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Friday, April 17, 2020

Chudkad Bahu-2 of the city

Chudkad Bahu-2 of the city

After licking pussy for a while, the son removed his daughter's panty and put his cock in her daughter's pussy. And started pushing harder. The daughter-in-law's voice, "Ah ah ... loudly!" Was coming

Back story: Chudakkad Bahu-1 of the city

I reached my daughter-in-law's house. Joe saw the door open in front. My daughter-in-law was standing in a small skirt and a sports bra soaked with sweat. Sweat flowing from daughter-in-law's face and from her neck was going into her bra and boobs. A deep navel was placed in the middle of the stomach and a ring was placed in that navel.

As if I had come to heaven. Then the daughter-in-law touched my feet and ran inside.

When I went inside, the daughter-in-law came wearing a lower and t-shirt.
Daughter-in-law - how are you, Daddy? You came this time without telling me?

I said - daughter-in-law, just thought this time to give surprise.
In fact, that day, I felt good, not bad, seeing my daughter-in-law.

When she was going to the kitchen, my eyes were on her ass.
What is the thick ass of my daughter-in-law!
My cock started bothering me.

Then my daughter-in-law brought milk and something to eat. My daughter-in-law knows that I always drink milk, but today my eyes were on my daughter-in-law's milk.

Then after breakfast I went to the room and daughter-in-law went to her room. Going into the room, I put on a lower and lay down on the bed.
But my mind was repeatedly going on daughter-in-law's youth. I could not stand Closing his eyes, the daughter-in-law would look into the bra and the shorts.

In the afternoon, my daughter-in-law was knocking my gate, then my eyes opened.
When I got up and opened the gate, my daughter in law was standing in leggings and a short T-shirt. My cock started to stand again, which I covered with my hand. Perhaps the daughter-in-law also notices this.

Then both of us ate food and then I started watching TV.
At 7 in the evening my son came home and he touched my feet as soon as he arrived.

Son said - how are you, father? How is everyone home?
I said all right son. Just this time your mother did not come. You guys also come to the village. Anyway, daughter-in-law has come only 2 times after marriage.
Son said- Papa will definitely come. There is no holiday in the office just here!

Then after evening tea everyone went to the room after having dinner. I could not sleep, so I sat and watched TV. Soon, I heard the daughter-in-law's voice being heard.
I started listening to the sound of TV.

The daughter-in-law was speaking to her son - you know. Today father came without telling. And I was only in sports bra and knicker.
The son said - well, mother did not come. Otherwise, you would have been attending your class today. By the way, father didn't say anything to you?
Daughter-in-law said no, they did not tell me anything. But there must have been some anger.
Son said - Papa is very good. They know that nowadays it is all fashion. By the way, anger is not known… but seeing you like that, his cock must have stood up.

"How are you talking about Daddy-law?"
"Oh man, they are human too."

Then my son and daughter-in-law may have started kissing, I was getting a voice to kiss them.
I had to see them but how?

Then I went to the balcony. From there, there is a connection of the AC in the son's room, that area is for the AC in both the rooms.
I started seeing through the window there.

My son was only in his underwear and my daughter-in-law was only coming up to her pussy. Then my daughter-in-law dropped my son on the bed and threw his underwear out. My son's cock was not yet hard.

Then, as soon as the daughter-in-law bowed down to suck her cock, her night was pulled up and seeing the black panty on the daughter's white ass, my cock started to explode. My daughter-in-law's panty was entering her ass line. She was very modern panty!

The daughter-in-law was sucking my son's cock and here I was shaking my cock.

After sucking cocks for a while, my son kissed his daughter-in-law, leaving her nighty. Now she was only in panty.

Son pressed daughter-in-law's boobs vigorously The daughter-in-law closed her eyes.
My son started sucking boobs of his daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law's eyes were closed. She was enjoying every second. My sister-in-law's boobs were tight and absolutely in shape. It seemed as if no one had ever touched them.

Then my son put the daughter-in-law on the bed and started licking my daughter-in-law's thighs which were white like milk.
The daughter-in-law started coming out.

My son opened the legs of the daughter-in-law and put her mouth in her pussy from above the panties. The daughter-in-law breathed right away.
Then my son put her panty side and started licking daughter-in-law's pussy.
My daughter-in-law started pressing my son's head in her pussy.

