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Friday, April 17, 2020

Chudkad Bahu-6 of the city

Chudkad Bahu-6 of the city

When I grabbed the daughter-in-law's waist, she was shocked. When I turned my lips to the daughter-in-law, she closed her eyes. My aunt daughter-in-law had hit the lips that…

Back story: Chudkad Bahu-5 of the city

I was being caressed by the daughter-in-law's thighs and looking at the daughter-in-law, she was also getting hot.
Daughter-in-law - Daddy, when did you beat the queen?
I said - the next day when I came here, I gave her 1000 rupees and she agreed.

Daughter-in-law, Daddy, I never thought you would be so colorful in this age.
I said - daughter-in-law, only the hair of the head is white, youth is still boys.

The daughter-in-law started laughing.

I said - daughter in law, may I ask you one thing?
Daughter-in-law said yes Daddy
I said - daughter-in-law, your marriage was so timed, why haven't you had a baby yet? Is there any deficiency in my son?
Daughter-in-law, no, Daddy, your son has just refused. They don't want a baby right now.

I said - daughter in law, now have a child. By the way, no good news has been heard for so long.
Daughter-in-law - Daddy ji, after having a child, men change and start mouthing out.
I said - daughter-in-law, not every man is the same. Well tell the truth, if there is no deficiency in my son then why do you use this?

Opening the drawer, I put those cocks out in front of the daughter-in-law.
I said- tell daughter-in-law, what is lacking in my son, which you had to use this fake cock?
The daughter-in-law was breathing very fast but she was not afraid. Bid- Daddy, your son has also given it. And not only this, there are many more.

She woke up in the bed and opened the cupboard and started showing me. A lot of items were kept in the cupboard. My daughter-in-law was more open than I expected. I thought that she would be scared to see the cocks, but it did not happen.

I said - what do today's children also use. In our time, this was not all. Anyway my cock is better than this fake cock!
The daughter-in-law started laughing at me.

After that I came to my room and slept.

In the evening the daughter-in-law woke me up and said- Daddy ji, just got a call from Pakanj. He was saying to go to a party in the evening. Will you walk
I said - daughter in law, what will I do there? Anyway, there will be no one to know me.
So daughter-in-law, I don't even go. I will sit here and talk with you.
I said - daughter-in-law, you should go.
Daughter-in-law - Daddy, you also come. After some time I and you will come. Anyway, Pankaj stays with his friends till late.
I said - okay.

Daughter-in-law - Daddy, tell me one thing?
I said yes daughter in law?
Daughter-in-law, Daddy ji, as things have happened between us today, these things are not good in a father-in-law's relationship. But I liked knowing that your thinking is not like the people of old times. You do not judge women. By the way Daddy ji, if you do not mind, then both of us can do similar open talks even further.
I said - why not daughter-in-law! Frankly, I do even more open talks in the village. But there is no friend here, that's why I live in myself.
Daughter-in-law - now I am Daddy, you will talk to me. Whatever it is Well you get ready.

I said - what will I wear? I have not brought any party clothes.
Daughter-in-law - I give you a suit of Pakanj, it will fit you.
I said - okay.

Then the daughter-in-law gave me a black suit.
I said - you also get ready.

Then I got ready. After getting ready, I went to the daughter-in-law's room.
I said - daughter in law ready?
Daughter-in-law said yes Daddy

When I entered the daughter-in-law's bedroom, I saw my daughter-in-law standing in front of the mirror. Looking at her, it seemed like she was a heroine.
My daughter-in-law wore a red colored dress which was up to her thighs and was stuck on her shoulders from above. Showing the full line of daughter-in-law's boobs. It seemed as if someone had taken a nymph from the sky to the earth.

Daughter-in-law - How do you look, Daddy?
I said - Look beautiful, daughter-in-law. But never wear such clothes in front of your mother-in-law. Otherwise, you will fight a lot!
Daughter-in-law - I know Daddy That is why it is worn in front of you By the way, I was going to wear even more open clothes. But it was more open, you also do not like it.
I said - daughter in law, I do not have any problem with your clothes, wear whatever you want.
She said - I will show you wearing it later.

Daughter-in-law - Hey Daddy ji, don't wear a tie with your coat? You stand here, I tie.
Then I stood up and the daughter-in-law took out a tie from the cupboard and put a knot on her neck and tied it.

My eyes were repeatedly going to the daughter-in-law's lips, which were full of red lipstick. Wanted to eat them. My cock was longing to come out of the paint. When I could not bear it, I put my hands in the daughter-in-law's waist and pulled her towards me.

The daughter-in-law was shocked and her hands fell on my shoulder. The daughter-in-law was looking into my eyes.

And then I moved my lips forward towards the daughter-in-law, then the daughter-in-law closed her eyes. My lips were hit by the daughter-in-law of my daughter-in-law with the sound of bell ringing outside.
The daughter-in-law opened her eyes and turned away from me.

I thought in my mind that my son had to come now too!
When the daughter-in-law went out, I also went after her, she opened the gate and the son came in.

Seeing both of us ready, he said- Hey you are ready. I get ready in the bus in 15 minutes, then let's go.

The son went to his room. Then the daughter-in-law pointed me to my lips. When I looked in the mirror, the lipstick of the daughter-in-law's lips was a little bit on my lips. I cleaned it and sat on the couch and started watching TV.

The daughter-in-law and son went into the room. In a short time, the son came ready. Then we all left for the party.

Talked a lot on the way, laughed and joked. My son told me - Papa, this is a little high class party. If there is a woman in small clothes or seen drinking, do not feel bad. This is how it all happens here.
I said, son, I don't care.

Then we all reached the party.

Son became busy with his friends and daughter-in-law with some of his friends. I also kept talking with the father of the son's friend. Every woman there looked very beautiful and sensual. My cock was not even taking the name of sitting.

This went on for a long time. Party of joy. After that daughter-in-law came to me, bid- Daddy ji, have dinner?
I said yes of course!
Then daughter-in-law brought food for me and for herself. We both had food. We both talked but what was not happening.

When I saw the time, it was 12 o'clock. I said - daughter-in-law, let's go now?
So daughter-in-law called and called her son.
Daughter-in-law - Daddy ji is asking to go home.
Son said - I have to stop now. Some other office people have also come.
Daughter-in-law said, then I and my father go away. You come with someone.
Son said - it will be fine.

Then I and my daughter-in-law left for home. I was driving a car and my daughter-in-law was sitting. But my eyes were repeatedly going on the line of daughter-in-law's thighs and boobs. The daughter-in-law was also watching me do this and was smiling.
Once, while staring at the daughter-in-law, my car also got a little balance, then daughter-in-law said, Daddy, keep it on the meditation road or else it will become an accident.
And started laughing.

I understood that this is my last chance because I had to leave in the next 2 days.
I had 8 days of speaking for 1 week.

We reached home shortly after. I put the car in the house. Then opened the gate and went up.

I went to my room and daughter-in-law in my room.

I took off clothes and put on a pajamas and T-shirt and went to the daughter-in-law's room.
The daughter-in-law was still lying in a party dress.
I said - daughter-in-law, did not change clothes yet?
Daughter-in-law - I change now.
I said - daughter-in-law, keep this suit. The
daughter-in-law took the suit from my hand and threw it on the bed.

The daughter-in-law and I were standing in front of each other, but I do not know why I was not able to dare.
The story will continue

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