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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Aunt taught to fist

Aunt taught to fist

I was fresh young, went to maternal uncle's house. One day Mami was feeding her son, I was watching her nipple. Mami caught me while watching. After that Mami…

Friends, my name is Raj. I am from Patna, I am 21 years old and I am doing engineering right now. I am an old reader of immigration. I thought why don't I write a story of my own. I am a very kind person, but I have not yet fuck anyone.

Due to my inclination, I watch porn sex videos every day and I also hit my mouth after reading a sex story. I am very interested in this sex and its related videos and literature. I get very excited while watching and reading such things. I also love sex chat.

Now I am taking my story in front of you without taking any more time from you. As I told that I have not yet had sex, so I am a virgin. This story is a fantasy of mine in which I have exposed my sex desire.

The story is about my aunt. My aunt is a top item to watch. He is 30 years old and his figure will definitely be around 34-32-36. Her Tits are very big. Seeing her tight tit and thick titas fills my lust completely.

I always had a desire to see big boobs and touch them with my hand. But till today I did not get a chance to touch such a teat. Whenever I used to go to my maternal uncle's place, my mind would become uncontrollable after seeing aunt's Tits.

My aunt lives in Delhi. My maternal uncle works in Delhi. He also has a 2-year-old son. His name is Karan. Friends, I feel quite decent to watch, but I am so full of lust that I keep trying to tuck the ladies' asses and asses all the time.

At that time, I was going to my maternal uncle for holidays during the exams of my boards. My maternal uncle came to pick me up at the station itself. I and maternal uncle left for home.

Going home, my aunt opened the door and welcomed me with a smile. At that time, I was not thinking anything wrong about him. I was a new young man, but I was not so stubborn that I could start thinking about my aunt's pussy. I did not know much about licking or having sex.

The first day I rested. The next day Mamaji had an office holiday, so I went to hang out with her. In the evening, we also came and ate food. After coming home, I watched TV for a while and then I went to sleep.

My aunt and uncle started sleeping in a room with their son Karan. I was in another room. I was not feeling sleepy. At night, I had a habit of watching videos and chatting on Facebook and YouTube. I used to chat with a lady and caressed my cock. I used to enjoy it a lot.

It was 12 o'clock in the night. I was stroking my cock. When I started urinating, I got up and went to the bathroom. On my way, I heard some very slow noises in my ears. When I tried to listen, the voice of my aunt was - Ahhh… Ahhh… Jesus… Do it a little comfortably, what will Raj think if he is heard?

I had an idea that the maternal uncle and aunt were probably chudai inside. But I did not have the courage to try to see their sex or to stand there and listen to them. So I came back to my room.

When woke up the next morning, Mamaji was at home that day. it was Sunday. I was fresh and then went to the kitchen. Mami was cooking breakfast there. While filling a glass of water, I asked Mami - did something happen to you in the night?

She said - otherwise, why were you asking me what was going to happen?
I said - I do not know, some painful sounds were coming from your room. I thought that you will not be well.
After listening to me, the aunt's tongue was warped and she said, "No, otherwise ... nothing happened."

After that, Mamie started avoiding me. In the afternoon, I passed the time watching the movie and then again in the evening I went out for a walk. After coming back and having food, I went to sleep.

That night my ears were facing towards the maternal uncle's room, but I could not hear anything that night. Then I fell asleep and I slept too.

The next day Mamaji went to office at 8 am. I was chatting with Mami. Then his son Karan started crying. He was still 2 years old, so he had to handle it again and again. He was probably hungry.

My aunt took her teat out on top of the blouse in front of me and started feeding her son. Seeing his thick and big tit, my eyes got torn like. I started staring at her nipple.

When Mami saw that I was staring at her nipple, she covered her nipple with the pallu of her sari.
Mami said- What is watching?
I said nothing, sorry.
She said - ok, no problem.

Then do not know what came in Mami's mind that she sat asking - have you made a girlfriend yet or not?
I said - no aunt, I do not have a girlfriend.
She said - how can this happen? You are young Are you still doing work by hand?

Being unaware, I said, aunt, I did not understand what you mean, by hand?
That quote- Do not be, directly answer my question.
I said - I do not understand your point.
They don't speak

So much so that I knew that Mami is talking only about cocks, but I did not know how to kill her mouth.
I said - what is a maternal aunt?

Mamie said- are you doing drama in front of me or you don't really know? You have grown so much, how do you control?
I said - Auntie, tell me clearly, what are you trying to say?
Mamie said- Well, would you know about sex or don't even know it?

I said - yes, what do you do to a girl?
Mamie said - There is much more than that. You don't know anything right now. Okay tell me, you never tried to move your pappu (cocks)? If you try to shake your cock then you will enjoy it.

I was used to caressing my cock but Mami was probably talking about something else.
I said - I do not know how to move cocks.

Mamie said- No problem, I will teach you, but do not say this to anyone.
I nodded yes.

Right now, Mami was feeding her son Karan. While feeding milk, he removed his pallu from his cock. Seeing Nami's aunt naked, I began to tear my eyes and stare.
Mamie said- Have you never seen this before?

