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Friday, April 17, 2020

Chudakkad Ammi and ongoing sex worker

Chudakkad Ammi and ongoing sex worker

My father was old. There was no one to quench Ammi's pussy. One day I saw something in the house that my thoughts about Ammi changed. What did I get after that?

Friends, my name is Sahil. I am an old regular reader of immigration. I read all its stories. In particular, I love chudai in the family or, say, chudai in relationships. I also love family sex and I read it with interest.

I also want to share my story with you guys. Before that, let me tell you about myself. I am 23 years old and I am from Modi Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. My family has my Amma Reshma and my father Rashid. I also have a younger sister who is 19 years old. His name is Farhan.

My father owns Taylor shop. She is a ladies teller. Abbu is around 55 years old and Ammi is around 50. My mother also helps in her work in my father's shop. I work in a company. My sister is studying in 12th standard.

Both Ammi and Abbu live at the shop, so we have hired a Kamwali to work in the house. Kamwali's name is Parveen. Our family is normal, but in normal family, many times things happen.

One day my mother woke up in the morning and said that she has a shoulder pain. It was Saturday. The sister had to go to school and Abbu had to go to the shop. If I had a holiday that day, I was going to stay at home.

Around 10 o'clock in the morning our Kamwali Bai arrived. He is close to 40 in age. When she had done the work of broom and utensils, then Ammi said to her that I have a pain in my waist, before going to massage my waist.

I went upstairs to my room. After a while I came to the drawing room to get the charger. The room below was empty. There was not even a charger there. I thought I might have put it in another room. I went to another room.

I was not even completely entered in the room that I heard these words from Ammi's mouth - Parveen… Just kill my hands too, I am getting very tough.

As soon as these words of Ammi fell in my ears, I stopped there. Then I looked inside the room and found that Parveen was on her knees. My mother was sitting and her back was bare. Parveen was massaging her neck.

Ammi's face was on the other side. Both of them were not even getting the call of my coming or else they would know that someone is watching them. Then I saw that Kamwali took oil in her hands and started massaging it on Ammi's feet.

My mother's hands were visible from the side. She was completely naked from above. His legs were very thick. Almost half of the sides were also visible. Then Parveen crushed her nipple between her fingers.

Siskari came out with a loud sigh from Ammi's mouth.
She said - Parveen Kar with a little ease.
Parveen said- Baji (sister-in-law) makes me excited to see you like this.
Then both of them started laughing.

Seeing them having fun like this, my condition also started getting worse. Before this I had also done aunty fuck and many women but I had never thought of Ammi in this way.

After massaging the girls for a while, Ammi said to Parveen - Come on, now you go. I have to do further program also.
Parveen kept the oil aside and started getting up to come out.
I too got back from there.

After Parveen left, I came down again. But then I saw that Ammi had closed the door. I had no idea what Ammi was doing inside.

I picked up a chair and put it in front of the light above the door. I climbed on it and started looking inside. I saw that Ammi was completely naked. She was looking for something in the cupboard. Ammi's naked ass was clearly visible to me. Ammi was such a huge ass, I never paid attention.

Then he took something out of the cupboard. Then closing the cupboard, she turned around and I was surprised. He had something in his hand shaped like cocks made of wood. It was as round as cocks. In appearance, it was like a cylinder handle but was 7-8 inches in length.

After that Ammi took out the condom and put it on that cocks like cylinder. Amandi lay down on the fake cock using the condom. She started rubbing that cylinder on her grain. Seeing all this, my mind started getting spoiled.

I was surprised that Ammi is young even at this age and wants to have fun. She was rubbing her cocks vigorously on her pussy and rubbing her cunts with her hands. There were cool voices coming out of their mouths.

After two minutes she woke up and tied the fake cocks with a cloth on the bed grill. Then she became a mare herself and in doggy style she started taking wooden cocks while leaning in her pussy.

Ammi was fucking with that fake cock and there were sensual voices coming out of her mouth I could not understand what to do. Seeing all this, my cock was also erected.

Then she quickly started taking that cock in her pussy and after two minutes she started falling. Seeing them in such condition, my cock was also in bad condition. On the other hand, Ammi had gone out of bed.

She lay like this for a while and then got up and started cleaning her pussy. He cleaned the pussy with his panties. Then she wore her salwar without wearing panties. He wore a suit without a bra.

Then she started coming out. I quickly moved out of the gate and went upstairs. Then after two minutes I came down completely normal. When I was coming down, I saw that Ammi had her bra and panties in her hand.

I deliberately teased the matter and said - did the masseuse leave? Have you taken long? When I came down, the door was also closed.
Amma said- Yes, I was taking a little rest.

I was eyeing Ammi's taunts. His legs were clearly visible in a thin suit. His nipples were also feeling hard.
She said what happened, what was some work?

I said - I also had a pain in my waist, I thought I would get Parveen a massage.
Ammi said- Oh she does not do men. If you want to get a massage, then I do it.

I said - no mother, why do you hurt. Will be correct
She started saying- Oh no, this does not happen. Lao, I do it. Walk inside

After going inside, I removed my t-shirt. Now I was starting to open a little in front of Ammi. Friends, my height is 5.10 feet. I also exercise.

Ammi was having fun with her back on her waist. Then she started moving her hands forward and said - you have maintained the right health. Massage of every part of your body is important. When you get married, you will be able to keep Begum happy.

After speaking so much, Ammi laid me on the bed. She started applying oil on my waist. After applying oil on the waist, quote- Take off the pajamas too. I also massage my feet.
I also removed the pajamas. Now I was going according to them. Now I was only in my underwear. I did not do it even once. I was lying upside down. My cock was also erected from below.

