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Boyfriend first fuck

Boyfriend first fuck

One day I befriended a beautiful boy in a bus. I started thinking of fucking her, but I was very afraid of fuck. So how did I enjoy my first fuck?

Friends, my name is Priyal and I am 19 years old. I am a regular student of immigration… and today I want to tell my story in front of you. This story is a true story which is also my personal experience. In this story I will tell you how we enjoyed sex.

It was 2 months ago. I was going by bus. Then the bus stopped and a hot boy started climbing. Seeing him, my mind started to stir. I started thinking of getting her pussy fucked. Due to this, when my hand went above my pussy, I did not know.

By the way, let me tell you one thing… I love watching porn and I rub my pussy while watching porn. I never took cocks. I want to enjoy sex but I am very afraid of fuck.

Suddenly the bus stopped and the lady sitting next to my seat started descending. That boy sat next to me. I woke up with his touch… My pussy had become very wet.

He started talking to me in a while. He called his name Pawan. He was also going where I was going. Laddoos were bursting in my mind.
We talked a lot during the journey. Then my station arrived and I had to unload. But Pawan Khyal was not going through my mind. Was thinking about it all night.

Then one month later I went to the market. Then someone from behind gave voice. When I looked back, it was wind.
I was very happy. Then we ate quietly together.

If he asked for my number, I gave my number without stopping. Since that day, we would talk every day. Sometimes it would be 2-3 at night. Similarly, 1 month passed. I loved talking to him because I fell in love with him.

Then we thought of meeting one day. I was very happy. I massaged my pussy with cream and cleaned my pussy hair because I knew Pawan wants to fuck me. I have seen his cock standing in front of me many times, which he finds very sexy while hiding.

He picked me up by the way and said- Where to go?
I said - where you wish!
Then we went to his friend's house where preparations had already been completed.

He gave me juice and started drinking himself. In between, he was touching me. My pussy was getting wet.

Then he deliberately spilled his juice on my clothes. I understood her intentions. Then I went to the washroom. He followed me back.
And as soon as I turned she kissed me hard. I pretended to free her… Then I started supporting myself.

His hands fell on my groin, which caused my Siskaris - Uh… Ah… Ay!

For about 5 minutes we both kissed like crazy. Pawan had one hand on my pussy and the other was on my pussy. I was getting hot
Then he picked me up on his lap and brought him to bed. He took off his clothes. He was standing completely naked in front of me.

His 8 inch cock was completely tanned. The first time I saw someone's cock, that too was so big!

Then he started removing my clothes. He removed all my clothes one by one. Now I too was naked in front of her. He climbed on top of me and started kissing me. I started kissing him too. He put his hand on my legs and started mashing.
I was enjoying it and my siskaris were echoing all over the room.

After 15 minutes of sucking, he put his cock in front of my mouth and said to suck it.
I refused… so he insisted. I took her supra inside the mouth. I did not like it, so I fired.
He did not say anything and started fingering my pussy.

Now, as I told you earlier that I am very afraid of sex, my Siskaris turned into fear. I started sweating.
And when he started moving his cock, I was completely torn with fear.

He set his betel nut on my pussy and shook it slightly. My pain worsened the situation.
I somehow removed it and started wearing clothes.

He held my hand and started saying to me - I love you dear… Please do not leave me!
I thought that if I did yes, then Pawan would not stop me without Chode. And my condition was bad… I refused, not wanting it.
I came straight to my house from there and started crying after thinking about it.

Friends, even though I had run away that day, I was feeling very restless. At the same time, my sex was also increasing. I was abusing myself in my mind that what was needed was to go from there.
And that face of the wind from above was not taking the name of being removed from my eyes. More than that, I was reminded of his cock.
I could not sleep all night and I just kept turning.

Then the night cut like that. When I woke up in the morning, the message of Pawan came. It was written in it - I am sorry Priyal… Please talk to me… I love you friend… I promise that after today I will not even touch you… but please talk to me.

After reading the message, my eyes got filled up… I started thinking that I should go to the part of it and wrap it around my neck.
But with which mouth should I go to him, I could not understand this.

One day, I decided that today I will stay by proposing it and will fuck my pussy.
I went to meet her. I invited him to a hotel.

As soon as he saw me… he just kept looking.
That day I was wearing tight jeans and a white top from above the navel… in which my boobs were clearly visible.

Seeing me, his land began to take shape which he was trying to hide.

Then I went to him and said - what are you seeing?
He blushed a bit and hugged me hard.

As soon as he hugged me… his land started hitting my pussy. I lost my life… I was having a lot of fun.
And maybe he also understood this. He put his hand on my Gand. I had to miss my siskaris, which I stopped like I did.

Then both of us went inside. We both had dinner there. His motives did not seem right. I was getting nervous again. Then he put his hand on my hand. I was shocked. My heart-ache arose and now I could not control it.

I was warm with just one touch. Then he spoke lovingly to me. I asked him to walk in the room above. I felt a bit awkward saying this but I could not control any more.
He said - you go ahead.
I moved forward.

When we went a little farther, I deliberately slipped and started pretending to sprain. He might have realized this… He lifted me up on his lap and brought me to the room. He had raised me in such a way that his land was touching my Gand.
I was getting more excited.

I started lying in bed.
I was surprised by his behavior. I held her hand. He started getting rid of.

But today I had come fully prepared, how could I let her go without getting fuck.

