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Chudkad Bahu-4 of the city

Chudkad Bahu-4 of the city

The day I came, I saw the daughter-in-law in Bra Nikkar. My cock was erected at that time. Then saw his son and daughter-in-law fuck at night. It seems that my son does not fuck his daughter-in-law properly.

Back story: City's Chudkad Bahu-3

Listening to my daughter-in-law's sex with the Kamwali queen, my cock was fully erected.
She said- Do you also want to fuck your daughter-in-law? Babuji, your cock stands in the name of daughter-in-law.
I said - if my daughter-in-law is such a big cock, then what is the harm in her fucking?
Rani said- Babuji, I think she will accept it easily. He is very fond of fuck. Have you never been to his room?
"No queen, what is it like in her room?"

The queen took my hand and took me to the daughter-in-law's room. There he opened a drawer. There was a big dildo in it. I saw Dildo for the first time in life - what is this queen?
She said- Babuji, this is a fake cock which your daughter-in-law always takes in her pussy. Watching the afternoon time if you are not sure.

Seeing that fake cocks and listening to all these things of the queen, I became convinced that my daughter-in-law is very big cock.

Rani took off my pajamas and started sucking my cock. My cock became very tight. I started grabbing the queen's mouth and started fucking her.

I lifted the queen to the dock and lay on the bed. I removed her salwar. Rani's pussy was very clean. Today even short hair was missing.
I asked her why, Queen, she has come clean today.
Rani said- Babuji enjoyed a lot with your cock yesterday. Thought it would be more fun today. That is why the whole pussy is cleaned.

I put my mouth on the queen's pussy and started licking her. And started putting a finger inside her pussy.
Rani was having fun licking pussy, she was holding my head and pressing it on her pussy - and suck it vigorously, Babuji!

After sucking for a while, her water ran out and the queen got cold. Now I lay on the bed and bare the queen. I started rubbing Rani's boobs very loudly. The queen started warming up again.
I said - You stop, I bring a condom.

Rani opened her daughter-in-law's drawer, there were many condoms lying there. The queen put a chocolate flavored condom on my cock. I put the queen down and spread her legs.
Now I put the cocks on the queen of cocks and removed all the cocks lightly in her wet pussy.

Today I was very hot after listening to the daughter-in-law's talk… So I started banging loudly.
For some time the queen kept on pushing me. Then the queen said- Babuji, do it lightly.
But there was no effect on me. Rani's voice used to sound in every attack.

Now I took out my cock and spread her legs of the queen lying on the side of the bed and started to stand down and fuck her. The queen's water had gone out 1 time from my fuck… but she also did not stop me! And I was fucking him like an animal.

Then I made Rani a bitch and put cocks in her pussy and grabbed her hair from behind and started fucking her.

In 20 minutes of fucking, Rani's water ran out 2 times and she was tired. I was going to be too, so I removed the condom and put my cock in the queen's mouth. He sucked out all my water. But he did not bite the water… go out and spit it out.

Then I lay there on the daughter-in-law's bed and the queen lay down with me. I was kissing the queen and that too.

Queen said- Babuji, it seems that you have become a complete animal after listening to your daughter-in-law. I had never been fuck like you did.
I said - I do this in the village. That is why the women there always remember my cock.

Rani said - I am also your addict from today. By the way, Babuji, I think your daughter-in-law should also like the same sex that your son cannot give her.
I said - why do you think so?
Rani said- Hey Babuji, if someone's man is right, then why does he need all this?
There was truth in his talk. I started to feel that my daughter-in-law likes sex more.

In my mind, now my daughter-in-law was naked and I had to fuck her. For this, it was necessary to draw the daughter-in-law to herself.
Then I thought why not show my wife and queen's fuck.

It was time for daughter-in-law's arrival. I told the queen - will you help me in fucking my daughter-in-law?
Rani said - what will Babuji do?
I said - we both will fuck again now and they will show my daughter-in-law.
Rani said - I will not go to my job, will you?
I said, no man, you trust me.

Now I told the queen - keep the main gate open and walk in my room, I will also keep my gate open so that the daughter-in-law can see everything easily.
The queen did the same. Opened the gate outside and came to my room where I was already naked. Rani came to me and started shaking my cock.

Only then came the sound of opening the gate.
Rani said- Babuji, your daughter-in-law has arrived.
I was lying on the reverse side of the bed so that I could see my daughter-in-law looking at me.

Rani was sucking my cock. That's when I heard the sound of putting something in the drawing room. That is, the daughter-in-law came to the drawing room.

Then I said a little loudly to the queen - Queen, drain my water quickly, daughter-in-law will be coming.
Rani was sucking my cock.

