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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Choda calling girlfriend's friend

Choda calling girlfriend's friend

Hello friends, my name is Abhishek, and I am from Kanpur. Due to the financial condition of my family members, I left my college forever, and started doing jobs in Kanpur. After a lot of difficulties, I became friends with a girl working in my office, and it was not known when we started to truly love each other. 

My girlfriend Suhani had a friend named Sunita. Sunita used to be a very good friend of Suhani, so both of us used to talk to each other sometimes.

My girlfriend's friend used to burn her a lot, she often used to misbehave with my girlfriend on the phone. But I did not pay attention to this. My girlfriend's friend Sunita and I often used to talk to each other, and because Sunita had no boyfriend, she used to say anything openly to me.

Sunita often used to ask me what happened between me and Suhani. She even used to ask us about our sex and sex. Most of the talk between Sunita and me was about laughter and sex. Sunita often used to ask me such questions as: - "You said to Suhani, but touch, has anything happened between you or not?" There were often similar questions.

For a few days, I heard Sunita filled so much poison with Suhani that I had started hating Suhani. Often Suhani and I used to get into a fight and that's why I broke up with Suhani one day. After the breakup from Suhani, I started feeling very depressed. And in the meantime, I was becoming much better than Sunita, And we both started talking a lot more. Many days have passed and the closeness between Sunita and me had begun to increase a lot. One day Sunita made a plan to go for food, and came to me to hang out with me while telling her family members. Sunita's house was about 20 km from my house.

Sunita came to hang out with me wearing a red colored skirt and top. At first we both ate food and in the same pretext, I touched Sunita many times and laid her hands on it, but she did not feel bad about this. She got very much dissolved in me like my girlfriend. Then after some time both of us made a plan to watch the film and went to a mall to watch the film. Both of us were very busy watching the film, and in the meantime I had also laid a hand on Sunita's shoulder, which she did not mind at all. After some time, a very romantic kissing scene comes in the film, after which Sunita asks me, “Did you kiss Sunita like that too ??

No i didn't do anything like that

How did you do then - Sunita asked again

We had put a corner seat in the theater, where no one was sitting. Seeing the right opportunity, I put my lips on Sunita's lips, and we both started kissing each other. We kept kissing each other for about 5 minutes, and then after the film was over we left. At the same time, a friend of mine had a flat at some distance, I had already told my friend that I am coming there. My friend's flat was often empty, so he had already given me the key to his flat.

After some time I came to my friend's flat with Sunita, where Sunita and I started laughing and talking to each other. After a while, I put my hands on Sunita's boobies, she went out of the way, but she did not tell me anything. Then slowly I put my other hand on his thigh and started kissing him. After kissing, Sunita's voice became heavy, and her breath started going fast. I understood that Sunita is hot, and she is also in the mood for full enjoyment.

Now slowly I started to rub Sunita's boobs, and Sunita's mouth started shouting ah, ah, ammm, ohhhhh, and within a while Sunita too reached the peak of excitement. Sunita suddenly pushed me to bed and Then took off his top and threw it on the ground. Shortly after, Sunita took off her bra and threw it on the ground. I was surprised to see so many big boobs of Sunita, in fact her body was quite a reply, and what to say about the shape of her body, any human would be disappointed to see her. Seeing such big boobs, I could not bear any trouble and I started sucking her boobs with my hands.

Sunita's body was quite noticeable, and she looked hot in silky brown hair and only black panty. We were returning to bed kissing each other like a hungry wolf. After some time Sunita lying down and threw me off my underwear, and started sucking my huge 7 inch cock in my mouth. Seeing her, it seemed that she was hungry for a long time to take someone's cock, so she used to burn a lot with my girlfriend. I also wanted to take full advantage of this flaming Shovel, so I laid Sunita on the bed and threw her panty away, now I started licking the seed on her red pussy with my tongue. Now the voice was starting to get very loud from Sunita's mouth, she was continuously rubbing her boobs and saying "Ohhhhh Abhishek Ahhhhh Chod do me. I've been hungry for a long time".

After some time, white water came out of his cock, now seeing that my cock had started catching the boom. I set my cock to put it in her red shave and once I removed my cock completely inside her. Sunita screamed out of her mouth, she started saying Ahhhhhhh, please take it out, but now I too was about to stop, I slowly started to take my cock inside her cock. After some time, his pain stopped, and I was constantly being paralyzed with the sound of stuttering. Sunita was enjoying sex while hiding her mouth. After some time, Sunita also climbed on top of me and started putting a lashing meeting, putting my cock in her mouth, I also started saying "Ah Sunita how good are you, Ahhhh." Sunita did not know what had happened that day, she was not falling for a long time.

After a while, I lay down on him and started fucking him in the machinery style, and then Sunita collapsed while making a loud sound of ah, ah. After some time I too fell and I put my hot semen in Sunita's mouth. Sunita took my hot semen around her neck, and then we both slept on each other for 2 hours. Then after about 2 hours both of us put on our clothes and cleaned the room thoroughly, and from there I left Sunita at her house. From that day onwards, Suhani had completely forgotten, and I used to talk to Sunita. Both of us used to make a plan to roam like this every week, and then used to come and fuck me on my friend's flat. Now I always used to call Sunita from time to time. 

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