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Friday, April 17, 2020

Brother to sister love sex -4

Brother to sister love sex -4

My friends used to talk about sex in school. But I used to stay away from them. One day my friend gave a book in which the fun of sex was told. But I was afraid and…

You had read the last part of the sex story of my virgin young sister till now
in love-sex with brother and sister-3
, I had sucked my sister's virgin bur and put the juice of my cock in it.

Now further:

When all my cocks came out, I got up. I saw that some blood mixed with the juice of my penis and the juice of his bur was also flowing from his bur. I wiped her bur off her skirt and cleaned my cock too.

Then I asked him that he liked his brother's love.
Whom did she bid me do - now I only want this love from you all the time, my dear brother.

Then both of us got up and I asked him to walk to the bathroom. She started walking limp. I laughed after seeing his move.
She said - Brother you are laughing… I am not able to stand up.
I took him by support and cleaned his bur. He also cleaned my cock.

Then he urinated in front of me, then the internal goods started coming out from his bur, in which blood was also coming out. She was scared to see this.
I told him that there is nothing to fear. It comes at first.

Then when I urinated, I lost my life. My skin, which is attached to betel nut, was cut.

I showed it to my sister- Look, it happens in your Bur as well. Breaking of the membrane causes little blood.

Then we both came in the room, so she started wearing clothes. I forbade him to stay like this now. Both of us will remain naked in the room now.
She agreed with me.

I said - Betu, now whenever you feel like drinking in your bur, get my cock penetrated in your bur… or whenever you feel like sucking, then suck.
He also said the same way, brother, whenever you are in your mind, you will take my evil.

Throughout the night, we both held each other very well and slept bare body, but by the morning the cold had increased considerably. Since today was Sunday, both of us did not wake up. Just talking about lying on the bed.

I said - good morning.
Having said this, I took a kiss from my sister's lips. In return, he too gave Pappi and hugged his brother. With a hug, he grabbed my cock and started moving.

I asked - do you want to get paid?
She said yes brother

Kiss started again in both of us. Everything happened the same way, to suck lick bur ... but when she started lying on her back, I said - Betu, today I will get your second position.
Then she bid - how?
I said with a wink - become a mare.
He said with a laugh - Now you have spoken right… brother you horse… and I am a horse.

When she became a mare, I started licking her bad and ass well. Then I inserted my cock in her bur. Even today my sister was in a little bit of pain… I also happened because the skin wound was not yet filled. But when the cock is standing and the bur is on fire, then every pain gives pleasure.

I bounced my sister back and forth for 15 minutes very forcefully.
Then I said - now you pay me.
She said - how do I get… Do you have cocks?
Then I said- Betu, I lie down, you sit on top of me and go back and forth and enjoy rubbing on your Bur cocks.

She did the same and kept chudti with great fun. I kept playing with her nipples. Then when I was about to get my goods, I told him.
She said wait, brother, I will eat breakfast in your juice.
I was happy.

She got up and started sucking my cock. After two minutes, my cock juice started coming out like lava and she continued to drink it. Taking that snappy quote, brother, why didn't you give it to me earlier?
I said - you have it… but every work has a time. For example, the fruit looks sweet only when it is waiting to ripen.
She laughed - meaning I am cooked.
I also laughed.

Then both of us got up, got the bed right, it was cold, then both of them wore full clothes and did a little bit of household work. Then I went to take a bath… because right now she was cooking. I took a shower and came out bare… because now there was no shame left.

Shweta said looking at me naked- Brother, did you forget the towel today?
I said - I have not forgotten anything… Just now I feel bare.

She came near me and gave a kiss on my lip and kissed my cock.

I went to catch him, so bid - not now… I have to cook… and I also have to take a bath. You go in, put on clothes… otherwise it will be cold.

I sat down wearing clothes and after finishing the work, she took a bath. She came from the bathroom wrapping the towel and she opened the towel as soon as I came in front of me.

Ah… beautiful beautiful sister of Bala my sister Nangi was standing in front of me. I got up and caught him.
So she said - Brother, sit there.
I said - a puppy is just yours and yours.
He said it - hmm… take only one.

I got up, first I kissed my sister's top lips, then sat down and sucked Burr's lips a little deeper.
He said with a voice of 'CE…' - Just got brother… All day is left.

Then she dressed, put on light make-up and said - Brother, how am I looking?
I said - I am looking absolutely my bride.
She got shy when I said this.

Then we both ate food and went for a walk outside. Two hours later, while coming back, I bought a tablet of unwanted 72 and also took a packet condom.

On coming home, locked the door of the room and went inside. I gave him medicine and condoms, so he smiled.

She started removing clothes after putting in medicine and condom bags.
I said - wait.
That quote - what happened?
Then I said - I will remove your clothes from today.
She said - well my dear brother.

She stood up. I took off his jacket. Then I removed his T-shirt. Then took off the jeans. Now she was only in panty bra in front of me.
She said - that's it ..!
I said - Yes it is.

She also removed the panty bra in front of me and said that you were the one who asked to remain naked.
Then I said - Betu is very cold.
She said - okay!

She wore lowers and a T-shirt without bra panties. I also wore a lower T-shirt without underwear.

I told him - you eat medicine, otherwise I will become a father from my maternal uncle.
That laughter and quote- Brother, it is good if this happens… because now I want to be yours only.
I said - ok betu… then it will be seen… Now have fun.
She said - okay.

Then we both sat in the quilt, she was sitting on my lap. I was holding her by my stomach.

Then he asked- Brother, did you want to feed me already?
I said - no betu… I don't know how this happened in two days.
I got a little sad.

She said, brother, if you do not mind, should I say one thing?
I said- I have never considered anything bad for you?
She said - Brother, my friends used to talk directly about the same sex in school. But I used to stay away from them. But one day a friend of mine gave me a book to read, in which the enjoyment of sex was given. But I was afraid and loved you very much. So there was no outside work wrong.

I was listening deeply to him.

One day, when you took a shower and came out with a towel, your towel had fallen. I saw you naked at that time… Just from that day I do not know why my mind was neither in studies… nor in any work. I used to see your cock all the time. That night when your cock was erect, I do not know what happened… and I caught your cock the next night without even wanting it.

I said- Betu never mind… whatever happened happened for good. Don't see… now you are happy too and me too.
Shweta said- Yes brother… it looks good now.
I said - Now study well and pass this year by getting a good number in 11th and 12th next year.
She said - promise brother… I will not disappoint you. Just keep loving me like this.

Then I held her fingers and said - OK my darling.
I started pressing my cool sister's hot nipples.
Shweta said - Brother and how many ways are sex?
I told him - look, there is only one thing… the penetration of cocks in the bur and the ass… but the way to make it fun, it is the right position and that is the cool way.

As soon as I heard the word ass from my mouth, she said - Brother brother, is the cuck in the ass too?
Then I told him that he should not be asshole…. But why I say this, I do not even know.

He said - So brother, today you also kill my ass.
He killed me by saying this.
I said - I will kill your ass, but will you bear the pain? Because there will be more pain in the ass.
She said - Brother, I believe in you. You will easily make cocks in my ass.
I said - yes I will, but will you bear the pain?
She said- I will bear every pain for your love.
I said - OK… Now I will prepare to kill your ass.

Today's sex story was just that. Wait for my next sex story how I killed my sister's ass.
Do not forget to mail me before you finger your finger or lick the cock.

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