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Friday, April 17, 2020

Chudkad Bahu-3 of the city

Chudkad Bahu-3 of the city

When the daughter-in-law went to the bathroom, I was dying to see her naked. When seen from the key hole, the daughter-in-law was bathing naked under the shower. But I could see only his ass and back.

Back story: Chudakkad Bahu-2 of the city

When I looked towards the daughter-in-law's room, the sound was coming from inside. The sound of 'Ahhhh Ahhhh…' was heard. I saw that our working bitch remains on the daughter-in-law's bed and a young boy is fucking her from behind.
I caught him and said - let the daughter-in-law come. You will not work here from today.
I was not feeling well when she started crying too much. I thought it would be easy to fuck later.
That's why I said - Okay, you go do your work!
The queen got used to it and I came to your room.

When Rani came to clean my room in a while, I watched her carefully. When she was wearing a tail, her big boobs were going to come out of the suit.
Then I told Rani- Rani, this boy who was doing that morning with you, is he your boyfriend?
Rani was not saying anything.

Then after a while Rani said- Babuji, he lives near my house. I had become friends with it and since then both of us…
I have fulfilled the point of the queen - since then both of you are doing sex.
Hearing the fuck from my mouth, the queen started looking at me.

"By the way, doesn't your husband make you happy?"
Rani said- No Babuji, he only stays in the street to drink and eat.

After that she started apologizing to me again.
I said - Rani, it is not wrong to do all this. Just your way is wrong. Look queen, I speak directly to you.

I got 1000 rupees from my purse and called Rani nearby. The queen came and stood near the bed.
I said - sit down.
The queen sat down.

I gave 1000 rupees in his hand and said - See, what you were doing with him, I have to do also.
The queen immediately stood up, said- Babuji, I do not do this work for money.

And as soon as Rani started leaving, I held her hand - see Rani, even my wife does not let me fuck. And I am not giving you this money because I have to do all that with you. You get something for your child!

I started caressing the queen's hand. Rani was refusing me again and again, but when I was rubbing her hand, she was not saying anything. He was also enjoying it lightly.

Rani said- Okay. But will you be in this age?
I made up my mind to tell you what I can do. But I wanted to fuck her with love, I said - whatever happens, I will do it.
Rani said- Okay.

I started kissing the queen. Rani was also supporting me. While kissing, I started pressing queen's boobs. Her boobs were very soft, she was having fun.
Then the queen said- Babuji, hurry up. Your daughter-in-law will be coming.
I said - okay.

She took off my lower and started opening my cutlery, as soon as my briefs fell down, the queen's eyes were torn.
Rani said- Oh wow Babuji, your cock is very good.
She started lowering the top of my cock.

If the cocks were dry, he spit a little and started licking. I put my cock near her mouth, she opened her mouth and took the cock in her mouth and started sucking it.
Every girl in the city… seems to be expert at sucking cocks.

I removed his shirt while sucking cock. Her boobs looked very big and tight in her bra. I lowered her bra and the brown nipples on her white boobs looked great.
I started sucking her boobs and pressing harder. Rani was also having fun.

After that, I opened the salwar of Rani and started removing it, then the queen said- Babu ji, do not remove it today. Do whatever you want to do tomorrow. Your daughter-in-law will be coming now.

I removed the salwar of Rani with one leg and opened her legs. His pussy was a little gray but was completely wet. I got a condom packet out of my purse and put it on the cocks.
After that, by setting Rani's pussy, in a shock, I inserted my cock slightly into Rani's wet pussy.

Rani's eyes were closed and a soft loving voice came out of her mouth. Then while slowly pushing, I removed all my cocks in the queen's pussy.
Rani's pussy was very wet… My cock started coming out soon. Rani was enjoying every hit and I was mashing her boobs.

After fucking for a while, I made Rani a bitch and slapped her ass. The queen looked back at me and started laughing.

I put my cock in her pussy and started fucking hard.
Rani said- What is the matter, Babuji. I never thought that your cock is so big and thick. Your fuck is better than my husband and my boyfriend. In such a time, both of them become loose. And I have already done it 1 time but you are still engaged.

I said - this is the old-fashioned cocks queen. Does not give up so soon. This quenches the thirst of many women of the village. What will the boys do these days? Always just fist.

My blows intensified and after 20 minutes my water ran out and I fell on the queen.

