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Friday, April 17, 2020

Brother to sister love sex -1

Brother to sister love sex -1

My mother died long ago. My father and I have brought up my younger sister. We love him more than his life. How did this love go forward?

Heartfelt greetings to all readers of Insatrava. I am Rohit 29 years old, present with 100% true sex story of my life. Let me tell you that this is the truth of the last 7 years of my life from 2012 till now, so it can be a bit long and will come before you in many parts.

This sex story is between me and my younger sister. First I will tell you about myself, then I will tell the whole story in detail.

As I have told my name Rohit. My sister's name is Shweta. Apart from both of us, our father is the only one in this world. We all live in a village in Bihar and in this village we have a total of 8 bighas of land, in which my father cultivates. Our mother passed away when Shweta was 3 years old and I was six years old. Meaning my sister is 3 years younger than me.

After mother's departure, Papa and I have raised Shweta. We both love him too much with his life.

Papa has taken great care of both of our studies and desires. After 10th I came to study in a district of Uttar Pradesh, which was adjacent to Bihar. Shweta was studying in a small class with me in the village at that time.

A year later, father sent him to me here in this city. We both stayed in a rented house here and started studying in the same school. While I was doing graduation, Shweta class came in 11th. Our story started from here only.

Shweta had been sleeping with me since the beginning. He and I used to sleep on the same bed. Both of us used to talk about any kind of thing among ourselves. Nobody hid anything between us. By the way, she was also more naughty, used to ask anything laughable.

It was winter night. We both slept in a quilt. I was lying on my right side and Shweta was also lying almost on my lap. Shweta had stepped into youth by this time. In this way, there was a big rise in his pussy. It was cold enough that night, so she was very much asleep with me. I also slept by holding him by the stomach. While adjusting myself, my left hand hit one of his nipples.

At first I felt very bad, but after a while, my cocks got tanned by her soft feeling. Since Shweta had clung to me, she also felt something. She was mischievous, she asked.

Shweta: Brother, something strange is going on… and it looks hot too.
I - there is nothing… and you are in my lap or you must be feeling hot.
Shweta- No brother… there is something.

He put his hands on my cock directly behind me.

I was completely embarrassed and fell a little behind. I said - there is nothing… You sleep comfortably.
Shweta- No brother, I know… what is piercing.
Me what
Shweta: Brother, this is your Susu!
I- no no… nothing.
Shweta mischievously said - Brother, I know your Susu is falling apart, but why is it so big and hot.
I - nothing crazy, that weather is cold or not.
So she and while clinging to me, bid - you will not get cold anymore.

I did not expect such action. Well Lund Maharaj and Tan went away. I kept wondering how my sister has opened up like this today.

Then somehow we both fell asleep.

On waking up in the morning, I was a little embarrassed, but it was normal.

We both went to our respective schools and colleges. Came back in the evening and had food and drink. Studied and came to sleep. It was cold even today, but I remembered the scene of the previous night while sleeping. After thinking all that, my cock got tanned again. I somehow controlled myself and started sleeping.

Today Shweta herself clung to me and said - Brother, the cold is still more today.

Now I am only finally a man… Lund again stood close to his soft pussy.

She said - Brother, it is still cold today!
I said yes.

He again caught cocks today and said - why does it feel so cold?
I said behind me - why do you get caught… leave first.
So he said with great innocence that when I feel cold, you also hold me in the lap and put me to sleep.

After this I explained a lot to him, but due to his innocence I lost and slept quietly in the same way.

The next morning the weather was very bad, so both of us did not go to study. Just after drinking breakfast water, food and lying in bed started talking. But these two nights had a great impact on me and my mind started thinking something different.

I told him - now both of us should sleep on separate beds.
Hearing this, he refused and started speaking - Brother, why are you doing this?
I said- Look… Now we both have grown up… So sleeping separately will be fine.

After explaining for a long time, she started crying and said- You don't love me like before.
I said - it is not so… after explaining to you, after a few years you will have to sleep separately from me because you will get married. You will go to your husband's house and stay there.
At this she became depressed and said angrily - I don't want to get married. I will be with you
She just started crying. Now what would I do, so I said that it's okay, stay with me all my life.

On this, she was happy and threw one foot on me and clinging vigorously to me and affectionately gave me a puppy. But throwing his leg hurt my cock so hard that ah came out of my mouth and I twisted a little.

