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Chill night in assfucking fun

Chill night in assfucking fun

It was late once he returned from the party. There was no means to go home. I was walking But luck had something else approved. It started raining in the middle way and then…!

Hello friends, I welcome you once again to Prince. I have brought a new story for you. Hope that you guys will definitely like me.

Let me tell you about myself before taking the story forward. I am a 19 year old blonde and soft boy. It is about the day when I was returning from a Christmas night party on 25 December. I was very tired and was going home on that cold night.

It was 1 o'clock in the night. I was not getting any bus etc. So I decided to go home on foot. This decision proved very interesting for me. You will get an idea of ​​it by reading the story.

I had a drink at the party, so there was mild intoxication. The night was dark, so I was walking full alert. My house was 8 kilometers away. Alcohol into the cold night was making the weather very pleasant.

The air also looked very cold. Something went so far that the wind intensified. When I looked up at the sky, the moon was getting clouded. It was probably rainy season. I felt that there would be no rain but after two minutes the drops started falling.

I started walking fast but with my footsteps, the raindrops also started intensifying and seeing it started raining strongly. I was completely wet within two minutes. I thought I would fall ill like this.

To avoid the cold, I thought of staying somewhere because I could not stay outside in such a heavy rain. There was a deserted cinema hall nearby. I entered it without thinking anything.

The cinema hall was closed for the last four-five years. Nobody used to come there. So I was feeling a little scared too. But to avoid the rain, a better place could not be found at that time. I went inside

It was deserted when I went inside and saw it. The glass of the windows was broken. Due to which cold air was coming in. The chairs were also broken. Then I straightened a chair and slide it, cleaned it a little bit and sat down.

I was wet so it was cold. When I hit my hand in the pocket, my cigarette and lighter went. I thought I smoked cigarettes. There will be some relief from the cold. Then I thought that no one comes to this theater anyway.

Thinking this, I took out the foam of the chair and started baking myself by putting fire in it. There was some relief from the cold but the cold air was still coming in and the rain was not taking the name of freezing.

After a while, I heard some commotion. I thought someone else was coming too. I started getting nervous that there should not be a thief. I started feeling afraid that if thieves were there, they would take away my purse, money and phone etc.

I quietly sat there and sat there. They were two boys. Both of them stood at the door looking towards me. Seeing the burning fire, he moved forward. I threw my cigarette aside. When he came to me in the light of the fire, he came to know that he did not look like a thief.

Then I also stood up. After seeing them it seemed that both of them were also drunk. One must have been near the age of 21-22 and the other was close to 23-24. Both looked almost the same height. The height of both of them must have been close to 5.8 feet.

When I turned my attention to his body, I kept looking at him. What looked amazing both. Looking at them, no one can give them their heart.

Seeing me, he asked - who are you and what are you doing here?
I told - my name is Prince and I stayed here due to rain. I was coming from a nearby Christmas party that it started raining in the middle of the road. So stayed here.

He said - we too are coming from there. We could not find any bus on the way, so after seeing the light here, we came to this building for shelter. Can we both stop here too?

I said with a smile - I have not made the registry of this place a bit, like you guys have come here for shelter. I had also come.
Both of them smiled at my point.

After watching carefully, it was found that his body was also drenched in the rain. We started talking among ourselves.
One of them called his name Sameer and the other one Azim Khan.

Sameer said- How did you light this fire?
I said - took out the foam of the chair and burnt it with a lighter.
Hearing this, he went backwards and brought out foam from a chair. He brought foam and put it on the burning fire. Due to this, fire started to flare up.

Then Azim was a little on the side. He opened the zip of his pants and started mooting on one side. His cock was not clear in the dark. I tried hard but could not see the size of the cocks. But where he was staying, there had become a lot of foam. I was a bit excited.

After urinating, he came and sat on the nearby chair. Then he started opening his shirt suddenly and removed it as soon as he saw it. He took the shirt off and dried it near the fire. Seeing his body, my mouth became like water.

Azim's body looked absolutely solid. Her nipples were all from pink. He had dark black hair on the chest. He had trimmed armpit hair. Seeing him, my mind started to lick his underarm.

In the meantime, Sameer also took off his shirt and moved towards Azim and said - Yeh le man, dry my shirt too, otherwise I will get sick. When I saw Sameer's body, his body was also very solid but there was no hair on his chest. His biceps looked very strong.

Sameer's underarm was full of dark black hair. I had liked both of them. I was ready to make both of them my husband.

It was raining too, the atmosphere was also warm. Azim took off his pants as well. He said that he was having a cold. His pants were also wet in the rain. He also dried his pants in front of the fire.

Azim was wearing only one briefs from below. Sameer pointed to Azim.
He said, friend, how shameless you are being. He is stripped down in front of someone like this. This poor boy does not know what he must be thinking about us.

Azim did not respond to Sameer's talk.
In this I only said - no problem, I am also a boy. What is the point of thinking in this Anyway, if wet clothes remain, then there will be more fear of getting sick. If your pants are too wet then you dry them too or else it will be cold. I have no problem with both of you.

Hearing this, Sameer also took off his pants. Now both of them were standing in underwear in front of me and drying their pants. Half of his cocks were also shining separately in his wet underwear. Their size was also being estimated that both cocks would be of the same size. But Sameer's cock looked a bit too fat.

Sameer said- Hey Prince, dry your shirt and pants too. We did not even think about you.
I did not wear underwear from below. That's why I tried to postpone the matter and refused and said that I am fine like this.
But Sameer said- Hey man, you will get cold. Dry it

I said, man, I have not worn anything from below.
Sameer said- So what happened, we too are boys. We also have what you have. What is shame in this?
On Sameer's insistence, I also took off my shirt and pants and gave it to dry.