After licking pussy for a while, the son removed his daughter's panty and put his cock in her daughter's pussy. And started pushing harder. The daughter-in-law's boobies were going up and down with every stroke of her son and the daughter-in-law's voice was like "Ah ah ... loud!" Was coming

My son immediately put his hands on the daughter-in-law's mouth. Perhaps he did not want to let the voice come out. From where I was watching all this, till now the voice was giving light voice.

Then my son got his cock out of my daughter-in-law's pussy. His entire cock was wet with daughter-in-law's water. Then the daughter-in-law took her in the mouth and started sucking, she was cleaning her own water with licking.

Then my son made him a bitch and put cocks in her pussy from behind. And he pushed very hard and started fucking her. Sometimes he used to slap my daughter-in-law's ass, sometimes he would pull her hair and fuck her.

My daughter-in-law was only slightly ahead and my son's cock came out.

Then my son lay on the bed and the daughter-in-law sat on his trunk and started riding. The daughter-in-law's ass was driving me crazy and I was standing outside and beating my mouth.

Then my daughter-in-law started shaking her waist. Perhaps his water was about to drain.
In a short time both of them stopped moving and my daughter-in-law fell on her son.
I thought maybe they could come out now. So before that I went to my room.

After going to the room, I became completely naked and started moving my erect cocks and started fucking my daughter-in-law. My goods ran out in a while.
I thought I would clear it in a while. But after getting hit, I got an eye.

The daughter-in-law picked me up at 8 in the morning. When my eyes opened in the morning, I was naked and my cock was fully erected inside the blanket. The daughter-in-law woke me up and left. When I got up, I saw that my cock was fully erected in a blanket. Perhaps that's why the daughter-in-law left from there.

When I got up, my goods were stained on the bedsheet. I quickly freshened up.

My son was having breakfast outside. On seeing me, my son said, "Hey dad, when did you start getting so late?"
I said - Just son, last night I was not able to sleep, that's why I slept late and got up late.
Son said- Father, have breakfast.
I said, son, I will not do it now, I do not mind. Will come out for a little walk, then eat it.
Son said- Father, you keep the key of this house. One key is with Aarti, one is with me and one is with the Rani. She must be coming. And Aarti will also go to the gym.

I said - well, my daughter-in-law also does gym.
Son said - yes father, she goes daily. When she is unable to go, she does it at home.
Then my daughter-in-law came to the drawing room. At that time she wore a tight leggings which was stuck in her ass and a T-shirt above which her boobs were seen in full shape.
On seeing me, daughter-in-law said - Daddy ji has come. Should I have breakfast for you when I am fresh?
I said - No daughter-in-law, I will not do it now. I'll eat with you in a while, I'll come for a walk.

After that, my daughter-in-law and son left the house. Son goes to office in his car and daughter-in-law in a nearby gym!
And I took a walk in the park built outside.

When I went home after a walk for 1 hour, I opened the gate with the key given by the son and came inside and sat on the sofa. After resting for a while, as soon as I woke up to drink water, I heard some voice from the daughter-in-law's room.

When I looked towards the daughter-in-law's room, the sound was coming from inside. The sound of 'Ahhhh Ahhhh…' was heard.
So I saw that there is a woman bitch on the daughter-in-law's bed and a young boy is fucking her from behind. That woman was speaking and hurried My madam is coming
The boy said - Randy is doing Chudwa after so much time, yet still plays.

I understood that this woman is nobody else but the housewife queen. I started recording it from my mobile. In a 5-minute recording, his talk and once his face also came. Then I went out and sat down.

Rani and the boy came out after 20 minutes. Seeing me, the boy started running, so I caught him and made 2 slaps.
The queen got scared after seeing me and started apologizing and started saying- Hey Babuji, leave it!
But I was killing him.
That boy then escaped from me and escaped.

Rani is 30 years old. He also has a son. And his housemate works in a factory. Rani is a resident of Bihar and her body is completely buried. His figure is 34 34 36.
I said - Rani, what were you doing in my house? And who is this boy whom you brought?
Rani started crying and apologized to me - forgive me Babuji.
I told the queen - you bring someone like this into the house. What would have happened if someone had stolen? By the way, who is this boy?
Rani said- He lives in my neighborhood.

I said - let the daughter-in-law come. You will not work here from today.
And I said - I see your video and I also have proof.
Rani said- Babuji, forgive me.

I was not feeling well when she started crying too much. I thought it would be easy to fuck later.
That's why I said - Okay, you go do your work!
The queen got used to it and I came to your room.

The story will continue

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