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Chudkad Bahu-5 of the city

Chudkad Bahu-5 of the city

The daughter-in-law removed her petticoat after taking off the sari. I noticed that she did not even wear anything below. The daughter-in-law then took off the blouse. She wore a fake bra under the blouse.

Back story: Chudkad Bahu-4 of the city

When my daughter-in-law came out in a while, both my eyes and cocks started coming out.
My sister-in-law wore a yellow sari and a yellow colored blouse!
And the sari daughter-in-law was tied so low that if the bus gets a little more, then the daughter-in-law's pranks started showing.

Bahu's blouse was seeing the line of her boobs. At that time daughter-in-law seemed to me the goddess of sexuality. Big Boobs… That sexy waist and the force falling on the waist! The chain lying in the waist and the ring in his deep navel… I felt like tearing my clothes here and give my daughter-in-law a fuck.

Then daughter-in-law took out Scooty.
Daughter-in-law, sit, Daddy
I said - daughter-in-law Scooty will you run?
Daughter-in-law- Yes Daddy

Then daughter-in-law and I went shopping.

Every man walking on the way was looking at the daughter-in-law's eyes, and my attention was also on the smooth waist of my daughter-in-law. Wanted to hold it. But there was some fear in my mind.
Then daughter-in-law said - Daddy ji, sit on hold.
I said - daughter-in-law, I am sitting on hold.

Bahu Scooty was driving at a very good speed and the traffic in Delhi is well known. Due to which the daughter-in-law had to stop Scooty again and again. I thought why not take advantage of this thing.
So when this time the daughter-in-law stopped the car again, I put my hands on the daughter-in-law's waist and held her waist vigorously.

Daughter-in-law, Daddy ji, take it easy, there is a lot of traffic here.
I knew that my daughter-in-law was instigating me. And frankly, I also wanted the same.

Then I put my hands on my daughter-in-law and kept stroking her waist all the way, so my lord Maharaj was also awake. Then I and my daughter-in-law went to a mall where I bought a lot of goods.
I had luggage bags.

And then when we entered the elevator to come back, a lot of people got into the lift immediately. And the daughter-in-law and I went backward. The daughter-in-law was standing in front of me and I followed her!
Then some other people also came in the lift. Due to which the lift was completely filled and daughter-in-law clung to me. I put my hand in the daughter-in-law's waist and caught her.
Daughter-in-law, Daddy, today the crowd is more here, by the way it is not so crowded.

I said - it's just a while.
I stroked my daughter-in-law and put my cock in her ass.
The daughter-in-law was also enjoying this act of her father-in-law and was not telling me anything.
It took us only a few minutes in the lift but in these few minutes I enjoyed it.

Then when we both came to the parking lot, daughter-in-law said, Daddy sir, now you drive Scooty.
But I wanted to have more fun with the daughter-in-law, maybe the daughter-in-law also knew this, that's why she was teasing me.

I said- if I had a car, I would have driven. But you drive this scooty.
Then I stroked my daughter-in-law all the way and after coming home I went to my room. When I removed my clothes, I had left a lot of money in my back and the cocks were also very wet.
Then I saw the daughter-in-law looking inside. So I started shaking my cock showing him. But do not spill your water.

Then I came out wearing clothes. When seen there, the daughter-in-law was drinking cold drinks.

Then daughter-in-law said- Daddy, I should change clothes. Then take out the food.
The daughter-in-law went to her room.

I also wanted to see him changing clothes, so I set my eyes on the keyhole. The daughter-in-law was opening her sari inside. After taking off the sari, she removed her petticoat.
I noticed that the daughter-in-law did not wear any shirt under the petticoat.

The daughter-in-law then took off her blouse. She wore a yellow mesh bra under the blouse. What were his boobies doing.

Then the daughter-in-law lay down on the bed and took out the fake cocks from her side drawer and put it in her pussy and started to get in and out quickly.
Soon the daughter-in-law's water ran out and she came out wearing clothes.

Then we ate food and then rested. And the whole day passed like this.

The next day I was waiting for the queen. I saw my son going for breakfast but daughter-in-law did not appear.
I asked the son - daughter-in-law is not going to the gym today?
Then the daughter-in-law came out and said- No Daddy, just don't mind.

I felt a little bad because today I will not be able to fuck the queen.
Then daughter-in-law said, Daddy, I do this exercise a little bit.

Then the daughter-in-law went to her room and after a while came back wearing the same clothes in which I had seen the daughter-in-law for the first time. The same small nicker and sport bra!
My cock was completely erected.

When my daughter-in-law exercised, my cocks would start bursting. I was sitting on top of the pajamas and rubbing my cock.