Now I was completely naked in front of them both. They were both looking at my soft body. Seeing my pink nipples and round ass, the movement of both of them had started to appear.

At this point, the lightning struck and I started falling down in fear. But Azim was sitting below. I fell on his lap and he saved me from falling on the ground. At this time, a strong strong wind started to move, which started to come in like a storm. He extinguished the fire burning inside and it became completely dark inside the hall.

I was feeling cold. I was sitting on Azim's lap.
He said - you should sit on my lap. You will fall somewhere in the dark and get hurt. Anyway, if we stay together, the winter will be less.
I also wanted the same.

I was in his arms while sitting on Azim's lap. I was also feeling Azim's cock on my ass from below. His cock was half erect. Slowly, his cock was completely tanned. He was sticking to my body just like that.

His hands were now caressing my hair. Sometimes he was stroking my hair and sometimes on the neck. I was enjoying it too. I put my head on his shoulder. He grabbed my head with his hand and brought it in front of me and started kissing my lips.

I started kissing her lips too. We were having a lot of fun, he removed his hands from my neck and started pressing my soft and round ass. He took off his trunks and put my hand on his cock.

I had a man with a cock full of masculinity. We were smooching from above. He was rubbing my Gand. I was moving his cock back and forth. When light came from somewhere, Sameer saw us doing all this.

Sameer got up and removed his underwear. Coming from behind, he also started kissing me. While kissing me, at the same time he was shaking his cock.

We changed our position and I started sucking Azeem's cocks in Doggy style. Sameer was playing with Mary Gand from behind. He used to bite my ass with teeth and sometimes lick my ass hole with the tongue, which would make me sigh.

I was sucking Azim's cock wholeheartedly like I have never seen a young boy's cock. The sounds of ah .. ah .. were coming from the mouth of all three of us. Now my ass fuck was about to come.

Both of them stood up when they were no longer with them. Both of them saw a nice chair around, seeing a good chair made me sit in doggy style. Azeem, whose cock was very big, followed me.

Sameer with rod like cocks, whose aloda was also very long, made my mouth above the chair and started to feel my mouth as a pussy of a prostitute.

In due course, that madar chod azim took out a lot of spit and while putting the spit in with his finger, put his finger back and forth in my ass.

He put one finger, then two, and then three fingers in my Gand later, he made my soft ass crush. Was getting a little bit of pain due to three fingers and Sameer was sucking cocks in the mouth. Sameer was not even taking the name of Sala Kuttia's child.

His blows were so fast in my mouth that it seemed as if someone had driven him on electricity. With such speed, he had made my mouth the pussy of a bitch. My lips were completely red while sucking his cock.

Now Sameer stopped for a while and moved towards Azeem and started sucking his cock. Right now Azeem was fingering me in the ass. He was trying to open my ass hole a bit and when my ass fucking is on, then I have no problem.

Sameer sucked Azim's cock and filled it with spit. He took his cock out of Sameer's mouth. Sameer's spit stained cocks azeem in my ass, then I was completely satisfied.

After that Sameer came forward again and started fucking me. His cock was so big that if I used to go inside my neck and then push me inside, then I would have lost my life. This went on for some time.

Then suddenly there was darkness in front of my eyes and there was a strange burning sensation in my ass and I was suffering like a bitch. Azeem had put his whole hand in my Gand. Because of which blood started flowing from the ass.

He was now fucking with my strong wrist and hand in my ass. I was dying for life. When he used to stir my hand inside my Gand and cut off the skin inside the ass, it seemed that the ass would get ripped.

It was hard to bear but it was fun too. We were getting drunk. When Azeem took out his hand and inserted his cock, he got some rest. Then both of them got very excited. Azeem was rubbing Sunny's ass with my blood and Sameer was fucking my mouth.

Azeem's breath was fast and he said gasping - my juice is going to come out.
I said - Ahhh… take it out in the ass itself.

After a few moments my ass started feeling hot hot lava, which was giving me a lot of relief. Azim started to bite me like a dog by lying on my waist and kept pouring his penis all over and leaving semen.

When his semen was full, he continued to lick cocks in my ass filled with semen. But the water of Sameer's cock had not come out yet. Now Sameer followed me and put his cock in my ass soaked with Azeem's semen and started licking my ass.

In this case Azeem came ahead of me. I cleaned her remaining semen and Sameer started sucking my ass like a thirsty dog. My senses flew away when Azeem started sucking my cock, now I was flying on the seventh sky.

The ass was getting behind and with this, the cream of Sameer's cock went out. My ass was completely satisfied with the semen of two young men. Azeem was sucking my cock and the sound of ah… ah… came out of my mouth and hit the cinema walls.

Now both of them picked me up and made them sit on the ground like they do. I cleaned and sucked Sameer's cock and licked his semen as a nectar. Now Azeem lay down on the floor and Sameer started sucking my cock.

Azim said- Put your ass on my face.
I did the same. The drops of semen in my ass started falling on Azeem's mouth and he started licking him. Here, my beloved Nunnu also left his goods in Sameer's mouth and Azeem licked all the semen from my ass and cleaned it.

We lay like this for a while and then everyone put on their own clothes. When I saw the time, it was almost 4 o'clock in the morning. The rain had also slowed down now. Perhaps even Honi had accepted all this.

We exchanged mobile phone numbers and Azeem said with a lovely smile - If you ever have an itch in your ass then remember us.
I said being happy- yes sure.

I hugged both Sameer and Azeem by putting on each lip Kiss Di Kiss and Jhappi and left for home.
So friends, this was the sweet story of my ass fuck. How did you feel about this crime of getting my ass fucked by you, tell me about it. I have given my email address below.

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