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Chutwai by getting his son-in-law cleaned

Chutwai by getting his son-in-law cleaned

My father in law is a doctor. I was pregnant, my ninth month was going on. Father-in-law used to investigate me. One day, me and my father-in-law were at home. I was in the kitchen that I felt dizzy.

Friends, my name is Royal. I read a Hindi sex story every day on introspection and after reading these cool stories, I also feel that I too should tell my sex story to all of you.

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We are 4 members in our family. I, my husband, my mother-in-law and my father-in-law.

I am 23 years old, my husband Mukesh is 25 years old, my mother-in-law Nita is 44 years old and my father-in-law Harish is 46 years old.

I was married in a small village in Rajasthan. Let me tell about myself that I am the mistress of a very cool and sexy body. On seeing me, the cocks of old men also get erected and they start sighing after seeing my slapping ass.

This story is about 6 months from today, when I was pregnant and my ninth month was going on, which is the last month. I used to wear Ghaghra lungi during pregnancy time. This dress is often worn in the villages on our side.

My mother-in-law was a housewife, my father-in-law was a doctor who worked in the only hospital in the village. I used to get my checkup in the same hospital there and my father used to check my checkup.

After checkup that day, Papa told us the delivery time in this week.

On the second day of the checkup, when everyone was having food, the mother said that she has a friend in Jodhpur, whose boy is married, she has to go to it, then she is leaving today.
Father said on this - how will you go alone, take Mukesh with you.
Mother agreed. They both left in the evening.

Now I and my father-in-law were left at home. When the father came home in the evening on the 15th, he said that the 16th is a hospital holiday, he will stay at home tomorrow.
I said - okay.

We both ate food and slept.

I got up early in the morning to make tea and took the father-in-law's tea to his room and after waking him and seeing tea, he came back and started cooking.

The father-in-law came up in such a long time. They took a shower.
He came and saw that I was cooking, then said, 'Lao, I help you.
I said no father, I will. You sit there, I bring food.

I was taking food, suddenly I got dizzy, I kept falling down with the support of the wall and I fainted.

When my eyes opened, I was in my bedroom. Maybe Dad brought me up

Father was also standing there. Papa said- Daughter, are you alright… Was there any injury?
I was having a pain in my back at that time… So I said that my father is hurting a lot in my waist, I am not even moving… this is also close to my delivery time, what should I do?

Papa said- You do not panic… I am there… I have an oil, which is very effective. Everything will be alright with that.
Then the father brought the oil and said - Take this, apply this oil, daughter-in-law.

As soon as I had to get up with oil, I was not going to move.
I said - Papa, I am feeling very painful, I will not think.
So Dad said - OK bring it, I put it… You do not panic.

I thought for some time and said- Okay dad, just feel it is hurting.
Papa said - You turn the pulp in the side and take the side, it will be easy to apply oil.

I did the same, as soon as the father put oil on my waist… the oil looked very hot… maybe the oil was like this. I think it was some Ayurvedic oil, due to which it felt hot.

Father was dropping on my waist drop by drop, then some oil was coming on my stomach. A little was going backwards at the waist. I was getting a headache and my body was trembling… because my father was going to touch me for the first time.

Then father without delay put one hand on my stomach and the other hand on my waist and started rubbing my body. I felt very strange, but I also felt good. His strong hand was moving around my stomach and waist. Papa started massaging slowly. My eyes were closed.

Papa said in a while - daughter-in-law, you take down your skirt, I am having difficulty in applying oil.
When I started sliding down the Ghagra, it was not sliding down… maybe the pulse was tight.

My father understood my problem and the pulse was also on the father's side, so without delay, the father opened the pulse and shrugged it down a bit. I was ashamed, but it was nothing like that for Dad… because it was his daily job.

My father made my skirt so much, from where the groove of my hip and my thighs could be seen from the front. Then I suddenly remembered that today I have not even worn panties. As soon as I remembered this, I started feeling guilty. I started thinking but now what could I do.

Papa started massaging my ass and turning his hands and said - how your hair is so big, don't you do cleanliness… you should take care in pregnancy… all these things can also be reacted.

Hearing my father's words, I got scared and spoke - my hand does not reach there… and it is not even visible… So I could not clean… Sorry father.

Papa said - Sorry will not work… It will have to be cleaned because if not cleaned today, then tomorrow someone else in the hospital will clear your flag… and maybe all the staff will clear your flag… and this It may be that I have to clear all of this, because at that time no one thinks about whom it is ridiculed.

