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Friday, April 17, 2020

Chudkad Bahu-7 of the city

Chudkad Bahu-7 of the city

I was turning my hand in the daughter-in-law's hair and she was sucking my cock with great fun. My daughter-in-law is really wild and so is Chudkad! She was not losing time at all.

Back story: City's Chudkad Bahu-6

I took off clothes and put on a pajamas and T-shirt and went to the daughter-in-law's room.
The daughter-in-law was still lying in a party dress.
I said - daughter-in-law, did not change clothes yet?
Daughter-in-law - I change now.
The daughter-in-law and I were standing in front of each other, but I do not know why I was not able to dare.

This time the daughter-in-law held my face and gave me a kiss. But this kiss was just 2 seconds. But this was a signal for me. I caught the daughter-in-law and attached her to the cupboard and we both started kissing each other wildly.

My daughter-in-law was sucking my lips and I was sucking her lips. The daughter-in-law's tongue was playing with my tongue inside my mouth.

Kissing both of us was 2 minutes, when the daughter-in-law pushed me on the bed and herself came over me and started kissing again. I started pressing daughter-in-law's ass and kissing her.
While pressing her daughter-in-law's ass, I put her dress up. The daughter-in-law was wearing a panty, which was only a string, which entered her ass.
The daughter-in-law later told that it was called Thang's.

The daughter-in-law sat on my stomach and she removed her dress. Now my daughter-in-law was only in panty, who was only hiding her pussy.

The daughter-in-law held my hands and placed them on her boobs and I started pressing her boobs very hard, pulling her boobs nipple. The daughter-in-law was enjoying everything with her eyes closed. I was moving my hands all over her belly.

Then my daughter-in-law moved away from my stomach and she pulled out my lower. My cock was now in front of daughter-in-law's eyes. My cock was completely tight.
Daughter caught my cock and started sucking her. As soon as my daughter's tongue touched my cock, my eyes closed and I was in the ocean of happiness.

I was turning my hand in the daughter-in-law's hair and she was sucking my cock with great fun. My daughter-in-law is really wild and so is Chudkad! She was not losing time at all.
When I thought I was going to be mine, I removed the daughter-in-law from the cock.

But the daughter-in-law was like a ghost of fuck. She immediately came over me and started kissing me. I could taste my cock with his mouth.
Then I turned my daughter-in-law down and threw her panties away and put my mouth on her wet pussy.

The daughter-in-law's pussy was very wet and the sweet aroma of pussy water was coming out of it. I was cleaning her water chaat with chaat and daughter-in-law was enjoying my pussy mat.

I did not waste much time and put my cock on the daughter-in-law's pussy. As soon as the cocks felt on the pussy, the daughter-in-law spread her legs more, which opened the mouth of the daughter-in-law's pussy. I removed my cock in her pussy. The daughter-in-law's pussy was already very wet, so the cock also went smoothly and the daughter-in-law also had no problem.

But she was enjoying the heat of my cock. I started banging. The daughter-in-law tied her legs on my back and started banging herself from below.
By the way, people tell the truth that the women of the city are adept at sex. Today my daughter-in-law was giving me proof of this.

The daughter-in-law would kiss me and sometimes bite me on my chest. Despite all this, there was no talk between the two of us, only the sound of fuck was coming in the room.
The daughter-in-law removed my cock from her pussy and got up and came in doggy style.

I put my cock on the daughter-in-law's pussy, then the daughter-in-law grabbed herself and put it in her pussy. Now I started fucking him from behind.

After fucking the daughter-in-law for a while, her body began to stiffen and she collapsed. I was about to get water too, so I also accelerated the blow and the daughter-in-law fell into her pussy.

I lay on the daughter-in-law for a while and then lay down on the side. The daughter-in-law was not looking at me.

Then I kissed my daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law immediately hugged me. As soon as I was going to talk to him, someone outside played the bell.

When I saw the time, it was 2.30. I told my daughter-in-law to correct the bed quickly.
The daughter-in-law quickly corrected the bed sheet. As soon as I started looking for my clothes, I saw my t-shirt and lower daughter-in-law have worn it.
Daughter-in-law - Daddy, you go to the room.

I walked into my room.

When the daughter-in-law opened the gate, my son and his friend were standing there who had come to leave him. Son's friend left the son and left. Then the daughter-in-law closed the gate and took the son to the room, I too lay down now. I thought maybe daughter-in-law would not come. So I slept.

But after 1 hour I woke up with the sound of my gate opening and lit the room light, so my daughter-in-law was standing in my t-shirt lower. Then the daughter-in-law came to my bed and started kissing me.
I took away the daughter-in-law, I said- daughter-in-law here? Pankaj has arrived, you should not have come here.
Daughter-in-law said, Daddy, he is sleeping. Will wake up in the morning. Anyway, he has come after drinking a lot.

After that the daughter-in-law and I did a round and fuck which lasted 30 minutes. Then daughter-in-law lay with me.
When I saw the time, it was 4.15. I said - daughter-in-law now sleep, anyway I have to talk a lot tomorrow.
Then daughter-in-law went to her room and I slept.

