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Friday, April 17, 2020

Chudai ki-1

Chudai ki-1

I had many girl friends in college, but I did not have a girlfriend. I believe more in friendship, not in unhappiness of love. I went to hang out with a friend girl…

My name is Aditya. This story is about the time when I was a B.E. from Indore. K was studying for the fourth year.

Although I had many girl friends in college, but there was not even a girlfriend. Or say it, I did not have to make it. I believe more in friendship, not in unhappiness of love.

I am writing this story mainly for those people who understand that a boy and a girl cannot be friends only. At the end of this story you will understand by yourself that if we can remain friends even after all this, then it can be done without anything happening.

So first I tell about the protagonist of the story, ie. I am 5'4 ″ tall and blond but a little skinny (at the time) guy.

My length is not much, but my nature is good and I know how to talk to girls, which many boys do not know… how ever they open their mouths.
But I understand this thing very well because I have been a class topper since school time, so girls used to talk to me… and even today my school girls are in touch with me.

One such college friend was my Shilpa. Although there was more, but it used to talk to me a lot. Battles were also very much, but only for some time.
His length was just a little shorter than mine. I don't know its size, but 32-26-30 would have been comfortable at that time.

Her nature was very good and she was very straightforward because whenever there was an adult joke between friends, she could not understand it. Because of this, similar things have never happened between us. Or say that the rest of the talk was not over so that all these things could be done.

I am most famous among my friends for roaming because I roam around a lot. For this reason, whenever someone had to make a plan, he used to speak to me. By the way, our entire gang of 8-10 people used to go if we had to go somewhere outside the city to roam!

But once the pressure of studying was so much that Shilpa was distressed after reading and reading… So she said - go on a trek somewhere.
I also wanted to roam, so I said yes.

But when asked by the rest of the people, not a single one said yes because everyone had to study.
While both of us were distressed after studying. So both of us thought of going on the trek alone. Roopkund trek near Dehradun finalized.

Since both of them were short of money and the room rates were very expensive for that place, we then took a room with a double bed. By the way, I told him clearly that I will sleep on the couch and he also said that I will walk there and see.
I never had any idea to beat him or do something like that because we were friends so good.

Well we made all the booking of the train and hotel. In the hotel, we also called and asked that they have no problem with unmarried couples because there are problems in many hotels.
They did not have it.

We set out for tracking on the appointed day. We were both very excited for it because both had their first trek.

We reached our station at 5 am and reached our hotel by auto. It was very cold there. After reaching the hotel, we took a shower. I also put cool songs in my phone which both of them like.

Then we went out to have breakfast. We traveled around that city a bit because the trek had to start from the next day. Our day only went in wandering. Then after dinner, we came back to our hotel to sleep.

Our double bed was very big, so Shilpa said that we can sleep comfortably in different corners of the bed.
I also liked his words because I was torn due to my cold.
We slept happily in our own quilts.

Then in the morning we got up early, took a bath and checked out and left for Roopkund trek.

The trek was 2 days and I cannot describe the beauty there. We had a lot of fun there, met many people too.
After finishing that, we returned in the evening after 2 days back to Dehradun.

Our return train was in the next afternoon, so we had to spend the night. We had already booked another hotel, so we went to that hotel.

It started raining in the evening itself, which further increased the cold.

While we were preparing to sleep after having dinner, we noticed that the bed is slightly smaller than the previous hotel. But both of us knew that we have to adjust a little. Both were sensible but did not think so
After eating, we lay down to sleep.

But today the cold was more, we were talking a little and I said - man, it is getting cold even in the quilt.
Shilpa: Yes man, it is very cold, but what can we do?
Me- do one thing, if you do not have problems, then you come in one quilt and both quilts will be one on top, some will survive the cold.

After thinking for 2 minutes, she said that the matter is fine, otherwise health can also be bad.

Then we got into a quilt and made both quilts together. But it was still cold. Just less than before.
Both started talking about the trek.

We were talking only to each other.

Then when we started sleeping, Shilpa took a turn. I could understand from the sound of his breath that he felt very cold.
So I asked - Is the cold feeling too much?
He answered yes.

I will not look now.
And I clung to his back.
Shilpa hurriedly said - what are you doing?
Me- cold is too much, body heat will not make you cold.
She was feeling a bit sad because I had said the right thing.

Now I am his good friend too! But I am a boy and a girl. Even though there was no such thought in the heart, but the mind started reacting to this sweet feeling on its own, and the same thing happened to me, I started standing up.

Since I was clinging to him from behind, my breath was falling on his neck and my cock was piercing near the ass crack behind him.
He thought that maybe there is a quilt or some stuff that he has left in bed and he is piercing him. So, taking his hand back, he tried a little or two to pull it out.

As soon as he put his hand on my cock, I got a jerk and I pressed my lips hard on his neck.

When he realized that the one he had just tried to remove from the grip was my tool, he quickly gave up and started speaking in the same way.
I removed the lips from her neck after 5-10 seconds and then spoke very slowly after removing it - no problem!

Shilpa- Are you being uncompensable? Meaning why is it like this?
Me- No, I am absolutely fine, it is just this position that my body is responding to it. Don't worry, there is no such thought in my mind so far!
Shilpa - Your reaction is stinging me, how can I be comfortable?
Me- It will be cured on its own in a while. You just relax.
Shilpa - Can not relax in this condition because he is stinging some wrong place.

I realized now that my cock is piercing near her ass hole, but now I was in the mood to play a little with her.
Where are I stinging?
Shilpa - Like you don't know.
Me- wait let me check again.

I stopped for 2 seconds so that if there was any problem from his side, he would speak because I did not want any problem in friendship. I then took my hand down and moved it over the top of my ass and took it to the top of my cock.
That part was burning like a furnace.

Me- You do not have fever anywhere… It is getting very hot.
Shilpa - It is hot like this, and now you can move your hands.
I lightly pressed her ass and then removed my hand from there. But I kept holding him from behind.

But now I was getting a little difficult to bear. So I started moving my hand which was on her stomach and slowly moved towards her boobs. Then I moved a little while correcting the movement and lifted the hand from the stomach on the pretext of correcting the quilt and then put the straight hand on her boobs.

I swear I was soft than cotton… but I did not put my hands there for a long time and removed it and put it back on my stomach and I gently spoke her ears.
Shilpa- I had put my hand there, so I also let you set your own so that the account would be equal, but
before she could complete her talk, I said - yes you can touch it again, I will accept the account.
Shilpa elbowed me on this.

I - by the way, is too soft, your…
Shilpa - and your is a little more strict…
I - can I touch them better? Never touched anyone.
Shilpa - Okay, but only once… that too because you did not touch anyone.

I quickly put my hands on her boobs and started pressing them lightly. Since she was wearing a bra, she was coming in the middle.
Touching them started licking my cock and jerks. I slid lightly further down so that the cocks could get more body heat.
I started rolling round with fingers on her nipple from above the bra.

I knew that he was enjoying it too - man, how cool you are, I feel like playing with him throughout my life.
She blossomed.

I kept pressing her boobs lightly - as if I was anxious to touch them once more… You were not curious how I became so strict? Didn't want to touch her again?
Shilpa - There is some shame.
I - We are students of science. If we are ashamed then what will happen to the other people. Bring me your shame away.

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