Hearing this, I got scared in my mind that what will happen, what should I do, what should I not do!

Suddenly, it came out of my mouth that you will clean it in the hospital tomorrow… It is better that you clean it here today.
Father, as he was sitting ready, my father said yes and said - OK daughter in law, I will clear your flags now.

After thinking about all these things in my mind, I started to cry, water started dripping from my pussy… I was starting to tremble.

Papa said - where is the hair removal cream?
I said - lying in the bathroom.

Papa brought cream from the bathroom and said - are you ready?
I said- I am ready Papa… what can happen now, even mummy is not there… now you have to do it.

Father said - Take off your skirt, otherwise it will be spoiled.

I also thought something and with the help of legs I turned it down. I was naked in front of my father-in-law. The top was in a blouse. I saw that my sexy body was licking my father's cock and water was dripping from my pussy too. My pussy was shivering.

Papa grabbed my legs and widened me by bending at the knees… which opened my pussy. The water that was dripping from my pussy, it started to appear with my father.

As my father was getting closer to me, my pussy was leaving the same amount of water and it was stirring as much. My water was coming out thinking that my father would clear my pranks… Oh my God.

In such a time, father put his hand gently on my pussy. My father's body caught fire as soon as Papa was placed on the pussy. Ah came out of my mouth… and I lifted my ass up.

Papa slowly started caressing my pussy. My pussy hair was wet with my pussy water.

Father had also understood why this hair is wet… but he started asking me - what happened daughter-in-law… why your vagina is so wet.
But I did not say anything… quietly closing my eyes and lying down.

Father was constantly rubbing my pussy… I was not saying anything. I was holding the bed with both my hands, my body was startling, my water was coming out so much that it was dripping on the bed.

Then the father took out the cream and applied it on my pussy and let it stay for a while. After 10 minutes, clean the pussy with a cloth.

In the meantime, it had become so hot, just grab Papa's cock and take a fuck.

Papa said- Now it is clean, I clean it with hot water. So that the whole mess gets cleared.
I nodded yes

Papa brought hot water and started cleaning my pussy. My condition was getting so much worse, what to tell.

Friends, girls who can understand that. Right now I wanted to fuck my father under any circumstances. So I set my mind and asked my father to do one more work of my father. Clean my side hairs too, they have also grown.

Papa said - okay daughter-in-law… I do it now too, take off your blouse.

I was waiting for this. I quickly removed the blouse. Both of my mangoes came in front of my father. Papa's mouth also became watery.

He cleaned the hair by applying cream next to me and cleaned it with a wet cloth.

Now maybe Papa was not even being controlled, so my father said, daughter-in-law, you are not even helpless now, so I put a wet cloth on your whole body.

I nodded yes too. My father started turning wet cloth on my body. They rolled the cloth round my neck through my neck, then my mouth started sighing.

Father was also able to understand everything. He came on my stomach and slowly started to rotate the whole body below my waist. I started to sigh… ah. Since my stomach was puffed up, my cock had not gone, so I was feeling big. I was yearning with my eyes closed.

In such a long time, I do not know when the father took off his clothes. He put his cock in my hands. His cock was so hot and long, I realized it.

I also pushed the father-in-law while pretending and said- What are you saying, father… I am your daughter-in-law.
Father said - do not do much drama… I understand everything.

In this way, father gave his cock in my mouth and started fucking me.

I also started supporting the father-in-law. I had one hand on my pussy. Papa took his cock out of my mouth and sat between the legs and rubbed the cock on my pussy.

I told my father - do not torture me now… give me a quick fuck

The father-in-law, after hearing this, started pounding and pushing me in the cocks. All the water got out of me in five to six strikes. I caught Papa tightly and ah ah sound came out of my mouth.

Dad kept fucking me constantly and I kept shouting ah ah ah ah ah.

I was speaking to my father-in-law- Papa and Chodo me… Ah Chodo Chodo… Oh oh my God, my mother died… How many days have I gone inside.
Papa pucca chodu came out, he did my fuck for a long time and left his juice in my pussy.

I was delivered the very next day. I was born a boy. On the nineteenth, my mother-in-law and husband came home.

After two months of delivery, my father and my father-in-law used to be fuck hard.

This was the story of Chudai with my father-in-law. How did you like it… Please do not forget to mail.

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