Then the queen came and seeing the daughter-in-law at home, she also got upset. Then the queen started doing her work. But my cock was going crazy and daughter-in-law was torturing me more.
I thought why not torture daughter in law too. I told Rani- Rani, please clean my room first.
Rani said- Okay Babuji.

As soon as the queen went to my room, when I got up from the couch and started going inside, the daughter-in-law was watching me. Then I noticed that in my pajamas, my cock is full but I paid no attention to it and went inside,

I knew that the daughter-in-law would definitely see, as soon as I went in, I held the queen in my arms.
Rani said- Babuji, this is your daughter-in-law. have you gone mad?
I told the queen - she has been torturing me since yesterday. She is still doing this. Now it's my turn.
Queen said - Babuji still, do not let me out.
I said - maybe But I will definitely fuck him today and you will not be harmed.
The queen agreed with me.

Me and Rani started kissing and in a few seconds we were both naked. The queen sat down and started sucking my cock.

Now I was feeling very much like Chudai… So I put the queen on the bed. I put cocks in her pussy and started fucking.

After some time Rani sat on my cock and started jumping. Then my eyes fell on the door from where the daughter-in-law was watching both of us. But I was engaged in fucking.
Then the daughter-in-law and I met each other. But I still did not stop and continued fucking.

Now again and again I would look at my daughter-in-law and she would see me.

After 20 minutes of fucking my water came out and I kept the condom on the side of the nickel.
Then the queen said- Babuji, your daughter-in-law has seen full fuck. Just do your work today!
I said - that is why he has seen sex.

Then first I got out wearing clothes. I saw daughter-in-law doing the same exercise.
The queen came out in a while. Seeing her hair and clothes, anyone could understand that she had just got a strong fuck.
Then the queen did all her work and went away.

When I saw the daughter-in-law after Rani's departure, I saw anger in her eyes.

Then the daughter-in-law took a shower and gave me breakfast but did not bring her own breakfast.
So I said - daughter in law where is your breakfast?
Daughter-in-law said with a very dry heart - I don't want to eat.
I understood that the daughter-in-law got angry.

I started watching TV after having breakfast and daughter-in-law went to her room. After that the daughter-in-law did not talk to me.

When the daughter-in-law was cooking lunch, she was very angry.
I said - If the daughter-in-law is ready, then both of them eat together.
Daughter-in-law said very angry- Daddy, I don't want to eat anything, you take it out and eat it.

This was the right time for me. I took out food in a plate and went to the daughter-in-law's room.

I saw the daughter-in-law lying down, wearing the same top and her thighs shining like milk.

I sat near the daughter-in-law and said - eat the daughter-in-law.
The daughter-in-law was not talking to me. When I laid my hands on her thighs, the daughter-in-law looked at me.
I said, daughter-in-law, what is the matter, why are you not eating food?
Daughter-in-law - I do not want to talk to you.

I said, daughter-in-law, because of what you saw, you are not eating.
Daughter-in-law - Daddy ji, don't you feel ashamed while doing all this with a working person?
I said - daughter in law, I have some needs.
Bahu Boli - Then you should do it with your mother.

I said - daughter-in-law, your mother-in-law does not let me come for many years. So I have to do it outside.
Daughter-in-law, then do you do with any woman even in the village?

I said - daughter-in-law has to bend before the need of this body. And yes, I have someone in the village too! But do not tell this thing to anyone.

The daughter-in-law was listening very carefully to me as if I was her friend. I was also rubbing daughter-in-law's thighs.

Then daughter-in-law started asking me - Daddy ji, who is that woman in the village? Do I know her?
I said - I will tell daughter-in-law, I will tell you. You have food first.

Then I and my daughter-in-law ate food in her room.

And after that the daughter-in-law came back with the utensil, said- Now tell me Daddy, who is that woman?
I said - daughter-in-law, just these things should not be known to anyone.
Daughter-in-law, Daddy, I will not tell anyone.

I said - daughter in law her name is Shalini!
Daughter-in-law - Not the one who lives a short distance from her house?
I said - yes daughter in law!
Daughter-in-law, Daddy, she is quite young now. So how did you manage it?
I said - daughter-in-law, everything has the right time. I played the right bet at the right time and it became mine.
Daughter-in-law said - you have to agree Daddy! You came out very hidden.
I was being caressed by the daughter-in-law's thighs and looking at the daughter-in-law, she was also getting hot.
Daughter-in-law - Daddy, when did you beat the queen?
I said - the next day when I came here, I gave her 1000 rupees and she agreed.

Daughter-in-law, Daddy ji, with a little care… the risk of AIDS is more from such ladies.
I said - daughter-in-law, that's why I do it with the women of Sharif's house.

Daughter-in-law, Daddy, I never thought you would be so colorful in this age.
I said - daughter-in-law, only the hair of the head is white, youth is still boys.

The daughter-in-law started laughing.

The story will continue

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