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Aunt's daughter fuck

Aunt's daughter fuck

This sexy story is about the sexual relations between my aunt's daughter and me. After reading the story of my cousin's cousin, enjoy how I fuck her pussy.

Dear friends, this sex story of mine is based on a true incident, the word has been compiled to add some interestingness to it, everything else is true.

My name is Raj and this incident is about the relationship between my aunt's daughter and me.

Let me tell you that I am a bit better in appearance, but it feels wrong to praise myself. Still, telling is probably necessary for introduction. My height is 6 feet and my body is muscular… I am 26 years old.

This thing happened some one year ago. My brother and sister-in-law live in a two-room house in Lucknow city. My brother has a job there.

My aunt's girl was studying in Lucknow city itself. His name is Preeti. Let me tell you about that, his milk is very big and cool. Seeing the prick of his cocks, he used to salute the cocks. If you also get a glimpse of him, then you will also feel like having sex with him.

This thing is about the holiday of Deepawali, so before going to her house, she came to Bhaiya's house for a day. I was also there by coincidence.

Although before today, I did not have any wrong idea for Preity, but a few months ago, Preity had once come to my house of brother. We have been very good friends since childhood, so we used to have such fun.

That day jokingly my hands started going into Preeti's milk and I caught her by mistake and at the same time her milk got suppressed. Believe me, a tarannum has come. As if a ball of butter has come in my hand.
Due to the suppression of milk, the sound of her oi came out and I left her milk the next moment.
She did not say anything, just smiled.

Since then, I started looking for him. Her pussy had settled in my eyes. After this incident happened, I was constantly looking for opportunity.

This time the opportunity was good. Preeti came home and was happy to see me. Then we all, mean brother-in-law and I started getting ready to go.

When Preeti came ready, I kept looking at her. Did you look cool He wore a sleeveless top, with a little milk on his side. Looked cool.

We all traveled for a long time. I used to get close to Preity again and again. In the car too, he would never touch her milk on the back seat, sometimes put his hand on her waist… But Preity did not protest.

Now when we reached home after eating our food, the matter came to sleep. As the brother's house was small, there was a provision for sleeping in one of his rooms.

I said- I and Preeti will sleep downstairs. Brother and sister-in-law both of you sleep on the bed.
Brother said - okay go to sleep.

What was it then… Me and Preity had come together on a mattress.

Preeti came and lay down with her head on my hand. The lights of the room were switched off. Brother-in-law had fallen asleep and I was able to feel Preity's milk and herds on half my body.

I made myself a little further and after taking a turn, put my foot on top of Preity and put my hands on her milk. He did not object to this.

I held my hand for a minute and understood what is in the mind of the captive… When nothing happened, I pierced her nipple with a finger. His nipple was hard. Which meant that Preeti was also getting hot.

What was it then… I slowly started caressing her milk and rubbing my leg on her thigh. I thought that she would just keep doing the gold drama just like that, but in a short while she grabbed my T-shirt, faced me and clung to me.

I was speechless for a moment. Now I could feel his hot hot breaths on my chest.

At that moment, my brother woke up… I was scared as soon as I heard his call and immediately turned to face and lay down on the other side. Brother got up and went to the washroom. Two minutes later he came back and fell asleep.

I thought in my mind that a great opportunity had gone by hand… Now I did not dare to turn around and get close to him. But luck was kind to me that day. In a while Preeti also woke up and lay close to me, facing me.

Now I understood that there was a fire in the furnace. Without delay, I started pressing her milk. As soon as I put my hand on her milk, she immediately took my lips in her mouth and both of us kept kissing each other for such a long time. I kept pressing her milk.

After a while I gave my cock in his hand. My cock is 6 inches long and it is a bit thick.

When I gave my cock in Preeti's hands, she started playing with my cock without any reason. She was so busy playing with my stuff that it did not seem like Preity had any problem with cocks.

Here I was playing with his milk. Brother-in-law was on the bed above… and we were having fun below. Because of this, both of us were unable to do much. But I slowly put my hand inside his lower. As if there is a fire in us. His pussy was getting so hot that just about to explode at any moment.

I gently stroked her clit, then her waist started trembling very fast. His pussy was starting to get wet. Now both of us were trying to finish each other by hand. I gently put a finger inside the pussy and rubbed the inner walls. This led to his sobbing. Before this voice could get louder, I pressed her lips to my lips and we both started having fun.

We both collapsed shortly. Then both fell asleep.

I was sorry to be able to do anything… because brother-in-law was also in the room.

Then in the morning, Preeti got up and behaved as if nothing had happened in her midst. After some time she went to her house.

After this I kept looking for an opportunity to fuck him. Till now success has not been achieved, but the kind of atmosphere that has been created, it was expected that there will be a meeting of hot cocks.

Now I was looking for an opportunity to fuck Preeti, but she was talking to me very normally. Well I was just looking for opportunity.

After two months, Preeti's message came that she was going to go home. His train is tomorrow and his holiday has started from today.

She told me that she does not want to stay at brother-in-law's house.
I understand that he got the green signal from this.

I asked him to stay at the hotel, but he refused at first. Then I convinced him.

Now my days were not cut. Finally that day has come. Preeti met me. First we both went around and ate and drank and reached the hotel at night. But today the thing was that no such signal was being received from Preity that she wants to fuck me. Seeing this attitude of mine, I once felt scared that if I took the initiative and the sister-in-law started talking something, Izzat's mother would be chud.

Well… We both managed to get food etc. and came to the hotel room and were going to lie down. I took off the jeans and just started lying in the tights.

Preeti did not say anything and just smiled upon seeing me.

I asked to turn off the lights and lay down. There was only one blanket on the bed. Both entered the same blanket. I slowly got close to him and filled him in my arms… because now I was not being patient. Perhaps Preeti was also waiting for something from my side. She immediately came over me.

I said - why did this mood happen in such a long time?
She said- That's it, I want to ask you.

I just understood that it was agreed that my ass was bursting.

The very next moment, a hull-up between us started. We both started kissing each other. Without delay, I started removing her clothes and sucking her milk out. Now the voice of cool Siskar was coming from his mouth.

I gently bit her nipple and she held my hair. I also removed my cock and gave it to her hands. She started playing with cocks. Then I asked her to take my cock in her mouth, then she did not agree. After much persuasion, she took my cock in her mouth and then after a while I started licking her pussy. Now Preity was at its peak.

He told me - no more torture… Pay me Chod!

I also climbed on him like a hungry lion and started putting my cock in his pussy. As soon as I hit the first push, the cock did not go inside. But after a little hard work I again licked the cocks in a little bit, then Preeti's scream came out. Tears came from his eyes. This was her first time to fuck pussy . I had sex many times before. Blood came from my sister's pussy, she was suffering from pain.

After pausing for a few moments, I started pushing slowly. In a while, Preeti also started having fun.
Now the sound of 'Ah… Ah ..' was coming from his mouth.

Then I increased my speed further. Now she was speaking - more fast… more fast!
In the same 15-20 minutes, we both collapsed.

That night I got Preeti thrice.

Now whenever I get a chance, I call my cousin sister and kill her pussy.

This was the story of my cousin's cousin, you must write to me.

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