I said - aunt, have seen it but not so close.
She said - Have you ever seen this by touching it?
I said never.

Then Mami took out both of her boobs. Their booms started hanging out. One was sucking Karan and the other was swinging in the air.
I said - Aunt, how did your milk become so big?
She said - I do not even know. Are just done. One, this Karan keeps on sucking them all day and your maternal uncle also does not leave them. Both fathers and sons keep sucking my milk, that's why they have become so big.

I asked - what else does Mamaji do with them?
They bid - press them.
I asked- Does it feel good to have your milk pressed?
She said - yes, you have to press and see them?
I said - I feel ashamed in front of you.

Mamie said- When you have seen, then press now and see how it feels. You will enjoy
I raised my hand towards Bammy's boobies. Mami jerkily pulled my hand towards her and got it placed on her boobs.

While pressing my hand with her hand on her boobies, Mami said - Now press them!
I found Mami's boobs very soft. I started pressing them lightly.

Mami put Karan in the swing. He was asleep After that Mami removed her blouse completely. Both of her boobs got naked completely.
Mamie said - Now press it comfortably with both hands.

I started pressing Mamie's boobs with both hands. I was enjoying Mami asked- How do you feel?
I said - feel good.
Aunt - Cocks stood up?
Me - yes auntie, it's absolutely tight.

Mamie said- Come, today I will teach you to kill. Take off your pants
I was blushing I had a strange feeling in front of him to take off his pants like this.

Why are you blushing? I too have removed my blouse in front of you. You also take off your pants.
I unbuttoned my pants and pulled my underwear down.
My youth's shoes were spread around my cock. I had never cut my pimples.

I did not even hit the mouth till that time, so my cock did not look too fat. Mami saw my cock and started smiling. But did not say anything.
Then said - don't you clean your hair? How dense it has become.
I said - I never cut my hair here.

She said - well, okay. I will shave them.
I asked- Do you have similar hair down there?
Mami said- Yes, everyone has it. But I still have less because I shaved a week ago. But I like very much. Now let me teach you to kill

Mami made a fist and showing it with her hand, said that in this way, fill your cock in your fist.
I stuffed the cocks in my fist.
Mamie- Now cut it down.
I skinned it down.
Mamie- Now put it up.

According to them, I did it again.
She said- Now hurry in the same way.
I quickly started to lower the skin of the cock. But I was stopping in between.
Aunt said - Wait, I will tell.

Mami took my cock in her fist. Then she started shaking him hard. I felt strange as soon as Mamie's hand was touched. I started getting tickled. I enjoyed it very much Mami stopped in between while doing.

Started telling me - now you do it yourself. I just look at my wali (pussy). I also feel like doing something.
Then Mami opened her sari. Mami took off everything after seeing me. Aunt became naked in front of me.

I saw that Mami had hair on her pussy. The hair on his pussy looked quite good. I stopped focusing on Mami's pussy.
She said - Why did you stop, keep moving like this. After some time you will get a feeling like current which will give you a lot of fun.

I asked aunt, aunt, do girls also enjoy their pussy with their hands?
She said - all boys and girls of your age do it. Some have even enjoyed sex at your age.

Opening her pussy, Mami said - Boys put their cocks in this pussy hole. In this, both boy and girl enjoy a lot. Now you learn to kill the mouth, what and how do you do it, I will teach you all later.

After that, aunt started rubbing her pussy. She was stroking her pussy with speed. Sometimes she was putting her finger in it. I also started shaking my cock very hard. I was enjoying it too.

Seeing my cock, Mami was stroking her pussy with speed and I was beating the mouth of the cocks with speed while looking at my aunt's pussy. I had never enjoyed so much as was coming in front of aunt.

After a while, I started to feel that something was going to come out of my cock.
I told Mami- I think something is going to come out.
She said - don't stop, keep moving!

Then after 5-10 seconds my semen came out. As soon as the semen came out, it felt like I was tired. Seeing my semen, Mami got excited and started fingering her pussy with speed.

After a while, she also collapsed.
Aunt asked - how was it?
I enjoyed it.

Mami- You were unaware of this fun for so long and your aunt taught you. You have to say thanks to me.
When I said thanks to my aunt, my aunt said - not like this, come here and suck my boobs.
I first pressed Mamie's boobs and then started sucking with mouth. We had similar fun for a while.

After that Mami said- I will teach you about sex tomorrow.
That night while I was preparing to sleep, I heard voices coming from my aunt's room. I understood that aunt is taking maternal uncle's cock in her pussy today.

Friends, this is how Mami taught me to kill. For the first time, I had great fun by hitting my face in front of Mami. From that day onwards, I got addicted to licking my face. I started licking my cock every night and I used to enjoy it a lot.

In my upcoming story I will tell you how Mami taught me to have sex.

Did you like my incest sex story or not? I will tell you by mail. Also, give your opinion that I should write the next story or not? I will wait for your response.
I will find out from your responses that how successful I have been in writing this story. Do not forget to give me your opinion and your message on the mail id given below. Thanks guys

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