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Friday, April 17, 2020

Colors of love with teacher-3

Colors of love with teacher-3

After fucking the teacher, she got convinced of my cock. He called me back to his house the same night. I also wanted to squeeze the sexy teacher's pussy and velvet body… So when I reached her house at night, the view there was something else.

Friends, I have come with a new part of my story Karan. In my previous story
teacher-with-love's color-1
teacher with love's color-2
, you read that I pressed the tit of the teacher's mother and heated it. She was yearning to get my cock. By preparing him for sex, I fuck the naked teacher's pussy in a fun way.

Tanvi Mam said that her husband's cock is not as long and thick as my cock. We both squirted together while doing fuck and she was happy to get my pussy fucked with cocks.
Now I will tell you the future event.

As soon as I fell on the teacher's pussy, I piled on top of him and I lay on him for about 10 minutes. Kiss them sometimes and their cocks were being caressed.
It was a long time, so I told Mam - I will go now. Will come later

He said- First stop saying ma'am. Just say ma'am in front of everyone, apart from that only Tanu or Tanvi.
I said - Ok Tanvi.
Saying this, I started leaving from there and he said - come tonight. I will wait for you
I said - okay, I will come at night.

I left from there and when everyone fell asleep around 11 pm, I saved everyone's eyes and reached their quarters. I went and played the bell. The door opened immediately as the bell rang. It felt as if she was waiting for me.

As soon as the door opens, no one can go mad after seeing the scene I saw. New waves of youth start erupting in the old age and the cocks of the jawans become bursts.

Tanu was wearing a black transparent babydoll dress. Kajal in her eyes, dark chocolate lipstick on her lips, high heels in her legs and a slight slant, she was pressing her lower lip lightly with her teeth while keeping her hands on the waist.

In such a situation, I was thinking that I would give him a leg and lift it at the door. Think for yourself what doom would look like at that time. It seemed as if God had created this unique nymph for himself with great leisure and then accidentally sent it to the earth.

I just kept looking at him. I was lost in his heady intoxicating form when Tanu came near and ran a finger in my face and asked - Where were you lost? Will you keep on seeing!

Without losing time, I put my lips on her lips. Tanu did not think that I will start so soon. She was shocked for a moment but then she also started supporting me,

Both of us were putting our hands in each other's hair and caressing them. Our lips were completely busy squeezing each other's lips. Then my hand started to move. Moving her hands down her hair, stroking her cheeks and came to her nipples.

It was a very pleasant feeling when I laid my hands on her hips. Tanu wore a designer bikini set under Babydoll, the feeling of clutching her legs over it cannot be described with words.

I now removed my lips from Tanu's lips and placed them on the jug like neck and started giving love by there, I was full of excitement at that time. It was forgotten that here at such a place one should fall in love with comfort, this part of the body is visible to everyone. Later, I would be sucking his neck without caring about it.

Tanu was now hot and started drifting. With his hand sliding down, my stomach was reaching my pants. He pressed my ass and tried to cover me in himself and both of us went with each other like sticks.

Then he started rubbing my cock from the top of my pants. Erotic sissaries were coming out of his mouth. She had become so hot that her body was meditating completely. His condition was such that it was becoming too heavy to stand by him.

Kissing on my cheek, bid- Ahhh ... let's go to the bedroom. When I kissed him, I lifted him on my lap and started taking him towards the bedroom. She was looking like a hungry lioness in my eyes.

Here my attention was caught by a very beautiful scent. As I was moving towards the bedroom, an intoxicating fragrance was getting deep in my nose which was probably coming from the bedroom itself.

I was shocked when I entered her in the bedroom carrying her in my lap. The entire room was decorated. Candles were burning all around the room. The bed was decorated with rose flowers and marigold flowers, which he probably broke from his own garden.

I was surprised to see his preparation. When I looked at Tanu, she was smiling looking at me with a killer smile on her lips.
She said- Today I will celebrate honeymoon with you.

Hearing the euphoria, I also got excited like the first night of marriage. I took him and threw him on the bed. Climbing on top of him started kissing him wildly.

I started by kissing his forehead. As soon as he kissed the forehead, his eyes closed. I then kissed his eyes. Kissing her neck, kissing the raised ridges of her cunt, I opened her babydoll lanyard below.

As soon as the lanyard opened, both its legs separated. Her body now appears in front of me in a bikini. I kissed her nipples from the top of the bikini and started mashing them. With this, his Siskaris started intensifying.

Now I slowly started moving downwards. Kissing her stomach, as soon as I put my tongue in her navel, she was surprised with a loud sigh. Now I started sucking her tongue inside her navel. When I did this, she started to panic.

Then I moved downwards. I licked the part of his waist with the tongue. After that, I started licking her tongue with the tongue on top of her bikini. Now she started becoming more agitated. His breath became sharper.

After kissing her pussy, I started licking her thighs. Then coming down, she started sucking her toes. Sucking and licking her toes, I was also climbing a different way. She too was swaying on the bed like a serpent.

