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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Brother in law fuck

Brother in law fuck

This sex story is about 4 years ago. It was the month of November and the cold had started and my wife was pregnant and her seventh month was going on. Then my wife could not do much work. Then I called my sister in law to help her. Friends my sister's name is Kamini. She is very beautiful and sexy girl. She is 22 years old and is around 32 ″ and waist 28 ″ ass 30 ″ and she jokes with me a lot. Then I initially did not pay any special attention but I felt very strange because of not fucking for a long time. Then when the cocks would stand in the night, I would go to the bathroom and kill Muth with the name of sister-in-law.

Then my mind used to fuck my sister in law but I was afraid that if she protested and my wife came to know, my family would be devastated by playing laughing. But something had to be taken to fuck. Then because one day my wife was sunbathing in the courtyard and the sister-in-law was alone in the room. Then I put my hands behind my back and started throwing one hand on his waist. Then she suddenly got shocked and started saying that what are you doing? Then I told him that just touching you and seeing how much current is there inside you.

Then she had a devilish laugh. Then I understood that the laughter got stuck but initially he did a lot of drama but when I saw him every day he started kissing. Now he has stopped resisting and maybe he enjoyed it. But kissing does not quench the thirst for cocks, then the same situation was with me. Then my sister in law with my sister ie my wife Slept and then slept on the outpost near her bed .. Wife turned to me and sister-in-law slept on the other side and it was very difficult to do anything. Then one day in the morning when my wife went to the bathroom Then I saw the opportunity and got some courage and got up from his post and went to the bed and lay down next to the sister-in-law but maybe she was asleep so she did not know. Then I had less time and a very good chance. Then I put my hands on her cunts and then started pressing her slowly .. This suddenly opened her sleep and then my condition worsened due to fear .. I was sweating from top to bottom. But she only held my hand and she did not say anything. Then my courage got stronger and then I released my hand and put it on her cunts and then started pressing them very comfortably, but after some time I felt that my wife had returned from the bathroom. Then immediately I quickly came to my bed. Then I did this every day for about a week, then my thirst was increasing daily.

Then after about a week in the morning as usual when my wife went to the bathroom. Then sister-in-law came to her bed and then while pressing on my pussy, I immediately inserted one hand inside her salwar, luckily my hand immediately penetrated inside her panty and my hand went straight to her pussy. Then I slowly started caressing her pussy and she remained silent without any resistance. Then I put my finger in her pussy. Then she was suddenly shaken and I guess she was ready for fuck. Then I took the finger out of my wife's fear and started kissing her. Then I kissed her for about five minutes and left and kept looking for the right opportunity. Then whenever she sees me always giving me a nice smile and inviting me for fuck She would have gone and burnt to ashes inside and used to tell God that the day would come… Then one day my luck shone and today I got the opportunity I was looking for. My wife went with my mother to the doctor for an examination. I told my mother that I should also go, but I He refused and said why do you bother? And then how will Kamini also be alone at home? Then I agreed with my mother. Then I spoke to the doctor a day before and put my wife's number. He refused and said why do you bother? And then how will Kamini also be alone at home? Then I agreed with my mother. Then I spoke to the doctor a day before and put my wife's number. Then that day I knew that today we were both at home for about three, four hours and what was my sister-in-law and no one else .. Today, it was just my silver. Then around ten o'clock in the morning I sent my mother and my wife away from the outside of the house and then closed the door from inside and went straight into my room and from there I took a packet of condoms and in my embellishment Kept it Then I told him that let's do chudai on the bed now. Then I lay on the bed and as I lay down, I grabbed her and pressed her lips with my lips and then started kissing her. Then after five minutes kiss, it came down and pressed its boobs on top of the kurti. At that time, Kamini's breath was getting faster. Then he pulled me over and I was on top of him and was pressing his boobs. And then he was licking her neck with his tongue. Then removed the top and then made her sit down and took off her kurti. She did not wear a bra. Then as soon as I removed the kurti, the gobs of Gore Gore 32 came in front of me. I started getting mad and Kamini was knocked down and broke on her boobs. Then with one hand to her straight boobs and loudly and then the other boobs to my mouth He was sucking and pressing lightly. Then with my pressing each time Kamini's passion kept increasing and started sucking and rubbing them vigorously. Kamini also started having fun and sobs started coming out of her mouth. Then I sucked her nipples full and sucked- I took her pussy with one hand while sucking and started caressing her pussy from above Salwar. Then slowly put his hand in her salwar and took her hand inside the panty and started caressing her pussy. In fact Kamini's pussy was very sexy and tender .. I was just drunk. Then I slowly started caressing her smooth pussy. Then her pussy was very wet and she started telling me, please do not tolerate me, please do not put cocks. It was then understood that now it is completely heated. Then I quickly untied her salwar nada and then started kissing her from above the panty. Then I threw my panty off without losing any opportunity. Then I came down quickly and then lay down with both his legs spread and pulled him up. Then she understood and started taking my cock up and down. Then as soon as he started shaking, I started jerking him because for the first time I had my cock in the hand of another girl. Then I slowly started to insert cocks in her pussy, but her pussy was very tight. Then I slowly pushed a cock went inside the pussy. Then blood started flowing from her pussy and Kamini was filling her eyes with closed eyes. Then I got the right opportunity and suddenly I gave a loud shock and put my full 8 inch cock in the depths of her pussy. Then she started screaming very loudly and throbbing loudly, she started to flirt with pain and said that please leave me and then she started crying loudly. Then for five minutes, she just sucked her boobs and spread her hands over his entire body.  Then slowly her pain subsided and then she started having fun in a while and she also started moving and enjoying sex. Then for about 15 minutes, she kept fucking non-stop and in such a time her pussy became wet and her pain was reduced and she started chudwana with great fun. Then she was also supporting me by shaking her ass from below and was speaking ahhhh eeei and loudly fuck me and loudly fuck me. Then she suddenly swung and collapsed. Then I used to put my cock in and out After some time, she too started having fun and she also started supporting me. Then I kept fucking him very hard. Then about ten minutes later, she fell in her pussy and I put the entire semen in Kamini's pussy. Then I had no fear because I had already put a condom on the cocks. 

Friends again, in four hours, I fuck her almost twice. Whenever I get a chance to fuck, I would fuck Kamini and calm my cock. Friends, I have never taken Kamini without a condom because she was not married yet and never even knew my wife.

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