He panicked and asked what happened, brother.
I said - nothing.
She said - I swear to you… Do not tell!

I then started thinking what should I tell it now that there has been a stumble on the cocks.

I told you not to set foot with a jerk… so my Susu got hurt.

Hearing this, she quickly got up and sat down and started trying to put her hand on my cock. But I had already caught cocks.
She started speaking - Show me… where it has started.

My innocent sister came with the balm and started insisting.
I said on this - it will be fine on its own, you are not worried.
But she did not listen and she gave me her oath.

Now what do I do?

Saying this, I lowered my lower. My condition got worse due to shame.

He said after watching the cocks for some time - Brother, I do not understand, you tell me!

I turned my hand towards the pieces and told that it is engaged here.

By the way, let me tell that I always keep my flags clean.

At my behest, he took a balm in his hand and put a balm on my pieces with great force. I ached again with his hand.

Shweta said - what happened brother now!
I said - pieces are very fragile… You felt with a light hand… And now let it be.

But by touching her, my cock was starting to stand up, seeing which she started asking what happened, brother, why is your Susu getting bigger now… and it is getting hot again.

Now I too felt ashamed, so I also said that he is getting rest… and feeling good… so he is standing up.
When I say this, I do not know why, this time she got a little shy and she retracted her hand.

I asked - what happened?
She said - nothing.

Then I also put my lower up and lay down with it.

I said - do not tell anyone this.
She said hiding her head in my chest - Okay.

Then after talking here and there for some time, she said that brother, your Susu is not hurting anymore!
I said no.
Then said - I do not know why you want to catch Susu.
Now I too started to like all this, so I also said that yours is there… catch it.

He quickly put his hand in the lower and grabbed my cock.

I said - now happy!
So bid - yes brother.
I said that give the taller one up and down.
So he said - why?
I said that I also feel good.

She continued to caress by holding cocks in the same way.

Later, he again raised a question, after listening to which I also decided to open that either he is really immature… or it is being made.

He asked - Brother, there is no hair on your Susu… Why so!
So I said - why are you asking this?
He said that my Susu has a lot of hair.

After listening to this, I also understood the mischief.

I asked with surprise - how can this happen… See, just a little.
So this time she went to Sharma and said- No!
Then I said a little resentful - Okay, your wish… I did not hide anything from you… That is, you do not love me.
She said- It is not like, brother… I am just a little ashamed.
I said that I used to bathe you in childhood… that too without clothes… then you are not ashamed.
He bid on it - well okay brother, see it for yourself.

Saying this, he lowered his lower, but did not remove the panty.

I also started being stupid and kept checking my Susu i.e. Bur on the top of the panty. What was the cool feeling of Mulayam Bur… That too the feeling of his younger sister’s Bur was giving me fun inside. I was having a different thrill, the beats had increased.

At the same time, once again came in my mind that what these two of us are doing. But maybe a little right now, but it was late. Inspecting the sister's bur from the top of the panty, she felt that there was a lot of hair on her bur, which looked quite dense.

When I took my hand down, his Burr streak started and I looked well with the finger at the bottom. A very thin line was felt.

Then I deliberately returned my hand and said in a slightly rude tone - Where something is wrong… everything looks fine… there is no hair.

On this, he said a little uproar- Did you not see it properly brother,… you were touching from above.
I said - I touched you just as you did.

Then she herself lowered her panties and said- now touch it and see how big hair is.

I touched his bur again. The sentence had very thick hair.

Then I pressed her bur with full palm and with the streak of the pussy pushed her bur up and down several times, which caused a slight constriction.

The voice of 'Iss…' came out of his throat.

I asked - what happened?
So bid - don't know, something strange happened.

Now I myself put her panty and lower on top and said that clean it… cut the hair here… or clean it with razor.
Then he said- Okay.

Since it was the time of day… but the cold was more, so I did not feel like getting out of bed. So we both slept. I slept with him in my arms.

The rest will now tell you in the next part how.

Friends, you may find this part boring, but believe the truth which has happened, in the same way I have written, no chili masala was added. From the next part you will get to enjoy the story of the chudai of both of us siblings. I have no experience writing a sex story… I would apologize for that.
You can comment.
The story continues

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