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Friday, April 17, 2020

Chudai ki-2 to protect against cold

Chudai ki-2 to protect against cold

I removed her hands and saw a pussy for the first time. Then I smelled her pussy. I had not even smelled such a fragrance of perfume till today. I got drunk and I did a kiss directly on her pussy.

In the first part of my sex story
Chudai Ki-1 to protect you from cold,
till now you have read how me and my friends have become hot due to cold!

Now further:

I hold her hand and put it directly on my cock. At first he just kept whipping like this, till then I again grabbed his boobs and started pressing. Then slowly he started to hand over my cock and started measuring my penis.
Me- you can also catch it from inside.

She was still blushing, so I lowered my lower and tights together and held my cock in her hand again. She started pressing him lightly.
Shilpa - Wow oao… it is so thick and so hard and so hot.
Me- It is also like this.

I now started putting my hand inside his T-shirt and waving on the stomach. Then I slowly came over the boobs. Since the bra was still disturbing, I slowly started to move it up and then topped it up.

Now my hands were running on bare boobs. Her nipples had become very hard. Then I also put her T-shirt up and straightened it. She was lying down with her eyes closed. Both of her beautiful boobs were in front of my eyes and I kept seeing a tuck, then I took a boob in the mouth.
Shilpa- Ahhhh… what are you doing?
Me- Now you just keep enjoying.

I started sucking her cool boobs in turn. Sometimes it would make her nipple go round with the tongue, sometimes she would hold it with her lips and pull it lightly.
She was getting drunk just… nothing was coming out of her mouth except ‘ahahhh… ahhhh’. Now she put one hand on my head and started pressing slightly. I understood that she is very hot now.

Shilpa- Something is happening under me.
I deliberately said- Where is happening, in feet?
And I put my hands on my feet.

Shilpa- No… over there.
I put my hands on her and said - Where are you?
He took my hand and put it near his pussy.

I - well here… I have a cure for this.
And I got up and removed the lower including her panties.

He covered his pussy with his hands. I spread her legs lightly but she did not remove her hand. Then I started to move my hands from the inside of her thighs. She touched my hands and started moving her head from here to there.

I gently put her hands on her and removed them and saw someone's pussy for the first time. I took both her hands in both my hands and took them to the side of her waist and then I took the scent of her pussy. I had not even smelled such a fragrant fragrance till date. I got drunk and I did a kiss directly on her pussy.

His body ran like a vibration. She said - what are you doing, this is a dirty place.
I ignored his point and did a good kiss this time. Then licked pussy from bottom to top with tongue. The salty taste that I got from the oath is not in my mouth till today.

Then I started teasing her rash with my tongue. She could not speak anything of 'Ummm… Ahahahah ’. She was trying unsuccessfully to get her hands off. His breath was getting faster and then within 2 minutes his pussy left the juice and I licked it with the tongue. The taste was cool.

How did I feel?
I then lay on his side and lay down.
She said while controlling the breaths - till today there has not been such a good feeling… I am feeling very relaxed.
I - I have just started.
Shilpa- Meaning?
Me- Just like you have felt relax, so will you make me relax and then both will relax together after that.
Shilpa - and how will they do it?
Me - Just like I kissed you there now, you also do me there… so I will enjoy it as well.
Shilpa- No, I will not… That is a dirty place.

I have read a lot of stories on introspection, which is why I knew that girls are tantrums in the first place and they find it very strange, so I thought not to force them.

But I also knew that if I started fucking in such a situation, I would fall very quickly because I too had my first time. Me-
no, then you do it by hand.
Shilpa- I don't know what to do.
I - I'm all there to teach.

I grabbed his hand and got hold of his cock and said to him - do it up and down.
She slowly started doing it.

I have done masturbation many times, but the pleasure of getting a girl done by hand is different. As I realized that I would not be able to last more than 2 minutes, and started dropping very fast pitchers. But I was happy because now I can last more time.

