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Brother to sister sex till -3

Brother to sister sex till -3

I twisted my virgin sister's legs upwards and started rubbing the cocks on her juicy burr streak, which made her mad. She sighed and said - Brother, do something fast… otherwise I will die.

In the last part of the sex story of sister brother's love , you read in
brother-sister's sex till-2
that I cleaned my sister's virgin burp forest and kiss her bur and took her naked in my lap Was lying My cock was touching her bur from the lower. She too lied by ass.

Now further:

When I kissed Shweta while sleeping, she turned and her skirt was up. His cool juicy bur came right in front of my cock. He gave me a lot of kisses all over my face while pressing his cock on my cock and when the two of us got involved in the last time, nothing was known. This was the second lip of both of us, but now it was different.

We both started sucking each other's tongue while kissing. In a short time, his body became absolutely hot, like a fever. His hands and feet started shivering. She had become so hot only by kissing.

While kissing for a long time, both of us were caressing each other. I started caressing her back, stroking her cocks, who were naked. Then through the rift of his ass reached his bur, then his bur had become wet.

I started rubbing her clit with a finger in her wet burr streak, then she started 'Ahhhh Ooh ..'.
Bid on getting a little conscious- Brother, what are you doing?
I said - Your beloved Bur also needs love.

She kept quiet.

Then I started pressing her nipple and kept kissing like that.

Today I had the intention to do everything, so I said - Betu today we both take off our full clothes and sleep… will be fun.
She said - how?
I said, you do as I say.
He said - okay.

I removed my lower T-shirt inside the quilt and she also removed it.

This time when the two of us clung to each other, then the naked body got stuck together, and it felt as if we had achieved the most pleasant feeling in the world… which cannot be described in words.

Then I got up and lit the light, so she got completely nervous and said - what happened?
I said - you feel like watching without clothes today… so the light is lit.
He also removed the rest of the quilt on this matter and said- Brother, you too… I am yours only… Whenever you want to see.

Then his attention went to my standing cock, then he said - Brother, it is more standing than yesterday. … Has become more fat.
I said - yes it has happened after seeing you.

I got close to him and kissed him on the head, then on the eyes, then on the cheek… and started kissing in the last lip. I started pressing my sister's pussy with one hand.

She said - Brother, it is hurting, slow down.
I said - where is it hurting?
He said - which you are holding and pressing.
I said what?

She went shy.

I then asked - what am I pressing, don't tell!
He was shy and said- My milk…
I laughed and said - Pagli, call them a tit.
She said with a smile - Brother, don't squeeze my nipple slowly… It is hurting.
Then I said - a lot will happen now… You will enjoy this pain too.

She did not say anything just looking at me and smiled.

Then I came down on his neck kissing him and started sucking one of his nipples in my mouth. Simultaneously started pressing the second teat.

She started to enjoy it and she just closed her eyes and started to enjoy the kissing and rubbing of her mother.

Then I said - Betu hold my cock and do not move like yesterday.
He looked at me and asked - what should I tolerate?
I put his hand on my cock and said- it is called cocks.

My naive sister laughed and did as I told her.

I alternately sucked both my sister's aunties and pressed them. By the way, her tits were only 28 inches. I knew this because she wore a bra of 28 B size, I had just seen it when she removed her bra.

My sister was lying naked on the bed and I was enjoying her soft soft pussy. Her butter-like cucumber looked like a small balloon filled with air and water. I was enjoying touching my sister's cock.

Then I came to her navel kissing her stomach. When I kissed there, it immediately went on with the sound of 'CE…'.

After sucking her sister's navel for a long time, it was now Bur Chusai's turn.
First of all, I spread both his legs and caressed his burr with great love and saw the separation of both the lips of his bur. The rose had delicate pink petals. I saw the sexual act of his youth inside Bur, which I did not destroy even a single moment in sucking. Immediately I put my tongue and started sucking the juice of his Bur.

What can I tell friends… as soon as the nectar of his burnt is with the tongue, believe me as if his youth was drugged.

Now I could not understand anything except licking his bad. I licked the sister's virgin bur and she kept munching. I was not even aware of his voice. There was a sense of great youth in his evil. There was a great feeling of bluster.

Then I pointed my tongue and put it in the hole of Bur, which was closed from inside. Ah it was amazing taste. I was getting the most delicious taste of my life. Then I felt that she had caught my head and was pressing her juicy burr. I understood that now my sister's virgin burr is about to inundate.

I started to kiss him more and more loudly. She was also raising her ass and kissing Bur. Suddenly, he raised his ass too much and started shoving his first youthful juices in my mouth while making a strange sound.

The taste of my sister's virgin bur was slightly sour and salty. I was so lost in it that I drank all the juice and my whole face also got wet.

She had become lifeless after the first loss. Taking long breaths, my sister was lying down with her eyes closed.

After two minutes, I also removed my face from his bur and said by lying next to him - what happened betu?
He hugged me without opening his eyes and said - I love you brother.
I also said 'I love you to ..' and asked - how did I feel about this one?
That quote - Brother don't ask… I have never been as relaxed and fresh as today.
I said - all the love still remains.
She said - Brother, lie down now, I will love you.

