. A loud push was pushed and the whole cock rammed into the sister's pussy. I did not have much experience of pussy fucking. That's why in two bumps, the whole cocks got into her pussy.

Didi grabbed me hard and nailed me on my back. She started kissing my neck.
I asked- Is everything okay?
She said- Yes, stay like this for a minute, then do something.

I stayed. I was enjoying putting my cock inside my cousin's pussy. It seemed that there is no other joy in the world like pussy fuck.

I started drinking sister's cunts by giving me cocks in her pussy. Sometimes he would kiss his neck, sometimes he would suck his lips. Didi was also giving me full support. When she became normal, she said- Yes, start now.

I started cocks in and out. My cock started getting out inside sister's smooth pussy and both started enjoying sex. I would never have imagined that I would have so much fun in fucking my cousin's pussy.

On the other hand, Didi also got cocks in the house itself. She also started to fuck her pussy in fun. Sometimes I used to bite my cheeks, sometimes I was kissing my neck.

I started banging cocks in Didi's pussy very loudly. Didi was also raising her ass and supporting me. It seemed like I am fucking sister, and in response, sister was fucking me.

I was enjoying doing pussyfucking of cousin's sister. I was also grabbing Didi's boobs in between. Sister was completely overjoyed. Within ten minutes, Didi's pussy left the water.

As soon as the water came out of the pussy, then the sound of pach-pach started coming. This voice increased my passion more. I now started fucking my cousin's pussy with double speed. Then I lifted the legs of the sister and placed them on my shoulder.

This position was seen in the porn video. I put cocks in Didi's pussy. With one hand I had raised the legs of Didi and from the bottom I was sucking cocks in Didi's pussy.

Didi's eyes were closing. She became very drunk in Chudai. For about fifteen minutes, I cradled Didi's pussy and then I too once again got close to loss.

I shouted loudly and dropped my goods in Didi's pussy. I lay on top of gasping sister. Sister started caressing my back with love.

Then they licked me aside and started sucking my lips.
She said- I have got the real pleasure of sex with you. You never go away from me
I said yes sister, I have also started liking you a lot. I want to be with you I will not let my cousin sister lack sex.

After that, we both kept on hugging each other. After the first fuck I did sister's pussy twice and fuck. I was completely exhausted and fell asleep again.

Didi was not with me when I woke up. Evening had come. Both of us now started living like boyfriends and girlfriends more than siblings. Whenever we had a chance in private, I would enjoy sex with Cousin Sister. Didi too started being very happy.

Friends, how did you like my cousin sister sex story, do not forget to tell me about it. I do not know whether I made it right by having sex with Didi. But I started falling in love with Didi, and Didi also started loving me. Tell me what you guys have to say about this by commenting.

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