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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Cousin Sister Sex Fun-1

Cousin Sister Sex Fun-1

This hot story of mine is about cousin sister sex. I used to live in uncle's house for studies. My cousin sister was divorced. My cousin instilled lust in me and then…

Friends, my greetings to all of you, my name is Raj. I am a regular reader of this site. I want to tell you the tragedy of my life, this cousin sister is a true incident of sex.

I was 24 years old when this incident happened to me. At that time, I had gone to live with my uncle. My college was going on and college was nearby. He also had a daughter in my uncle's house. She was married but divorced with her husband only after three-four years of marriage.

My cousin sister was 30 at the time. She looked quite beautiful to see. His figure was also very cute. Yes, it is a different matter that now they have become a bit fat with increasing age, but at that time it was amazing.

When I went to stay at uncle's house, he had only two rooms there. My uncle was not very rich, so the house was also small. I went out of my house for the first time to stay here at my uncle's place.

When I was new there, I asked cousin sister to turn me somewhere.
Sister said one day - you were asking to roam. I have thought that today we will go to watch the movie.
I also got ready quickly. I also booked movie tickets online.

On reaching the cinema hall, we sat down with our seats. We got a corner seat. The movie started and we started enjoying the movie. The movie was very fun, so both siblings were enjoying a lot.

Shortly I notice that the sister's cunt is getting touched with my elbow. When I noticed this, I found that Didi had leaned towards me. It seemed like she was trying to stick to me.

A strange feeling started coming from me with the touch of Acwati. I had never thought of sister sex before. I also started to deliberately stick my elbow with sister's Tits. There was a pressure on his tits.

Perhaps Didi was enjoying it all. She also knew that I am also having fun with her. She was not even saying anything. My elbow pressure was increasing on Didi's nipple. My cock was also erected.

Then I slowly put my other hand on the other side. I started teasing with my fingers on sister's Tits. Didi still did not say anything. Now my courage also increased.

When I was not stopped, I put my hand on the sister's teat. Didi was still looking towards the screen in front. I slowly started pressing the teat of Didi with my hand.

She was not saying anything. Was just enjoying it quietly. Now I was excited. My cock was stuck in my pants. He was yearning to come out. In this excitement, I started pressing on the sister's nipple hard.

Didi looked at me and started smiling. But did not say anything. I kissed him on his cheek at the same time. Now everything was cleared. I tried to put my hand in Didi's shirt but didi grabbed my hand.

We continued to enjoy the same in the cinema hall. Didi did not allow her to move forward. I was thinking that Didi would also grab my cock but she did nothing like that.

Then the movie ended and we both came home. After dinner, we went to sleep.

Shortly after lying down, a message was received on my phone. That message was from Didi. It was written in the message- I am not feeling sleepy.
I replied - I am not coming too.

Then I sent them in sorry.
She started asking - what?
I wrote - I want to say sorry for whatever happened in the cinema hall.
He wrote - Never mind.

Then I wrote - Didi want to say one thing.
He wrote - Say yes.
I replied - Your (Boobs) are very cute and cool.
She said - Shut up!

After that, Didi sent the message of Good Night and asked her to sleep. I also fell asleep. Didi came in the morning and woke me up. At that time my cock was stretched in my pants. My cock was in full vigor in the morning at that time.

When I woke up in the morning, Didi's attitude towards me was a revenge. When I got up and went out, Didi took a cursory look at my trunk cock too. I felt that my sister is asking for sex.

After that I was fresh and then went to college after having breakfast. On the way, I ate a pill of cannabis. I got addicted to it. I started thinking of Didi's Tits. Did not mind even in college.

After some time, Didi's call also came.
What are you doing?
I said- I was missing you. It is becoming a bit addictive.
She said - Why are you missing me?
I said- first you tell me why you called me today like this? Never before had your call been received in college like this.

She said - I did it just like that. I was alone at home and was getting bored, so I called you.
Then I also dropped out of college. I was walking while talking on the phone.

On the way, I took an eye drop to clean the eye. My eyes had turned red due to intoxication.
Didi bid - be with your girlfriend?
I said yes.

