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Chudai ki -3

Chudai ki -3

I put one of his legs on his waist, turning his hand on his ass… and then moving his fingers from the rift of his ass, he started moving on the pussy.

In the second part of my sex story
Chudai Ki-2 to protect you from cold,
till now you have read how me and my friends came close due to cold and then we did Chudai.
Now further:

When I woke up in the morning, she was still sleeping like that, clinging to me. I gave him a loud hug once again. This made him sleep a little. I put a kiss on her forehead.
She smiled and opened her eyes and started looking at me.

I took advantage of the opportunity and kissed her lips. Perhaps she also wanted this, so she started supporting me.
After doing 2 minutes, I asked him - how do you feel now?
Shilpa- Now it is not hurting… and fatigue is also gone.
And while saying this, she again merged into my arms.

It is a very pleasant feeling to have a girl in your arms. This shows how much she believes in you.
I - fatigue can come again now.

And I started turning my hand on her bare back… she understood my intentions.
But before that I would do something else - I think we should talk a little first.

I - I know what you have to say… So when we get out of this room, then we will talk about it… Now just have fun.

We both knew each other so well and understood that we used to understand gestures in our eyes. Because of this she understood that I understood what she wanted to say.

Because of this she started to hug me tightly. I kept hugging her back while hugging her. Then the hand took the back of his ass on the ass and began to turn. We were clinging to each other on the side.

I kept one of his legs on his waist by turning his hand on his ass… and then moving his fingers from the rift of his ass, he started moving on the pussy.
I started fingering her around the pussy and then put a finger in the pussy lightly.

She was probably not ready for this. For this reason 'Ouch' came out of his mouth.
Then she started looking at me and I smiled seeing her.

Just while watching, I started kissing him again. Now she too was giving me full support. On the other hand, I started to put the finger down inside her pussy. She started kissing me harder.
Then she said - Now put that in.
I jokingly asked - what that?
Shilpa- No kidding, now quickly put… Enjoying a lot.
If I cannot speak, at least tell me.

Shilpa grabbed my cock and said - now… now hurry.
I am always enjoying you… what about my fun?
Shilpa- So you are not enjoying it?
I - it is fun by putting it in, but there are other things that enjoy it.

Shilpa - Like what?
Me- If you kiss him, you will enjoy him even more.
Shilpa- No… I do not like doing that.
I - Once you see… If you do not like it, do not do it.
Shilpa- Okay… just once… but then after that they will put in.
I sure.

Shilpa got up and went down and grabbed the cocks and started looking first, then gave a small kiss on the top.
I - not like this… kiss the top part in full mouth… like you eat lollipops.

He stared at me from below, then started sucking him with full mouth… I was in the seventh sky when someone was sucking me for the first time.
After 2 minutes of sucking, she said - now it is enough… put it in quickly… I am not able to stand it.

I too did not delay and rolled her up and lifted her legs up. Then put the cocks on the target and started putting them inside. The pussy was still very tight. So I was feeling very good. 'Ahhh from her mouth; has left.

Then I started giving jerks… with each jerk, his boobs were getting up and down. She was making sounds of 'Ahahah… Ahahahah' with every shock.

I would sometimes increase the speed of my shaking or sometimes reduce it. He was having a lot of fun.
When she was close to loss, then bid - and accelerate.
I also increased my speed.

After 2-4 shakes, she fell… her juice was felt on my cock. After falling, she calmly lay down.
But I still had one.
I - do in new position?
Shilpa - Which one?
I- Doggie Style.
Shilpa - Will she have any more fun in it?
The glow in his eyes looked different.

I am very.
And while saying this I asked him to turn around and become a mare.
she became.

Then I rubbed the cocks on the ass hole before back. And then started rubbing it on her pussy… then into her pussy.
His 'Ahhhh' came out again.

Then I started jerking from behind. He started enjoying it. I accelerated the tremors.
After about 10 minutes of drinking, I was going to be, but I wanted to fall with him, so I stopped. Leaning the cocks inward, rubbing the rash of her pussy while taking her hand from her waist.

Shilpa- Ahhhh… having lots of fun… keep on doing.
I started jerking him slowly while rubbing his rash… His 'ahhhh' started getting faster.
I understood that now it is going to fall, so I stopped rubbing the rash and intensified my tremors.

After about 2 minutes she fell and after feeling her juice on my cock, I also started falling.
She lay down like that and I lay cocks on her pussy and lay down on her. Gradually, my cock came out after being small Then I came from his side and lay down. Both of them were breathless.

Shilpa - Wow… Enjoyed… Where did I learn all this?
I - I have taken training for 20 years to do all this… but did it with you for the first time today… and I swear it was fun.
Shilpa lay down on the chest with her boobs on my chest… and I also kept her filled with arms.

After a while she started trying to get up, so I did not let her get up.
Shilpa - Time is too much… packing and leaving.
I - I know… but do not feel like… because I know that after today we will not even talk about all this.
Shilpa- How did you know that I have to talk on this… and that was to say.

I have known you for 4 years… I understand so much about you… and I also agree with this… I also do not want any kind of rift in our friendship.
Shilpa- We are very good friends… and I also do not want these girl-friends to drown him in the affair of boy-friend. If you ever go ahead and love in future, then the matter is different.
I - I completely agree with you… then after leaving this room you will forget that something ever happened in our midst.
Shilpa nodded her head yes… and laid her head down on my chest again… I also held her tightly.

I looked at the clock. Our train was 3 hours later. I did the math and saw that it would take 2 hours for bathing, packing and reaching the station. Meaning we had one more hour.

I - Well there is one more hour on my own.
He slapped my chest lightly.
I did not waste time, pulled her up a little… She looked up as soon as… I started kissing her… She was also supporting me… Then I did 45 minutes in her 2 more positions.

Then took a bath and packed all the things and stood at the gate to go.
I hugged him once and said- Only friend.
Shilpa - just friends.
And he gave me a long kiss and then we left.

It is the day and today is the day… We have never talked about it… nor have I ever seen it from the eyes of the one who is going to enjoy it… nor did he!
Today our friendship has been 9 years and we are very happy in our friendship.

Today she is studying in a different city… I am studying in Mumbai and we talk almost daily.

So friends, how was my sex story? Do mail me your suggestions and ideas. In the next story I will tell how I got another virgin girl.

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