Then Ammi asked me to lie down straight. When I was upright, my 6 inch cock was visible separately in my underwear. My cock made a tent in my underwear. Ammi was now massaging my chest. She was looking at my cock.

Pointing to the cocks quote - what is it?
I said- Ammi, it has stood up with the touch of your soft hands.
She also shamelessly said - So sit it again, tell it that these are Ammi's hands.

I said - but Ammi, it only considers woman. It does not know how to differentiate between Ammi and Begum.
Ammi was not even cold yet. She was only waiting for me to take the initiative.

Then I put my hand in my underwear and took out the cocks.
Mother said- Hialla! What are you doing?
I said - Ammi massage it a little.
She said - Do something shy I am your mother

I said - Ammi only then I am asking you to massage.
I held Ammi's hand and got it placed on my cock. Ammi also stuffed my cock in her hand and started caressing it. Ammi then applied a little oil in her hand and started massaging my cock.

I was enjoying giving cocks in Ammi's hands. Ammi was standing near the bed. I placed my hand on his salwar near the pulse and started opening his pulse. She did not say anything. I opened his salwar with one stroke. His salwar fell down.

Before Ammi said anything, I got up and went behind Ammi and bowed her on the bed. Put a spit in his hand and put it on his pussy and started rubbing his cock on his pussy.

She was trying to leave earlier but I knew that Ammi is hot and she will take my cock too. I was fast rubbing cocks on Ammi's pussy. Ammi stopped protesting after two minutes.

I came to know that Ammi is enjoying it. I now started rubbing cocks on Ammi's pussy in fun. After the next two minutes, Ammi shook her ass and started rubbing her pussy on the top of my cock.

Ammi's pussy was getting wet. I held Ammi's ass and started licking her pussy.
Mother said- Ahh… put it son.
I struck a blow and inserted the cocks in Ammi's pussy.

As soon as the cocks went in, Ammi came out of her mouth - ah… yalla, you listened to me. Arranged the Alore at home. How long have I been suffering? Ahhh ... Sahil, why didn't you come first, son! Now give Chod to your mother's pussy, Ahh Chod give son… Chod me.

I said- Yes my mother, if I knew that my mother used to use wooden cocks condom, then I would have already enjoyed your pussy. Today I came to know that my mother calms the fire of pussy with wooden cocks.

She said - Ahhh… bastard, you have seen everything. At the same time, I would come in and give me Chod, your father is no longer able to fuck me, you give my pussy the pleasure of cocks now. Chod son!

I grabbed Ammi's shoulders and started licking her cocks. Ammi ahhh… yahhhh… Ih… ohhh… I am enjoying… Chod… Ahhh and Chod….

While increasing the speed of my cock bumps, I started fucking Ammi's pussy with speed. While pulling his shoulders towards me, I started pushing hard in his pussy.

Within five-seven minutes, Ammi's pussy fell.
She said- Ahhh, my children, yalla keep you happy. Ahh… enjoyed Sahil son.

I had even come close to loss. I took the cocks out and I started licking the cocks. While holding the cocks in my hand a couple of times, I placed my cocks on Ammi's ass hole.

Semen came out of my cock hole and started falling on Ammi's ass hole. I gave Ammi's ass hole a full bath. Then I rubbed my goods on his ass hole and then gave finger to Ammi's ass.

As soon as the finger went into the ass, Ammi jumped right away. I pushed my finger all over.
That quote - stop and bastard, stop for a while, kill the ass too but kill it with hindrance.

After two minutes I put the cocks in Ammi's mouth. Soon after giving cocks to Ammi's mouth, my cocks became erect again. I then put condoms on the cocks.

I bent Ammi on the bed and applied oil on my finger and smoothed Ammi's ass inside. After that I inserted cocks in Ammi's ass. Ammi screamed. I grabbed her pussy and pressed.

When she was a little relaxed, I started Ammi's ass fucking. In ten minutes of fucking Ammi had once again fallen. Then the bell rang at the door. Ammi picked up a nightie and went to open the door wearing it.

After a minute, Parveen was also walking in the room with Ammi. Both of them were coming inside smiling. I was lying naked on the bed and my cock was full.
Once I started hiding the cocks but Ammi said - Do not hide anything, I have told Parveen.

It did not take me long to understand that Ammi wants to fuck our lord with my cock too.
Parveen immediately came to bed and started sucking my cock with her mouth. Kamwali started sucking my cock in fun like Kulfi and Ammi took her clothes off and started naked.

After she was completely naked, Ammi and I laid her on the bed. Ammi started playing with her Tits and I rubbed her pussy with cocks. She became very hot.

Then Ammi said - iron is hot, Sahil son, pat it.
I took a blow and removed the cocks in the pussy of the worker. I started fucking her pussy with speed.

As soon as he gave cocks in her pussy, it was found out that he is very cocky. That is why she was playing with my aunt's aunt. I started pushing Parveen's pussy with speed.

Ammi put her pussy in her mouth. Kamwali was licking Ammi's pussy. Now both of us were having fun sighing out of the mouth

Within ten minutes of fucking Parveen's pussy left the water. Then I also threw my water in her pussy while pushing.
For some time the three of us kept playing with each other's bodies. That day, the three of us enjoyed thymus sex .

Since that day, Ammi and Parveen often started taking my cock in her pussy. I had got two or two pussy at home. When my sister Farhan was not there, we often started fucking.

Friends, tell me how you liked this story. If your response is correct, then I will tell you more sex stories. Message me on the email ID given below. You can also give your thoughts on the story by commenting in the comment box.

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