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Friday, April 17, 2020

Bhabi's sexy sister fucking

Bhabi's sexy sister fucking

I used to fuck my real sister-in-law. One day, sister-in-law's sister came, so I too started running. How sister-in-law helped me to fuck her younger sister.

Friends, I am Dhanush Choudhary once again with my new story.

I am a resident of Delhi. I am 5'8 ″ tall, smart in appearance and have a good body. I have not measured the size of my penis till date, but the size of an average Indian's cock is as much as mine. And this size is enough to make any sister-in-law or girl happy. I have more interest in sisters because their thick slick asses, their full body and their thick fat balls drive me crazy.

By the way, you must have read the previous story of my
sister-in-law's sexuality
. In which I told how my sister-in-law made me fuck herself.

And in this story I will tell you how my sister-in-law helped me to fuck her younger sister. Chudai with sister-in-law had been there for a few months that for some reason me and she had to stop fucking.

2 months had passed me pussy So I told sister-in-law, you do your work by chudai with brother. Think about me too. Have had to do manual work for the last 2 months.
So sister-in-law said, wait, give me some time, I do something.

Then one day when I went to get some goods at the sister-in-law's house, I saw her sister-in-law there. He was wearing a shirt and a lower bottom, his shirt was so deep-throated that the entire valley of his bra and nipples looked good from inside.

Her name is Monica. His figure will be the same 34-32-34. The color was on the little wheat and the way his clothes were showing how big cock is. Seeing her, it was clear that she was inviting every man to fuck her.

When he said hello to me, I also said hello in the reply and started talking to sister-in-law. After a while I returned to do my work. But as long as I was at her sister-in-law's house, she stared at me the whole time.

Then the next day his request came on Facebook, I accepted it. Then after some time his message came. Then Hi Hallo happened between us and then the matter proceeded like this.
By the way, she had already asked everything about my sister-in-law whether I had any or not and whether I would agree to have sex with her.
Fire was on both sides.

Then I asked my sister-in-law to set your sister?
So sister-in-law said, look, she has left her husband and has come here. She and her husband have a fight and now she will be alone, she will not go back to him. So she is looking for someone who can spend time with her and can make her happy in bed.
I said - honest and ask.
Then I said - then you don't take tension, now its work will be done and mine too.

The next day, the sister-in-law's message came - today you have not come to your sister-in-law's house?
So I said - why was there any work?
So she said - No, just wanted to meet you.
I said - what is the use that I want to meet?
So he said - I like you.

I was shocked to hear such a simple answer.
The second time someone was offering me from the front.

I said - I like you too; But just could not say because of sister-in-law. I thought sister would not know what to think about me.
So he said - your sister-in-law will not say anything, I have already talked to her.

Then he said - do I video call?
So I refused.
He asked- what happened?
I said - I am at home now. I come to the sister-in-law's house, will come and talk there.
So he said - Okay, come on. I'm at home

When I reached the house of her sister-in-law, I saw that she was alone at home.
I asked- where is the law?
So he said - Didi has gone from her work.

Then he told me - so what have you thought about me and your relationship?
So I said - I have no problem. But there are some things that I don't like. Like everything you have to do is fine. Never even think about marriage by mistake. I am a free man, I do not like words like marriage. The rest you speak will do whatever you say.

She said - I am also worried about marriage. Then I left my husband.

Then we talked for a while and I put my hands on her thigh. He did not protest. Then I kissed him. And as soon as I moved forward, he stopped me.
I asked - what happened?
So that quote- No one ever comes to the house.

And it was time for the children of sister-in-law to come back from tuition… So I stopped.
I told him - then what should I do now?
So he said - You must pretend to your house at night that you will sleep today at the friend's house and I will send the children to Sula's sister's house early in the night. And your brother has night duty today.
So I said - it's fine. Then will fuck you well at night.
She was very happy to hear the word Chudai.

Then I kissed him and came to his house.

I came home and said - at night, all of my friends' houses are going out of the city; So I will sleep at his house today.
And I had already explained all to my friend by calling - if you get such calls, speak like this.

Then I eagerly waited for the night because today, after 2 months, I was going to get pussy.

Monica gets a call at 10 in the night; He said - how long are you coming?
So I said - I will reach you in 15 minutes.

Then I left the house and reached the sister-in-law's house.
I went straight into the house and saw that both children are sleeping and the light is also off. He put the children to bed and put our bed down so that no sound could be made.

I went and sat inside. She brought a glass of milk to me and said- Drink it, today you have to work very hard all night!
I took that glass of milk from him and gave him a strong kiss. And then after drinking half milk, half milk was given to him.

Then I took him to bed. I started my work. First I kissed him and simultaneously started pressing his cunts. She started getting restless and started supporting me.

Soon I removed his top and then removed his lower.
As soon as I opened her bra, in front of me there were two big big balls of 34 size which I lost my temper and started licking and sucking her tits like a hungry dog.

Now she is not tolerant too, so she said - just do it. I am no more Now fuck me I am thirsty for the last 4 months.
If I had not done anything for the last two months, then I was not able to bear it.

So I did not delay and quickly removed her panties. And as soon as I proceeded to lick her pussy, she stopped me.
I asked - what happened?
So she said - I do not like all this; You just fuck me!

I also did not delay and started rubbing my cock on her pussy.
So she became more restless and said- Why are you torturing? Now give me Chod too
I spit a little on my cock and licked my cock in her pussy.

The cocks had just gone in half that she had to shout with pain. I placed my lips on her lips and suppressed her voice. Her pussy looked very tight because she hadn't really been fucking for 4 months.

Then I slowly started to move my cock back and forth and after a while with another thrust, I removed all my cocks into her pussy.
She screamed once again.
But I had already kept his mouth shut so his voice could not come out.

After that I started fucking her and I fell in her pussy in 4-5 minutes.
His water was already discharged from me.
Then we lay together for 10 minutes.

I started sucking her boobs again after 10 minutes. She got hot again and started caressing my cock.

As soon as my cock got full again, I opened her legs and put my pestle in her pussy and started her fucking.

This time Chudai lasted more than 25 minutes and in this Chudai, she had fallen 3 times.

Now I was going to be too, so I asked - where to get out?
So that quote - leave it inside. I have an option, I will not have a child.
After hitting a few bumps I fell into her pussy.

After that we fuck one more time and then at 8 am he picked me up and I came to my house.

After this, our chudai process continued for 5-6 months. During these 5-6 months, I have seen her in hotels several times, and sometimes in her sister-in-law's house.

After that he liked someone else and he married her. She now lives in Ghaziabad. He has closed his number and all contacts. For the last 4 months I have not spoken to him either. Because of which I am now alone and running the work by hand.

So friends, how did you feel about me? Will definitely tell me

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