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Born father-in-law to son-in-law Chudai Karva

Born father-in-law to son-in-law Chudai Karva

Due to the mistakes of childhood, the husband could not give complete happiness to his wife. The father-in-law understood the situation of his daughter-in-law. When the father-in-law embraced the daughter-in-law so…

How are you all I hope you have missed me. Ending the wait clocks, I have again brought a new story. This is the real story my friend told me. But as a creative, I have added a bit of temper to this story.

So this story is about the Gosani family, the area where I live Gosani family was very famous there at one time. They were all very popular but all because of all the wrong reasons.

There is no hero heroine inside this story because there are all number of items inside his house.
So let me introduce you to everyone.

The head of the family is Balwinder Gosani, who is 59 years old and works inside the army. There is little time left in his retirement, even though he is 59 years old, he does not appear and even at this age he appears young.

His wife's name is Madhulika Gosani, the simple housewife is not about them to tell much.

They both have four sons, the youngest son is named Kamal in it, Kamal is facing a lot of problems inside his youth due to his childhood mistakes, he was always tired and tired due to which he got wrong habits. Had to face. For example, gambling, drug addiction, etc., Balwinder Sahab got him married to a girl named Sejal after getting upset by these same actions.

Sejal was from Punjab, her body was very full like a Punjabi girl. When she came inside the new fledgling house, the heart of Kamal's brothers fell on her, but Sejal somehow kept herself from them all in some way. Kamal did not work much, he used to drive an auto. Still Sejal was more madly in love with the auto and was very loyal to him.

Everything was going well until Sejal started having children. One by one, Sejal had three girls, which made her family completely upset. Sejal's mother-in-law always used to narrate Sejal. Now even Sejal's husband Kamal used to beat Sejal and abused her and used to tell her that all this is happening because of you.

Sejal was 29 years old at the time. She had become a mother of 3 children at the age of 29.

Sejal was always troubled by the taunts of her mother-in-law, but Balwinder Saheb was always ahead to support her. Let me also tell you the names of the three daughters of Sejal.
The name of the eldest girl was Bhumika, the name of the younger one was Neha and the name of the youngest was Chandni… which was just born recently.

On day 1, Sejal became very upset with her husband and said that Sejal was following the same reason why Sejal was not able to give birth to a boy.
Sejal's husband threatened to throw her out of the house, which upset Sejal.
His father-in-law considered this problem of his.

On one such day, when Sejal was very depressed, Balwinder Sahab went to her, and started to console her, but Sejal was very broken by that time, she started crying after listening to her father-in-law's emotional talk and she hugged her father-in-law. Got it.

Balwinder Saheb was from the army, inside him, the Discipline was filled with cod but here I think he might have melted, if a young girl of 29 years, a 59-year-old man's throat was hugged and that too loudly. Somewhere his faith will be shaken.

Balwinder sahab also lost his faith and in return he seized Sejal and gave him a strong kiss. Sejal also kissed his father-in-law, leaving no debt left.

Madhu was still inside the house, so the two people separated from each other. After a while Madhulika went to the park with all three children.
And this is where the story of the Gosani family begins.

Balwinder Saheb may have been handling himself, but now there was a fire in Sejal's body!
More than fire, he had a clue about why he was not having a child while Sejal's father-in-law had 4 boys.
So Sejal thought that if nothing is happening to her husband, then why not make a relationship with her father-in-law! They might have a boy.

Balwinder Sahab was changing his clothes behind and Sejal came there and caught him behind. Balwinder Sahab did not say anything, now Sejal dropped Balwinder Sahab on the bed and sat on top of him and started kissing his chest.

The 59-year-old man was handling Sejal's heat well. For a long time Balwinder Sahab kept himself under control but now his patience broke and he lifted Sejal's neck and put his tongue on Sejal's tongue.
Both were kissing each other.

Now Palvinder Sahab lowered Sejal and started opening Sejal's blouse. As soon as Sejal's blouse opened, her white and white two boob came in front of Balwinder Sahab's eyes, now Balwinder sahab could not stop himself and with his powerful hands he started pressing Sejal's boob.

You must know how big the hands of a person who works in the army. But despite these Balwinder Sahab's hands were not coming with Sejal's Boobs, Balwinder Sahab was having so much fun that he started rubbing his two hands on Sejal's Boobs.

Sejal was enjoying this entire occasion with his eyes closed. Because his father-in-law was kneading his body like a flour, Sejal was enjoying it with such a powerful manly hand rubbing his body.

Now Balinder saheb filled a teaspoon of water inside his mouth. The sigh of Sejal was coming out, both people could not control their minds at all. Balwinder Sahab was sometimes rubbing a tit with one hand, sometimes rubbing the other with the other hand, and in the middle of all this he was sucking the tit of sejal, so different.

Now Sejal kissed his father in law again and he kissed each other for about 5 minutes. Come on, Sejal was young but inside that old man there was a wonderful stamina.

Now Sejal opened her father-in-law's pajamas and Balwinder saheb's 8-inch long cocks were engulfed in front of Sejal's eyes, seeing his so thick and long cocks had come out of Sejal's mouth- Is your father-in-law really, Kamal? Only son Because his cock is so small and thin, he is not able to keep me happy properly.

