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College girl fuck first

College girl fuck first

I had heard about sex with my friends. On the very first day when I arrived in college, a boy set me and I enjoyed the first fuck with him.

Friends, my name is Natasha and I am from Ahmedabad. The incident which I am going to tell you is a matter of some time before now.

Before proceeding about this story, I want to tell you about myself. My height is 5.4 feet. My figure is 32-28-34. Body color is fair. Overall, if someone sees me for the first time, the goods will come out of its mouth.

This is the time when I was studying first year of B.Com. It was my first day of college. When I went to my class room on the first day, a boy was watching me with very erotic eyes.

Every time I looked at him, he was staring at me. I too had understood his eyes. My mind was also attracted to see him because he was very handsome. Her complexion and body was also very attractive, very full.

This went on for some time. Now I also loved to look at him. I had heard about sex with my friends. My friends used to tell how she enjoys taking her boyfriend's cock in her pussy.

I was too young, so my mind was also trying to fuck. In order to impress that boy, I too started showing him the glow of my body.

For a few days we both kept on cracking each other like this. It is a matter of one day that after the class was over, everyone left. I stayed in class. I was late in packing.

I saw that the boy also stopped. When I started coming out of the gate, he immediately grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. Before I could understand or say anything, his lips were sucking on my lips.

Since it was a classroom, I was afraid that no one would see us doing this, so I tried to get rid of it. By the way, I too was enjoying doing all this with him.

After a few moments his hands reached my boobs. He started pressing my boobs hard. Sometimes he was getting wet and sometimes was taking it in his hand. I started getting hot too.

He got up to close the gate but then I got out of the room. He was looking at me with surprise His cock was taut and tented in his pants.

My mind was also being fuck, but this time and place was not right, so I stopped myself. But I gave him my phone number. Then I came from there.

His message arrived that evening only. We both planned to meet the next day. The next day I left home for college. But I did not go to college. I went straight to the place where the boy was told and from there we were together.

Then he took me to his room. As soon as he entered, he closed the door and cracked on my lips. He started sucking my lips very hard. I also started supporting her.

One of his hands was pressing on my boobs from above the clothes. I started getting drunk. After some time, he started opening my clothes.

First she removed my kurti and then started licking and drinking my nipples on top of bra. I was filled with fun. He was very erotic. He was drinking my nipples as if he had never seen boobs. I was getting drunk

His second went from below to my pussy, which was rubbing my pussy from above my pajamis. I started getting very excited in this action. For the first time, a man's hand rubbed my pussy like this.

I had caressed my pussy several times with my hands, but I was enjoying something different from rubbing pussy with the hands of that boy. He was stroking my pussy with speed.

On seeing it, he made me completely naked. Then he started removing his clothes too. First he opened his shirt and then took off his pants.

Seeing his cock in his underwear down as soon as his pants came down, I was filled with joy. His cock looked very strong in his underwear only. There was some wet material on his underwear.

After that, he also removed his underwear. His cock was very thick and long. The size of his cock must have been close to 7 inches. For the first time I saw a boy without clothes like this.

I had also seen cocks for the first time in this way. Around his cock was very thick black hair like girls have on their pussy. Wetness started coming in my pussy. We were both completely naked.

He immediately started rubbing one of my nipples like crazy. He filled one nipple in the mouth and was rubbing the other hard. For a long time he kept sucking and biting my pussy. I was completely warm now.

Then he kissed my body and moved downwards towards my pussy. Right away, he put his lips on my pussy. I shuddered right away. His hot lips started sucking my pussy and ants started crawling all over my body.

He licked me down and broke like crazy on my pussy. It seemed that he would eat my pussy. Sometimes I was getting tongue in my pussy and sometimes I was cutting the pieces of pussy by holding teeth. I have gone mad

I extended my hand towards his cock. My mind was also trying to catch his cock but my hand was not able to reach his cock. He understood my wish. He got up and he turned his cock towards my mouth.