Then the door of my room opened slightly and my daughter-in-law started looking inside lightly. Seeing me naked and seeing the queen sucking my cock, the daughter-in-law put her hand on her mouth.
I told the queen - now give your pussy quickly. Otherwise if the daughter-in-law comes then it will be difficult and this cock will remain standing all day.
Rani said- He stands still, Babuji. You too see your daughter-in-law's big ass and her boobs.
I said what should I do man. Where is all this seen in the village? From the top my cold wife does not let me fuck at all. That is why I have to fuck outside.

Rani said- Babuji, if you were my husband, I would never let you feel the lack of sex.
He stopped sucking my cock and I stood up. I pulled the queen to the edge of the bed and removed her salwar from her leg.

I said - Wow queen, your pussy has become wet all at once.
Rani said- Babuji, now you do not get cocks like you everyday.
I put my mouth on the queen's pussy and started sucking her.

My sister-in-law was watching all this scene.

After licking pussy for a while, I started rubbing my cock on Rani's pussy.
Rani said- Babuji, put a condom.
I said, "Let me be the queen, not this time."

Then I removed my cock in her pussy. I leaned over the queen and started kissing her.

The queen said in my ear - your daughter-in-law has gone.
When I looked back, the daughter-in-law was not really there.

But I kept in my fuck Then my eyes went to the balcony from where my daughter-in-law was watching my and queen's sex.
I gestured to the queen. The queen also understood.

Then I started to push harder.
Rani started speaking- Babuji, do it comfortably. Your cock is bigger and thicker than my husband. You have made my pussy's condition worse I wish I had these cocks every day!
I said - As long as I am here, I will keep hitting your pussy.

Then the queen said- Babuji, do you want to fuck your daughter-in-law too?
I said- Frankly, I have pity on my daughter-in-law. The day I came here, I saw my daughter-in-law in a bra and a knicker. My cock was erected at that time. And then saw his son and daughter-in-law fuck in the night. But I feel that my son does not fuck daughter-in-law properly because of his work.

Now I said- Queen, I am going to be, where do I get out?
Rani said - remove Babuji inside. I'll eat the pill.
I removed all my goods in the queen's pussy.

In a while we both got up and the queen started wearing her clothes.
Then both of us came out of the room and kept the bag of the daughter-in-law's gym there. But the daughter-in-law was probably in the room.

Then the queen left and I started looking into the daughter-in-law's room.

The daughter-in-law was lying naked on the bed and that fake cock was in her pussy. That is, the daughter-in-law had become hot due to the fuck of me and Rani.

For a long time, daughter-in-law kept lying in my pussy with fake cocks and I was watching everything from the keyhole. And then the daughter-in-law's water ran out and I came and sat on the couch and started watching TV.

When the daughter-in-law came out in a while, I acted to surprise her - oh daughter-in-law, when did you come?
Daughter-in-law, Daddy ji, it's been a while.
I said - did not even the sound of opening the gate?
Daughter-in-law, you may not have come because you were in the room.

Then daughter-in-law said, the queen did all the work?
I said yes, she had left half an hour earlier.
The daughter-in-law started laughing lightly.
I said - what happened daughter-in-law? Why are you laughing?
So she said - nothing daddy!

After that the daughter-in-law took a shower and I was sitting on the couch watching TV.

Then daughter-in-law came out of the bathroom. At that time, the daughter-in-law wore only a top which was stuck on her big boobs.
When my daughter-in-law came in front of me, my eyes were on her boobs.
Seeing the daughter-in-law, my cock started erecting.

Then daughter-in-law and I had breakfast. Even while eating, I had my eyes on my sister-in-law's boobs and she was also giving me full vision of her boobs.

After breakfast, daughter-in-law said- Daddy, will you go to the market with me? Have to bring some stuff.
I said - Okay, I take out my car.
Daughter-in-law- No Daddy, you will be stuck in traffic. Let's go with my scooty.
I said - okay.
Daughter-in-law, Daddy sir, change you too. I also change clothes.
I said - you are dressed.
Daughter-in-law, I only wear it at home, Daddy!

Then I went to my room and got ready and sat on the couch outside.
I went to my room and got ready and sat on the couch outside. Gave voice to daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law, I agreed.
Daughter-in-law's voice came - just Daddy, 5 minutes!
By the way, every man knows that 5 minutes of women means 30 minutes.

When my daughter-in-law came out in a while, both my eyes and cocks started coming out.
My sister-in-law wore a yellow sari and a yellow colored blouse!
And the sari daughter-in-law was tied so low that if the bus gets a little more, then the daughter-in-law's pranks started showing.

Bahu's blouse was seeing the line of her boobs. At that time daughter-in-law seemed to me the goddess of sexuality. Big Boobs… That sexy waist and the force falling on the waist! The chain lying in the waist and the ring in his deep navel… I felt like tearing my clothes here and give my daughter-in-law a fuck.

The story will continue

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