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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Chudai Ki Tamanna completed with callboy-1

Chudai Ki Tamanna completed with callboy-1

My greetings to all readers.
Friends, my name is Ishani Sharma and I am from Delhi.

I am 20 years old. I am very beautiful in my childhood, and as soon as I was young, there was such a change in my body that I started feeling doom. Gora Badan, a sharp Nayan Naqsh and a killer figure of 34-26-36, which was enough to make anyone's cock.

Friends, this is my first sex story, so if there is a slight mistake in writing the story, then please forgive me as a fool. I have no experience in writing a story but I am trying to give words to what happened to me.
My story is not a fictional event but a 100% true event.

Apart from me at home, I have mom and dad and my childhood friend is Shanaya. It is said that Mom Dad of Shanaya was a very close friend of my father. Both of them died in a car accident while passing through Karol Bagh. She was survived by 2 years of shanaya in the accident. While all were over.

So, Dad brought Shanaya to our house after 2 to 3 days of his friend and his wife's actions and my mom dad brought her up like her baby girl too. If I and Shanaya were of the same age, everything would have come double, whether it was wearing clothes or whatever.

Our dad is a businessman and helps dad in mom business. Most of the time Dad stays on a foreign tour, then he goes to office in the absence of Mom Dad. If I had any partner of this loneliness, she was my childhood friend Shanaya; Which was everything to me.

He told me that Ishani, I will give you the name of a website, open it on my laptop and read stories in it, then you will feel good.

Since then, I am an old student of immigration. I have been a frequent teacher of this site for the last 3 years. Being a constant teacher of this site for three years, I also felt that I too should share my story with you.

So friends, I was waiting for the results after my 12th exam was over 3 years ago. It was summer, then Mom went to Masi's house. I did not feel like it was noon, so I went to the terrace.

I saw that Dad's car was standing in the parking lot, that means Dad had come home. After some time, standing outside Dad's room, I wanted to see if Dad was busy in any important work.
So I saw that a 23 to 24 year old girl is jumping on top of the dad without getting naked. Dad was also absolutely naked.

I was surprised to see Dad doing sex with a girl like his daughter's age. My dad's cock was inserted into that girl's pussy. Here, my tights were wet before I read stories on the terrace. Seeing Dad fucking that girl, then it started raining from my pussy.

I was very angry to see that girl's fuck with dad, but I kept quiet at that time and stood on the side of the gate and started watching live telecast of Mast Chudai.

After some time, Dad changed his position and lied to the girl and climbed on top of her and started smirking.

After about 5 minutes Stamina of Dad replied, then he told the girl to say - Now I am going to come.
So the girl shouted that sir, do not fall in my pussy; You fall in my mouth. I want to drink your sperm.
So Dad took his cock out of her pussy and started banging it hard in her mouth.

In a short while, Dad's sperm fell in the girl's mouth and that girl shamelessly drank all the sperm.

Both of them wore clothes after a clean sweep. Now that girl was ready to go, and then Dad gave her some money. I backed away from there and then behaved as if I had seen nothing.

But my dad and that girl were completely shaken.
So I asked Dad - who is Dad?
Dad said- Daughter, this is my personal secretary in our office.

Talk came and Dad went to the office with the girl.

A few days later my result came in which me and Shanaya passed the first position. So with the help of my childhood friend Shanaya, I started searching the college affiliated to Delhi University.

We got to college only after a little hard work, but it was far away from our house and it took 2 hours to reach by car. So I took the driver with Shanaya and went to see college.

It was found that the last date to submit the admission form is today. But both of us had only come to see the college, then had not brought the fee money together.

First of all, we found the fees at the cash counter, then it came to know that Rs 5580 is college fee and Rs 12000 is hostel and mess fee.
So I quickly took 2 forms and after filling them, we took out 40000 rupees from ATM and filled the admission form by filling the fees of college, hostels and messes for both myself and Shanaya and took the receipt in the name of both.

Then we asked about classes starting.
So the clerk told that it will take 15 days.
And we both went back to our home.

When I came home in the evening, I talked to Mom Dad regarding admission, and Dad gave me praise. My friendship with Shanaya grew so deep day by day that when two and a half years had passed, it was not known.

Both of us were the most beautiful and smart in our class. When coaching or going out of hostel, boys used to sigh on seeing us. In college, no boy studied because he was just a girls' college.

So both of us kept our aim only on studies and whenever boredom was felt by studies, we used to read stories on introspection and when the panties got wet, fingered each other's pussy and removed the water.

We both had a lot of time while doing a finger, so together they decided that if man gets any cocks now then he can have fun. But both of us decided that now we will read only the story of the female writer and ask her to own a boy.

But no writer of conscience helped us.

Just a few days ago, there is a story writer from Punjab named Komalpreet Kaur. I read the story written by him one night, while reading the story my panties got wet. Although my panty was wet everyday, first of all I used to calm my pussy and then mail the mail id given in the story; This became my routine work.

When I mailed Komalpreet Kaur on the ID given in her story, the reply to the mail came to me only.
But I requested him to come to the hangout but he made some formal inquiries in 4 to 5 emails from me. Then she came to the hangout and the conversation started between us.

I told him in talks that I need a boy who can enjoy me.
So they asked me - why do you want a callboy? If you want, you can also make a boyfriend.

I answered them - the boys of today have no faith. Maybe he can breakup after playing with my body and make me happy in society. Which I will not be able to withstand and my mom dad's nose will be cut. I cannot allow my mom dad's nose to be cut off at any cost, so I told him to tell a callboy. He will take maximum money but he will be a professional. And as far as I know, the professional guy will not insult anyone because the secret and customer satisfaction is the main pillar of his business and his business rests on these two pillars.

So I thought of hiring a callboy but I did not know any callboy, so I thought of taking some help from Komalpreet ji.

He told me that I know only the boys of Punjab. If you really want to get your pussy sealed, then you have to come to Punjab. So can you come to Punjab? That boy will fuck you for free.
I thought that the boy will break my pussy seal for free. So maybe he can also slander me. Because he is definitely from Punjab but can slander me on the Internet.

So I told him- I can also give him money.
He asked for my photo and sent me details of a callboy.

Friends, did I talk to that boy or not. If he did, how and where did he fuck me? If not, how did my pussy thirst quench?
To know all this, definitely read the next part of the story.
And how was the story so far? Mail me and comment too.
Thank you.

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