I lay down and started to kiss like that. When she came on my chest nipples, she started laughing.

I looked at him and said - Brother, how can I suppress this small nipple?
I said - suck it will not be fun.

He started sucking my nipple.
What can I tell friends… My whole body was shaken. Meanwhile, his right hand went on my cock by himself.
I told him to move the cock down.

He started shaking my Aloda.

Ah, what a fun time I had with loving my naked sister.

Then I said - Betu kiss me on my cock.

At first he did not care a bit… then later he showered kisses on his brother's cock.

Then I said- Now suck it inside the mouth.
He said - Brother, how should I do this?
I said - do not suck lollipops like… suck cocks.

He started sucking his brother's cock in the same way. What can I say, I started enjoying paradise.

I also started to hold his head in the taw and thrust it up and down. I saw that the cock was hurting my sister's throat, which was hurting her, so I left my sister's head.

Taking out the cocks, he said angrily - Will you kill brother?
I said sorry to him and said - suck cocks harder… I feel good.
He also said - Yes brother, at first I did not like it, but when something sour, sticky came into my mouth from your cock, then I have also got a strange addiction, now I have started sucking your cock too.
I said - as I had extracted the nectar of your bur…. You too will enjoy drinking it.
She said - okay.

My sister again started sucking her brother's cock very hard. After some time, I was about to get my goods, so I told him that now do not stop… just the goods are about to be released.

Knowing this, he started sucking his brother's cock harder. The next moment my lava burst. I swear that no more lava was released before today. I had shaken and licked myself many times but before today this much semen had never come out, I was also surprised to see this myself.

My sister drank the juice of my cock to a great extent, but some semen had also fallen out, which she picked up and licked.

Now we both started talking while lying down.
I asked - how was it?
She said - Brother, enjoyed it a lot… now I will do it everyday.
I said - where was the real fun right now. There is much left to do.
He said - what do you mean?
I said - come on… let's do it in 69.
He asked- what is this?

I told the whole, then he did so. We both took positions.

I was lying on my back, she came upside down on me and separated her legs and put her face on my mouth. Also, he started sucking me by holding my cock. My cock started to stand again and I started licking it.

Now his ass was also in this position, so I could not stand. I put my tongue directly on his ass hole and started licking his ass.

His ass began to back and forth by itself. That quote - brother wow… I am enjoying it very much.
I said - lick my ass too… then I will enjoy it too.

She started licking my ass hole with her tongue. I was enjoying it very much.

Then I told him to lie straight and said - now it will be real fun. Now I will give you my beloved sister Burr by putting my cock in it and will enjoy it by fucking Chod.

He got drunk and said - whatever you do, brother… but hurry up… ants are crawling in my mind. I feel that I am getting very angry.

I twisted her legs upwards and started rubbing the cocks on the streak of her virgin sister's succulent bur, which made her mad. She sighed and said - Brother, do something fast… otherwise I will die.
I said - Betu will be a little painful, then put a cloth in the mouth and press it… otherwise you will make a sound.

He did exactly the same.

Then I shook my cock a little and tightened it and pressed it a little on the burnt door of her bur… so she shook.
I said - just one pain at a time….
He said yes in a gesture.

This time I spit a little on her bur hole and set the cocks and lay down on my sister. I grabbed him by the head so that he could not move. Just as the target was set, I jerked off. My cock entered her bur in a single stroke.

A loud voice came from Shweta's mouth - Aa ... e ... she died.

She started to groan loudly, tears came from her eyes in pain. But she could not do anything, she had a cloth in her mouth. Here I too was holding him vigorously. I stayed a minute… because I had pain too.

Then I took the cloth out of his mouth, then he breathed out loud and said angrily, brother, you will kill today… it is hurting so much.

I said - Betu happens at first, it will not happen now.
He asked if he went inside completely?
I told that no half cocks have gone in yet.
She said - just don't do it now… and don't put in… otherwise I will die.
I said - nothing will happen… just enjoy it now.

I started paying my sister's virgin bur with half a cocks. He started having mild fun with pain. His bur also started getting wet. The rubbing of cocks started coming out of the juice. Due to the smoothness, I felt that now the opportunity has come. Then I hit a forceful shot and the whole cock entered the same bur.

This time she screamed again and started beating me - brother, she died… you are so dirty.

I stopped and started sucking one of her nipples. When his pain began to subside, I started moving my cock.

She started to get excited and started enjoying cocks. For about 20 minutes I continued to feed my sister in one position. She also kept her brother's cocks in fun. By now she had released water twice from her bur.

I asked that betu is going to leave my juice… will you drink or drink your bur?
He first asked fear - if something will happen inside?
Then I said - I will bring medicine tomorrow… eat it.
Then she said that brother, this is the first love of my life, you have got this kind of… You drink my bur. I will drink your juice or I will drink it.

I was reluctant to listen to him and began to fuck him. Then I hit 7-8 shots hard in my sister's bur and started extracting lava bur.
As soon as my lava fell in his bur, he also started shivering his youthful juices.

I remember the first fuck of both of us even today, then my cock gets erected.

I will write the story of Chudai next to this in the next part. Till then you will finger in your pussy or hit the mouth of the cocks… but I will definitely match you first.
The story continues

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