When my semen started flowing on his hand, he asked - what happens to you guys?
I said with breath control for 2 minutes- Yes, I had studied in biology at school, no, it is the same.
I cleaned my semen with tissue paper.

Then we hugged and lay down for 2 minutes.
Me- Want a good feeling again?
Shilpa- Yes.
And he hid the head in my chest.
I - but now we have different fun, now let's do it together.
Shilpa - Ok.

I - but there will be pain in the beginning, you know it?
Shilpa- Yes, I know this too… it has not become so big… and I also know that if we do not have a condom, then I may have to take a pill.
I was surprised to hear his answer… and said- Wohhh… where was this item hidden so far!
Shilpa - what else!
And she proudly widened her chest… I pressed her boobs lightly.

Me- We have done so much, but have not done kiss yet.
Shilpa- Oh yes.

Now I was going to do the first kiss of my life. I slowly put my lips on her lips and then slowly started running lips on her lips. It was very fun doing this.
Then I opened her lips with my lips and started French-kiss. She was also supporting me, so it was fun and double. While kissing, I started turning my hands on her boobs and also started teasing the nipple.

He was starting to enjoy it and even my cock was slowly coming in its shape. While doing what I did, I started to extend one hand towards her pussy and then started rubbing the rash lightly with fingers.
She started kissing loudly, so that I understood that she is starting to enjoy it and she is getting hot.

I was also ready to move forward, so I stopped kissing and came straight down and started licking her pussy once again. She started to suffer, I also wanted to torture her because I had read on the invitation that the hotter the girls… the more they will enjoy.

My cock was now fully erected, so I did not think it right to wait and left the lick and lifted its legs in the air.
I don't shout.
Shilpa was just busy closing her eyes and she just nodded her head.

I started rubbing my cock on her pussy and started wetting the same thing that was flowing from her. When she started lifting her ass, I understood that she was no longer tolerant of it, so I then fitted my cock in the right place and put a slight pressure.

The pussy was very tight, so I slowly increased the pressure. The expressions of pain on his face were reflected differently. I thought if the pain will be more slowly then I will put it together but I was afraid to shout it.
So I stopped in that direction and kissed him. When he started liking it, I put half of the cocks inside. His scream came out but I kept it closed with my mouth so the voice did not come out much.
He buried his nails on my back. Tears started flowing from his eyes.

2 minutes, I kept kissing her in the same way and when she was a little normal, I asked - are you normal now?
she nodded.
So I said to him - just one more pain.
She did not say anything.

I pulled my cock back a little and put it completely inside. This time he stopped screaming but beat the head from here to there two or four times. I started putting whole cocks inside and kissing him.
In 2 minutes, she shook her back, I understood that she has become normal… now can move forward.

I slowly started taking the cocks out. She was also having fun… she also started supporting me by lifting her back. I then accelerated my jerks. She started having fun and she started making sounds of 'Ahhhh ... Ummm ... Aaah'.

I too was enjoying putting her tight pussy.
Within 3-4 minutes she started saying - fast.
I understood that she is going to fall, so I increased my speed. She started to fall after holding the sheet. I felt his juice on my cock.

I slowed down my speed so that he could enjoy it well.

Then after doing it slowly for 2 minutes I increased the speed slightly. She started to support me again. I speed up again, he started enjoying it a lot. After about 5 minutes of fast fucking I thought that I was going to be, so I asked him - leave it inside?
He replied in 'Yes… Ahhhh… Ummmmm ’. Perhaps she also wanted to feel the first semen inside me.

She was going to fall again and then after 10-15 shakes, she started falling and I also started leaving all the goods in her pussy. Till date, I had never received as much of my goods as it was.
I spent 2 minutes like that by putting my cock in her pussy… Then I got up and lay down beside her.
As soon as I lay, she clung to me.

Friends, if a girl sticks with you after sex, then understand that your hard work was successful.
I also stuck it on my chest. We were already tired before the trek, so we did not know when we slept like this.

The story will continue

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