At 10 in the morning my eyes opened so I went out. My son was probably gone and daughter-in-law was cooking something in the kitchen.

Today the daughter-in-law wore the same sports bra and shorts. I followed the daughter-in-law and put her hand in her waist and caught her.
The daughter-in-law looked at me, said - Daddy got up!
I said - yes daughter-in-law, I got late today.
Daughter-in-law said, I have also done mahanat 2 times in the night… that's why!

Then both me and daughter-in-law started laughing.

I said - daughter-in-law, it is ten o'clock today but the queen did not come?
Daughter-in-law - I have given her 2 days off. As long as you are here, you are only mine.
I started laughing

Then the daughter-in-law started kissing me and I was supporting her. The daughter-in-law dangled with my waist and I lifted her up and took her to the couch.

The daughter-in-law and I sat on the couch and started drinking tea.
I said - daughter-in-law, I did not think that you would start kissing me at night.
Daughter-in-law - what do I do, Daddy? You are so slow You are rubbing my back I am not saying anything. I am giving you so much hint but you are not doing anything. And that queen is robbing all the fun. So I had to come forward myself. Now you are 2 more days. Here you are only for me.

I said - yes daughter-in-law, now only for you. Come, I will take a shower. Then let's have breakfast.
Daughter-in-law - okay Daddy

I was taking a shower in the bathroom, but today I did not lock the door because I knew my daughter-in-law would definitely come.
And the same thing happened… the daughter-in-law caught me from behind. I was feeling on the back of the daughter-in-law's boobs.

That's when I turned. Bahu Puri Nangi was stiff in front of me. The daughter-in-law put an arm around my neck and climbed into my dock. The water was falling and I and my daughter-in-law were kissing each other.
Kissing with water was giving a different fun.

Then the daughter-in-law stepped down.

I said - you have already taken bath, daughter-in-law, have come to take bath again?
Daughter-in-law, Daddy, you are having a different fun with your bath.

I made the daughter-in-law sit down and the daughter-in-law started sucking my cock. My cock was completely erected. Then daughter-in-law bowed in front of me and grabbed my cock and put it in her pussy. I also started fucking the daughter-in-law from behind.

And we both got cold in a while.

Then we both had breakfast.

Daughter-in-law, Daddy, you still have the same passion as young boys.
I said, daughter-in-law, if you ever come to the village, I will fuck you there too.
Daughter-in-law - now you have to come Daddy I too do not have to stay away from this cocks anymore!

I said - daughter-in-law, when you come to the village this time, then you are pregnant. Otherwise I have to make you a mother.
Daughter-in-law, Daddy sure, if I come this time, I will come pregnant. And if it is not for your son, then you pay tax.

Then we both started laughing.

Daughter-in-law, Daddy, today is a surprise for you in the afternoon!
I said - what surprise?
Daughter-in-law, you will only know that.

Then I and my daughter-in-law kept doing similar things.

When the daughter-in-law was cooking, I would stand behind her and kiss her, sometimes she would press her boobs and sometimes caress her pussy. The daughter-in-law was also having fun.
We both had food.

Daughter-in-law, Daddy, you go to your room, I bring your surprise.

I went to the room and just lay down in the couch. After about 20 minutes the daughter-in-law came into the room. The daughter-in-law was standing in front of me in a dress that I had never seen.

The daughter-in-law was standing in a bra but her entire boobs were outside and there were straps on the roundness of the boobs. And below was wearing such a panty in which her pussy was completely opened and there was a pearl made of pearl on the line of the pussy.

My daughter-in-law said - How am I looking, Daddy?
I said - daughter-in-law, I have never seen anyone wear such clothes!
Daughter-in-law, these were for your son, his birthday is next month. But I thought the father had the right before the son.

She said - give me another surprise?
I said yes, look daughter-in-law?

She turned backward and there was a glowing ball in her ass.
I said, daughter-in-law, what is this?
Daughter-in-law, you can take it out yourself.

When she came to me, I saw her coming out. So it was like a small cock.
Daughter-in-law calls it a butt plug Daddy Your son has given me a lock. If I apply it before killing the donkey, then there is no problem in getting the ass burnt.
Daughter-in-law - Daddy, put it back in again.

I spit on him a little and put him in again.
Daughter-in-law - Daddy, how did you surprise me?
I said - daughter-in-law, this is the best surprise of my whole life. My wife never gave me so much happiness.
Daughter-in-law - Forget Mother Daddy. As long as you have a daughter-in-law, you will not let anything fall short.

She sat on my thighs and I started sucking her boobs. The daughter-in-law's boobs were tight and perfectly shaped.
Daughter-in-law, today your cock is more tight than necessary.
I said - daughter-in-law, just after eating, it stands like this only after a while.

The daughter-in-law started laughing.
I asked - what happened?
Daughter-in-law, Daddy, I gave you a pill in the food. Now your cock will not loose. Even if you drain your water, it will not loose.

I put the daughter-in-law on the bed and started kissing her. While kissing her daughter-in-law, I kissed her whole body. Then I spread his legs.