I took his cock in my mouth without thinking and saying anything. His sigh…. I started sucking his cock with mouth. A salty substance was coming out of his cock, whose test I got for the first time.

I started sucking his cock fast and he was also pushing his cock in my mouth as if my mouth is not my pussy. He was fucking my mouth and I was also enjoying it.

After licking his cock for a while, he pulled the cocks out. He spread my legs. Then he set the cocks on my pussy.

In one stroke, he tried to insert the cocks in the pussy, but his face was very smooth and my pussy had also become very wet. That's why the cock slipped from the top of the pussy in the first stroke.

He tried again but due to being tight pussy, he again slipped from cocks. Then he started thinking about something. He picked up the cream and started applying cream on my pussy. He also applied cream on his cock.

After applying the cream once again, he set the cocks on the cocks and hit a loud blow. His cock rammed into my pussy and went inside for 2 inches.

I screamed this time. I yearned but he put his hand on my mouth and tried to silence me. His cock had torn open my pussy as if.

I was hurting a lot. The first time in my pussy was gone. Tears came out of my eyes due to pain. Seeing my condition, he got nervous and stayed there but he did not exclude the cocks. He started drinking my Tits and caressing my hair. Soon I started feeling relaxed.

When he realized that there was some improvement in my condition, he again hit another blow in my pussy and his cock penetrated almost half into my pussy. This time, he also gave the third blow with non-stop and his seven inch full cock was inserted into my pussy.

Blood started coming out of my pussy. I wanted to shout in pain but she put her lips on my lips. He put the cock in my pussy and then slowly started moving the cock inside the pussy. It took me five-seven minutes to be normal.

Now he slowly started to take the cocks out inside my pussy. When I woke up, there was still blood coming out of my pussy and his cock was also stained with blood of pussy. But he kept cocks out inside the pussy.

Gradually he started jerking. Now I started having fun with his cock bumps. I started supporting her. Now the abuse started coming from my mouth- Ahh madar chod… Erase the heat of my pussy… I was staring very much… Give me my pussy now… I was also wanting to fuck you with my cock. Ahh… fuckin.

He also said while pushing the cock in the cock - yes sister-in-law Chudakkad… I had made up my mind to fuck you from day one. I knew that you also want to fuck me. My cock was thirsty for your pussy… Ahhh… Le chud saali… Kha ja my alore… I will keep your pussy open today.

In this way, abuses were also echoed throughout the room along with the erotic siskaris. I was getting drunk and his speed was getting faster. He rubbed my nipples and turned them red.

Now I myself was pushing her pussy towards my cock. His cock was penetrating my pussy till the root. I was getting my first fuck. I had only heard about fucking with my friends, but real fun seems to be done.

I was getting drunk about his cock. My eyes were getting drunk. He was also sucking and biting my body and was fast sucking my cock in my pussy. I kept fucking for about 35 minutes in fun and then suddenly my body swung.

I pulled that boy on top of me and rammed his cock into my pussy as if I grabbed it. There was a storm in my pussy and I was in bliss. Perhaps my pussy had left water. I started panting.

The boy had a fuck experience. He came to know that I have been ejaculated. A smile came on his face. He started banging my pussy with more speed, and after two minutes, he was ejaculating in my pussy.

He also started panting. In this way both of us were satisfied. For the first time, I got so much fun by doing pussy chudwa that I started to try to fuck pussy again and again.

After that we both got up and started taking bath together. I caught his cock while taking a shower. I sat down with his cock and started sucking him vigorously. His cock stood up again and he gave my pussy Chod once again while taking a bath there.

I enjoyed it a lot. In this way, my process of sex started in the college itself. I fucked her cocks very often. Then things started happening about me in college. The rest of the boys also came to know about me.

All ready to fuck a young girl . Everybody used to line me up. A lot happened to me after that, but now I will tell them all in the next stories.

If you liked the story of my first sex in college, then tell me through your message. This is my first story, so there may be something missing. If you find something missing, then tell that too.

I have given my mail id below, on which you guys can message me. Thanks for reading the story. I look forward to your responses.

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