When he could not bear it, he grabbed me and pulled me up and slammed me under him. She was like a wild cat. I started kissing and licking wildly. Sometimes I was dragging my cheeks and sometimes I was biting my lips vigorously.

Then he quickly started unbuttoning my shirt. Opened a button and kissed on my chest. Then opened the second button and then kissed down a little bit. Opened the third button and licked my half naked chest.

After that, he opened all the buttons of my shirt one by one and stripped me naked till my pants. I started tickling when I licked my stomach. But it was also fun. His soft and soft lips were creating a different current in my body.

She started going down while licking my stomach. Reaching my navel started kissing her. Now it was my turn to suffer. He kissed my navel with his soft tongue and then started sucking and licking her inside.

My whole body was thrilled. The condition of cocks was also bad. My cock was about to explode in my pants. I had never felt so much excitement in my cock.

Seeing the cock hard, he started turning his hand on my cock. She started rubbing my cock on top of my pants and caressing it. Due to the touch of his soft and soft hands, more fun began to fill the cock.

By giving jerks, my cock started to ache. It was no longer tolerable. Then he opened the hook of my pants and opened it and started pulling it down.

His mouth was very close to my cock. As soon as he opened my pants down, my tights were also pulled along with the pants and the cocks bounced up to his mouth. My cock had shed tears of its pain. The top hat was completely wet.

Tanu, without delay, filled the pink supera of my cock in his mouth. I started licking the tongue of my cock head. Inside she started caressing him with her tongue. Sometimes the tongue was placed on the top hole and sometimes the tongue was turning on the whole top. He made my condition like fish without water.

Then he took my pants off my legs completely. After taking off my pants, I also completely undressed from below. I feel relieved. An openness had arrived now.

Once he looked into my eyes and then looking into my eyes, he filled the whole of my hot Alore in his mouth. Sighing out of my sigh…. I had never seen such a sexy woman.

Her lips were adorned with dark chocolate color lipstick. Seeing this scene, my enthusiasm was increasing and I started pressing his head on my land. She was sucking my land like a seasoned prostitute at this time.

She used to take my cock up to her neck and was getting out only when coughing. The sound of… echo… sap, sap… was coming from his mouth. Saliva was coming out of his mouth while sucking cocks.

The amount of saliva coming out of his mouth was showing how much water was coming to his mouth for cocks. His saliva slowly started flowing from my cock on my thighs.

Then I grabbed her mouth and lifted my cock out of her mouth. She started looking at me with anger as if I had snatched her toy from her. Then I gave him a hint of 69.

Tanu's face once again smiled. We have reached the stage of 69. I pulled off her bikini cord. On the other hand, she also pulled the top chord off and we were completely naked.

Both of their bodies were completely naked. Now I started licking her pussy and she started sucking my land. We continued to face each other for a long time. This work was going on for a long time, so the excitement was more.

Soon both of us reached the peak. Then with one stroke I put my lund in her mouth and she pressed her pussy on my mouth. As soon as I pressed the pussy on my mouth, it started to swing, and here I also started stroking the cocks by inserting it in her mouth. We started falling into each other's mouths and drinking each other's cream.

He took one drop of my semen as nectar in his stomach and I gave way to the nectar of his Kamaras downstream. We both kept licking each other's genitals until the last drop was empty.

Then after that we went straight and lay down with arms in each other's arms and started kissing each other. Now the taste of our goods was coming in our mouth. We kept kissing each other for a long time.

After that I got up naked and went towards the kitchen. Going to the kitchen, I brought out a tray of honey and ice from the fridge. When I was taking both things with me, Tanu was looking at me with surprising eyes.

When I came out of the kitchen towards the bedroom, my cock was drooling between my thighs to the right and left. Sometimes she was looking at my cock, sometimes by looking at the stuff I had in my hand, she was guessing something.

To calm Tanu's curiosity, I said- My darling… Now it's my turn to have fun. Now just keep watching you.
She started smiling after listening to me. His smile made me crazy. There was such a killer smile that electricity used to run in the cocks.

I came to bed with the luggage. I gave him a bottle of honey. I put the ice tray aside and pointed Tanu to open the honey bottle.

My Aloda was in the dark phase. I pointed him to the cock. She understood my gesture. I moved the cocks around my mouth with my hand. He did a cute kiss on my cock.

I said- Just my love… Now immerse your tool in honey and suck it with fun.
A sensual smile floated on her lips. He removed the honey and applied it on my cock.

Then I took the bottle back. I lay down and he held my cock. Here I took both ice and honey together in my hand and rubbed her pussy. The sensation felt in her pussy due to snow, she has been able to tell her fast sobriquet.

I put honey on her pussy and put a cube of ice on her pussy and put my mouth on her pussy. Now that honey was sucking my cock and I was sucking her pussy.

The story of sexy teacher's sex will continue even further. With his pussy fuck, how I inaugurated the hole behind his teacher's ass, I will tell you all in the next part of the story.

Just keep giving your love to the story. I eagerly await your responses. Please give your opinion in the comment box given below. To message leave my message on my email id.

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