I put her hands on my cocks. He started looking at me with loving eyes. I started kissing her without losing time. I held him in my arms.
For a while, he started pretending to leave me… then started to support me.

Similarly, after about 10 minutes of long smoke, he suddenly released my hand and got away from me.
I started trying to kiss her back. But today he did not know what had happened to him… He saw me once and went away without saying anything.
There was some moisture in his eyes.

I got very sad. I could not understand anything. I could not understand her silence as to why she did this. I was going mad thinking this.
I sat there on the bed… but I was in a bad state.
Now I could not understand why he is doing this. What should I do now… everything was missing from my hand.

When I inquired with Pawan's friends, I came to know that his family members have asked him to stay away from me because my status and his status are different.
I am from a high family and she is a little poor. Above all, we are of different caste, so his family has refused him.

But it does not matter to me and my family… they just want a educated son-in-law who can keep their daughter happy. And I think Pawan is the best husband for me.

After knowing this, I went straight to Pawan's house. At first those people were shocked. But then he asked my condition.
I did not want to waste time, so I told her directly that I love her son and want to marry her.

They were surprised at this. He stated his difficulties.
I explained to them… in the end those people agreed.

Now it was the turn of the wind… I called her to my house to sleep at night because my family members had gone to someones wedding and were not going to come before noon.
I had thought that today the thing has to be made.

At first he refused, and then agreed to my insistence.
He came around 9 o'clock. I was waiting for the same

Then we had dinner.
He said- Where is my room… I want to sleep. I am sleepy. My mood deteriorated and I took her to my room.

Me- this is my room and you are going to sleep with me on my bed.
Pawan- No, what are you saying… I cannot do this.
Why should I? What is wrong with this?

Pawan- This is wrong. I will sleep in another room, you sleep here.
I - what is wrong with this, I am just talking about gold… I do not want to fuck. Why are you reacting so much?
Pawan- That… I… I… I… I… He!

Me- Why don't you say that you also want to fuck me… What will happen if you keep quiet like this?
Pawan- No… No… No… A… You are getting it wrong.
I - well… so why is your tongue stuttering… will you tell me?
Pawan- That… I… I… Am… I am going to sleep outside you sleep too.
I- No… wait.

He started going I held her hand.
Before he could release my hand… I kissed him, he kept trying unsuccessfully to get rid of me, but I kept on. After 5 minutes kiss, I left it.
He was bowing his head.

I put one hand on her boobs and the other on my ass. Before he could speak anything, I started kissing him again.

After a while he started rubbing his hand on my ass. I was happy with what my work had become.

He started kissing me out loud, I was also supporting him. Then he picked me up on his lap and slammed him on the bed.

Then he took off his clothes and removed all my clothes one by one. He started caressing my pussy. I started getting drunk. Alcoholic sizzle started coming out of my mouth - ah um ah.
I was screaming out loud so we were having a lot of fun.

After that he put his tongue in my pussy… I cannot express that feeling… I was getting pleasure of paradise.
He continued to fuck me with tongue. Slowly we came to the 69 position. I was sucking cocks for the first time, that too big aloda… would be about 7-8 inches!
I was enjoying sucking cocks and that was the first feeling of my life.

Slowly, my body started to stiffen and I fell in his mouth. He drank all my water. I never got the happiness I was getting at that time.

Now it was the turn of my pussy He put his land on my pussy and started rubbing.
My yearning was increasing. I told him - do not delay now Pawan… pour it quickly… I am dying… Do not suffer anymore… Now just give me Chod… I got it after a long time.

Without delay, he set his cocks on my pussy and pushed hard. Half of his cock went into my pussy.
I screamed I felt a hot rod has gone inside tearing my pussy. My condition was upset with the pain.

Then he put his hand on my pussy and started kissing me. When my pain subsided, he pushed again and all his cocks went into my pussy.

After a while, he started moving his land back and forth.
Then what… Both of us started getting pleasure of paradise.
This was also his first time… He was fucking with great fun.

The whole room was buzzing with the siskar of both of us' Ah… Ammm… Hum… Ah… Ay… Ah! ’

He was feeding his land in my pussy. The whole bed started moving with the fuck of both of us.

I was going to be after so much fucking. He sensed this and he started pushing harder. After a while my water came out which he licked and cleaned.

Then he made me a mare and put his lund from behind. I sighed.

He started putting gaping cocks. My pussy was wet due to which some voices were also coming.
I was screaming loudly - Chodo me Pawan… and Chodo loudly… Get out my life… Ah… Fuck me baby… And Chodo out loud… Ah… Amm… Ah… them.

After about 15 minutes of hard sex, he was about to fall. He asked me - where to get out?
I said - Take it out in the pussy.
Because I wanted to feel it.

After 8-10 shots, he fell into my pussy.

My pussy was blossomed after getting his hot semen. That feeling still could not get out of my mind… He lay down on me and started playing with my boobs.

He called me I love you and thanked me.
I also called her I Love You Too and thanked her for this unique feeling.
There was happiness and peace on both of our faces.

After a while, his land started to stand again. In this way we fuck 5 times that night, sometimes in bed or sometimes on the couch.
We tried different positions and our sex continued throughout the night.

Before leaving in the afternoon, he fucking me one more time.
In this way, we both thoroughly enjoyed the fuck.

Friends, just with this, I thank you guys Priyal Raj and leave you. This was my pussy's first fuck story. How did you like my first time sex story?
Do give your opinion about it With that, thank you, have a nice day.

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