There was a garland of beads in the name of the panty, which was entering her pussy by spreading her legs.
I sided with that rosary and put my mouth on the daughter-in-law's pussy. The daughter-in-law sighed and started turning my hand.
I was drinking the daughter-in-law's pink pussy.

After licking her daughter-in-law's pussy for a while, her daughter-in-law started sucking my cock.
Daughter-in-law, Daddy, today your cock looks thicker than before.
I said - you are telling the truth daughter-in-law. I feel the same.
Daughter-in-law, Daddy sir, this effect is from that bullet.

Then she said- Now put Daddy and let my pussy cool down.

The daughter-in-law sat on top of my cock and my cock settled in her pussy. The daughter-in-law started jumping on my cock and I started pressing her boobs. I felt too much passion for my cock.

After some time the daughter-in-law came under me and I was on top of her! The daughter-in-law put my cock in her pussy. I bent over him and started hitting him very fast. The daughter-in-law's body started cropping up, sometimes she used to kiss me, sometimes she would bite on my chest, sometimes she would bite on my neck.
The daughter-in-law's water ran out in a while.

I removed my cock from daughter-in-law's pussy. My cock was completely wet with daughter-in-law's water. Daughter-in-law started sucking my cock. Today was enjoying a lot in Chudai, water was not coming out of my cock.

The daughter-in-law stood in front of me in doggy style. Seeing the big ass of daughter-in-law, my cock became more tight. I took the butt plug out of the daughter-in-law's ass.
He looked back and started laughing.

Daughter-in-law - Daddy ji, ever lick your ass?
I said - No daughter-in-law has never chatted.

Then daughter-in-law grabbed my cock and put it in my pussy and I started fucking her vigorously. Never took out his butt plug and put it again in a while.
The daughter-in-law was enjoying double sex with this.

It had been 30 minutes of fucking me, the daughter-in-law had left water 3 times so far.
I said - my daughter-in-law is also going to leave.
Daughter-in-law, Daddy, take me out of my mouth.

I removed my cock and gave it to the daughter-in-law's mouth. Daughter-in-law sucked all the goods

I lay on the bed but still my cock was not loose.

Daughter-in-law lay down on me, she said- Daddy, really you do very good fuck. I am jealous of Shalini and Rani that they have fun with you every day. And you will just leave in 2 days and then come next month.
I said - daughter-in-law, what can we do now.

Daughter-in-law, Daddy, you can come once a week for me, right?
I said - daughter-in-law, if I come every week, then the son will have doubts as to why father comes every week.

Daughter-in-law, Daddy, we will meet in the hotel. You will come to the hotel in the morning and I will come after Pankaj. Will stay in the hotel all day. You go home in the evening.
I liked the idea of ​​daughter-in-law.

Daughter-in-law - Papa ready for second round?
I said - daughter-in-law, I am always ready.

The daughter-in-law sucked my cock for a while, then she came back in her position.

I asked- daughter-in-law, how long will it be effected?
Bahu Boli - lasts 1 hour. It will become normal after the round.

The daughter-in-law bowed before me. Bahu's ass was in front of me. When I removed the butt plug from the daughter-in-law's ass, the daughter-in-law's ass hole was opened enough. Seeing the beautiful smooth ass of the daughter-in-law, I was getting licked for the first time. Then I put my mouth on her ass and started licking her daughter-in-law's ass. The daughter-in-law was also having fun.

After licking daughter-in-law's ass, I removed my cock in daughter-in-law's ass. Daughter-in-law started sighing ah ah.
I asked- daughter-in-law, if I am in pain, should I leave?
Daughter-in-law, Daddy, your cock is going deep inside, so it is a little painful. But it will be right, you keep doing it.

I started licking my daughter-in-law lightly. When his pain worked, I intensified my attacks. I bent over the daughter-in-law and started licking her back. Bite on his back.
So daughter-in-law said, Daddy don't bite, otherwise your son will see everything and he will come to know that today a bull has fuck his wife.

I sometimes asked her daughter-in-law to press her boob and sometimes while pulling her hair.
After a while, I would get my cock out of his ass and when I removed my cock, my cock would get covered on his cock and his ass hole would open the size of my cock.

After 20 minutes daughter-in-law's ass fucking, I removed my water into her ass itself.

After doing such chudai, I tired and lay down on the bed and daughter-in-law also lay with me. We did not know when we both slept.

At 6.30 pm, my eyes opened and the room was dark. When I lit the light, I felt naked lying on my daughter's bed as if a mermaid lay on my bed.

When I raised my daughter-in-law, she started kissing me.
Daughter-in-law, Daddy, I got such fun for the first time.
Then daughter-in-law left.

Son also came. Before that we did everything right.

Then I lived another day and daughter-in-law and I left no stone unturned. Even after the son's sleep at night, she used to come to my room.

When I started coming to the village, my daughter-in-law started crying.
I did not even want to come to the village but had to come.

Then every week I and my daughter-in-law meet outside the hotel and do chudai all day.

So friends, how did you like my lousy daughter-in-law? You can send your email to Savita ji.
Their email is given below.

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