After getting up in a while, he removed his cock from Rani's pussy and removed the condom and gave it to the queen. I had a lot of stuff in the condom.

Rani said- What is the matter, Babuji, you have stored a lot of goods! Since when have you been fucked?
I said - Hey, did it before coming here. This always turns out to be so.

Later, the queen sat in my dock and started kissing me. I also started playing with her boobs.

When I saw the time, it was ten o'clock. I said - daughter-in-law is coming, put on your clothes.
Rani dressed.

Then when the sound of opening the gate came out, the queen broke away from me and I sat outside.
When the daughter-in-law came inside the gate, my cock started standing again.

Daughter-in-law, Daddy, you came for a walk. Let me be fresh, then both will sit and have breakfast. By the way did the queen come or not?
I said yes, the queen has come! Is working

Then the queen came out and said- sister-in-law, I am going.
When she started going, she saw that I was staring at my daughter-in-law's ass.

The daughter-in-law went to her room and the queen started kissing me and pressed my cock on top of the lower one which had become a bit hard.
Then the queen said- It seems that her heart is not full yet, then you are staring at her daughter-in-law's ass. By the way, your daughter-in-law is also not a milkman.

I was shocked when he said this.
I said - what's the matter, tell me daughter-in-law too?
So she said - I will tell you tomorrow.
Then she left.

I started thinking about what is this about daughter-in-law?

Then daughter-in-law came in front of me. She was going for a bath.

When the daughter-in-law went to the bathroom, I was dying to see her naked. When I went there and saw from the keyhole, my daughter-in-law was standing naked under the shower and taking a bath. But I could see only his ass and back.

Then when my daughter-in-law turned around, I started seeing her boobs and her pink pussy. She put soap on her body and picked up the razor and started to clean her small short hair.
I was a little late to see all this, so I moved away from there and sat on the sofa.

In a while, the daughter-in-law came in front of me wearing a shirt and leggings. As soon as the daughter-in-law came out, I went to the toilet and saw that the daughter-in-law's clothes were hanging. There was also a daughter-in-law's panties under her clothes.
I removed my daughter's panty and started sniffing her pussy part. Then a very strong smell came in my nose. My cock got erected like this.

After that I went out to have breakfast and then went out like this all day.

Son did not fuck daughter-in-law at night.

The next morning I woke up early and went for a walk. Then when I came back at 8, the son was having breakfast and the daughter-in-law was going to the gym.

The daughter-in-law and son left in a while. Then I sat on the sofa and started waiting for the queen.

The sound of opening the gate came in a while. I understood that the queen arrived.

On seeing the queen, I lifted her up in the dock and started kissing her. The queen also started supporting me.
I asked the queen - why did you tell me yesterday that my daughter-in-law is not washing milk?
Rani said- Babuji, the way you were watching your daughter-in-law's ass yesterday, I thought I should tell you the misdeeds of your daughter-in-law.
I said - move!

Then I locked the gate in the room and took the queen to her room and laid her on the bed and sat beside her herself.
I said - now what do you know?

Rani pulled me to herself and while kissing, I started caressing my cock on top of the pajamas and said:

I will tell you, Babuji. This thing was just 3 months ago, I was doing the housework and your daughter-in-law said - if the queen is done then go away by closing the gate!
I said - ok sister-in-law.

When I was cleaning your room, I heard a bell at the gate outside. As soon as I was about to go out, sister-in-law opened the gate before me. When I opened the room and saw that the sister-in-law was standing outside in a bra panty and a man was standing in front of her. Your sister-in-law called him inside and closed the gate and took him and went into the room. I did not feel anything right, then I went to the balcony of your room and started looking from there.
The sister-in-law was climbing in the dock of the man in the room and that man was mashing her boobs. Sister-in-law was kissing her.

Then sister-in-law sat down, opened her paint and took his cock in Nickel's mouth and started sucking. Sister-in-law was sucking her cocks like a randy. The man was pushing his sister-in-law.

Then he laid the sister-in-law on the bed and took her clothes off and came over her. Sister-in-law was kissing her with great fun and he was pressing her boobs. Sister-in-law took out a condom packet and put condom on her cock.
Then that man started fucking brother-in-law. Seeing them, my pussy also got wet.

After leaving for a while, she left.
But I have seen that man many times with your daughter-in-law!

Hearing the words of Rani, my cock was completely erected.

The story will continue

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