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Chudai Ki Tamanna completed with callboy-2

Chudai Ki Tamanna completed with callboy-2

Back of this sex story:
Chudai Ki Tamanna completed with callboy-1

And then after a while a call came on my mobile. The boy took the name of Komalpreet Kaur and said- I want to talk to you.
So I told him - make a video call on the same number going naked on Google Deo.

He said OK and immediately he got a video call on Google Dio, in which he took off his clothes on a video call.

The boy was a very handsome young man and his body was strong as a gymnast.

And as soon as he took off his pants, similarly his 7-inch shrunken cocks came out bouncing. The position of that cock was the same ditto as Komalpreet Kaur Ji sent me. The shrinking cock of that callboy was about 7 inches long and about 3 inches thick.

I kept seeing his cock as a statue and I took all his information from him.
He told me - I fuck that female with no love on her pussy, because I do not like pimples. No matter how much money the female gives me. I do not drive him away but fuck him. So please you keep your pussy hair clean.

So I called him O and cut the call.

While sleeping at night, I told this thing to my childhood friend, Shanaya, then she said - look beautiful, this boy I feel like a horse of a long race. You should book it immediately. And call him to you. One day you can have fun and the next day hand this boy over to me so that I too can enjoy it.

At the same time, both of us decided that tomorrow morning we will go to the railway station. And we both fell asleep while talking.

Waking up in the morning, both of us were fresh and after taking a bath, went to the station and got a ticket booked for the boy to come from his city.
After that we both went to a courier office. I took a picture of a New Delhi ticket from his city and WhatsApp and courier both tickets.
And then we both went to our hostels.

In the evening I thought it necessary to tell Komalpreet ji, because I did not have enough courage to tell him that my friend also wants to fuck him.

Because Komalpreet ji was in touch with that boy, then he told him that thing.
So his answer came that he only means money, you have to pay that other girl's money separately.

So both of us booked a room for three days at a Three Star Hotel in CP (Connaught Place) and came to our hostel.

On the fixed date, in the morning I got a call from the callboy that he is coming to Delhi today, so we thought of leaving the hostel at 8 in the evening and came to the same hotel at 10 in the night.

Then after 5 minutes, he got a call that he has landed at New Delhi railway station. So I sent him to the location of the hotel on WhatsApp, and after some time again I got a call that he was standing outside the hotel.
I came out of the hotel to receive her and brought her to the room with me.

I ordered food so that I could leisurely do my work after dinner.

In a short while the waiter brought food, first of all we ate together and then after a while, all three of them stripped off each other and went completely bare and he first made a long French kiss on my lips which was my Kiss was the first French life that a boy had done. So every wire of my body got tingling.

He then kissed behind the cheeks, neck and ears. So I started supporting her.
Here, Shanaya started caressing the boy's cock.

It was the first time for both of us, so she was not getting the feeling that should come from her, so she stopped my kissing and explained to Shanaya that if baby does not do like this, she will enjoy more then Shanaya started doing the same.
When the tension started coming in his cock, he told Shanaya that if he took his cock in his mouth, Shanaya refused to say shit.

So he left me and showed Shanaya open his supra - Look where you look dirty?
And by bringing his mouth near his cock, smell it and tell if there is any smell of it?
So Shanaya refused.

After that he asked me if I sniffed and refused.

Then he said - Neither my cock has any dirt and there is no smell of any kind, then how did it become dirty? While this will make you feel very good.
So Shanaya started sucking his cock like a lollipap.

Then he started sucking and pressing my boobs while kissing me. As soon as he filled my boobs in his mouth, then my pussy started feeling like many ants were entering my pussy. And my pussy is opening and closing.

Well after 5 to 7 minutes, he started tickling my navel with his tongue, which caused a panic in my body and I felt very good.

After some time, he started licking my pussy. Here, due to Shanaya's licking and sucking, her cock became very big and thick and it was very difficult to penetrate her mouth.

As soon as he put his tongue on my pussy, I was completely shaken and I do not know what happened. I started pressing her head on my pussy.
The boy was a confused player who was torturing me by showing me the vision of heaven.

When he peaked his tongue and rubbed it on my pussy rash, my sobriquet would come out. In the same way, he kept torturing me for a long time. After some time, I became so much fun that I could not control myself and fell on her mouth and she licked my whole pussy juice by cleaning her cheeks with a finger.

Then I said to him - please do not torture me now and put your pestle in my pussy. Quench the thirst of my pussy.
So looking at my yearning, he removed from my pussy and took his cock out of Shanaya's mouth and he Asked Shanaya to suck my lips.

He started rubbing his wet cocks on my wet pussy. Here I was longing to get cocks inserted for a long time. Then he put his cock on my pussy hole and pushed it very hard. The push was so fast that his cock penetrated, tearing my pussy.

And as soon as the cock entered, I felt so much pain as if he had not put his cock and put a sharp knife in my pussy.

I stooped so much in pain that I got drenched in sweat. For some time he kept moving his cock back and forth in my pussy. Here he was sucking and licking my boobs, which turned my pain into fun.

Then I too started to beat her rhythm. Only then, he did not one, not two, the whole three vigorous blows continuously, so that his whole cock penetrated my pussy. Here I was in such bad condition due to pain that I even fainted.

But that Nirmohi did not feel any pity on me, but did not remove all his cocks from my pussy and my mouth watered with Shanaya brought me to my senses, after stopping for some time, slowly started moving my cocks back and forth.

Then after some time I started having fun. Then he increased his speed a little and started fucking harder. And in this way Choda for a long time.

When his juice was about to come out, then slowly he whispered in my ear- Ishani, my juice is going to come out, tell me where to remove it?
So I said - I do not have any danger right now, so you fall in my pussy.

He made the speed of the bumps very fast. Then he collapsed near my daughter-in-law with a sharp atomizer. I cannot express that feeling in words.

In the same way, that callboy kicked my pussy 3 times and ass 1 time all night.

The next morning, I, Shanaya and that callboy took a shower in the bathroom together and started a program of caressing cocks. Then a threesom went in the bathroom and clapped with each other and took a bath.

By then it was already 8 o'clock in the morning and the three of us had put on their respective clothes.

At around 08:30, the call rang and Shanaya opened the gate. Saw that the waiter brought the morning tea.

The three of us together finished the morning tea. After that I noticed that the place where the cocks are from had flowered his jeans, so my hand accidentally reached the place where the cocks are. And I started pressing and caressing his cock from above the jeans.

Then that callboy held my hand and said- Madam, my booking with you was till last night. But I have just done a threesm in the bathroom once with you but now no more and if you want to do more sex with me, then you will have to pay more.
So I asked him - how much more to pay? We will give

Shanaya said- Ishani, Chudai is not good at this time because the waiter will be coming with breakfast right now. So the three of us will have breakfast and go to see the Mughal Gardens first. Will return and fuck again. Say how will it be?
So everyone said- yes it will be fine.

After that the three of us had breakfast and we went to see the Mughal Gardens.

We returned to the hotel at around 2 pm and then the three had dinner together. Then did a round of threesomes, then went to roam the Palika Bazaar in the evening and after having dinner, Shanaya had sex all night.

Then he did a round three. That callboy made both of us so happy that it is not possible to write that feeling in words.

So guys, how did you like my first story? I again apologize that if there is any mistake in my story, I pray with folded hands to all of you, please give me your suggestions on my mail id

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