She said- Let me also talk to my girlfriend.
I said - I am talking to him right now.
She blushed and said - Shut up.

Talking about this, I reached home. I reached home and rang the bell and didi came to open the gate while talking on the call. As soon as he saw me at the door, he was ashamed to see me.

Keeping the phone, she said - why return home so soon?
I said just like that. Give a cup of tea to your hand, two sisters.
She smiled and went inside and started making tea in the kitchen.

I changed clothes. I removed my underwear while changing clothes. Only sister and I were in the house. So I thought it was okay to be naked from below to feel a little openness.

Wearing my lower, I also went to the kitchen. Sister was making tea at that time. I went and stood behind Didi. I was thinking that I should catch Sister from behind. Very sexy feeling was coming for Didi at that time. But I kept myself under control.

Seeing sister's ass, my cock was also erected. I placed my erected cocks in Didi's ass crack and pushed her inside and started to trap her in Didi's ass. Didi knew that my cock is on her pussy but she was not saying anything.

My thirst and lust were both increasing. Didi too was busy making tea while becoming unknown. My cock was going to enter their pussy.

Friends, I was already addicted to cannabis. By putting cocks in her sister's ass, the intoxication of sex had also increased. You already know that once the cocks are drunk on cannabis, then it does not take the name of sitting.

Didi was also hot here. She was also sticking her ass on my cock. By now tea was also made.
She said - You go, I come.
I went outside.

On arrival, Didi put all the curtains in the house. I understood what Didi had in mind but could not understand where to start. This much I also knew that Didi also wanted something from me.

Then I went to the kitchen and started drinking water. I drank a lot of water. I was very thirsty.
Didi said- What's the matter, you seem very thirsty!

I also said after getting the opportunity - yes, thirst is very loud. It is so loud that it is not extinguished.
Then Didi looked at my lower. My cock was seen standing separately in my lower.

Didi had seen my trunk cocks. After that we both started sitting together and drinking tea. I was staring at sister's Tits. Was looking at the cup of tea on his lips. Wanted to drink his juicy lips.

Then I said- Didi teach me the dance too, you know very good dance.
She said - now?
I said - Yes, just teach.

She said - which dance do you want to learn?
I said - Salsa.
She said - okay.

After having an empty cup of tea, we both stood up.
She said- First put one hand in your partner's waist and hold his hand with the other hand.
I caught the sister exactly like that.

We were both in each other's arms. Both of us were breathing with each other. My chest was adjacent to Didi's chest. His Tits came close to my chest.

My erect cocks were between their thighs and their cunts were desperate to enter my chest. Didi's tight cocks were telling that they too are getting hot.

The tension I was feeling at the time in her cunts was not done at the time of watching a movie with Didi in the cinema hall. Then we both started dancing. While dancing, I leaned over Didi. I started kissing on his shoulder.

Didi's grip was also getting stronger on my waist. I was drunk and she was excited. We were like sticking to each other. I hugged my sister. Wanted to give sister to Chod

Then I started separating from them. When I got separated, Didi's eyes were closed in fun. I looked at his lips. His lips were pointing to me as if saying that come and drink my juice.

I dared to close my lips with Didi's lips. I started kissing Didi's lips lightly. She also started to support me amazingly. I did not expect Didi to be so quickly recovered.

Now my hands moved towards Didi's Tits. I also started pressing sister's pussy. Sister was also a little shy. Both of us were blushing a little and were also in love together.

Slowly as if everything was happening on its own. I was having a lot of pleasure in pressing the sister's pussy and sister was enjoying my antics with full pleasure. He probably did not have sex with anyone after getting divorced.

I asked- Didi what is your size?
She said - why don't you find out by yourself!
Then I put the sister on the bed. Upstairs his suit started to kiss his stomach loudly.

Didi started flapping like a fish. Before she could get up I put her on her stomach and started kissing her neck and back.

I kept his shirt up and up till his bra. I was kissing Didi's neck sometimes around her bra. Sister started lifting her ass. Now the time had come to bare sister.

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