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Friday, April 17, 2020

Chudkad Bahu-1 of the city

Chudkad Bahu-1 of the city

I am 55 years old, I live in a village in Punjab. I am very fond of fuck Both me and my friend fuck the women of the village in the fields. Read some fun hot tales of my Chodu life.

Friends, my name is Savita Singh and I am from Haryana, all of you liked my previous story,
husband made daughter-in-law fuck
. Thank you very much for that.

So I am again present with this new chudai story for you!
After reading this story of my father-in-law's daughter-in-law, a Ankal told me his tragedy.
So you enjoy the story and will definitely send me feedback.

Friends, my name is Talwar Singh. I am 55 years old and I am a resident of Punjab. My family consists of my wife, son (Pakanj Singh 28) and daughter-in-law (Aarti Singh 28). Their marriage has only happened for 1 year. My son does a job in Delhi, he and his wife live in a 2-room house in Delhi.

I am still very fond of Chudai. My cock is 7 inches and its thickness fits into any loose pussy.
I am fond of married young women. I do not enjoy sex with my wife anymore, so I and my friend who live in the village with me, we both fuck the women of the village in the fields.
Even today my cock has so much power that once a woman is given a fuck, she forgets her husband's fuck.

This story is of my Chudkad bahu daughter, which I never liked from the beginning. But when my cock went into her pink pussy, she started to think me the most beautiful girl in the world.
The figure of my daughter-in-law is 34 28 36.

Now I do not bore you much, I come directly to the story. Story may be a bit long. So you all enjoy my chudai story.

This thing has been done 3 months before today.
One day, my friend and I were sitting under the tree and were enjoying the mood of women in the village.
Then my friend said- man, if a woman of the city finds a man, Chodane will enjoy it.

I said, brother-in-law, you are a Chodta to Pooja…. Don't know how you got it?
“Oh man, I have had a lot of fun in him. Now he is from the stomach. Soon my baby will also be born.

I said brother-in-law, that child is in your stomach?
"Yes, my friend is mine." By the way, you go to Delhi every month to your son. Nobody got there to fuck you? "
I said- Hey man, how are you fucking there? The daughter-in-law lives in the house.

Friend said - By the way your daughter-in-law is also a complete product. Seeing her in a red couple at the wedding, my cock was erect. By the way, I have heard that the women of the city are very cocky. Is your daughter-in-law even there?
I said, oh man, how would I know. I live here in the village. By the way, she always wears very modern clothes.

Friend said - at least try once!
I said - Abe crazy? She is my daughter-in-law I do not think of him like that. Let me go.
After that I came to my house.

But my friend started talking about his friend. I was caressing my cock from the top of the lower.
Then my wife came to the room and said- Hey, do some shame. It is the age to become a grandfather. And you playing with him?

My wife has been very shy from the beginning. He never took it in his mouth till today. She does not even take the name of my cock.

I said, oh man, it's called cocks. Make me happy sometimes too. What is the use of such shame?
Wife said- I don't like it. You know
I said - come, friend!

As soon as my wife came to bed, I dropped her on the bed and started to open her blouse.
She started refusing me again and again.

I said- Dude, do it with your mind at any time.
Wife said - now let it be. I do not feel like Do it sometimes. But you want it every week.
I said - oh my love, that's why my cock is still young.

Then I removed her bra and the loose boobs of my wife came in front of my eyes and I started playing with them.

But there was no response from his side. When I took my cock near her mouth, the wife said - Keep it away from me. I told you that I do not like all this.
I said- Oh man, I had shown you that movie… How girls suck cocks in it.
Wife said- I can not.

My mood was very bad. But sex was entrenched in the mind. Then I started to open her saree, then the wife refused and turned the saree on her stomach.

Wife's hairy pussy was in front of me. As I was about to suck her, my wife refused.
I put my cock in my wife's pussy. So my wife just kept lying and I kept banging in which I was not having any fun.

In a short while my wife's water ran out and she refused to have sex with me. Then I withdrew from there.
After that we had food and I went out for a walk.

I still had sex in my mind, was not taking the name of sitting cocks.

That's when I called Shalini. Shalini lives a short distance from my house and she has a lot to come to my house. Shalini is 34 years old and she is the mother of 2 children but does not look anywhere. He is of his youth 34 36 40.

Shalini picked up the call and said- how is Babuji? Why did you call so late today?
I said- Oh man, you know. Just feel like meeting you
Shalini said- I don't even know you? I know everything! Your cold wife did not let her fuck, that's why I am missing you. My housemate is going to the fields right now. 10 minutes later to meet in the ruins behind my house.

I immediately went there and started waiting for Shalini.

In a short while Shalini came to me, I caught her as soon as she came.
Shalini said - did not wait till morning, who called you at night?
I said- Oh man, tomorrow I am going to my son. Will not be able to meet after that.

Shalini caught my cock - then I will miss your cock very much.

He took out my cock and started playing with it. Then she sat down and started sucking him. I was just like in heaven.

After licking the cocks for a while, I removed her maxi. She did not wear anything inside him. What were his boobs and ass doing awesome.
"Hurry up Babuji, my husband is going to come home, will come soon today."

I started caressing Shalini's pussy. Her pussy was already very wet.
"What is the matter, Shalini, you have come with complete preparation!"
"What should I do, Babuji, when I got your call, I understood that today my pussy will be rubbed." That's why she is crying with happiness. "

Then Shalini bowed in front of me and I spit a little on my cock and removed it in her pussy. His light voice came out, Babu ji, do it comfortably and my cock started coming out inside his pussy.

Shalini said- Babuji, it is fun to chat with you for a long time. I don't like this quick fuck much.
"I know Shalini. But work has to be done. Now after this, your pussy will be destined for next week only!

Then came the sound of a bike coming.
Shalini said- Babuji, it seems that my housemate has arrived. Make it fast

My strokes got faster and my hands were rubbing Shalini's boob.
Only then did Shalini sigh.
I asked- Are you done?
Bid- Yes Babuji, where do I stand in front of your pestle?
I said - I am going to be too.

Shalini said- Babuji, do not drop inside. Maybe even the one in my house can fuck me at night.
Then I put the cocks in his mouth. She drank all my goods and licked my cock.

Then first I came out of there and then Shalini.

The next morning I got out of my car at 6 o'clock. After 4 hours journey, I reached my daughter-in-law and son's house. Parked the car and opened the gate, I played the bell.
So when I saw the door open in a while, it seemed that I have come in a foreign country. My daughter-in-law was standing in a small skirt and a sports bra soaked with sweat.

I always used to tell my son, but this time I came without telling him and seeing the daughter-in-law in this condition, I understood that my daughter-in-law is a witch woman.

Sweat flowing from daughter-in-law's face and from her neck was going into her bra and boobs. The line of her big boobs was soaked with sweat she had a chain in her waist below her boobs and she put a force on the waist and put a deep navel in the middle of the stomach and a ring in that navel.

As if I had come to heaven. Then the daughter-in-law touched my feet and ran inside.

When I went inside, the daughter-in-law came wearing a lower and t-shirt.
Daughter-in-law - how are you, Daddy? You came this time without telling me?
I said - daughter-in-law, just thought this time to give surprise. But I am surprised to see you in such small clothes. It is good that your mother-in-law does not come. Otherwise, you would have applied your class!

Daughter-in-law: Sorry Daddy, she was exercising, so we have to wear such clothes. And there was no fear of anyone coming, that's why!
Changing that matter, quote- You get fresh, I bring some food for you.

In fact, that day, I felt good, not bad, seeing my daughter-in-law.

The story will continue

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