Balwinder Sahab's eyes also spilled and he also said - I don't know son… I also sometimes feel that Madhu has gone out and hit her face.
Sejal spoke on this - what is the need for the mother to go out when she has such strong goods at home.

Then Balwinder saheb said - it is not so. My postings were sometimes out for six to eight months. I did not come home for 1 year. It is possible that Madhu has formed a relationship with someone in the meantime.

Saying this, Balvinder sahab got a bit sad. To overcome his sadness, Sejal held Balwinder Sahab's cock in his hand. Lund was so thick that it was feeling as much as Sejal's wrists. Sejal was now nervous that he had woken up this army, but now when the gun goes, will Sejal bear it or not.

Sejal began to lower Balwinder Sahab's cocks up and down with his soft hands, Balwinder Saab closed his eyes. Sejal was lovingly rubbing her father-in-law's cock upside down and playing with her eggs.

Sir Sahib was still lying with his eyes closed and suddenly he felt something else. When he opened his eyes, hey, what was his own daughter-in-law taking his cock in her mouth?

Till date, no one had given his cock to anyone, then he left his mouth - hey what are you doing?
Sejal said on this - Sorry father-in-law, I have never seen such a big cock in my life till date and now I will take it in my mouth.

Sir Sahib wanted to stop him, but the fun was so much that he did not want to stop.
Sejal was on her full size and she was sucking her father-in-law's cock very well with her pink lips. Sejal was pressing her father-in-law's eggs so that her father-in-law was taking Siskaris comfortably. Sejal was spitting on the cocks and taking that spit cocks in her mouth, Sejal was also licking the eggs of her father-in-law.

Fauji came out of his mouth - I never gave cocks to a girl's mouth. Sejal, you have come to me just like Cupid. Oh Sejal… where have you been for so long… I could not recognize you or else I would have filled your stomach by now.

But Sejal was intent on wetting his father-in-law's cock completely inside his tune. Balwinder Saheb's entire cock was now shining like a glass. There was a spit of Sejal on the whole cock.

Balwinder saheb was completely mad, he immediately put Sejal under him and put his cock in Sejal's pussy. Not too long, he inserted cocks inside Sejal's pussy inside one of his bumps.
Sejal was moaning in pain and Sejal was crying now.

The father-in-law stopped seeing his daughter-in-law Sejal weeping and when Sejal got a little relief from the yearning, Sejal got up and said to himself, father-in-law, I cry… shout… or I do anything… you will not stop!

Sir Sahib said - But daughter, you are in pain. How can I go about doing this?
On that Sejal said- Today I am not your daughter. Today you see me as a woman. You consider me your wife. The way you have sex with your wife, do the same to me.

It was like a green signal for a soldier. Sir, by applying the power of your whole cock, you started hitting Sejal's pussy. Fauji Saheb could not bear such a big body with water.

But now Sejal too had closed her eyes and she was tolerating the pain and was enjoying the bumps of her father-in-law's cocks.

Now Fauji had lifted the legs of his daughter-in-law to the shoulder and with the full thrust of his cock, had dug the hole of her daughter-in-law's pussy inside, Sejal's pussy was too small for her father-in-law, yet her father-in-law It was rubbed off. Sir, within the same position Sejal's pussy was cut for about 20 minutes, and the soldier fell inside it.

Those 20 minutes were the best 20 minutes of Sejal's life. Within these 20 minutes, Sejal had endured everything from pain to fun and everything.

Sejal and Fauji Sahab were very happy with this pussy. They had just realized that someone was going to come from outside, so both of them went to bathe the separated Sejal and Fauji Sahab went to wash his cock.

A few days after this incident, Sejal became pregnant again. And this time, about 9 months after the grace of God or military officer, Sejal got a boy, whom he named Kapil.

Being a boy, Sejal was now highly respected at home. Madhulika also did not speak much to him because now she would be very happy with Sejal. Now when there was no one at home, then he used to take his daughter-in-law.

But they say that happiness does not last long!
Something similar happened with Sejal. Both her husband and her father-in-law died within 2 consecutive years. After her death, Madhulika also started living near her eldest boy.
The father-in-law's pension used to go home, but now inflation was slowly increasing. There was no one at home who could feed and earn.

In the midst of all this, Sejal joined politics and she started contesting local elections in the area.
Because Sejal's father-in-law was in the army, he had a lot of respect due to which he won the election there.

Due to winning elections within a very young age, very good links were made by him and he used these links to earn money. Sejal used his body to touch the heights of success.
And the situation was that within 5 years the Aap Gosani family had a big house of their own. The Gosani family had a lot of money and now they used to give their money to other people on interest.

Sejal was now 45 years old, her elder girl was 19 years old. Non-men used to come to Sejal's house when their daughters were not at home and they used to consume Sejal. But Sejal now understood that if non-men come to the house and girls are getting older, then a wrong effect will go on them.

And this is where the decline of the Gosani family begins. To know what happens in the story ahead of this, you stay connected with this story.
Thank you!

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